1.01 / December 10, 2013
(4.0/5) (6)


You know the drill. The galactic webs have been invaded by evilaliens,and it's your job to take them out. Piloting the latest infighter craft you must clear the web of ever more deadlyenemies.Web Runner is a classic retro styled tube shooter made asmy November entry for One Game a Month 2013.

App Information Web Runner

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    Web Runner
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    December 10, 2013
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    Android 2.0 and up
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    Beercave Games
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Once in every thousand years, when the gummi stars align.theimmortal lords of the candy kingdom draw together to challenge eachother in the ancient battle arena. Taking up a mighty shield ofcrystallised sugar, each mighty warrior must defend his candycastle against the relentless storm of atomic fireballs.Can yousurvive the storm, destroy your rivals, and rule the candy kingdomfor the next millennium?Candy Castle Chaos is a multiplayer arenabattle game for up to 8 players. While it should work fine onphones, tablet devices are strongly recommended due to the inherentproblems in fitting 8 fingers on a 4 inch screen and still beingable to see what's going on...
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