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Unfortunately many brides are disappointed the first time they gowedding dress shopping. Confusion over appointment times, sampledresses that don’t fit, unfriendly shop assistants, and dreamdresses that look terrible when they’re tried on. Make sure yougive yourself plenty of time for shopping, and include fun elementssuch as lunch and drinks as well as boutique appointments. If youdon’t feel entirely comfortable with the fitters at the bridalboutique, don’t worry about walking away. A wedding dress is aconsiderable investment, so boutiques should make every effort topamper you and make you feel special and valued. An experiencedfitter should be able to suggest styles that will suit your bodyshape, even if you haven’t considered them before. Think about thetype of wedding you want to have when you are choosing your dress.Which season have you chosen? Will it be a formal evening affair,or a casual beach party? Are you getting married in a gardenlocation, or an historic building? If you are having a themedwedding you might want to make your dress part of that theme. Onthe other hand some brides go out and find the perfect dress andthen use that to influence their wedding theme. We would like tosuggest that each time you find a picture of a gown you like, saveor print a copy of that gown. Often the designer will provide aneasy way for you to copy and/or print the picture of one of theirgowns. This way you will have pictures to show your friends andbridal consultant when you are trying to tell them what stylesyou’re interested in. If you buy a dress that is ultra trendy youcan guarantee it will date your wedding photos, and it may preventyou looking as bridal as you would like. Instead of choosing awedding gown because it is fashionable, chose one that you love andthat makes you look and feel wonderful. It is better to add yourown personal character to a simple dress using jewellery, shoes andother accessories, than to take a wedding outfit directly off thewedding catwalks and regret it later. These app will show you morephotos about wedding gown design for you. If you are planning toview gowns at more than one shop on the same day we recommend thatyou allow two hours. Even though the appointment will probably takebetween forty-five minutes and an hour, you may find that timeflies and you want to spend a little more time viewing gowns. Thenyou have to allow time to commuting between appointments. Allowtime for a cup of coffee between appointments. You will probablywant to discuss what you have just seen plus you want to be relaxedfor your next appointment. If you are rushed because you didn’tallow enough time, you are being unfair to yourself. When you’vefallen in love with ‘The Dress' or 'The Gown' it should be nearlyimpossible to describe it to other people without reverting tosuperlatives. It should be the most beautiful dress you have everlaid eyes on and the most fabulous creation in the history ofdresses. It should be stunning, stylish, ethereal. Basically, anyglorious adjective you can conjure up. When you put the right dresson, you will feel like a beautiful princess, even if you’re athoroughly modern women. It will flatter your body the way no othergarment ever could and make you feel more beautiful than you everhave before. That’s when you know it’s the one. Hope this app willbrings you to find your best gown for your wedding.

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