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We have selected the most effective exercises for making anexcellent warmup and stretching, as well as the morning exercises.The application contains 39 warmup and stretch exercises for allmuscle groups, allowing you to perform an excellent flexibilitytraining and to get ready for any kind of other workout. ⭐Performing flexibility stretches will allow you to get good warmup,stretch all the muscles and to prepare for any other the training.App Features: ✓ All flexibility exercises come with detailed audio,video and text instructions - now you can really increaseflexibility; ✓ App has 3 different stretching & flexibilityplans of various difficulty levels and a total of 42 differentworkouts- each flexibility workout targets different muscle groups;✓ A virtual instructor will accompany you throughout theflexibility stretch lessons, and will motivate you; ✓ Statisticssystem will allow you to track your progress in training andflexibility stretches; ✓ Strong notifications system – now you willcertainly do morning exercises! ✓ You can create your own workoutsand do stretches to improve flexibility as you like. 🏅 It is knownthat before each workout, whether it be jogging, strength training,warmup is the best way to get ready for it – to do warmup exercisesfor all the muscles of the body, as well as carry out basicflexibility stretches. In addition, the warmup exercises are alsovery helpful in the morning. Morning exercises will allow you toget energy for the day and will provide excellent health, as wellas will improve flexibility. 👍 Stretching & flexibility plansprovided by this app – is a great opportunity to take care of yourhealth, get full of energy, do an excellent flexibility stretchworkout and to improve mood. ⏱️ By the way, with the help of thisapp you will not just do flexibility exercises, but you will createstable habit of regular warmup exercise in the context of life.Just try to do your first flexibility workout and you willdefinitely see all the results. Good luck!

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Healthy Spine & Straight Posture - Back exercises 3.3.1 APK
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⭐ As it is said, "Human is as young and healthy as flexible hisspine." Nowadays, the problem of the lack of neck and back painrelieving exercises, lack flexibility and bad posture correctionare very common. 🏆 To have a healthy spine is very important. Ourback workout at home and flexibility training - is that thing whatevery busy person must do. Let's do a simple experiment: stand upstraight, keep legs straight, and try to touch the floor with yourpalms. Is it hard? If you can't touch the floor, if you have anytension or any kind of neck pain - you definitely should do yogafor spine health, which on is characterized by its flexibility, sopre-take care of your health, make stretches for back painexercises and do posture correction exercise for women, spinalstim. Application features: ✔️ 90 different types of back exercisesfor men at home with a detailed video, audio and text instructionsfor each scoliosis exercise; ✔️ 3 time - tested programs based onyoga for spine health principles – make a great back musclesworkout at home; ✔️ The system of motivation and rewards – keepmotivated and do spine exercises every day and create betterposture; ✔️ Set reminders and notifications – now you will neverforget to do yoga for neck pain; ✔️ Develop personal trainingprograms and use scoliosis meter; ✔️ The system of statistics ofyour results - track spine flexibility every day. Most people havea sedentary lifestyle. Modern life is forcing people to spend moretime sitting - when you sit for a long time in the office, in a caror a bus, it causes great harm to the body. Most often there is nopossibility to completely change the way of life, but there isalways the opportunity to do healthy spine workout. Just do backpain relieving exercises to receive more energy in your life.Stooped, sharp shocks and prolonged compression loads can causevertebrae to shift and pinch the nerves of the spinal disc.Everyone needs to improve bad posture! That is why every personshould do back flexibility stretches and just follow the straightposture app instructions for the spinal stim health. In addition, apermanent job in the office and at the computer has a very negativeimpact on our posture, and hence there is a slouch (as a result -the lack of energy and general malaise, headache). The only way isto do stretches for back pain exercises. Therefore, posturecorrection exercise for men and neck pain are connected with eachother. The only thing you need to do is just follow our virtualinstructor recommendations and do the back exercises for women& men. And the results will definitely come in a short time.Let us do an experiment. Try to do the first week in the yoga forbetter posture correction app & spine workout... What is spinalscoliosis? The Scoliosis is a fairly common disease, which is thecompanion of many people due to the characteristics of the modernlifestyle. Scoliosis exercise app will take care of this. Backflexibility training & workout will become a great assistantwith it. The danger of the spinal cord injury is not only in theaesthetic imperfection of the figure. It leads to chest deformity,which causes cardiac muscle overvoltage and breathing problems. Oneof the effective measures of therapy is gymnastics in scoliosisapp, and to do special back exercises for women at home. And youwill fix your bad posture and spinal disc! This app is for: Themain goal of this application is to create a stable habit of backflexibility stretches, strengthen them and make flexible. Finally,try to do spine exercises for at least a week, and you willdefinitely see results and will become more energetic. This app isdeveloped for all age groups. Posture exercises are divided bydifficulty and are suitable for both men, women, children, andelderly people and for everyone who needs spinal cord injuryexercise.
