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Wardrobe in the true sense is a wall cupboard where clothes arestored, originally the name "wardrobe" meant in a room on the wallthat blends with the wall. Another term for wardrobe is armoire.However, in terms of television and film the term wardrobe isdirectly linked to the problem of the costume or the costumeitself, not the storage place.Choosing clothes for a movie ortelevision show is not an easy matter, in addition to having asense of art he also must have good skills. Indeed people who takecare of wardrobe should not be able to design a costume but itwould be nice if he had experience in cooperation with a costumedesigner.The notion of a wardrobe is a clothing storage cupboard.Inaddition to storage, wardrobe can also support the appearance ofinterior rumah.Dengan flexible design we can maximize the storagefunction either the clothes or accessories inside. Ideally wardrobesize is High = 200cm - 225cm, Width = 60cm, for the length canadjust the needs and size With a height of 200cm-225cm, it will beeasier for us to insert and remove clothes or accessories, inaddition we can make wardrobe with specifications such as: shelves,drawers and clothes hangers.For width 60cm, the clothes that wewill hang its position can enter all / Straight, not folded orpressed when we close the door.In the manufacture of hanging racksof clothes things we should note is the height measure, for exampleevening gowns ranging from 125cm - 150cm, Men's Shirts range 60cm -70cm, men's pants ranged 90cm - 100cm, so There is no harm if yougive more space about 25cm.Regarding the types of wardrobe isdivided into 3, namely:1.Freestanding, meaning moveable wardrobe,allowing us to be able to change the layout design if we are boredwith the previous interior.2.Built-in, meaning that the wardrobe ismade according to the size of the room or a special design. Thisdesign can not be moved, because the size of the design is special,meaning that when moved its size is not necessarily the same as theother room. The excess we can get a true wardrobe Right or fit boththe size and design so as to create an interiors that support eachother in the room.3.Walk-in closet, which means the wardrobe isplaced in a special area or room.For the size will be adjusted tothe size of the existing room.Design wardrobe without the door wecan adoption for this one type, because the position is located ina special room, so the security access Obtained from the door ofthe room.

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Airbrush is an art technique that uses air pressure to spray paintor dye on the work field.In the historical record of modernpainting, the new airbrush developed at the end of the 19thcentury. Year 1879 known as the year of invention of paintingtechniques by utilizing the wind pressure which is now known as theairbrush. The tool used to transfer the paint to the paintingmedium was originally called the paint distributor. The culprit whoinvented this tool was Abner Peeler, a professional inventor whospent his entire life experimenting. Peeler then sold his patent toLyberty Walkup from the Walkup Brothers company in August 1883Manydifferent brands, forms and functions of the airbrush on this themeI will share knowledge about the various airbrushes I have everused .. there are two kinds of airbrush that is: single action anddual action-SINGLE ACTIONThis airbrush only works for coloring notfor painting ..In a sense not for the work of small details but onthe big details.Because in this type of tool there is only oneaction that is just pressing the main level or knob anginya thatcan not be in the press and in the pull back to play the size ofthe paint that came out of this airbrush.Usually airbrush singleaction in use to colorize miniature or accelerate coloring when youdo step paint in the early stages.Here are some examples of singleaction airbrush.-DUAL ACTIONThis airbrush is commonly used ingeneral by airbrusher friends and you must be very familiar withthis one tool ..With this tool you can adjust the size of the paintthat comes out of the airbrush.Ranging from the smallest amount ofhair or pencil scratches up to 4cm wide. Or it can be moredependent on airbrush distance from the surface of the media.Butdid you know that actually every dual action airbrush has adifferent size on the nozzle and its needle ..This is veryinfluential on the function and its purpose.Because everymanufacturer of the product issued a series on the airbrush thereare advantages and functions ..Later I will explain it in the nextpost.Here are some examples of dual action airbrush
