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Hello, is a very beautiful day. Today we can enjoy the sun with ourfriends, one of our friends is you and through this game for kidsyou will have fun with us. Here, in this makeup game for girls,you'll be able to have some very nice surprise namely you will beable to attend a wedding. Today a friend marries and has greatemotion, she wants everything to be perfect and only you can helpher to prepare the most beautiful party. Every bride wants to looklike a princess on her wedding day and today you are the personthat can help her to be happy. Through this beauty game for girlsyou'll be able to use all your skills and even learn a few beautytricks. For a girl nails are very important and you will be able toassist Alina to have the most beautiful nails.We are sure that youwill prove to everyone that you are a good friend and Alina willhave the dreamed wedding.Follow all instructions of this game forchildren.Good luck!- At first you will know Alina;- She comes toyour salon;- You have to do a facial treatment;- Apply anexfoliating gel;- Apply a moisturizing mask;- Rinse with warmwater;- Apply a moisturizer;- Clip the eyebrows;- Apply concealer;-Make-up the young bride;- Apply: lipstick, contact lenses, mascara,eye shadow, eyebrow pencil and powder for the cheeks;- Now you haveto make nails to look good;- Clean the old nail polish;- Cutnails;- Apply a suitable polish;- Choose the most interestingmodels;- Now you have to choose the most beautiful dress;- Do notforget the accessories;- Alina is beautiful and happy, you did agreat job.Thank you for helping, please come back every day throughthis game of styling brides.Have fun!

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    Wedding Makeover Nail Salon
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    August 26, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Cocos Apps
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Hey, we all had moments when we felt verytired after a very busy day. Children come home tired after a fullday of educational activities and parents after a day of work fullof unexpected things. You know what it is like to sleep in streetclothes just for the reason that you have not managed to get inyour room to change the clothes. Even if these things happen veryrarely we have to admit that sometimes the help is welcome. In thiskids game you will meet a nurse who is called Maura, she worksdaily with sick people, she administers medications, and help themwith advices.She is a good friend to anyone in need. After a busy day, withurgency, with people who can not move without help or can not eatalone, Maura is exhausted. After she gets home she can not doanything for her, can not even take a shower only. Your role is tohelp her, you have to be careful about what she wants. Follow theinstructions for Maura to be happy. What do you think? Do you thinkthat you will succeed? Sure you willl be able to do all that isnecessary for our nurse.1)For the beginning, you have to help her undress, then be carefulto open and close the water when she makes a hot water steam. Now,she is in the bath you have to make sure that you will choose theshampoo for hair that she likes most. Wash her hair and rinse itwith hot water and dry it. For body you will have to use a soapthat fits with the skin of our young nurse. You can use a towel toclean the water.2) After bath, girl needs a facial treatment. With a single clickyou can select masks but and rinse shower with. On the table youwill find four different masks: a mask Apricot Scrub, a purifyingmask with kiwi, mask with strawberry extract which is a mask thatcreates a soft skin and do not forget the cream. Finally you haveto apply slices of cucumber, tomato and orange for skin hydrationaround the eyes. It is important to eliminate acne on the face withthe help of a device.3) Now is refreshed and a beautiful young woman, she must prepareto go to work. Help her to dress. Do not forget the first aidkit.Thank you for visiting us and we recommend you go back to playingand other games for girls and nurse games. Thank you and come backsoonThank you for your help, Maura is very happy with the help that youhave provided.