Stretching exercise. Flexibility training for body 3.2.1 APK
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Stretching exercise & Flexibility training– is just the rightapplication for any person, who cares about his health. Nowadayspeople often have low activity levels and sedentary lifestyle, soto do flexibility stretches pre and post-workout is very importantfor anyone. All stretching exercises for beginners were selected todevelop the elasticity of the body and do not require anyadditional equipment. Stretches for flexibility The daily stretchworkout is suitable for all groups of people. There are 60different routines to do flexibility training for beginners, andall of them have detailed video and text instructions. Just followthe instructions of the virtual instructor Everyday morning warm-upWhat could be better than a charge of vivacity and energy in themorning? Just do a workout and see how your health gets better andbetter every morning. In addition, the morning flexible workout hasa great influence on mood throughout the day and overall vitality.Flexibility training for beginners, for gymnastics, for men andwomen has 3 different programs and over 50 different workoutsduring which you can do the full-body training. Warm-up Beforeperforming any physical exertion, for example, when running or whenvisiting the gym and pool, all muscles must be prepared and heated.The warm-up will allow you to do stretches to improve legflexibility and to prepare the muscles and avoid theirovertraining, possible injury and damage. Muscle tension and painrelief Muscular tension - constantly increased muscle tone when itis impossible to fully relax them. The specially designed trainingsystem will get rid of muscle cramps and blocks. What makes thishappen? In carrying out the sports activity, there is an increasein the local blood flow, especially in the muscles and ligaments,due to which the local metabolism and metabolic processes areenhanced. So, if you have flexible muscles - everything will be ok.Do the upper and lower body, leg stretch, shoulder stretchingexercises for beginners. Application functionality: ✓ 60 differentstretching exercises for beginners for the full body of differentlevels of complexity and for all muscle groups; ✓ Each stretchroutine contains detailed audio, text instructions and videos oftheir implementation; ✓ 3 training programs are provided andprepared for stretch workout for every day, you can also createyour own workouts, set the level of difficulty and length, alsoevery program has different stretch plan and different difficulty –Basic program is the best choice for the beginners, 7 minute or 10minute stretch exercises – is for everyday stretching workout; ✓We've created a special motivation system that will keep track ofyour results and motivate to achieve more and more; ✓ You cancreate your own programs for leg flexibility stretchesfor beginners, for runners; ✓ Notifications system - Now, you willnever forget to do stretch fitness; ✓ Detailed statistics – make a30-day challenge and track your results and your progress. We use aspecial system to test our elasticity. To do this, we offer toregularly measure our indicators: 1) The distance from thefingertips to the floor when tilted forward - characterizes thegeneral condition of the spine and its health. Just do flexiblestretches for men and women, even for runners and the results willcome! 2) The distance from the center of the palm to the level ofthe knee when tilting sideways from a standing position - here isthe condition and elasticity of the back and waist when tilting. 3)The distance to the floor from the position when the person sits onthe splits - if the muscles of the legs are clamped and theirelasticity is missing, then this is a very difficult task. ⭐ Themain task of this app is not only to do body flexibility trainingfor beginners, men & women, for gymnastics, - but to create astable habit of regular stretch exercises in the context of life.
