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Flip the water bottle onto the platform , whit water bottle flipgames challenge you can master the Bottle Flip.Inspired by theglobal epic water bottle flip challenge.Meet the bottle flipchallenge!Flip the water bottle in the air and land itupright.Become the master of flip!- Stuning graphics!- Realisticphysics!- Perform amazing flip trick shots!- No internet connectionneeded.- No in app purchases. Totally free.Have fun with the globalbottle flip challenge app.

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    water bottle flip game : free
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    June 26, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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com.eurocizia.alamoki 1.0 APK
مجلة عالمك|3alamoki هو تطبيق يجمع بين الصحة و الجمال و أناقة المرأةو ماكياج وديكور و مايتعلق بالاسرة والبيت و ما يميزه أنه يشتغل بدونأنترنت . حيث يشمل كل ما يخص العلاجات الطبيعية أو ما يعرف بعلاجالمطبخ أو العلاج المنزلي (زكام وسعال وحب الشباب والكتير من المواضيعالتي تخص المرأة) من جهة. و كل ما يخص الجمال (وصفات تجميل الوجه والبشرة و الشعر وشكل الجسم ككل ووصفات تبييض الأسنان وغيرها) من جهةأخرىتطبيق مجلة عالمك|3alamoki يوفر لك سيدتي جميع الأخبارالجديدة حولموضة عالمية و وصفات الجمال و الصحة، و يوفر لك أيضا نصائح للعنايةبصحتك و جمالك و أناقتك .Your World Magazine | 3 alamoki is anapplication that combines health, beauty and elegance of women'smakeup and decorations and Maitalq family and home, and whatdistinguishes it operates without the Internet. Which includeseverything related to natural remedies to treat or what is known asthe kitchen or home treatment (cold, cough, acne, ordination oftopics of concern to women) on the one hand. And everything relatedto beauty (and recipes facial and skin and hair and body shape as awhole and recipes teeth whitening, etc.) on the other handTheapplication magazine Your World | 3 alamoki provides you with allMadam Alokhbaraljdidh on global fashion and beauty recipes andhealth, and also provides you with tips to take care of your healthand your beauty and your style.
com.eurocizia.chefaicha 2.1 APK
السلام عليكم نقدم لكم التطبيق الرائع في مجال الطبخ الخاص بشهيواتعائشة (chef aicha)والدي يشمل وصفات مغربية ووصفات مغاربية و وصفاتعربية في جميع أصناف وصفات الطبخ منها المملحات و الحلوة كما يحتويأيضا على وصفات حلويات عصرية وحلويات تقليدية و وصفات كيك و طورطات ووصفات سلطة و وصفات مشروبات و عصائرو معجنات وجميع وصفات بالصور.مميزات هدا التطبيق هي :-يعمل بدون أنترنت- متجدد بإستمرار كل يومتضاف وصفات جديدة - يصلك اشعار مباشرة عندما تضاف وصفة جديدة- حجمهصغير و سهل - تواصل مباشر مع الشاف عائشة في التعليقات حيت تجيب عنجميع الاسئلة الخاصة بكهده أسماء بعض الوصفات الموجودة في التطبيق:-طورطة - كيك سهل- حلويات الأفراح- حلوة المنقوشة- طاجن الدجاجوالخضروات- طاجن الكفتة على الطريقة المغربية- البطبوط المغربي - كريب- البغرير- حساء الحريرة - حساء الحريره المغربية- وصفة شوربةالحريرة- طريقة عمل طاجن دجاج- حلى المقروطة بالتمر- طاجن القرنبيطوالجزر- المعمول المغربي اللذيذ- معمول مغربي بالتمر- الحرشة- شهيواتمغربية- شهيوات بلدية- وصفات عربية- الطبخ الشرقي- الطبخ العربي-chhiwat aicha-chhiwat-كيك سهل-كيك- مشروبات- عصائر- مملحات- معجنات-بيتزا-HiWe offer you a wonderful application in the field ofprivate cooking Bshahyoat Aisha (chef aicha) and my parentsincludes recipes Moroccan and recipes Maghreb and Arab recipes inall varieties and cooking recipes including Almmlhat and sweet alsocontains recipes modern sweets and traditional sweets and recipesCakes & Toirtat and salad recipes and recipes Asairo