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⛅Weather Widget - Fantasy⛅🌠Real-time weather, weather forecast& clock widget.🌠🌠What's Weather Widget - Fantasy?🌠Real-TimeWeather: Real-time temperature.Weather Forecast: Weather forecastsfor 5 days. Clock & Calendar: Useful clock to decorate yourdesktop.Location: Weather radar helps to choose and save differentlocations.Weather information & patterns change automaticallyaccording to weather condition.🌠Main Features🌠Fantasy ThemeFantasyweather widget.UsefulAll useful weather information & weatherforecast. ConvenientJust put this weather widget on your desktop& get weather information conveniently.ComprehensiveReal-TimeWeather, 5 days weather forecast, clock & calendar...🌠How toApply Weather Widget - Fantasy:❄🌠Step 1: Download Weather Widget -Fantasy and Weather Radar & Forecast app.Step 2: Long pressscreen & click [Widget].Step 3:Find Weather Widget - Fantasy& drag it to your desktop .Notice:This Weather Widget - Fantasyneeds Weather Radar & Forecast app. Please tap the followinglink to have itinstalled:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fotoable.temperature.weatherContactUs:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FotoRusInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/fotorus_officialEmail:support@fotoable.comFacebookGuideline:https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choicesPrivacy Policy:http://www.fotoable.com/privacy.html

App Information Weather & Clock Widget

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    Weather & Clock Widget
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    January 6, 2017
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Weather Radar & Forecast
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    Leaf RD, San Jose, USA
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Weather & News 1.8.0 APK
⛅Weather: A useful & needful weather &news app for you! ⛅You can get accurate real-time weather information, weatherforecast for the next few days, personalized weather lock screenand various weather widgets here in Weather. It’s also your bestchoice to read the most comprehensive and fully-functionalnews.The simple and clear UI design of Weather is easier for you to knowthe weather information as well as latest news. In Weather app,there are not only today's weather, but also 9 days weatherforecasts. Just like put a weather channel in your pocket. With thehelp of Weather, make your schedule properly.News in the Weather app help you keep in pace with the world. Getthe newest & hottest entertain, politics, sports, society,technology...news around the world here!------Main Features of this Weather app------Real-Time Weather:Real-time global weather information for24 hours.Weather Forecast: Weather forecasts for 9 days. Always getwell-prepared.Precipitation:Rain fall changes from day and night.Weather Details: Wind speed, humidity and other needfulweather details for you.Sun & Moon:See animated sunrise, sunset, wind, andpressure modules.Weather Widget: Various weather widgets on desktop to getweather information easier.Weather Lock Screen: Personalized weather lock screen.Convenient to check weather & news just on your lockscreen.Weather Ball: A small weather ball on your phone. Click tosee weather information.News: News 24-hours continuous updating, helps to acquaintthe current events, news headlines and today news, and grasp thenews and trends of the world timely.------Personalized Design------1. Weather forecast on your lock-screen. Keeps your Android lockscreen beautiful and useful.2. Weather widgets on desktop. Change according to the weathercondition.3. News for you based on your interests and reading habits.4. Weather radar maps makes it is available to add differentcities, see other location’s weather channel.Contact US :Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FotoRusInstagram https://www.instagram.com/fotorus_officialEmail : support@fotoable.com
Weather & Clock Widget - Astro 1.2 APK
⛅Weather Widget - Astro⛅❄Real-time weather, weather forecast &clock widget.❄⛅What's Weather Widget - Astro?⛅ Real-Time Weather:Real-time temperature.Weather Forecast: Weather forecasts for 5days. Clock & Calendar: Useful clock to decorate yourdesktop.Location: Weather radar helps to choose and save differentlocations.Weather information & patterns change automaticallyaccording to weather condition.⛅Main Features⛅Astro ThemeHavefun!UsefulAll useful weather information & weather forecast.ConvenientJust put this weather widget on your desktop & getweather information conveniently.ComprehensiveReal-Time Weather, 5days weather forecast, clock & calendar...❄How to Apply WeatherWidget - Astro:❄Step 1: Download Weather Widget - Astro and WeatherRadar & Forecast app.Step 2: Long press screen & click[Widget].Step 3:Find Weather Widget - Astro & drag it to yourdesktop .--------------- Main Weather Radar & Forecast app ofthis widget---------------⛅Weather Radar & Forecast app⛅:Accurate real-time local weather report, minute-by-minuteforecasts, 9 day’s weather forecast, weather radar, weatherdetails, severe weather alerts, Astroets and weather lock screen,is your best choice to get comprehensive weather information.⛅------Main Features------⛅☀Real-Time Weather: Weather conditionnow. Temperature in status bar.