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WATCH OUT! The big guy needs to jump to keepthem safe!!


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Just Get 11 Kittens 1.0.4 APK
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The most beautiful number puzzle game for you,now with kittens!It's easy to play for everyone, but intriguing!Find the same cat in various combinations and unlock all the newkittens till you reach grumpy cat!HOW TO PLAY:Tap the adjacent cat with same shape, and they will stand up. Tapagain, they will join in the position you tap. Try to get grumpycat, or even higher!Features:· Endless challenge· Easy to play, hard to master· Cats in a nice design· Mews as sounds· Get high score on Google Play- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -If you have any idea to make this game better, please let usknow :)Follow us on twitter @wepassiongames andfacebook.com/pages/wepassionDesigned by WePassionwww.wepassion.com
Watch Out! 0.9 APK
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WATCH OUT! The big guy needs to jump to keepthem safe!!IS IT THAT SIMPLE!?Ahahaha.TRY!
Twin Xmas 1.1.1 APK
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Help Santa Claus save Christmas. Pickallpresents, drive Santa and Elfs SledgeDrive the sledges (yes both ! ) in the forest and pickupallpresents, candy and avoid crash the trees !Pay attention ! Some boxes contain powerups but some takemysteriouspower with them ....Can you lead Christams better than your friends ? Discoveritwith googleplay lederboard !
Hit The Teacher 2.0 APK
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Hit The Teacher as many times as youcan.Try to win your friends but look at the teacher: he's getting angry!Hit the THow many time can you hit your teacher in this the math lesson?Hit his head for 10 points, his back for 5 points.Pay attention: if the teacher see you the game is over !Free your stress .. hit him !Now you can , beter you should, hit your classmates before theycall teacher attention !Are you enough a bad guy ?!
Fireman 1.2.1 APK
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Fireman is an oldschool arcade style casualgame.Become a Fireman, climb stairs and avoid the windows and themissing blocks.Sounds like an easy task? It's easy to play but hard tomaster.4 variable environments and2 Firemen to unlock.Master your skills for the top records on the leaderboards.Take your axe as every man of fire does and climb the building asfast as you can!And be fast ... fire is rising !
2048 1.0.2 APK
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Unisci i numeri uguali fino ad arrivare a2048!Il gioco originale incastonato in una webviewJoin the numbers and get 2048The original 2048 game in a webviewMerge the samenumbersuntil you get to 2048!The original game set in a webviewJoin and get the numbers 2048The original 2048 game in a webview
Space Brick Invaders 1.1 APK
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Mix the classic Brick Breaker (Arkanoid)withSpace Invaders and you get it !Try to remove al bricks while aliens shooting you.Play now for FREE another classic arcade game from ObjectMethodGames.Drag your ship and destroy all the enemies with thebouncingball.However, be careful not to touch your enemies' bullets, yourshieldcan resist only 5 shoots then you will have to restart thegame!Try it now and compare your score with your friends andtheentire world!FEATURES :* Gamenetwork leaderboard* 12 Fantastic levels (more coming !)* Swipe control* good sounds effects* Nice pixel graphics