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Welcome ! This free app provide the sense about extra wasting ofwater. Conserve water and prevent life. Get tips to cut downwasting water resources. Water reservation practice is essential inall over the world specially in abundant water areas. Feature ofapp :--Free app and available without internet-Do we waste water?Do we think its free?-In so many part of the world you know there'ssevere water shortage and crop's don't grow, their livestock dietoo. - lets turn off the tap while we are brushing the teeth-letskeep our eyes open for leaks waterFor be sure of one thing thatsomeone somewhere need that water we waste, while we don'tcare.-learn lesson of water conservation in the sunnah-tips tominimize water wastage- Can Run this app images on projector aspresentation There are thousand effective ways to conserve water inand around our community and in home. look through this app forways and tips that will save life on this earth.hurry up : downloadthis amazing app. Share your feedback , problems or suggestions forfurther effective awareness of water conversations. contact us at :younas.pmer@gmail.com

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This app contains a book that will guide you about Islamic way ofintercourse in light of Sunnah.This book has been published by DrAftab Ahmad Shah. What is Adab e Mubashrat?Adab e Mubashrat isessential book for married and new married couple to read andunderstand the Islamic teaching about halal intercourse. Islamicscholars recommended this books for new marrying couple toread.Worth knowing features of this app are:Feature of App:-Decentlayout-User Friendly-Easy navigation through pages-Handy zoom inand zoom out -Language Urdu-Easy install and uninstall