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3D painting is a work of art that the process of making is done byvarying the colors, with the depth of color "pigment" in thesolvent (or medium) and the gluing gene (glue) for water diluent,the gene of the form of linen oil for oil paint with terpenthindiluent, (Buffer) such as paper, canvas, or wall.This is done by apainter with a depth of color and taste of the painter, thisdefinition is used especially if he is the creator of apainting.Humans have been painting for 6 times longer than the useof writing. For example the paintings are in the caves whereprehistoric humans lived.Better known there is another streetpainting 3D Art, known as 2D drawing artwork drawn on the road andwhen viewed from a particular perspective produces a 3-dimensionaloptical illusion. This is amazing and looks very real when viewedat the right angle.Street Painting, also known as sidewalk art,street art, and sidewalk art, is the art of rendering artisticdesign performance on the sidewalks like roads, sidewalks, and boxtowns with permanent and semi-permanent materials such aschalk.OriginThe origins of modern street paintings can be traced toEngland. The sidewalk artists are found all over the UK and in 1890it was estimated that over 500 artists who make full-time livesfrom the sidewalk art in London alone.The English term for pavementartist is "screever". This term is derived from the style ofwriting, often copper, which is usually accompanied by works ofsidewalk artists since the 1700s. The term screever is mostcommonly cited as Shakespeare slang originating from about1500.Screevers' works are often accompanied by poetry and proverbs,morality lessons, and political commentary on the day's events.They are described as "producing a topical, pictorial newspaper ofcurrent events."They appealed to the two working people, who (as awhole) could not read or write, but understood visual images, andfor the educated members of the middle class who appreciated themoral lessons and comments. It's important for the screever to drawthe attention of 'good to do' and in turn draw money donated totheir efforts.The street painter, (also called limestone artist)the name of the most often called performance artist in the UnitedStates is called I Madonnari in Italy (singular form: madonnaro ormadonnara) because they were created images of Madonna. In GermanyStrassenmaler (street: Strassen, painter: Maler).The ItalianMadonnari has been traced to the sixteenth century.They aretraveling artists, many of whom have been taken to the cities towork on the great cathedrals. When the work is done, they must findother ways to earn a living, so often create paintings from thechurch to the sidewalk. Recognizing the festivals and holy daysheld in each province and city, they travel to join in celebrationsto earn a living from observers who will toss a coin if theyapprove of the artist's work.
Air Brush Design Ideas 1.0 APK
Air Brush is a fine art technique which uses air pressure to spraypaint or dye on the field of work.Air brush is a work of artbelonging to the popular, and very inspiring in the automotivefield in konseb staining and painting art becomes a work ofstunning.Air brush is divided into several parts, such as air brushmotors, automobile air brush, air brush walls, etc.Air brush is atechnique used to create a painting with a different tool that isair brush. This basic painting technique became known in 1879. Theman who made the basic technique of painting with this air brushwas Abner Peeler, a resident of the United States. Peeler has morethan 100 patents for every tool associated with air brush. After amonth of creating an air brush, Peeler can create the basictechnique of air brush and paint his face.The air brush patented byPeeler was sold to Liberty Walkup, a subsidiary of Walkup Brothers,for 700 dollars. Libery Walkup took the offer and produced an airbrush at its factory until it sold 63 units in 1882. The followingyear, Liberty Walkup set up a special Air Brush factory inRockford, Illinois.Air brush has many uses that are very diverse.Examples are to improve the photo, as a painting of architecturalart, magazine covering, carving coloring, and cassette coverdesign. Did not rule out also to create billboard ads, paintingabove the body otmotif, even to the tattoo. Air brush can be usedin various ways depending on the creativity of the user / painter.