Burn fat workout in 30 days. HIIT training at home 5.5 APK
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Burn fat workout is a very effective program that will allow you toget in fit very fast. All exercises involve all muscle groups: losefat in 30 days for men in arms, in legs, in tights, make your bellyslim. To get in shape for women - just follow the plan! 👉 This appwill be very useful for all those who appreciate their time andcannot attend a gym or other burn calories activities, it is enoughto follow the HIIT training at home, regularly do excess fat lossworkouts and results will definitely come! The applicationfunctionality ✔️ Over 60 different exercise to remove belly fat men& women with different levels of complexity and for all musclegroups; ✔️ All full-body exercise has detailed video, audio andtext instructions; ✔️ Over 50 different excess fat burn homeworkout. This is the complete slimming training for 3 months; ✔️You can create personal weight reduction trains, set their level ofdifficulty and length. Create a personal burn fat in 30 daysprogram and get in shape fast; ✔️ We've created a specialmotivation system to improve sports results in belly fat burningworkouts for women, men and to get more self-motivation; ✔️Notifications system – now you will never forget to do weightreducing HIIT training and to burn calories at home fast; ✔️Statistics system - regularly monitor your parameters, weight, BMIcalculator, add photos and see your results. What is HIIT? Highintensity interval training workouts - is a variation of maximum,medium and moderate levels of activity. The main task of HIITtraining app is to do exercise for side belly fat loss for men& women and as fast as it is possible. Cardio activity, such asloss & burn belly fat workouts are one of the most effective toget in shape in 30 days. You do not need any special equipment:just 10 minutes a day. The key advantage of high intensity intervaltraining is the acceleration of metabolism and activation of burncalories workout processes due to an additional increase in oxygenconsumption by various tissues of the body - but with a shortduration of shape training. In fact, the level of aerobic enduranceincreases and excess weight loss starts: make belly slim and bodysportive. HIIT answers the question of how to reduce fat and has avery positive effect on glucose metabolism, lowering thesensitivity of tissues to insulin - namely, insulinhypersensitivity is one of the reasons for gaining excess weight.It is also important that the number of calories during HIITworkouts by daily burn fat at home fast is higher than duringnormal cardio or strength training since the post-sport period isalso involved. Weight tracking system It is very important to useweight tracker for your results while doing home fat burner workoutfor men and for women. You should track your weight, waist, andhips. In addition, for each measurement, you can add your ownphotos and compare yourself and your appearance. This is the onlyway to get in fit quickly and effectively. Visualization of all thedata on the charts will allow you to see your trend and progress. Aphoto album will allow you to see the results before and after:watch how to lose belly bad form in 30 days and how you get in fit.The application has very effective results to burn belly fat in 10days. Just do a lower body and upper body exercises at home - theyrequire no additional equipment. You can either do personalactivities or work on the already developed 3 shape trainingprograms with 56 different HIIT workout in one app for smooth andconfident progress in achieving great results. 🏆 Programs aresuitable for all age groups: do exercises of burn fat workout forwomen, for men at home - doesn't matter. The purpose of this app isto create a stable habit of regular HIIT for endurance and to makemuscles really strong and get in fit fast. Challenge yourself: justexercise to remove fat in 30 days - you will see your abdominalmuscles!
Legs workout - Calves, thighs lower body exercises 2.2.0 APK
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Legs workout – is a perfect choice for everyone who wants to havebeautiful legs, calves and thighs. We’ve selected time-tested andthe most effective legs exercises for getting beautiful and stronglegs, thighs and calves. Tights exercises are very simple and veryeffective, and you do not need any special equipment, so you canperform an excellent legs home workout. ⭐ Legs training - is a verysimple set of lower body exercises that is suitable for all skilllevels, and exercises are divided by their difficulty and areworking on all muscle groups, so legs workout for women, for menwill be perfect choice to increase your strength and beauty.Application features: ✓ 30 different legs exercise with differentlevels of difficulty for all muscle groups, we've chosen the bestlower body exercises for fastest effect – either it is calvesexercise or thighs exercise; ✓ Each legs training exercise containsdetailed audio and text instructions and videos of it'simplementation; ✓ 3 training programs are provided and prepared foreffective thighs and glutes workout and you can also create yourown lower body workout for women, set the level of difficulty andlength. Make 30 day legs workout challenge and you will definitelysee the results; ✓ We’ve created a special motivation system thatwill keep track of your results in legs and thighs workout forgetting beautiful legs and motivate to achieve more and more. 🏅Very often, there is not enough time to visit the gym, but if youhave 10-20 minutes free, then this application will serve as anideal assistant in the construction of beautiful legs and hips,just try to start the first program and your 30 days legs challengewill begin. Also, we have built a system of legs training in such away that it will create a steady habit of regular legs exercise forthighs and calves, and you will not only achieve amazing shapes andget beautiful legs, but also to maintain great effect in time! 👍 Bythe way, when you are doing any legs or thighs workout in this app– it has another positive effect. You can reduce your weight,because all thighs workout has cardio load and based on HIITprinciples. 😃 Good luck, and have an excellent lower body workout!
