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You definitely need to know the weather forecast in Turkey ifyou're going to visit this beautiful country. It was made forlocals, but now we're releasing this powerfull app for allcountries. Weather forecast for all cities in Turkey - be sure, youwon't miss the sun!

App Information Weather in Turkey

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    Weather in Turkey
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    August 12, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Derived SET
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Sleeping Pill 2.2 APK
Derived SET
The application also has built-in night light.The interface isavailable in 30 languages.Settings (English):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yvKjToFMTk***This application isbased on a real medications (which costs about $ 100). A medicaldevice (ie, a prototype) sends a beam of light on the ceiling.Light becomes a brighter, then dimmer. With this pulsation usermust synchronize his breath. Pulsation occurs every 5 seconds.Thus, breathing becomes deep (using yoga). With such a breath inyour body stops production of cortisol (a stress hormone), and youwill quickly fall asleep.When the glow is bright, it is necessaryto inhale when the glow fades to do exhale.The person who testedthe program, said this:This afternoon has tested a new applicationthat helps you fall asleep quickly.Launched - and immediately fellasleep. Woke up at 14 o'clock. Thought maybe I accidentally fellasleep. Turned on again. And went back to sleep. Woke up at 17o'clock. "Well, how about now, I wonder." Asleep to 20.00. Goodapp. Works.***- A nice translucent widget for quick activation ofthe program according to your settings..- Timer: 10 - 60 minutes.-Select the screen color: white, red, blue, green, yellow. And also- change (overflow) colors.- Can be accompanied by a low sound ofinhalation and exhalation.***We decided that the phone has all ofthese features. Why do you need to buy unnecessary and expensivedevice? Functional (as compared to the prototype) has increasedconsiderably. You can choose different colors of light, choose aspecific time for automatic shutdown (full version only). Despitethe fact that the pulsation is visible when the eyes are closed (inthe room should be dark), however, we also added the sound ofbreathing that accompanies the pulse. The default pulse frequencyis 5 seconds. This is the average for adults. But for the children,you can configure a more frequent pulse. Children breathe moreoften. When the glow is bright, it is necessary to inhale when theglow fades to exhale. If you breathe more or less frequently, youcan set a different frequency. The application has a lot of optionsfor different types of breathing.In the application, in addition,we have integrated nightlight. This is primarily for children whoare afraid to sleep in the dark. Night light shines for a while,and then turned off (as configured). In the full version, you canchoose the color of light, as well as the smooth transition ofcolors. It is beautiful.The glow is perfectly visible through theeyelids (in room should be dark). If you do not see the glow, thenpoint the phone's screen on your face. You can also activate thesoft sound of breathing, which will accompany the pulsation (fullversion only).First, the user, following the sound of inhalationand exhalation ceases to think of something.Second, the sound ismesmerizing, like a metronome.If the brightness of the screenannoys you, you can choose a low brightness screen phone (viaSystem Preferences). Then the glow will be minimal, and the userwill hear only the sound of breathing.
Weather in Turkey 9.2 APK
Derived SET
You definitely need to know the weather forecast in Turkey ifyou're going to visit this beautiful country. It was made forlocals, but now we're releasing this powerfull app for allcountries. Weather forecast for all cities in Turkey - be sure, youwon't miss the sun!
Yemek Tarifleri Internetsiz 2.0 APK
Derived SET
yemek tarifleriİNTERNETSİZ, ÜCRETSİZ YEMEK TARİFLERİ ANDROİDUYGULAMASI!!!Kullanıcılarımızın her an, her yerden ulaşabileceği1036 adet Türkçe yemek tarifleri bulunmaktadır, şimdilik. Yakınzamanda gelecek güncellemelerle internetsiz olarak 3.000, internetbağlantısı ile 7.500 üzerinde yemek tarifini rahatlıklauygulayabileceksiniz. * Yemek tarifleri konusunda en büyük rehberisunma iddiası ile çalışmalarımıza devam ediyoruz. Mutfakta en büyükyardımcınız olacak özelliklere ulaşmanız android yemek tarifleriuygulamasıyla tamamen ÜCRETSİZ...