Ice Cream Creations Ideas 1.0 APK
Ice cream is a frozen food made from dairy products such as cream(or the like), combined with flavorings and sweeteners. Thismixture is cooled by stirring while reducing its temperature toprevent the formation of large ice crystals. Traditionally, thetemperature is reduced by putting a mixture of ice cream onto acontainer inserted into a mixture of crushed ice and salt. Saltmakes the liquid water can be below the freezing point of purewater, making the container get a touch evenly with the water andice.Although the term ice cream is often used to point to thefrozen "dessert" and snacks, it is actually used for pointing to afrozen "dessert" and a snack consisting of milk fat. Manycountries, including the United States, limit the use of the termbased on the quantity of the basic ingredients of the food.Moderncommercial ice cream is made from a mixture of ingredientsbelow:10-16% milk fat, 9-12% milk solids-not-fat: this component,also known as serum solids, contains protein (casein and wheyprotein) and carbohydrates (lactose) found in milk, 12-16%sweetener: Usually a combination of sucrose and / or sugary cornsyrup based on glucose, 0.2-0.5% stabilizers and emulsifiers eg,agar or carrageenan taken from seaweed, 55% -64% of water derivedfrom solid milk or other ingredientsRecipe and how to make milk icecream the easiest is as follows. Two sachets of sweetened condensedmilk, granulated sugar, three sachets of ice-creamed blender (popice) or the like, chocolate milk or cocoa powder, may be added alittle salt, cooked coconut milk or instant coconut milk. Combineall ingredients with two glasses of warm water (about half orone-third liter) in a plastic container, mix well, store in thefreezer. After a few hours, the mixture will be frozen, blenderuntil soft but do not become liquid, serve ice cream in a bowl,glass or according to our taste. To take the ice cream that hasbeen frozen to blend, place the ice cream frozen plastic containerin a container such as a basin and pour the hot water around it.After a while, frozen ice cream can be taken, then blended.
Work Clothes Design 1.0 APK
Clothing is a term that is familiar to us all, the word clothingcomes from the Sanskrit language is Bhusana is none other thanclothing that can be interpreted pakain.Clothing in the broadestsense is everything that is used from head to toe that givescomfort and displays beauty for the wearer. Work Bus or OfficeClothing is Clothing and its equipment used or used when Working inaccordance with Work Ethics Clothing and Workplace Rules .Terms andConditions of Work Clothing or Office ClothingTerms and Conditionsof Work Clothing or Clothing Office there are three namely:1.Classic and Graceful2. Material must Absorb Sweat and Not Sleek3.Colors should be soft natural or Natural.1. Classic andGracefulClassic and Anggun is a combination of Two Pesis namely,Skirt and Blouse, Trousers and Blouse, Shirts and Skirt under theknees, Shirts and Trousers, Semi blazer with pants or skirt, biasedsweetened with Blezer or Jas, if the addition of Blezer or Jas willbe called Three Pesis. The addition of other matching accessoriessuch as Bross, Scraff and Shall that give the impression of workclothes that are used without action.2. Material Should AbsorbSweat and Not ShinyIngredients for Blezer, Skirt and Pants: Woll,Semi Woll, Gabadin, Marbella, Marfella.Blouse: Linen, Cotton,Viscos.Selection of important ingredients is not shiny and absorbssweat.3. Colors should be soft natural or Natural.Soft colors,pastel colors, brown color, Black color.Colors should not beshiny.Batik Tulis and other Traditional Cloth areas.Note:BusinessHotel like Melia Purwosani Yogyakarta and Hotel Shantika.Usuallyusing Jazz.Hotel Risot like Hyett and a lot of Hotel - hotels inBali.Usually floral, Flower, use bright colors, withoutcroton.Hotel Herieted / Culture such as Phonex Hotel more to thecolors - Soft colors and use Batik or cloth typical of otherareas.Beuty Consultants or Beauty Clinic usually use bright colorslike Green pupus, Pink and other fresh colors.Ethical Skirts at theOffice1. Model straight or berploi or Alain Line A2. Skirts shouldbe fit enough on the hips3. Should not be tight should be easy towork and work mobility.4. Skirt length should be noted, skirtshould not be too short, at least above knee 4 or 5 cm or belowknee 4 or 5 cm.5. Simple accessories with