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- More Missions and Updates Coming Soon!- No Ads In this premiumversion!In this action packed 3D flight simulator, soar through ahuge world that puts you in full control of your very own WarPlane, with realistic physics and controls for the most authenticflying experience. Face 20 daring missions (With more to come)where you'll dodge enemy fire, taxi vital supplies and much more.Free-roam mode allows you to explore the world to your heartscontent, and have the definitive flight simulator experience.

App Information War Plane Flight Simulator Pro

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    War Plane Flight Simulator Pro
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    May 6, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    801 Palace Towers Dubai Silicon Oasis Dubai, UAE.
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Multiplayer stunt racing action awaits you in the Stunt Car Arenas!Race and chase your opponents to become a stunt driving expert andmaster each game mode. Use your winnings to upgrade and customizeyour car or choose to buy brand new vehicles! Enjoy an advanceddriving and physics engine, using drifting, jumping and nitrorocket boosts to speed around the maps like a stunt driving pro!Remember, the more crazy you're driving the faster you’ll go, withdrifts and jumps topping up your boost meter.3 Modes of multiplayermadness!Multiplayer mode pits you against up to 7 other stuntdrivers in an extreme test of driving skill. Compete for creditsand unlock your ultimate speed machine in these exciting gamemodes:Flag mode - Be the quickest to the flag at any cost! The flagwill spawn randomly at different points on the map, make sureyou’re the first to grab it. Use your driving skill and your boostto get the most flags before the time limit runs out. Don’t forgetto add some drifting to replenish your boost meter!Zombie mode -One player will spawn as the zombie car, watch out for the guycovered in evil zombie slime! The zombie car must then tag theother players who will then turn into zombies too. You have onlyone challenge: survive until the clock runs out!Coins mode - Inthis frantic mode your aim is to collect as many coins as possible.You’ll see gold, silver and bronze coins fall from the sky, be sureto grab as many as you can before everyone else. Get the gold coinsfirst as they’re worth the most. Winner is the player with the mostpoints at the end, it’s up to you and your car to become thechampion and win those all important credits.Unique racingenvironments!Stunt Car Racing features 4 amazing racingarenas:Classic Map - Includes table football and pinball areas totest your car handling performance!Block Map - A colorful, intensetrack for extreme chasing action. Makes Zombie mode a challenge foreven the best getaway driver!Mall Map - An open map with a runwayto really get up to top speed. Drag racing your friends and highspeed stunt jumps make this map a blast!Coliseum - Enter theoriginal competitive arena! This map features an extreme raisedglass racing track and crazy jump traps. Try and complete theloop-the-loop to become an extreme stunt driving hero!More highspeed, high octane arenas to be added very soon in futureupdates!Upgrade and customize your wheels!Once you’ve won a fewgames of Stunt Car Racing you can spend your credits on a hugerange of customization options and upgrades. You can even choosebrand new vehicles in the premium garage including: • Super Bike •Monobike • Stretch Limo • Mini • Monster Truck • Tank!!! • 3Wheeler • Formula Racer • Muscle Car • Sports Car • BusEach vehiclehas its own unique driving and handling style, try to become amaster of each one!Special limited-edition seasonal vehicles willbe available with updates, keep your eye out and updateregularly!You can choose to upgrade your top speed, accelerationand handling as well as giving your wheels a wicked paint job! Showthe world you’ve mastered the art of stunt car driving with theprestigious chrome and gold paint jobs!Solo Mode - play alonewhenever you feel like it!Don’t feel like playing with others? Wehave that covered too! Stunt Car Arena solo mode enables you tofree roam in any of the arenas, collecting fuel as you go to keepyour car going. Learn the secrets of each track, try out the manystunt jump opportunities and play with the many exciting featureseach map has to offer. COMING SOON!Race mode - Race your opponentsaround purpose-built extreme racing tracks set all over Stunt CarCity. More crazy stunt jumps, traps and environments to challengethe most seasoned driver. Finally you can prove you’re the bestdriver on the server and get a gold medal to prove it!