* Kolay kullanımı, telefon vetabletinizde çok az yer kaplaması, pratik yemek tarifleribarındırması, zengin yemek tarifi çeşitleri sunması ve her yerdekullanabilmeniz için internetsiz çalışması üzerine çok yoğunçalışmalar yapılmıştır. Değerli yorumlarınız ve önerilerinizleözellikleri daha da arttırılacaktır.Ramazan boyunca ve bayramdatariflere ulaşabilmeniz için internetsiz çalışan özelliğe ile çıkanuygulamamız test aşamasındadır. İnternet bağlantısı ile yeniözellikler kazanacak Yemek tarifleri android uygulamasında;* tatlıtarifleri* pasta tarifleri* makarna tarifleri* çorba tarifleri*salata tarifleri* bebekler ve çocuklar için tarifler* diyet yemektarifleri* pratik tarifler kategorileri olmak üzere 10'dan fazlayemek tarifi kategorisi bulunmaktadır. Ayrıca,* kısır tarifi*tiramisu tarifi* pilav tarifi* açma tarifi* waffle tarifi*muhallebi tarifi* sufle tarifi* cupcake tarifi* menemen tarifi*omlet tarifi* güllaç tarifi gibi en çok aranan, pratik ve çokçeşitli yüzlerce tarif bulunmaktadır. Bu sayede pratik ve hızlıtariflere ulaşabileceğiniz gibi misafirleriniz ve özel günler içinde tarifler bulabilirsiniz. Diyetteyseniz düşük kalorili tarifleride deneyebilirsiniz, canınız istediğinde şerbetli tatlı tarifleriniya da hafif sütlü tatlı tariflerini de... Bununla yetinmeyerekbütün ihtiyaçlarınızı karşılamak için tarif sayımızı her geçen günarttırmaktayız...Ek özellikler barındıracak olan internetsiz +internetli çalışabilecek yeni güncellemeler sayesinde internetbağlantınız olmadığında;* 3.000 den fazla tarifeulaşabileceksiniz.* Pişirme süresini hatırlatacak "Pişme Alarmı" nıtek tuşla kullanabileceksiniz.* Her gün ne yemek yapacağınızıdüşünmenize yardımcı olacak günün menülerine ulaşabilecek ve farklıtarifleri deneyebileceksiniz.* Pişirdiğiniz yemeklerin veyaptığınız tariflerin kalorilerini hesaplayabilecek, düzenli vesağlıklı beslenmek için yemek tarifleri uygulamanızda yardımalabileceksiniz.* Yemeklerin daha lezzetli olması ve daha kolayyapılabilmesi için zengin ipuçları kaynağınıkullanabileceksiniz.İnternet bağlantısına kavuştuğunuz yerlerde isebütün bu özelliklere ek olarak;* Yemek tariflerini resimli olarakgörüntüleyebilecek, denediğiniz tariflerin resimlerini diğerkullanıcılarımızla paylaşabileceksiniz.* Yemek tariflerinivideoları ile daha rahat uygulama ve bilmediğiniz tarifleri dahakolay uygulayarak öğrenme imkanına sahip olabileceksiniz.* Özelgünler, kutlamalar ya da misafir ağırlamalarınızda anlık mesajlaşmaözelliğiyle deneyim sahibi kullanıcılarımızın bilgi vetecrübelerinden faydalanabilecek, tecrübelerinizi diğerkullanıcılarımızla paylaşabilecek ve bu sayede yeni dostluklarkurabileceksiniz.Bütün bu özelliklere ek olarak gelmesiniistediğiniz güncellemeler için bizimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.Yemek tariflerimizin sevdiklerinize ve arkadaşlarınıza ulaşabilmesiiçin bizi tavsiye etmeniz ve sosyal medya hesaplarınızdauygulamamızdan bahsetmenizden çok büyük memnuniyet duyacağız:)recipesInternets, FREE RECIPES Android app!!Every moment of ourusers from anywhere, reach 1036 units are Turkish recipes, for now.Without a net future updates recently as 3000, over 7,500 with aninternet connection will be able to easily apply the recipe.* Thelargest directory of recipes on offer are continuing our work withthe claim. The properties will be a big help in the kitchen toreach the android app is completely FREE recipes ...* Easy to use,very little space on your phone and tablet, practical recipes tohost a rich offer different kinds of recipes you can use anywhereand anytime without a net is made to work very hard to work on.Valuable comments and suggestions will be further enhanced withfeatures.During Ramadan and the feast with recipes that featureworking without a net to reach our application is under testing.Will gain new features with Internet connection in android apprecipes;* Dessert recipes* Cake recipes* Pasta recipes* Souprecipes* Salad recipes* Recipes for babies and children* Dietrecipes* More than 10 practical recipes recipes includingcategories include category. You also,* Vicious recipe* Tiramisurecipe* Rice recipe* Opening recipe* Waffle recipe* Pudding recipe*Souffle recipe* Cupcake recipe* Menemen recipe* Omelette recipe*Güllaç described as the most sought after, and a wide variety ofpractical recipes are hundreds. In this way, as you'll have accessto practical and quick recipe and your guests can find recipes forspecial occasions. If you can also try a low calorie diet recipes,sweet syrup when the mood takes you or slightly milky dessertsrecipes recipes too ... Not content with this, the number of ourrecipes to meet all your needs are increasing with each passing day...Additional features that will host the new updates that can workwithout a net + internet when you have the internet connection;*You will reach more than 3,000 tariff.* Cooking time will remember"Cooking Alarm" will be able to use one touch.* Thinking about whatto do what to eat each day will help you to reach the day's menuand will be able to try different recipes.* Baking recipes thatmake you eat and calculate the calories of regular and healthy dietrecipes to be able to get help with your application.* Meals can bemade more palatable and easier to be able to use a rich source ofclues.In places where Internet connectivity is achieved in additionto all these features;* Recipe can be view as the picture, try outthe pictures of the recipes you'll be able to share with otherusers.* Cooking recipes, videos and more comfortable with theunfamiliar applications easier by following recipes will have theopportunity to learn.* Special occasions, celebrations orentertaining guests with instant messaging feature for experiencedusers can benefit from our knowledge and experience, experiencesthat can be shared with our other users, and thus be able to buildnew friendships.In addition to these features, you want to come,please contact us for updates. Recipe us to reach our loved onesand friends and would not recommend mentioning your social mediaaccounts too large for our application we will be happy :)