small models - small andsimple from Parrel, Gold, Plastic, Silver, and all materials may beof small origin.Work shoes1. Must be Black, Gray, Brown. Note:Haram use White color except health worker.2. Heeled Note: InHaramkan wear Sandals.3. Eligible4. Skin Ingredients or SynthesisSkin5. In Haramkan wear Shoes Kets and Shoes WithoutRights.Clothing Working Women Wear1. Use Accessories as needed2.Use the Standard Four-Headed Veil, Note: Do not Use a Wrapped Hijaband Complex Hijab that makes it uncomfortable to move nimble.3. Therest follow the Terms and Conditions of Work Ethics.4. Can notTransparent, Strict and Should close the Aurat.Appearance is offlimits when going to work and Interview.1. Using BackpackAlthoughpractical, backpack model bag tends to relax. Rather than usingbackpacks during interviews and Work, better use a large tote bagto load all the luggage. Tote bag will make a more professionalappearance.2. Skirts Too ShortWearing miniskirts during interviewsand work is strongly discouraged, unless the short skirt becomesthe 'dresscode' specified during the interview (eg flightattendant). Wearing a mini skirt without being 'told' gives theimpression of being unprofessional and overly sensual.3. Motif orColor Too FlashyDespite the lively and striking colors of thetrend, most companies with a formal organizational culture, do notrecommend wearing too flashy outfits. Better use neutral colorssuch as black, gray, brown, or navy. Except Working on Beuty FieldConsultants or Beauty Consultants and Hotel.
Necklace Women Design 1.0 APK
The necklace is a circular jewelry that is attached or hung on theneck of a person. Traditionally, usually a necklace made ofprecious metal; Such as gold, silver, platinum or other preciousmetals, precious stones such as diamonds and gems, as well aspearls or sequins.Currently the materials used for making necklacesare quite diverse for example; Iron, bronze, copper, ceramics,glass, seeds saga, cloth, stone, rattan, wood, bamboo, horns,leather, bones, shells, plastics, and many more. Necklaces areusually chain shaped and sometimes added pendant, pendant orpendulum as a sweetener.Rata-rata semua jenis kalung di atas bisakamu pakai dalam suasana resmi ataupun tidak resmi, namun yangharus kamu perhatikan adalah corak busana yang sedang kamu kenakan.Sebagai contoh, jika memakai pakaian polos, model kalung panjangmerupakan pilihan yang tepat. Namun jika pakaiannya penuh motif,lebih baik pilih jenis kalung yang menggantung di atas kerah busanaagar baik model kalung dan corak busana tetap menampilkankeunikannya masing-masing. Pada akhirnya, tidak ada jenis kalungyang lebih cantik dan modis dibandingkan jenis lainnya sebab semuatergantung caramu memadukan penampilanmu sendiri.
Necklace Couple Design 1.0 APK
Necklace couple and common features of the necklace includefeatures such as colorful stones (especially gemstones or jewelry),wood (usually carved or polished), art glass, feathers, shells,beads or reef-wide, various other jewelry Used. If the necklaceincludes a main hanging feature, it is called a pendant, if thependant itself is a small container, called a pendant.Necklace is ajewelry article worn around the neck. Necklace couple is a necklacemade in pairs commonly worn by couples who are dating or husbandand wife. Necklaces are often formed from metal jewelry chains.Others are woven or made from fabric using straps or yarns. MaasaiMen from Kenya, Africa use necklaces as part of traditionalclothing.The type of necklaceFemale necklaces are often classifiedby length.1. Chocker necklace, 35 cm (14 in) long to 41 cm (16 in)long and sitting high in the neck.2. Princess Necklace, A princessnecklace is 45 cm (18 in) to 50 cm (20 in) long, longer thanchoker, but shorter than a matinee.3. Necklace Matinee, A 56-cmlong necklace (22 in) long gig to 58 cm (23 in) long - usually asingle strand located at the top of the cleavage.4. Opera Necklace,An opera necklace is 75 cm (30 in) to 90 cm (35 in) long and sitson the chest.Necklace Rope, A strap necklace is any long necklaceof opera length.5. Lariant Necklace, A lariat rope is a very long,very long variation on a rope, without a buckle, often worn overseveral times around the neck, the tip can be crossed, looped, ortied in various ways. This type of necklace sometimes combinesloops on one or both ends to allow for wear in the lasso style, orit can be worn twice as long as