War Plane Flight Simulator 1.13.4 APK
Earn your pilot wings and take to the skies over a huge open worldin a legendary combat transporter aircraft! Realistic physics andtrue-to-life simulated controls will test even the most skilledpilot: If you’re looking for a hard core flight simulator on yourmobile device then this is the game for you!20 missions await youover a series of exciting and dynamic landscapes. Can you be thehero of the day and help your side to victory? Features •Incredibly detailed flight systems and HUD, including altitude,airspeed, air brakes, landing gear, yaw rudder and thrustcontrols.• Realistic plane handling physics, fly carefully to avoidstalling!• Detailed plane modelling, feels like you’re flying thereal thing!• Dynamic and beautiful 3D environments, includingmountains, deserts, cities, rivers and oceans.• Amazing realisticweather effects, including rain, fog and lightning. You’ll have toadapt your flying techniques or feel the consequences! War PlaneFlight School You’ll start by learning the ropes at the War PlaneFlight school, where you’ll learn the controls and how best tohandle your plane. Lessons include:• Taxiing from the hangar.•Taking off safely.• Raising landing gear.• Maneuvering with yawcontrols and stick.• Using the air brake.• Landing and taxiing backto the hangar.Once qualified you’ll be sent straight into action.There are 20 exciting and varied missions between you and victory,can you get a 3 star rating for each one? Missions include: Refuelan allied war plane - in mid-air! Make sure to match your speed andbe delicate with your flight stick in this nail-biting mission.Flyunder enemy radar to make a raid into enemy territory, make sure tostay hidden or you’ll soon be the target of enemy missiles!Dropsupplies to special forces operatives, hurry though, every secondcounts!Pickup battle-weary troops from the mountainous battlefieldand bring them back to base!Load up a bomb at the hangar and dropit on enemy supply lines.Airdrop special forces paratroopers overenemy territory and return to base.Run recon missions over enemyterritory, keep your speed low or risk being struck bylightning!Transport troops to a distant battle zone, use flares toavoid enemy missiles!Transport highly unstable weaponry fordisposal, you’ll have to fly gently or risk a mid-air explosion! Tomake things even harder you’ll have to try to land in stormyconditions, good luck!Navigate a mountain range to stay out ofenemy radar range, watch out for those mountain tops!After a longflight you’re dangerously low on fuel, try to land safely before itruns out!Your plane has been damaged in combat and the landing gearis stuck in a retracted position, can you perform a dangerous bellylanding and save your men?Get an plane of wounded soldiers back tothe medical bay before time runs out for them, it’s a race againstthe clock!Pick up soldiers stranded in enemy territory, you’ll haveenemy anti-aircraft positions and stormy weather to contend with aswell as lightning strikes if you go too fast!Navigate to anotherairbase in thick fog, you’ll have to stay low to the ground to seelandmarks but watch out for any mountains!Become a makeshiftgunship and attack an enemy convoy to stop their attack on ourbase!Escape from the base before it is overrun by enemy forces,succeed or die! Bonus Free Flight Mode! Feel like just taking tothe skies? Fly from any of the island bases, take off and enjoy thescenery or try to nail that difficult maneuver. You have thefreedom to do anything you like!
Stunt Car Racing Premium 5.01 APK
Now has real time MultiplayerChallenge your friends and peoplearound the world in our awesome modes! Collect Coins, Escape fromthe zombies or become the zombies and hunt down other players. Nowyou can check out our new Capture The Flag mode! Stunt Car Racingpremium is an exciting free-roaming driving game. Choose yourvehicle, pick a colour and then go drive anywhere you want in thesandbox arena. Play Challenge Mode to set a high score whilstcollecting fuel and health pickups to keep your vehicle going, ortry free-roam mode to drive around for as long as you want with nolimits. In Challenge Mode your fuel is always running down so tryto find as many fuel pickups as you can, they are hidden everywherearound the arena so keep your eyes peeled! Earn stunt score as youdrive around by performing jumps and drifts, and take on theobstacles and challenge games including Football and Bowling. Testdrive a selection of crazy vehicles including cars, bikes,high-speed race cars and even a tank!Think you can master all ofthe obstacles and challenges in the arena?- Explore without limitsin Free-Roam Mode, or try to set a high score in Challenge Mode.-Physics-based challenges including Football, Bowling and a BallPit.- Advanced driving engine allows for insane jumps anddrifting.- Drive up walls and even ceilings if you go fast enough!-Real time Multiplayer!
