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Real-time, fast-paced multiplayer eSports battles - play anytime,anywhere! Captain, enemy fleets have been sighted off the coast,all friendly units be prepared for attack! In a team of 10 fleets,take down your enemies head on in real-time battles at sea. Takecontrol of your own customized battleship, strategically plan yourline of attacks and blast away! Head out to the battlefield at seatoday and experience naval warfare like never before. This is notyour battle alone, your country needs you! Aim, Shoot, Sink! Takeprecise control of your battleship with intuitive touch screencontrols and lead your crew to victory as Captain. Maneuver yourbattleship with accurate and realistic controls, gain strategicadvantage over the enemy, take aim and shoot down the enemy fleetsall in real-time! 10 v.s. 10 Real-Time Battles Engage inbreathtaking sea battles with 20 real-life players on the map!Compete against players from around the world and rise up theranks. Shooting action mayhem and realistic battle quality made forthe eSports fanatic! Your phone is your battlefield, ready foraction anytime! Sick of Solo Battles? Co-op With Actual Teamwork!Communicate with friendly fleets in real-time during battle withthe in-game smart commands and work strategically towards yourgoal. Streamlined quick commands and pings for clear, instantcommunication with teammates even during the most chaotic fights.Need support? Capture the battlefield point? Target a certain enemyship? Communicate all these with the touch of a button! It’s yourcall, Captain. Defend Your Country, Battle Globally Represent yourcountry with your country’s flag and battle players globally!Choose from a wide array of ships unique to every country. Formyour own teams and bring honor to your country! The battlefield isin your hands and victory is just a tap away! Iconic Ships From AHistory Of War At Sea Your own realistic battleship based on actualships from WW2. Bask in the glory of controlling beautifullycrafted replicas of these ships and enjoy the unique experience ofbeing the captain of each one of them on the battlefield. Over 100different warships including the Bismarck, Admiral Hipper,Tashkent, HMS HOOD and many more. Whether it is cruisers,destroyers or submarines, we have them all! Variety Of Game Modesand Battlefield Maps Hone your skills across a range of differentgame modes and battlefields. Switch up between playing offensiveand defensive, strategically plan your routes, master the uniquelandscape of each battlefield and gain the upper hand over yourenemies with your superiority! Weapons, Armors, Abilities And More!Battle and unlock new weapons, ships and armors! Level up andcustomize your gears and ships. Be a real captain of your very ownunique battleship! To play Warship Rising on Android, you need adevice that meets at least the following specifications: 1GB of RAMor above. Android OS 4.0.0 or above. CPU 2.0 GHz or above.

App Information Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle

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    Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle
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    April 14, 2020
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    16/F Centre Point, 181-185 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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Like Exploring? Love animals? Then this is the game for you! PlayZoo Samba Now, the best match 3 puzzle game of 2015!Bears, Giraffes, Bulls and Chicks, which is your favorite animalto find in the zoo?Play this amazing match 3 puzzle game now, and embark on anaddictive journey through the incredible animal kingdom. See yourfavorite animals roam free and watch what they really get up towhen we humans aren't looking!Think you're brilliant at MATCH 3 PUZZLE GAMES? Then why notplay and find out just how good you really are in the addictive ZooSamba, the newest and best puzzle game of 2015 in the world!Connect with your friends and millions of others while playingto see who's best at match 3 puzzle games, competing to see who canreally be king (or queen) of the jungle! Make amazing matches andcombinations to clear levels and collect stars to defeat thedastardly bosses!Join Flossy the Sheep as he sets sail on the good shipMcBAAAaaaaa to discover strange new worlds and new animal kingdoms.Do you have what it takes to guide Flossy the Sheep on his epicjourney?--------------------------------------------------Game Play:Match 3 Animals for a basic combinationMatch 4 Animals to receive an amazing rocket to take out an entirerow or columnMatch 5 Animals to get the unbelievable triple rocket, and collect3 rows or columns of cuddly animalsMatch animals in a T or L shape to receive the cross rocket! It’s areal blast!Complete the goals in order to move forward and reach newundiscovered lands.--------------------------------------------------Users Feedback:“Awesome gameplay! Love the colors!”"Love it! Graphics are amazing, opens very quickly and havechallenging levels"“So exciting, I’m totally addicted!”“I really enjoy competing with my friends, especially when I’mwinning!”“Animals are so cuddly, and the animation is so fluid! It crushesthe competition!”
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