the tip passes through thecenter-formed loop.Based on the type of jewelry1. diamond necklace.A diamond necklace is a necklace that incorporates diamonds - theyare often given as gifts in Western countries as a sign of love andloyal among lovers or wealthy families. There are various diamondnecklaces available for the average consumer including diamondnecklace diamonds, diamond 'V' necklaces, diamond necklaces 'Y' anddiamonds with necklace pages.2. Pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces arepopular among women. There are two specially named sorts of pearlnecklaces - uniform pearl necklaces consisting of pearls thatappear to be all of the same size, though there is usually a slightdifference in the direction of the tip so they look proportional. Abib necklace made of several strands of pearls stepped. Many othervariations also exist.3. Necklace / Dental Pendant. Some malenecklaces (and some women) attach animal teeth as part of apendant. A very popular variant is the leather strap necklace withshark teeth.History of necklacesNecklaces have been an integralpart of jewelry since the days of ancient civilizations andpre-date of writing.Necklaces are believed to be as old as 40,000years, during the Stone Age. The oldest necklace made of naturalpure - before weaving and discovery of strings, durable grapes orpieces of animal muscle are left of the hunt tied and decoratedwith shells, bones or teeth or colorful skin of human prey, birdfeathers, corals, carved pieces Wood, colorful seeds or stones ornatural gems, or other beautiful natural elements or other artfound nearby.Fabrics and metalworking greatly expand the range ofjewelry available to humans. Yarns and threads allow for thedevelopment of smaller, more durable, more elaborate necklaces.After the Bronze Age and humans began to find ways to melt metalsand toss them into shapes, bronzes, copper, silver, gold, electrum,platinum and various other metals used to make eye-catchingnecklaces for men and women, and metal chains became possible .Gemcutting and glassblowing allowed faceted and highly refinedgemstones and / or beautiful glass art to be added to the pieces.
Drawing Manga Design 1.0 APK
Drawing manga is a comic made in Japan, the word is usedspecifically to talk about Japanese comics, according to the styledeveloped in Japan at the end of the 19th century. The word has along and very complicated prehistory in the early Japanese art.InJapan, people of all ages read manga. Media covers works in variousgenres: action-adventure, romance, sports and games, drama history,comedy, science fiction and fantasy, mystery, detective, horror,sexuality, and business / commerce, and others.Since the 1950s, themanga has continued to be a major part of Japan's publishingindustry, representing the 406 billion yen market in Japan in 2007(about $ 3.6 billion) and ¥ 420 billion ($ 5.5 billion) in 2009.[6] Manga has also gained significant worldwide readership. InEurope and the Middle East the manga market is worth $ 250 million.In 2008, in the United States and Canada, the manga market wasworth $ 175 million. Markets in France and the United States arethe same. Manga stories are usually printed in black and white,although some colorful manga already exists (Colorful example). InJapan, manga are usually serialized in major manga magazines, oftencontaining many stories, each presented in one episode and thenresumed in the next edition.If the series is successful, chaptersare collected and can be republished on a paperback book commonlycalled tankōbon. A manga artist usually works with severalassistants in a small studio and deals with creative editors fromcommercial publishing companies.If the manga series is quitepopular, it may be animated after or Even when the manga isrunning. Sometimes the manga centered on the previous first thatthere is a direct action or animated film.The term manga is aJapanese word that refers to both, both for comics and cartoonists."Manga" as a term used outside of Japan refers specifically to theoriginal comics published in Japan.The Manga comics are influenced,from the original works, which also exist in other parts of thecountry, especially in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan ("manhua"), andSouth Korea ("manhwa") .In France, "la nouvelle manga" Has beendeveloped as a form of comic bandess dessinée drawn in a styleinfluenced by manga