com.FOG.FlightSim747 1.2 APK
3D Flight Simulator for the American Boeing 747 is a free realisticmobile airplane simulation game. Featuring a huge 747 commercialpassenger airliner with physics unlike any you have ever seen inother flight simulation games! The aim of the game is to get intothe pilot's cockpit and control your airplane and smoothly flythrough the sky and collect as many checkpoints as you can beforeyou simulate the perfect landing on any of the island Airports.Increase the thrust on the jet engines of your plane to gain enoughspeed for take-off, use yaw and rudders to control your plane andguide it towards the destination airport, there is a an arrow thatacts as a radar and tracks your airline sim flights at all times.Once landed, driving or taxiing your aeroplane to the marked areais vital to complete each mission or else it’ll remain online. Whenyou almost reach the airport reduce your thrust, put down yourlanding gears and hit the breaks to make a perfect landing!Learning the controls on this game are easy and even tiny kids canbe flying very high in no time. Unlike complicated jigsaw puzzlegames, in this flying simulator game the missions are verystraightforward and you can take to the skies in your ultimateadventure like a pro by simply jumping in and flying away. Withflight simulation physics so realistic you'll feel like a pilotbefore we hit 2018!
com.FOG.FlightSimC130 7.1.5 APK
Flight Simulator C130 Training puts you in the cockpit of thelegendary military transport and war plane C130. You’ll learn tocontrol one of the most important war planes of all time and thenhead out on intense and risky missions with only your pilotingskills to get you through! This flight simulator games features arehighly detailed and accurate flying. You’ll feel like you’re reallyflying one of these huge and impressive war aircrafts! 20 highstake missions over beautiful but dangerous enemy territory awaityou, will you be able to survive the war zones? C130 AircraftFlying Simulator Features • Detailed and realistic flight systemsand cockpit HUD includes: altitude, airspeed, thrust controls, airbrakes, g-force, yaw rudder and landing gear. • Flight physicsmodelled on the real C130 aircraft, it’ll take all of your skill tomaster this demanding war beast. • Accurately designed C130 planemodel, with full combat zone camouflage paint job! • Stunning 3Dterrain to fly over, including mountains, deserts, cities, riversand oceans. Just watch out for enemy anti-aircraft positions! •Realistic weather effects in this flight simulator game includingfog, rain, and even lightning! You’ll have to fly carefully or riskdisaster! C130 Airplane Flight Simulator School Learn how to flyand handle the C130 Army transport and war plane, Lessons include:• Taxiing around the airfield. • Taking off. • Raising and droppinglanding gear. • Manoeuvring safely and quickly using the flightstick and yaw rudder control. • How to quickly slow down flying andon landing using the air brake. • Landing safely in all kinds ofdangerous conditions! 20 Daring Missions! Can you achieve the goldflying badge in each mission and help your side to victory? •G-Force training - Push yourself and your plane to its limits byperforming high-speed tight turns! • Low flying - learn how to stayunder enemy radar by flying low over rolling terrain. Watch out forthose hills! • Cliff diving - In an emergency you have to take offfrom wherever you can. This time it’s right off a steep cliff!Remember to pull up! • Missile evasion - Learn to dodge enemyanti-aircraft rockets, this will be very useful for later missions!• Mountain landing - Take off and land on a snowy mountain peak,you’ll need to be gentle with the controls and watch out for thatweather! • Narrow cliffs - That gap looks too narrow! Your only waythrough will be to fly through sideways, good luck! • Covert ops -Find your way however you can, remain undetected! • Quick landing -Land safely on a very short runway, you’ll have to get your anglecorrect of it’s eject time! • Impossible route - You’re going tohave to take off and land in almost impossible places, that’s yourjob war pilot! • Lightning storm - Fly through a lightning stormand get through the other side with your cargo intact. • Glidinglanding - Your engines are out, you need to make a safe landingwithout them! • Urban flight - Navigate your way through the city,this will be a real test of your piloting skills and patience. •Hurricane Bertha - It’s you and your C130 war plane againstnature’s ultimate test! Survive Hurricane Bertha and live to fly aplane another day! • Above ground - A nail-biting test of nerves,you’ll have to hug the ground to get through this one! Bonus FreeFlight Mode! If you don’t feel like flying a mission just yet &you need to practise your piloting skills, then jump into the bonusfree flight mode! Take off from random airstrips, survey thebeautiful scenery or max out your engines and try a speed run, youcan do whatever you choose!
War Plane Flight Simulator Pro 1.1 APK
- More Missions and Updates Coming Soon!- No Ads In this premiumversion!In this action packed 3D flight simulator, soar through ahuge world that puts you in full control of your very own WarPlane, with realistic physics and controls for the most authenticflying experience. Face 20 daring missions (With more to come)where you'll dodge enemy fire, taxi vital supplies and much more.Free-roam mode allows you to explore the world to your heartscontent, and have the definitive flight simulator experience.
