1.0 / September 15, 2016
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Join the battlefield as a professional killer-army commando - and fight against surpassing enemy army forces!Feellike a real soldier of fortune with War Gunfire DefenseShooter 3D!

Be a pro mercenary – nameless and merciless soldier, the realdogof war! Struggle against enemy army forces in juggles, citystreetsor military bases – anything could become a battlefield foryou!Join each bloody conflict and feel like a real messengerofdeath!

Kill enemies with your gun to earn points and upgrade yourgunarsenal, shooting skills and war tactics to kill enemies oncemore!Enemy soldiers could be everywhere and their mission is tokillyou! But this time, your shot will be the first! Use widegunarsenal, upgrade your fighting and shooting skills todestroyenemies to save your soldiers’ lives!

Upgrade your gun, kill enemies and ensure the victory ofyourside with War Gunfire Defense Shooter 3D game!

War Gunfire Defense Shooter 3D features:
Ultimate mercenary simulator – any part of the world could beyourplayground
Many guns can be your arsenal - shoot and kill enemies withnewtoys
Crafty AI as your opponent
Wide range of different interesting missions

Aim, shoot and upgrade your skills with War GunfireDefenseShooter 3D action game!

App Information War Gunfire Defense Shooter 3D

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Wrestling Fighting Revolution 1.0 APK
Trigger Team
Be ready for a fighting revolution! Entertheworld of cruel caged martial arts and let the biggestwrestlingcontest begin! Beat all the opponents and prove your worthas a ProWrestler playing amazing Wrestling Fighting Revolution 3Dgame!Excite the crowd with your fighting style, improve yourfightingskills and be the best wrestler in the known world!Participate thewrestling fighting contest, beat all your opponentsand earn thechampion’s belt! Slam everyone in your way playingWrestlingFighting Revolution 3D – great sport game for allfightinglovers!Love Thai Box, Karate & Kung Fu? Knockout every fighterinyour way using your skill with this ultimate action game in3D!Earn points to unlock new levels of your progression! Upgradeyourpower, speed, and accuracy or unlock new strikes andfightingstyles getting points for each winning. It’s high time tostartwrestling revolution – kick, punch and show your opponentswhatreal power is!Check contest and survival mode – fight against enemies andkillthem to earn points or survive on the ring as long as youcan!Become the strongest fighter on the earth playingWrestlingFighting Revolution action game!Face different enemies using different fighting stylesincludingTaekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing and other andovercome all ofthem with the powerful wrestling fighting style!Be a real pro wrestler, win the tournament and get funwithWrestling Fighting Revolution!Wrestling Fighting Revolution features:- Ultimate action caged fighting game- Various strikes and fighting styles to try- Powerful enemies to battle against- Different fighting styles including Taekwondo, Muay Thai, KungFu,Boxing and more- Varies ways to improve your martial artist’s skills- Contest and survival mode – beat and kill your enemies toearnpoints or survive on the ring as long as you canCheck Wrestling Fighting Revolution! Survive on the ringleavingyour opponent no chance to stay alive! Kick, punch, slam toearnpoints for each killed enemy, fight against powerful rivals anduplevel your boxing skills to the top level!Try Wrestling Fighting Revolution – ultimate action gameforeveryone!
Shadow Kung Fu Battle 3D 1.1 APK
Trigger Team
The true Way of Ninja is the Way of Shadow!Hide in the darkness and strike from behind!Be a ninja warrior avenging for his clan, fight against differentpowerful opponents, crush your enemies and have fun with ShadowKung Fu Battle 3D!Kick, punch, jump, and slash your way to victory! Use differentfighting styles, earn points to raise up your fighting skills orbuy new strikes and punches to ensure your victory on thebattlefield!Devastate your enemies without mercy as a real ninja! Attack fromshadows, fight against mighty opponents and enjoy the atmosphere ofthe oriental action game with Shadow Kung Fu Battle 3D!Shadow Kung Fu Battle 3D features:Interesting and addictive gameplayHighly detailed but Anime-like graphicsCustomize your fighter with swords, nunchaku, armor suits, or buynew punches, kicks, and strikesWide range of ninja warriors to choose as your fighterSimple and intuitive controlsEmerge from the shadows, strike like biting snake and be the winnerat this endless Shadow War of ninja clans with Shadow Kung FuBattle 3D!
Gangster Rio City 3D: Vendetta 1.3 APK
Trigger Team
