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Explore beautiful and stylish Bridal wedding cakes to celebrate inStyle.As more and more people opt for fresh and fun beach weddingsrather than sticking to the traditional ones, the ideas for weddingcakes have also undergone a transformation. A wedding cakedecorated in the beach theme motif serves as the perfect complementfor a beach wedding theme. Although you may have the found theperfect tropical wedding flowers, picked up the best beach-themedinvitations, and selected the prettiest wedding dress, without theright wedding cake, your beach nuptials and reception would berather incomplete. You can select from a range of underwater themessuch as seashells, sea life, and even fresh tropicalflowers.Seashells: One of the favorite and most commonly chosencake designs for weddings are ones that include seashells, eitheras the key element or as accents to the original design. The motifscan be created from marzipans, icing, molded chocolates, or simplyfrom other candies. You can team up your seashells with otherunderwater creatures such as colorful sea urchins, corals, andfish. Complete your ocean floor look by scattering white chocolateshells, sand dollars, and starfish on each of the caketiers.Tropical Flowers: Tropical and bright flowers are stunningdesign elements that can transform the drab boring three-tieredwedding cakes into a fun wedding cake. You can either opt for freshflowers or have edible ones made from icing or gum paste. Decoratedas bouquets, elegant cake edgings, cascades, and flowers add atouch of beauty to any wedding cake. Although fresh orchids do lookbeautiful and also add a tropical touch to the cake, they can wiltwhen kept out for a longer time. Instead, ask the baker to createisland-style blooms of hibiscus and edible palm leaves created fromfondant or buttercream to decorate the tiers of the cake.SandcastleWedding Cakes: Wedding cakes shaped as sandcastles are a perfectfor a beach wedding. Made to resemble a natural-colored sandcastle,these unusual wedding cakes can be decorated with fun seashells andother sea life accents.In addition to these wedding cake styles anddesigns, you could incorporate nautical touches like fondant ropesand anchors. One of my personal favorites was a cake decorated withfondant pearls with an open oyster as the cake topper.TheColorsAlthough most people traditionally stick to white weddingcakes, a beach theme allows you to explore other color options foryour cake. The marine cake colors include blue, green and beige toreflect the colors of the sea. Introduce a tropical feel byselecting bright colors such as fuchsia, orange and bright yellow.Maritime such as red, white and navy blue can be used if you have anautical theme wedding cake.The ToppersSo you have picked up theperfect design and color for your beach wedding cake. However, yourcake is incomplete with a unique wedding cake topper which willhelp pull the beach wedding look together. Palm trees, dolphins,sailboats, sandcastles, hula dancer figurines, underwater creaturessuch as starfish and seahorses all work great as cake toppers. Fora more personalized look, you can opt for seashell photo frames orbeach wedding couple figurines in romantic or whimsical designs.TheFlavorsA wedding cake needs to not just look great on the exteriorbut also taste delicious to the guests. While a chocolate cakemight work great, for a beach wedding you might want to considerlighter and less richer flavors. Fruit flavors such as coconut,pineapple, lemon orange, or a feisty lime may make for greatwedding cake flavors. To add a richer taste, opt for rum or liquoras the cake filling.

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Explore different ways to Drape a Saree tolookStylish and Beautiful.Change is the only constant, and it couldn’t be truer than inthecase of fashion trends. However, one trend that has held itsgroundthrough centuries is the classic saree. A garment that is atruereflection of a woman’s elegance and timelessness, India isatreasure trove of different saree varieties. And that’s notall,each region has a unique saree draping style as well. Eachstateboasts of multiple ways the saree can be draped keeping insyncwith the needs of the women there.One of the most recognizable saree draping style is theBengalistyle. Unlike the modern day saree, it has a box pleat atthefront. The pallu comes from back to the front on bothsides.Traditionally a bunch of keys was attached to the palluthrown overthe right shoulder. This signified the most importantwoman in thehousehold as it is a great matter of pride to be giventhe reignsof the entire house.Modern day saree drape is derived from the Nivi drape ofAndhraPradesh. This style was mostly worn by the aristocracy.Though notvery work friendly, this style accentuates a woman’scurves in thebest way and looks extremely regal. Most modern daysaree stylesare derivatives of the Nivi style.Worn by the older women of the kappulu caste today, this drapeisundoubtedly very elegant. Interestingly, this saree is wrappedfromthe left to right unlike other forms of saree which are tiedfromright to left. The kappulu style aptly flatters a woman’scurvesand the longer the saree, the better it looks. It has twostand outfeatures — one is the narrow pleats at the back whichflatter theform and second is the two cascades of cloth formed bytwisting theend piece twice around the body. The pallu is thrownover the rightshoulder and can hang loose or be pulled to coverboth theshoulders or wrapped around the neck as perconvenience.One of the most elegant ways to wear a saree, the mekhela chadorisworn by the petite beauties of Assam. It comes in two main pieces—the bottom is worn like a sarong with pleats in the frontwhereasone end of the upper garment is tucked to the left side ofthewaist in a triangle and the other end is thrown over theshoulderlike a shawl.The Nauvari or the original nine-yard saree speaks volumes aboutthestrong, independent women of Maharashtra. This saree drapingstyleis distinguished by its unusual draping pattern whichnecessitatesit being worn around the legs like a dhoti while theupper part isworn like a normal saree. One of the best examples ofthe nauvarisaree is demonstrated by lavani folk dancers. Itpermits easymovement of the legs accentuating every move of thewearerelegantly.This drape is primarily worn by the Golla (shepherd) and theGudatiKapulu (agriculturist) communities of Narasannapalle, avillage inthe Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. Though the drapebegins likea normal nivi drape, once the pleats are made, they aretwistedaround the body and tucked at the waist from the other endinsteadof the front. The pleats are rolled outwards and securedbywrapping them over with the innermost layer. The lower bordersarepicked then at the two extremes and brought to the waist attheback from either side to be tucked in. This requires amateriallike silk which can hold the shape for long hours.
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