drinks andpastries and all the recipes with pictures.Hedda applicationfeatures are:-aaml Without Internet- Constantly renewed every dayadded new recipes- Receive direct notice when you add a new recipe-Small size and easy- Direct contact with Aisha translucent in thecomments saluting answer all your questionsThis topic names of someof the recipes in the application:- Torth- Easy Cake- WeddingSweets- Sweet engraved- Chicken Tagine and vegetables- TagineMoroccan meatballs on the way- Moroccan Batbot- Crepe- Alpegrer-Calories soup- Moroccan soup calories- Recipe soup calories- Themodus operandi of Chicken Casserole- Ornaments Almkaroth Dates-Casserole broccoli and carrots- Moroccan applicable delicious-Moroccan place with dates- Aharhh- Moroccan Shahyoat- ShahyoatMunicipality- Arab recipes- East cooking- Arab cooking- Chhiwataicha-chhiwat-kik Easy-kik- Beverages- Juices- Mmlhat- Pastry-Pizza-
Blade Burst Battle 1.0.0 APK
In Blade Burst Battle You guide and spin your Bblade Spin- Tops andspin it to a portion of the power rangers without point whileearning rewards. your tops in By reviving some of the classicarcade games, Take control and spining of your favorite Beybladecollection, and unlock the others spins blade 2.So much more than afree arcade game, Spin game blade battle tests your accuracy, yourreflexes and reaction time, and he challenges the player theability to manage multiple tasks. Using the latest in touch screentechnology, colorful graphics and intelligent gameplay using inskylanders that this game is perfect for all ages - children, teensand adults, young and old.Spin Blade Burst Battle need your help towin the battle! Presented a number of sky battle cast andadjustments to make it more interesting and exciting. There areseveral levels.FEATURES*** ‎ 7 Stadiums (+1)*** ‎ 11 Spin-.Tops andover 40 different parts.*** Special attacks*** ‎ 4 launch cords***‎3 Game modes*** Test your reaction time and your reflexes***Simple and intuitive functionality*** Addictive and fast****DISCLAIMER *****This game is not affiliated with, endorsed,sponsored, or specifically approved by Hasbro Inc and they are notresponsible for “ for BEYBLADE Spinning BURST ”
clock color switch 1.0.0 APK
Welcome to this colorful world of Clock color switch free game ! Ifyou are Clock color switch fan, you instantly get hooked on thisaddictive game,Clock color switch is perfect for killing time,leisure, training brain playing Clock color switch fee game .Clockcolor switch is one of the most addictive and annoying gamesavailable on mobile devices to date. Compete with other Clock colorSwitch users to get the highest score possible.FEATURES Clock colorswitch:-Clock color switch has an Impressive color patterns.-Clockcolor switch is Easy to play, hard to master.- Has HD graphicsgame-Level is infinite number of obstacles in the game-Better gameInterface-Simple and addictive Clock color switch gameplayBest ofall, Clock color switch is NOT easy to play, it's faster, more funand more frustrating than any similar game available to date.
Boom Eggs 1.0.0 APK
The goal of the game is to catch the eggs as many as possiblewithout losing 3 lives."Boom Eggs" is very interesting and easygame to play. The aim of "Boom Eggs" is to save the life of Eggs,catch more as more eggs to increase your score.The Eggscontinuously fall down from the top and chicken have to catch theEggs. -------Do Not Catch The Bomb. The Black eggs is more scorethan white egg.----How to play :just drag the chicken towards theegg position on Botton touch.