Build your own crime business in Rio! Cartheft, robberies, gun shots and even more in this ultimate crimesimulator in 3D! Try Gangster Rio City: Vendetta and feel like areal criminal fighting against cops!Join criminal world as a gangster! Start playing in the criminalunderworld. The streets of Rio are full of gangs crooked cops andother low life scum. Dive into the gang warfare and hope nothinggoes sour! Take up your gun and bullets and show your power as areal gangster Don! Battle against other criminals, steal cars, robhouses and fight against the police! What could be moreentertaining than gun shots? Get to know with Gangster Rio City:Vendetta! Uncover your criminal talent shooting cops and othercriminals, stealing cars and fighting against other gangsters!Don’t let cops catch you! Have you been to Rio? Explore it to thefull with Gangster Rio City: Vendetta 3D game!Complete different missions to prove your worth as a gangsterdon! Fight against other gangs to make your own the most powerful!Robberies, car thefts, breaking the law… Shoot other gang’s leaderwith all bullets take his place! Become real criminal don playingGangster Rio City: Vendetta! Robberies, skirmishes, fighting withother criminals and even more in this ultimate 3D game!Gangster Rio City: Vendetta features:- Ultimate crime simulator in 3D- Different missions – robberies, thefts, fighting and shootingtasks and even more- Various guns, pistols and bullets to perform perfectheadshots- Attack other gangs to make your own the most powerful- Extreme cop chases- Realistic Rio to exploreLive the life of a criminal Don with Gangster Rio City: Vendetta3D game! Explore criminal world full of car thefts, robberies, gunsand other weapons! Complete dangerous missions to prove your worthas the most powerful gangster in whole Rio! Attack other gangs,kill criminal bosses and have fun breaking the law! Commit crimes,dodge bullets and build your own crime empire with Gangster RioCity: Vendetta game!Waiting for your reviews on facebook -https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trigger-Team/837901436324976
Sea Warship Battle 3D 1.2 APK
Trigger Team
Dive into the atmospere of the 17th century by commanding yourwarship, explore the sea and destroy enemy's ships. Try thisbattleship shooting game, sail different military ships with SeaWarship Battle 3D!Great opportunity to take command of a real sailing ship! Tryeach ship from a huge naval fleet and become the lord of the seas!Enjoy Sea Warship Battle 3D - amazing naval action game!Sea Warship Battle 3D features:Huge naval fleetSail each warship to destroy enemiesSimple ship control systemSpectacular sea battleBattleship shooting gameTake control of a fleet full of sailing naval ships, explore thesea and destroy enemies! Join bloody sea battle with Sea WarshipBattle 3D! Control your naval fleet, use weapons and destroyenemies ship with your own warship! Try amazing naval action gamein 3D! Sea Warship Battle 3D is a great chance to take command of areal sailing ship!Waiting for your reviews on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trigger-Team/837901436324976
Ultimate Bikini Girls Fighting 1.1 APK
Trigger Team
These school girls are really bad, so they areready to beat in this mud fight. Become one of these cat fightersto punish them and to beat their honor off in the fighting ring.Your ring it the pool of mud and your equipment is only a sexybikini. Do you think that they are just a weak kittens? Be readyfor ultimate beach fight playing Ultimate Bikini Girls Fightingaction game! Use different punches, strikes and knockouts to feelthe power in your fists and become a champion in this muddy femalewrestling!Find this cat fighters hot and sexy? Be careful - they are realmasters of martial arts! Start ultimate beach fighting contestbeing one of school girls fighters – try different kicks andpunches to knockout every cat girl on your way! Beat your opponentsall over the beach. There’s no rules – only dirty fight! Join thegirls’ fight at the muddy ring with Ultimate Bikini Girls Fightinggame! Use all your punches, strikes and kicks to teach them bepolite and gently! Love women’s wrestling, MMA or street fighting?Check this ultimate school girl fighting and enjoy amazing views ofreally sexy battles!Battle the opponents, earn the experience points and unlock newfighting moves! Combine different fighting styles and do your bestto win this tournament! Each girl uses unique martial art strikesand punches – Boxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo - and they aredeadly opponents to the novice! So, try to defeat them in thisfemale wrestling beach fight with Ultimate Bikini Girls Fightinggame!This fighting game presents unusual battle arena. Can you get usedto fighting at the pool of dirt? Beat and knock out your opponentsbefore they do the same thing with you! Improve your fightingskills and do your best to become a winner of this strangechampionship! Of course, simple and intuitive controls would helpyou to meet this challenge successfully, but do not relax! Becareful – these girls can be naughty, but they are stronger thanyou could imagine!Tired of usual virtual fighting games? Try Ultimate