Real Pool 1.4.2 APK
READY FOR SOME REAL POOL ACTION?Welcome to the best 3D multiplayer pool game in the Google PlayStore! Real Pool is one of the most realistic and playable poolgames available on mobile devices. Boasting fully textured gameenvironments and full 3D rigid body physics this game is thecomplete package for both casual and serious billiard players.AWESOME 3D GAME PLAYThe simple to play interface and tutorial allows you to pick up andplay this 3D pool game quickly. Alternatively for the more seriousplayers Real Pool includes cue ball control allowing you to performmore advanced shots including back spin, top spin, left spin, rightspin and ball swerve. The rules are standard 8 ball pool rulesmaking this pool game easy to play no matter your skill level.NOW MULTIPLAYERReal Pool has been updated to allow you to challenge your friends,family or strangers. The live multiplayer server is setup to allowplayers from all over the world play against each other in realtime no matter what device you’re playing on. So whether you want asimple easy and fun practice game of pool or a full on billiardsimulation this 3D multiplayer game is for you.CUSTOMIZABLE TABLES & CUESReal Pool now boosts additional tablecloths, bumpers and cues. Showoff to your friends as they see your table when you break.CHAT PACKSEver wanted to chat to your opponent, may be tell them their shotwas good, or bad... Now you can. You can even use localized words,as if you are a New Yorker like Jay Z or may be a Scouser like theBeatles... Real Pool’s live multiplayer allows player from all overthe world to play pool & billiards while chatting together.360 DEGREE CAMERANow you can watch your opponent's shot from whatever angle youwant. After you’ve taken your shot, our new camera zooms out andyou control how you watch.LEVEL UPReal Pool’s XP system means you will always face a challenge. Youwill only ever play others of a similar level which will make itchallenging and enjoyable, just make sure you pot the 8 ball firstto improve your ranking.TRIVIA TIMEDo you know what the game of pool is call around the world? No, nordid we till we Google’d it. Pool is called billar americano inEspañol, kulečník in Czech, 8 ball pool in English, billardaméricain in French, Billiard in German, μπιλιάρδο in Greek,billiárd in Hungarian, biliardo in Italian, 台球 in Chinese, ビリヤード inJapanese, pūla in Marathi, bilard in Polish, tacadas de sinuca inPortuguese, biliard in Romanian, gulečník in Slovak, бильярд inRussian, or bilyar in Tagalog?Download Real Pool now and try it for free, you will not bedisappointed.GAME FEATURES:1. Realistic 3D ball animation2. Touch control for moving the cue3. 8 Ball Pool4. Single Player Mode5. Practice Mode6. Live Multiplayer Mode7. Customizable Cues, Tablecloths and Bumpers8. Live Chat9. XP System10. Daily Log In Bonus11. 360 degree camera angleCOMING SOON:More Pool TablesMore Custom CuesJukebox plus much more...SUPPORT & FEEDBACKFor support and feedback please email android@fog.comPLEASE EMAIL RATHER THAN JUST REPORTING ISSUES IN REVIEWS SO WE CANHELP. THANK YOU.
Air Ambulance Simulator 1.0 APK
Air Ambulance Simulator puts you in control of an advanced rescuehelicopter. This game is is the most exciting and realistichelicopter flight simulator available! Life and death is in thebalance and everything depends on your helicopter pilotingskills!Air Ambulance Simulator features realistic, finely-tunedcontrols, once you master them you’ll be able to fly quickly andsmoothly across beautifully rendered 3D terrain. You’ll have yournerves and skills tested in 20 difficult rescue missions, can youmaster each one and gain a coveted 3 star rating? Air AmbulanceSimulator Features: Realistic helicopter simulation controlsincluding pitch, rotor speed and yaw.Play in first and third personperspective.Vertical position camera allowing for precisionmaneuvers when landing and picking up or dropping offpatients.Detailed HUD system including all essential flightinformation: airspeed, ascent/descent speed, altitude, groundaltitude, motor blade rotation speed, remaining fuel, mission timerand engine power switch. You have total control of your rescuehelicopter!Detailed 3D environment including cities, mountains,seascapes, villages, bridges and forests. All including detailedtexturing and lighting effects.Refuel your chopper at designatedrefueling stations to keep the mission on course! Rescue Missionsinclude: Rescue patients suffering from broken bones and bearattacks in the woods!Pick up sailors from a sinking ship!Savepeople from a burning building! Free Roam Mode Feel like justtaking to the skies? You can go anywhere in the bonus Free Roammode! You have unlimited fuel and no time limits, you can explorethe beautiful map and practice your helicopter handling skills.Perfect for building up your skills so you can achieve a three starmedal for all 20 missions!