Washing Clothes 6.3 APK
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Hello, now we are very happy you came, today you will be our help.What you have to do is very simple, namely you must help us to washlaundry. Definitely you help your mother and you know very well youhave to do everything to be perfect. This kids game is very niceyou will like a lot the colors and the decor. Through this game forgirls you'll be able to play the role of your mother for one day.We know that you will do exactly what you need to help us to washlaundry. This game for girls is what you need to be able to testyour abilities. This game will help us to become friends, every daywe'll play together. If you want to help us you are definitely agood kid and very diligent, your family will be very proud.Payattention to all the details of the game.Follow all instructions ofthis game.Good luck!- In the beginning you have to enter into thehouse;- You have to collect the laundry;- Now you need to sortthem;- You must enter into the washing machine the white laundryand then the color laundry;- Use special detergent;- Now you canstart washing;- Wait a few minutes;- Stretch the laundry to dry ona wire;- After a few minutes you can collect the laundry;- Now youhave to pack all the clothes;- Put the clothes in the closet;- Youdid a good job, you're a hard-working kid.Thank you for help,please come back every day to help us through this game.Have fun!
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Hi, we are happy because you have chosen to visit us through thisbaby care game. Today we will be your friends, you'll be able toplay with us daily through this kids game. You know a young womanwho is pregnant and is now home alone and desperately needs helpfrom a friend. Today, in this game for girls you'll be able to havepart of all that is beautiful, you'll be able to be witness to thebirth of a child. This game for girls will make you a beautifulday. We really need you because only you can help us, you're theonly one who can play the role of a very good doctor. In this gameyou will get the opportunity to prove to everyone that you can havea difficult mission that you can solve. With this game you'll beable to prove to everyone that you are a responsible child can helpa young child to know his mother.Pay attention to all the detailsof the game.Follow all instructions of this game for girls.Goodluck!- At first you will know George;- This is very excited becausehe will have a meeting with Alisa;- Now he is preparing and then hewill choose a bouquet for Alisa;- You need to makeup her, you willneed to help him;- Choose a beautiful dress;- Choose the mostinteresting accessories;- The two decided to get married;- A fewmonths after the wedding the young is pregnant;- She began to havepain now;- Alisa will give birth;- She wants to look good and forthis reason we have to help her;- Give her some milk;- Help her toplay music to relax;- The young woman arrived at the hospital;- Youwill need to consult her;- Check if she has fever;- Checkheartbeat;- Make ultrasound;- Treat wounds on the face;- Doanesthesia;- Offer syrup;- The child was born;- Check heartbeat;-Check the weight and height;- Wash her child with a specialshampoo;- Change the diaper;- Apply baby powder;- Give him a toy;-Give him food;- Mother and baby feel good;- You helped a family tobe happy, you're a great friend.Thank you for help, please comeback every day to help us through this game with babies.Have fun!
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In this game, we try to reverse the roles, let us be the littleboys and girls, and to be ourselves in the place of parents andcaregivers on children, be them both father and mother and sisterand brother. We along with our babies in their room where you haveto caregivers. Will have to change diapers, to give the powderagainst moisture, dry wipes to use after, his body baby powder andapply a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Meanwhile we do carebabies, we play with them not to cry. We'll give a bottle, we playwith the plane, and we'll give muttering sweet little baby will bevery happy. At one point while he nursed the baby and give him toeat sweets, we see that some insects appear, which will have toremove the baby. You'll have to pay attention to the little babyMax, otherwise he will start crying big tears. After we played withthe baby, he would sit quietly in his bed and we will have tochoose what color to have the hair, what hat to give him head, whatsocks to choose them, what shoes to give it. Eventually he will bevery happy that we 've given them very carefully and I caredproperly.Instructions: Play the game using your fingers
Maternity Surgery Hospital 4.7 APK
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Hi, welcome! We are very happy that you have chosen to visit usespecially in this important today when an event will occur, namelythe birth of a child. Today you will know Mary, she is pregnant andwill soon give birth to a child. She is very emotional anddesperately needs your help to be able to know her baby. We aresure that you really like babies and you'll be able to doeverything you need. You will have fun with us through this gamewith babies, you would like to help a young mother and especiallyyou will love to see smiles. If you want to become a doctor todayyou have the opportunity to test your skills that only a doctorhas. You're a smart kid, good and responsible and that is why youare the perfect candidate to be the doctor on duty. You'll be ableto prove that we made the right choice. Mary trusts you andtherefore please respect all instructions of this game forgirls.Pay attention to all the details of the game withdoctors.Good luck!- Mary has pain and she needs to go to hospital;-You can begin consultation;- Check if the young has fever;- Checkheartbeat;- Make ultrasound to see if the baby is ready to beborn;- Make anesthesia;- Apply an oxygen mask;- The child wasborn;- You will need to consult him;- Check heartbeat;- Wash withspecial soap;- Apply a lotion for babies;- Change the diaper;-Choose the right clothes;- Give him food and milk;- Give him abeautiful toy;- You did a great job.Thank you for help, please comeback every day through this game with doctors.Have fun!