Fingerprint Lie detector Prank 1.0.0 APK
Fingerprint Lie detector Prank is designed for you to prank yourfriends, it simulated the process of Fingerprintidentification.Fingerprint Lie detector Prank is a prettycustomizable screen locker that simulates the finger scan to unlockyour phone screen. When you press your finger on the fingerprintdetector panel, the fingerprint scanner will start to scan yourfingerprint and verify the authority. The phone will be unlocked ifthe validation passes, otherwise the phone screen will still belocked.Finger Print Lie detector is highly customizable; itprovides several cool hi-tech wallpapers for you and allows you toset the time & date format. You can also set the pressing time(the default time is 2 seconds) of unlock.This Fingerprint Liedetector Prank cannot really identify your fingerprint, it's just asimulated app used for fun. Fingerprint Lie detector Prank is asimulated app which is used to prank your friends. Then how tounlock the screen? You need to press your finger on the fingerscanner and hold for 2 seconds, your phone will be unlocked. Ifyour pressing time is less than or more than 2 seconds, the phonewill still be locked.Fingerprint Lie detector Prank is an awesomescreen lock app which unlock your phone by simulating to scan yourfingerprint. The amazing fingerprint graphics and wonderful scananimation make it professional and funny. This Fingerprint Liedetector cannot really identify your fingerprint, it's just asimulated app used for fun. Disclaimer:The fingerprint scan is asimulated feature, it is just for fun.How to Unlock:Press and holdyour finger on the scanning & count the scan for 3times.Professional and Best fingerprint Lie detector to lock yourandroid phone.You can also fool your family or friends by aFingerprint Lie detector. You can change the number of scans forunlock from the settings screen.Your friends do not know the trick, you can simply pretend that it works only for yourfingerprint.How to use:1. Open Fingerprint Lie detector and choosenumber of scans.2. In the Lie detector page, Place your finger onthe scanner and hold it. Then scanner starts scanning, count thescans and once it completes 3 scans(default) or (you can set thescans count at home page) release your finger and fingerprintscreen lock will be unlocked. Features:✔ Full HD graphics.✔Customized wallpaper changer for Lie detector.✔ Can be set as a Liedetector.✔ Display the date and time as iOS Lie detector style.✔Custom settings like vibrate, sound, time format.✔ Awesome soundeffects.✔ Fingerprint Lie detector prank is one of the best Liedetector app in play store.✔ Fingerprint Lie detector prank Worksas even offline also.✔ Fingerprint Lie detector prank is free foryou to download.Download Fingerprint Lie detector prank App now.
Weight Machine scanner Prank 1.0.0 APK
know your Weight Machine scanner now, Weight Machine scanner apphelp you know your body Weight Machine and let fun with yourfriends and their Weight Machine scanners. In this application youput your finger and scan your finger body Weight Machine andcalculate your blood sugar. This app not gives real Weight Machinejust for prank.Also you share this app with your friends orfamilies through social appso they check their Body Weight Machine.Disclaimer :This application , Weight Machine scanner , is fakeapp not supported and not affiliated to any type of agency ororganization.
Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank 1.0.0 APK
Test Your Blood Sugar and your family too, use it with friends too.This App Let you Check blood sugar with fingerprint, just placeyour finger on Screen there is no more blood and hurts with itcomes to test sugar it's just blood sugar test fingerprintnow!Finger Blood Sugar Scanner is a fun application that is used tocalculate the sugar level in your blood. It calculates the glucoselevel in your body.Blood Sugar Finger Tracker Prank is easy to useScan or Detect your Blood sugar.These days there are many peoplesuffering with diabetes need to check their blood sugar (glucose)levels regularly. After checkup results help you and your doctormanage those levels, which later helps you avoid diabetescomplications.Blood Sugar Test Checker is enables you toefficiently track all you need to control your current bloodsugars. Keeping in mind to study your own blood sugar is frequentlyan issue.HOW IT WORKS1- Open the App2- Click on start button theintialize the blood sugar test fingerprint,3- Put your Finger onscreen,4- show the result blood sugar (glucose) in graphical way.5-Blood sugar trackerDisclaimer:Blood Sugar Finger Prank is joke appand is only for fun and entertainment purposes and there is norelation of real result in any way. enjoy with this app and have afun checking your blood sugar