Bikini GirlsFighting – great app with sexual and crafty fighters, strong enoughto cause troubles even for experienced gamers! Learn women’swrestling, MMA and boxing to become the sexiest cat fighter ever!Meow!Ultimate Bikini Girls Fighting features:- Beautiful bad girls as opponents – choose your own cat fighter tobeat other lady fighters in this dirty beach contest- Earn points winning each beach battle – use it to learn newstrikes, kicks and punches or even fighting styles (MMA, boxing,Kung Fu, Taekwondo and others)- Unlockable punches and strikes – try to learn all of them tobecome school girls fighting champion- Unusual fighting arena – pool of mud on the beach- Fast and dynamic gameplay- Intuitive controlsEnjoy the masterful fights and beautiful girls with Ultimate BikiniGirls Fighting 3D action game! Unlock new punches, kick andstrikes, develop your own fighting style and become a beachfighting champion! Are you ready to beat this dirty femalewrestlers? It’s high time to get your boxing and Kung Fu skills towork! Feel the power in your fistsWaiting for your reviews on facebook -https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trigger-Team/837901436324976
Police Dog Chase: Crime City 1.0 APK
Trigger Team
Be a professional cop dog, chase criminal andhelp the police! Sniff, chase and find the most wanted criminalsand robbers! Run fast to catch criminals being a German shepherd –well-trained cop dog! Start dangerous criminal pursuit and neverlet your city turn into a crime one! Enjoy Police Dog Chase 3D:Crime City and help cops save the city! Safety of your city is inyour paws now! Unusual dog simulator you must try!Hunt down criminals is fun! Upgrade your German shepherd chasingand sniffing skills to become the best cop dog ever! Great dogsimulator for those who is tired of being a street dog. Become realpolice dog to save your city from crime! Help cops, sniff, chaseand catch criminals and robbers!Use your sniffing abilities to track down criminals and let’sstart extreme criminal pursuit with Police Dog Chase 3D: Crime Citygame! Assist the police officer as a German shepherd cop dog to endup the criminal activity!Police Dog Chase 3D: Crime City features:• Great police dog chase simulator• Sniff and catch criminals and robbers• Unusual cop dog simulator• Huge city to explorePlay as a cop dog to chase criminals and robbers! Try thisthrilling police dog simulator! Being a police officer is fun, butbeing a cop dog is even funnier! Explore the city flooded bycriminals as a German shepherd, sniff and catch them with PoliceDog Chase 3D: Crime City game!Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us!Like us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Trigger-Team/837901436324976©Trigger Team
Sea War: Warship Battle 3D 1.2 APK
Trigger Team
Swim over the seas and join the warshipbattle! Great 3D warship action game full of naval battles of allsorts! Try different steam vessels start a battle! Destroy enemy'swarships with Sea War: Warship Battle 3D!Control amazing steam vessel to win naval battle! Steer yourship to the glorious victory with Sea War: Warship Battle 3D!Sea War: Warship Battle 3D features:Naval battles with realistic warshipsUpgrade your warships with weapons to win the battleDetailed steam vessel3D graphicsGreat warship action gameTry Sea War: Warship Battle 3D! Swim over the seas and upgradeyour steam vessel to win naval battle! Destroy enemy's warships andsteer your ship to the victory with Sea War: Warship Battle 3D gamein 3D!Waiting for your reviews on facebook -https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trigger-Team/837901436324976
Russian Submarine Simulator 3D 1.2 APK
Trigger Team
Feel the extreme of real naval war, hideunderwater and wait for enemy’s ships and submarines! Attackenemies to destroy navy ships with Russian Submarine Simulator 3D!Beware of underwater mines and never let your enemy destroy yourhuge Russian submarine! Cruise underwater engage to shipwreckdestroyers, cruisers and vessels in the open sea navy war game.Feel like a naval commander of powerful Russian submarine readyto attack enemy’s ships! Navigate your submarine, explore RussianNavy war zone, but avoid underwater mines! Destroy enemy’s navalfleet and show your worth as a commander of powerful Russiansubmarine! Try Russian Submarine Simulator 3D and join hugeunderwater battle! Amazing naval warfare gunship battle game forall ages!Russian Submarine Simulator 3D features:Detailed Russian Submarine in 3DPowerful enemy’s ships and submarines for naval battlesHuge underwater environmentNaval warfare gunship battle gameTry amazing war game simulation! Become a commander of hugenaval submarine, explore underwater world, avoid mines and destroyenemy’s ships! Russian submarine is ready for attack! Try RussianSubmarine Simulator 3D - open sea navy war game!Waiting for your reviews on facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trigger-Team/837901436324976