Holliday Baby Injection 6.4 APK
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Hi. Each child is waiting for summer vacation to go to the sea orsomewhere on vacation with his parents. A very happy family was onthe way to the sea, but had difficulty on the road and theirchildren have suffered some injuries. We have to go to a hospitalemergency order to provide first aid and to remove them any pain.Do you think you can help us? In this game you have to be with usand apply a treatment such wonderful children. Before proceeding,please read the instructions to know what to do next. Good luck!-For the first child you have to choose what you start.- You need todo an injection.- Will you take blood and you will clean all thebacteria.- Then you must apply a spray on hand.- Further treatmentmust apply.- Should you put the cream on the wounds, and to stretcheasily.- You'll put ice on the bump, and you will erase alltraces.- You need to do an injection to feel better.- Children arevery happy but hungry.- Help them to eat after that he will go backto the parents.Thank you for being with us and we invite you tochoose another games for girls from this developer through whichwe'll ask you to come back every day to help us.Have fun!
Princess Salon Wedding Games 7.7.3 APK
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Mary is the most beautiful princess in all the palace tonight mustmeet a handsome prince. She should dress very nice, must arrangeand can not do this alone. You have to go to a salon to helpsomeone. After reaching the room, sat down and waited. We need tofind someone who knows how to deal with it because it is verydemanding princess and do not find any employee who will doeverything she asks. Thou knowest best, so in this game you have tohelp the princess to be the most beautiful lady.1) First you haveto start a radio to have a background music.2) then must apply alayer of cream on the face and wash, to cleanse the skin.3) mustseek tweezers and to eliminate all the hair near the eyebrows whichis in excess.4) still have to put them a few drops of cream underthe eyes and wait to reduce the swelling.5) take a verymoisturizing cream and apply on face him to moisturize the skin andbeautify skin you.6) After you have done this, you have to go inthe other room and help her accessories.7) have to choose a pair ofearrings, a bracelet, a necklace, a ring and a beautiful wreath.8)After you have finished did this have to choose a beautiful dressto match the chosen accessories.Maria is beautiful now and can notwait to meet with this print. Thanks you agreed to help even seenthe effort that you did. We invite you to choose and other gamesfor girls from our developer to see if you're doing as well as youdid before.Have fun!
Give Birth To A Daughter 11.3 APK
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My mother should be delivered as quickly and needs help. We can nothelp her because we have to go on a trip with our eldest son and wecan not let one there. My mother will stay home alone and this isnot good. We need to find someone who wants to take care of mymother and to help the doctor during surgery. In this game you mustbe the person who will take care of my mother, because only youknow how to do this and we know you like to help more people.1)First you have to go shopping with my mother to take some babyclothes and toys future.2) still have to go to the hospital andchecked her blood pressure, pulse and to measure heart rate.3) Weneed to manage a drug to have no pain during childbirth.4) afterthe baby was born, have to clean, to put them a diaper and wrap himin a blanket.5) then need to take an injection to be resistant todisease and infection, then you're going to measure heart rate.6)have to give them some milk and put a pacifier.Thanks you agreed tohelp my mother because it would not have done it without you, andcould not have a baby so beautiful.Good luck!