AntiSnore lite 2.2 APK
Derived SET
The program is based on a real medications (which costs about $50). The prototype is worn on the arm like a watch. Fixing thesound of snoring, the prototype forces you to get out of deep sleep(but not to wake up at all). But if, for example, the hand is underthe blanket (which happens often), the prototype does not work.Theinterface is available in 29 languages.***When you make anassessment or write a comment, please note. We do not claim to haveinvented the ultimate (and universal) way to stop snoring. We onlysuggest that you try one of the options for free. And this methodis based on the actual medications that you would have to buy (atleast $ 50).***...We have developed a simple but effective way tostop snoring. When the application captures the sound of snoring,the phone gently awakens the person. Not fully awaken, but to bringout of a deep sleep, causing the change position. In this case, 87%of participants stopped snoring.The main idea of the program. Ifthat method does not work (for you personally), you know it,without paying for an expensive device.Program awakens by threemethods (the user can choose any): flash, vibration, unpleasantsound. In the full version, you can select all threesimultaneously.First. The sound of snoring is not pleasant,according to aesthetic reasons. Second, prevents good sleep. Third,snoring can cause headaches and difficulty breathing.The programallows you to program a very fine adjustment of the calibration andactivation. You can select the frequency and duration of sound,vibration, flashes. After a while you will realize what kind ofimpact you need you to stop snoring. Some people will need only oneshort sound (squeak insect). To another will affect frequent flashdiode and screaming angry cat.There are two versions of theprogram.1. Lite.- There are ads.- No ability to load your ownsounds.- Contains some of the limitations in the settings.2.Complete.- No advertising.- You can load your sounds.- A wide rangeof settings.- More preset sounds.- Ability to automatically turnoff after one activation.If you like the app, support us bypurchasing the full version.Warning:- The program does notdistinguish between snoring, coughing, or voice. And it will beactivated by any sound exceeding the threshold of activity.- Whenyou exit the program, the program is deactivated.- If the user hasset the interval of activity, it is still necessary to enter intothe program. In order for the program to be activated at a certaintime. The phone itself will not start the program.- The phone isdesirable to place near the head. To ensure that the program wasable to hear the sound of snoring.- It is desirable that the phonewas on charge in the active program.- The glow of the screen isdesigned for tablet, which is brighter than the telephone.- If theuser does not sleep alone, he can put the phone on the other hand,not to awaken a sound or flash neighbor.- So that the program(through vibration or sound) is not activated itself, provided thedelay between the activation of 10 seconds. That is, the programcan not be activated twice in a row.
Nightlight Lite 1.9.5 APK
Derived SET
First of all, our program is designed for children who are afraidto sleep in the dark. But often, adults do not like the dark. Whenthe application is activated, the room begins to highlight the softlight of the phone's screen (or strobe flash). You can choose thecolor of the screen in blue, green, white, yellow, red, or thesmooth transition of colors (if lite-version, only white). Nightlight automatically turns off (on a timer). The timer is also setby the user. In addition, the important function - it is the voiceon or off the light. Here it is useful to both adults and children.If you wake up early, or have decided to have a drink at night. Youcan voice or slamming (hands) to enable or disable thenightlight.***Especially recommended to try option when activatedsimultaneously flashlight and the screen, and on the screen is asmooth transition of colors.The interface is available in 37languages, including Tamil, Urdu, Farsi, Greek, Romanian, Malay,Dutch.There are two versions of the program.1. Lite.- There areads.- Contains some of the limitations in the settings.2.Complete.- No advertising.- A wide range of settings. Including theoption to simultaneously activate the backlight and flash.If youlike the app, support us by purchasing the full version.Warning:-The program does not distinguish between snoring, coughing, orvoice. And it will be activated by any sound exceeding thethreshold of activity.- The program is also activated by a call orvibration of the phone (when received, for example, SMS). You canmute the sound or vibration of the phone at night, if you use oursoftware.- When you exit the program, the program is deactivated.-If the user has set the interval of activity, it is still necessaryto enter into the program. In order for the program to be activatedat a certain time. The phone itself will not start the program.- Itis desirable (but not required) that the phone was in charge at thetime of application activity.- So that the program (throughvibration or sound) is not activated itself, provided the delaybetween the activation of 10 seconds. That is, the program can notbe activated twice in a row.