Upper body workout for women - Beautiful breast 2.1.3 APK
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Upper body workout for women – is a perfect choice for everyone whowants to have beautiful chest or to do exercises to lift yourself.⭐ The most effective exercises for building beautiful chest, liftyourself and gain arms strength are all in one app. Exercises forwomen constructed in such a way that they can be performedanywhere, and does not require any special equipment. Moreover, thetraining programs for chest workout and arms are suitable for allskill levels, since the principle of exercise to lift the chest andmake chest strong is constructed in such a way that they combinethe simplicity and efficiency and affect the work of all chestmuscles, shoulders and arms muscles. 🏅 All exercises for armsmuscles strength are provided with detailed video instructions,text description details. You can create your own chest workout forwomen or work on the already created training programs to developarm strength. Application Features: ✓ 25 different exercises for agreat workout for arms strength of different levels of complexityfor all muscle groups, we've chosen the best exercises for fastesteffect; ✓ Each exercise contains detailed instructions and videosof it's implementation; ✓ 3 training programs are provided andprepared for an effective workout, you can also create your ownworkouts, for example, select a certain exercise and set theirlevel of difficulty and length; ✓ We created a special motivationsystem that will keep track of your results in upper body workoutfor getting larger chest and motivate to achieve more and more; ✓The weight track system and the proportions of the body, as well asdetailed analytics on them to keep track of your results. Chestexercise app will be your helper in weight tracking too. 👍 Veryoften in sports, especially when it comes to the problem of supportand getting a good figure there exists laziness, there is a lot of"important" cases to do, that’s is why it is important to structureyour workout, and each time going into the app, you can see at whatstage in the way of building beautiful chest and arms you are. Thetraining program, as well as system notifications, and statisticsare a great motivator to move confidently towards the goal. Juststart the app, turn exercise video on and do perfect chest workoutfor women – you will definitely see the results soon. Good luck!
Aerobics workout at home - endurance training 2.6 APK
mEL Studio
Aerobics workout- are the proven of it's effectiveness exercisesthat will allow you to do cardio workout, obtaun muscles strength,get perfect shape and make an excellent endurance training. ⭐ Youcan either do the aerobics exercise on your own, or work on thealready developed 3 endurance training programs. All exercises aresupported with video instructions and detailed text descriptions oftheir implementation. You can step aerobics workout anywhere – youdo not need any additional equipment – just your phone and 10-20free minutes. App functionality: ✓ 25 different aerobics exercisefor weight loss, for muscle strength and for endurance workout ofdifferent levels of complexity and for all muscle groups; ✓ Allaerobics exercise videos has detailed instructions andrecommendations for correct implementation; ✓ 3 detailed trainingprograms and more than 40 different workouts - aerobics forbeginners, everyday cardio workouts to burn fat, and completeaerobics program of increased complexity; ✓ Create your ownprograms and configure them as you like; ✓ We’ve created a specialmotivation system that will keep track of your results and motivateyou to achieve more and more. 👍 Exercises are designed for all agegroups, since exercises are divided by difficulty and are suitablefor both men, women, and children, and elderly people. Everyone cando cardio workout at home, just start the first workout, do it andyou will definitely see the results. 🏅 The purpose of thisapplication is to create a sustainable habit of regular exerciseand training for your endurance. By the way, you do not need anyinternet connection, and you can do all aerobics at home offline. 😄Good luck and have a good workout!
Fitness workouts for women - your coach & trainer 2.2.3 APK
mEL Studio
We have chosen the most effective and time-tested fitness exercisesfor women for getting in shape really fast. The app contains 80different exercises for an effective home fitness workout. Eachfitness routine comes with a detailed audio, text instructions andvideo explanations. ⭐ You are free to make your own fitnessworkouts, or work on already developed plan from four programs fordifferent muscle groups and with different levels of difficulty.Time proven programs will allow you to get excellent athletic shapeand achieve the most impressive results in a short time – this isyour personal women fitness instructor in your pocket. Applicationfeatures: ✓ 80 best fitness exercises for girls with videoinstructions and audio, text descriptions; ✓ 4 training programs ofvarious levels of complexity and targeting different muscle groupswith over 54 different fitness home workouts for women; ✓ You canmake your own fitness plan and programs, set workouts duration,time of rest and preparation – app fitness trainer will help youand suggest variants of the best body shaping exercises; ✓Statistics system that allow you to track your body shaping resultsin the fitness journal and develop the habit of regular exercises;✓ Measurements system – write down your body parameters, add photosand track your results. Take a fitness 30 day challenge and take alook at your results. 👍 Fitness workouts for women will allow youto not only deeply and accurate fitness challenge for all themuscles of the body, and to get in shape, but also develop yourflexibility and endurance. Fitness training for women can be doneanywhere✓ at home, in the gym, in the park. Also, doing womenexercises you can get an excellent warm-up before any other sportactivities. Make your first workout and look how fitness buddy makeyour muscles and body work. You do not need any additionalequipment and you can do fitness home workout anywhere. 🏅 Goodluck!