☀Weather Forecast: Minute-by-minute& hourly & 9 day’s accurate weather forecasts.☀WeatherRadar Maps: Fast-loading radar maps show clouds, temperature,waves, pressure, wind speeds, water temperature readings, rain& snow cover and more. Helpful for ski reports, travelforecasts...☀Weather Details: Humidity readings, pressure,barometric pressure charts, dew point readings, UV index readings,air quality, wind forecasts and more.☀Weather Widget: Variousweather widgets with real-time weather, weather forecast, city,clock & calendar. Clock transparent free animated accurateweather widget gallery.☀Severe Weather Alerts☀Sunrise/sunsetTimes☀Crowd Reporting☀GoRun Sports Report☀Ski Report☀AirportReport☀Global Coverage☀Weather Alarm☀Weather forecast videos☀Pollenforecasts☀Disease outbreak alerts☀Weather news⛅------PersonalizedDesign------⛅☀Modern UI Design: Different weather special effectsfor better user experience. ☀Weather Forecast on Lock-Screen: Keepsyour Android lock screen beautiful and useful.☀Various WeatherWidgets on Desktop: weather widget clock, weather widget samsung,weather widget transparent, weather widget free, weather widgetanimated and weather widget with accurate weather.☀Weather Camera:Camera with weather stickers.Modern UI design of Weather Radar& Forecast, easier for you to know the local weather andweather forecast. By using this Weather Radar & Forecast app,you can not only know what the forecast today's weather, but alsosee what the forecast 9 days weather forecast. Just like put aweather channel in your pocket. Smart weather radar maps detectyour current located city accurately. You can not only know thelocal weather, but also search for other cites’ weather informationand weather forecast. Do not need to google what the forecast likewith this mobile weather radar & forecast app.Weather Radar& Forecast is useful & needful for everyone. No matter youare parents or a farmer or a guide or a traveler or a outdoorsports enthusiast or...With the help of Weather Radar &Forecast, make your daily schedule properly. The weatherinformation is all in your control!
Weather Radar & Alert 1.6.21 APK
Halo Weather Radar is a fast-loading andeasy-to-use app which displays accurate weather forecast &animated weather radar around your current location and worldwide.It helps you to see what weather is coming your way. Severe weatheralert helps get prepared for your plan.Fast-loading radar maps show clouds, temperature, waves, pressure,wind speeds, water temperature readings, rain & snow cover andmore.Severe weather alerts warns rain, snow, hurricane...Halo Weather Radar is just like a powerful mobile easy-to-useweather radar station on your device. Real-time animated weatherradar images on highly interactive map provide accurate weatherforecast and help you get prepared for your daily plan.----------Weather Radar----------Animated weather radar shows if rain,snow,wind... is headed towardor away from you, and how fast. You can also smoothly zoom and panaround the United States and see what the weather is likeworldwide.⛅Wind⛅Temperature⛅Pressure⛅Rain⛅Snow⛅Clouds⛅Wind Gusts⛅Low Clouds⛅Waves⛅Swell⛅Wind Waves⛅Currents----------Weather Forecast----------☀Real-Time Weather: Weather condition now. Temperature instatus bar.☀Weather Forecast: Minute-by-minute & hourly & 9day’s accurate weather forecasts.☀Weather Details: Humidity readings, pressure, barometricpressure charts, dew point readings, UV index readings, airquality, wind forecasts and more.☀Global Coverage----------Weather Alert
Keyboard 1.1.9 APK
★★★★★Enjoy Fire Skull theme!★★★★★Are you bored with default plainkeyboard theme? Now, all of the boring feeling can behistory!★Notice:- This theme uses Boto Keyboard. Please tap thefollowing link to have it installed.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emoji.input.gif.theme.keyboardThetheme only supports 2.3.2 and higher Keyboard -Boto version.Usersneed to download the latest version first.★How to Apply theTheme:Step 1: Download this theme and Boto Keyboard.Step 2: Switchto Boto KeyboardStep 3:Choose the theme youlike.————————————————————————————————————What's Boto Keyboard?( ̄︶ ̄)Support 30+ languages!( ^_^ ) Provide 1000+ fun GIF & emojis& emoticons!Y(^o^)Y Personalize your chatting with fancy andbeautiful photo!((▼ω▼) ☆+Happy Halloween!Enjoy Halloween theme thatwe provided! Trick or treat!((▼ω▼) ☆+Want something interestingwhen chatting? This cute emoji Keyboard can satisfy you! Keyboardsupports over 300+ cute emoji, fun emoticons, cute stickers muchmore! Smart input, quick response. Brand new look and feelkeyboards.Have more fun!----------Key Features---------【ColorfulEmoji】Type some cute emoji to tell others what you’re thinking!Smile, laugh or angry ? Just express with emoji! More expressive tochat. The emoji keyboard can delight your life!【FunEmoticons】Variety of fun emoticons are provided. Such as\(^o^)/~&( ^_^ ). More than 100+ emoticons. Make your chattingmore interesting. Fun emoji keyboard!【Cute GIF Stickers】Applyhundreds of animated GIF stickers with funny, cute and girlythemes.More fun, so cute! Such as Little monster, Cute puppy...【Different Keyboard Themes】Cute and colorful themes are provided.Choose your favorite one, experience the greatest typing feeling!Colorful themes make your life more wonderful.【Personalize YourKeyboard Theme】Don’t like any theme we provided? Never mind! Youcan personalize your own themes. Just select your favorite photofrom album, then apply it. View your favorite theme when typing. Sohappy to chat!【Smart Word Prediction】Worry about wrong typing?Emoji Keyboard is your best helper! Smart word prediction, wordwill be shown when you just type two or three alphabets, thenchoose the word your want, good for avoiding wrong typing! Such agreat input tool,cute emoji keyboard!ContactUs:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FotoRusInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/fotorus_officialEmail:support@fotoable.comFacebookGuideline:https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices
Flashlight 1.0.0 APK
Flashlight, turns your devices into powerful torch or LED light. Itproduces light that equals to real torch light and candle light,and provides you a bright environment. Flashlight could turnenvironment from dark into bright like a light torch. In addition,Flash light also provides flash alert, and compass for indicatingdirection. You can use the flash alert to send out a danger signal.Besides,it could provide flash alarm with colorful strobe effect toattract attention when you need help outside the door. Colorfulblinking light provided by Flashlight could also raise theatmosphere in Concert or KTV. Flashlight turns your phone into aLED flashlight in one-tap when you need a LED flashlight. Flashlight on your Android devices provides torch light and LED lightanytime and anywhere, gets you free from carrying torch light orLED light. Flashlight, your best portable mobile LEDlight.---------- Features of Flash light -----------TinyThe lightproduced by the convenient and pragmatic Flashlight equals totorchlight and candle light that you can take it in your pocketanywhere and anytime.Optimized battery With less battery consuming,it provides a bright environment.Brightest torchIt is even betterthan a real torch for it can produce the brightest torch light,candle light, and LED flashlight on your phone.One tap to switchon/offIt is super convenient for you to turn your phone into aflashlight torch in seconds with one tap!Have you ever faced thefollowing embarrassments?※Can’t find what you want without torchlight or candle in a power failure.※Loss your way in unfamiliarplace because there is no compass.※Pictures taken in dark are outof focus.※There is no proper lighting when the atmosphere needslight to liven things up.Flash light helps you to settle variousmatters in life with multiple built-in widgets, is the most usefulportable torch light for you. The LED light on your phone couldhelp you much more in life than a real LED flashlight.----------KeyFunctions-----------【Lighting】You can easily turn on the torchthrough activating native flash light. It is a powerful LEDflashlight.You can easily have a light torch in one-tap withinseconds.【SOS】Turn on the button of SOS, Flashlight will raise flashalert and light flash in any emergency situation. The blinkinglight produced can help you get assistance when you need help. Theflash alert could attract others’ attention. Besides, torch lightproduced by the phone could attract more people.【Compass】Indicatedirection and help you to confirm the orientation of North, South,East and West.【Leuchtstab】Wanna liven things up with lighting?Flashlight provides light sticks with various color in differenttype. Hangs colored flashlight up in concert, and get somefun!【Colored Light】With 200+ colors effect, you can freely adjustthe screen light effect. It could turn your phone into a coloredflashlight.【Strobe Effect】It provides flash alert with strobeeffect to attract attention when you need help. You could use thelight flash with strobe effect to send out a danger signal. Theblinking light produced really helps you to cope with emergencies.【Mirror】No need to worry about forgetting carrying mirror when youmakeup or tidy appearance.【Night Camera】Night vision effect makesit possible to take a clear photo in the dark. The lignt torchprovides a bright environment.Flashlight for free, lighting appthat processes various sweet widgets, supports all mobile phonewith Android system for freely.Flashlight for free, your best lighttorch, helps to get rid of embarrassments in dark anytime andanywhere.ContactUs:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FotoRusInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/fotorus_officialEmail:support@fotoable.comFacebookGuideline:https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices
File Transfer 1.0 APK
File Transfer helps you to transfer files to your friends with Wifi& Bluetooth & Hotspot, no data traffic, no limit. Spendless time sharing your files and have more time to enjoy them. FileTransfer is the best application to share files to friends and youcan experience top speed transfer. File Transfer is an amazing toolwhich you can share files face-to-face with high speed in Wifi& Bluetooth & Hotspot environment. File Transfer could helpyou to deal with various types of file transfer,you can sharemultimedia files and applications, quickly and seamlessly usingWifi & Bluetooth & Hotspot. This application of filetransfer lets you do all these by simply tapping send files andreceive files, even if you did not connect to the Internet. WithFile Transfer, you can experience cross-platform transfer withoutdata traffic, and the high share speed with Wifi and Bluetoothtransfer. Share files with file transfer are more convenient andfaster.File Transfer Features: 【Off-line file transfer】: Withoutcosting data traffic, do not need connect to the network, you cantransfer target documents wherever and whenever you like by usingWifi, Bluetooth and Hotspot.