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War Robots Battle Gamein the future wars are not fought mechwarrior by men but by robots, and then technology took over theworld. the world is now ruled by robot’s alien and they arefighting with one another to keep hold of their land. humanshave been put in concentration camps while robots walking andshooting around freely. battles are waged among them to winmore territory. the team of futuristic robots that becomesvictorious become the glorious rulers of the land. in mechaWar Robots Battle Game 3 vs 3 battle game you have to lead yourteam against the attacking robots. you have a huge collection ofweapons ranging from simple guns to ballistic missiles, energy raysand even some weapons that can go nuclear. the endlessammunition makes this a highly addictive and fungame. tactical expertise is required to win the destructorbattles, sometimes by attacking aggressively and sometimes hidingin the corners and performing gorilla, dragon attacks. in thedeadly fight you have to make sure your enemies are shotdown.Forget about dump city car flying robot games, Let’s downloadour good game now and get ready to shoot the transformer.War RobotsBattle Game 3D 2017 is highly addictive and fun and we are sure youwill enjoy it a lot.Different weaponUnique abilitiesFull ofanimationsRealistic robo controls

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    War Robots Battle Game
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    July 27, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Loud Corp Games
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    Office no. 1005, 10th floor, Al Hafeez Heights,Gulberg ,Lahore
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