【Top speed file transfer】: Search thetarget files to transfer at top speed, the whole process isconvenient, unblocked and stable, let file transfer to be your filemanager.【Various file transfer】: Share transfer documents invarious ways, such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Hotspots, one-clicktransfer, you need not to connect to the network.You can Transferall kinds of files whenever and wherever. Just click transferdevice, with few seconds you can share files successfully, even ifyou did not connect to the Internet. File transfer gives you moreintuitive UI and you can enjoy faster transfer experience.FileTransfer will give you an amazing experience of top speed transfer.File Transfer allows you to share any type of files in your phonewith your friends by using Wifi&Bluetooth&Hotspot , such asfunny stories, folder, music videos, apps and games or files of anyformats.File Transfer with the Wifi transfer or by using Hotspot& Bluetooth. The transfer range of file transfer is large.Within the transfer range, you can share everything in your phonewith your friends at anytime and anywhere.Functions: Lite, simple,powerful, super file transfer.【Powerful file transfer】 Sharephotos, videos, music, apps and any other files.【Convenient filetransfer】 Friends can transfer files to each other by enteringPortal, share among friends become easier.【Replicable transfer】Transfer between old and new phone at the same time, make datareplication/data storage management much easier.【Private & Safefile transfer】The free file transfer has no risk of any file leakout, your files and information are completely safe.Why use FileTransfer1. You can easy transfer files and folder with an easy andfaster way (Wifi & Bluetooth & Hotspot).2. You can transferfiles with your computer as long as you haveWifi&Bluetooth&Hotspot.3. Share files in existing Wificonnect environment.This application will make you experience topspeed transfer, and give you a totally new feeling for filetransfer. Transfer whatever you have with your family and friendsby 1-Click.——————————————————————Contactus:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FotoRusInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/fotorus_officialEmail:contact@fotoable.com
Browser 1.0.3 APK
BrowserBrowser, with various functions, gives you the best surfingexperience. It is a fast, secure, and smart browser. Good for youto browse the Internet and websites.Music, video, movie and news,which do you prefer? Ha, just take out your phone and tap browser,enter the keywords you interested, explore the world!-------------------Key Features---------------★ Speedy BrowseWithsmall size, Browser only occupy a few storage of you phone. You canfreely open several websites in a same time, without any lag.★Incognito ModeAre you afraid of information leakage? Just tryincognito mode, explore any websites you like! No body will knowwhat you have browsed. Protect your privacy. Smart browser!★ NightModeFeel dazzling when browsing at night? You screen is too bright.Now, it can become history! Browser provides night mode for you.Darker screen will be good for protecting eyes.★ Small butSmartBrowser only occupys 5MB of your phone storage, you candownload and install in seconds. ★ Share When you find somethinginteresting, why not show to friends? Tap “Share”and show tofriends immediately., enjoy together! Such a powerful browser, tryit ,share it~ContactUs:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FotoRusInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/fotorus_officialEmail:support@fotoable.comFacebookGuideline:https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices
Weather & Clock Widget -Breeze 1.0 APK
⛅Enjoy Weather Widget - Breeze⛅Wanna know real-time weather &weather forecast easily & clearly? Weather Widget - Breeze ishere for you !Notice:- This weather widget needs Weather app. Youcan tap the following link to have it installed.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fotoable.temperature.weather————————————————————————————————————⛅What'sWeather Widget - Breeze?⛅Real-Time Weather:Real-timetemperature.b>Weather Forecast: Weather forecasts for 5 days.Location:Just choose cities & get weather information aroundthe world.Time & CalendarWeather information & patternschange automatically according to weather condition.⛅MainFeatures---------⛅ConvenientJust put it on your desktop & getweather information conveniently.ComprehensiveReal-Time Weather, 5days weather forecast, clock & calendar...UsefulAll usefulweather information. Always get prepared.⛅★How to Apply theTheme:⛅Step 1: Download Weather Widget - Breeze and Weatherapp.Step 2: Long press screen & click [Widget].Step 3:FindWeather Widget - Breeze & drag it to your desktop . ContactUs:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/FotoRusInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/fotorus_officialEmail:support@fotoable.comFacebookGuideline:https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choicesPrivacy Policy:http://www.fotoable.com/privacy.html