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Don't worry, be happy, our new weed keyboard skin is here! For allthe lovers of pot leaf design on the background of their phones wecreated a most unique theme changer - Weed Custom Keyboard Changer,a completely free app which will decorate your smartphone ortablet. Plus, it is equipped with a great collection of smileyemoticons which you can send in your text messages. Download somereggae music, along with this marijuana app and type your cool SMS.If you want to have weed leaves on your custom keypad, here'smarijuana themes free download for you, completely cool and easy toapply. Do not hesitate, try out our brand new app and we guaranteeyou will be more than satisfied!*****How to set your “keyboardskin”:1. Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-fieldnext to “Weed Custom Keyboard Changer” and then click on the OKbutton2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboardto Default' button and select 'Weed Custom Keyboard Changer'3. Now,you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes, andshortcuts)*****Now, when you successfully downloaded your new“keyboard changer”, here's what you've got:* Easy install andmanipulation!* A great number of cute and funny emoticons!* Manydefault languages: English, Spanish, Malay, Vietnamese, Turkish,Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, or Romanian!* Selecttheme for your emoji keypad!* Set key feedback options – vibration,sound, preview!* Send emoticons for texting your bff or boyfriendon your new qwerty keypad!If you like to change your keyboard skinsonce in a while, plenty of marijuana leaf deigns can be found inthis free app. Type your “text message” in peace, and be sure thatyou own one of the best keyboard themes for emoji keyboard. Set a“weed keyboard background” on your smartphone or tablet, and don'tworry be happy. Now you can add text on photos or write textmessages with funny emoticons or inspirational quotes about lifewith cute emoticons, simply download our newest weed customkeyboard app and enjoy texting all day long. Be the first of yourfriends to boast with this unique keypad changer with marijuanapicture as a wallpaper! Get your marijuana keyboard for free now! Akeypad changer with free emoji is waiting for you!*****Downloadthis “weed keyboard theme” changer and let the fresh marijuanaleaves dance under your fingers while you type yet another SMS. Wedid our best to make Weed Custom Keyboard Changer really rich inthemes of different designs with “weed leaf” motifs and weedpictures as a wallpaper and smiley emoticons! Have a new weedkeyboard every day! Make your marijuana keyboard your companionthrough everyday texting. You don't need a photo editor to make a“weed plant” theme for your phone, this marijuana key board changerdoes everything for you. If you like “keyboard themes” with rastacolors, you will love Weed Custom Keyboard Changer, so download itnow and text for hours!

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    Weed Custom Keyboard Changer
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    October 26, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Thalia Photo Art Studio
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    Publish Date: 2016 /3/16
    Requires Android: Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 10)
    File Size: 8.4 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API: 21)
    File Sha1: cdf002a42981f291b14fe1b7269e29e7a10a8819
    APK Signature: 1768ad10464989a8fe20ff99f037b40acb0167b4

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Magazine Photo Booth 1.2 APK
Have you ever wanted to place your photo on a magazine and turnyourself into a real superstar? To be famous is now completely freeand easy, with Magazine Photo Booth! Putting your photo on thecovers takes only a tap or two on your smartphone or tablet, pout,take a selfie, or choose one from the gallery, enter your newfantastic picture editing app and play with its numerous options -color changing effects, various magazine templates, ready madecaptions and a bunch of unique picture frames. Your newest art ofpics is ready to rule major social networks, so hurry up, downloadthis amazing “photo magazine editor”, and share your images onFacebook, Instagram or Twitter instantly! It’s really worth yourwhile, try the best picture montage booth ever and you won't regretit! Magazine Photo Booth is at your service, exploit it to themaximum and be fabulous! Feel the splendor of celebrities' lives!✻Put your picture on a paper cover in a few steps!✻ Different covertemplates of most prestigious zines!✻ Choose a pic from the galleryor capture a new one with your phone camera!✻ Browse throughmagazine picture frames with catching headings!✻ Scale, zoom andadjust to the frame!✻ Apply cool effects and filters!✻ Save to thegallery of your phone!✻ Share your new cover pic on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram!✻ Fashionable photo booth studio for girlswith style!✻ Glamorize your pics in an instant!Whether your wish isto be a fashion model or a successful business woman, there's noneed to worry, because Magazine Photo Booth contains fake magazinecovers for pictures of sorts, from popular celebrity zines to frontpages of papers for teens, women or girls. Let the photo maniabegin, download this free app and see why it is one of the topphoto editing apps for Android™ smartphone or tablet. Add a picfrom your wedding photo album and make a wedding magazine coverphoto. Now you too can be a celebrity, just use “free cover makerfor magazines” which is contained in this lovely photo booth,choose from paper front page templates, turn yourself into asuperstar and leave some sparkle wherever yougo!❃*❋*❊*✻*❊*❋*❃*❋*❊*✻*❊*❋*❃If you need to bring a little ofglitter and fame into your everyday life, what is better than to“put your picture on magazine cover”? And for that you need aspecial picture editing software which will help you mag your photoin an instant! Try our brand new “app to put photo in a magazine”for free and provide yourself with picture frames for your imageswhich will make real front pages of a paper out of them. With avariety of picture frames for front pages of popular papers, yourphoto montage will look so real that even your BFF will believeyour face is at a “magazine cover”. You don't have to look forother selfie deco ideas, a great number of “magazine photo framesfree” from this picture booth will suffice.❃*❋*❊*✻*❊*❋*❃*❋*❊*✻*❊*❋*❃Magazine Photo Booth is the only pictureeditor app you need to place your photo on a magazine. You willlove this “photo editor” more than all your girly apps! Play withcolors and effects for your camera pics, add “magazine photoeffect” to your favorite selfie, decorate it and share on fb or ig.Mag your pic in an instant with the help of this magical picturebooth which contains lots of templates for your magazine covers forpictures. Even true celebrities will envy you for your “magazinepictures”! And all that thanks to your newest “magazine editorapp”! So wait no more, but download “Magazine Photo Booth” andbecome a real superstar!
Cute Owl Keyboard Theme 1.5 APK
Hoot hoot! Your own cute owl is here to welcome you. A completelynew Cute Owl Keyboard Theme will be the perfect keyboard cover foryour phone if you are an owl fan. You can “make your own keypad”style and discover an amazing and magical world on your smartphonewith this cute bird theme. This sweet owl keypad theme will be yourfavourite skin for your keyboard and within only three simple stepsyou will enjoy Cute Owl Keyboard Theme for free.How to set your“keyboard skin”:1. Click on 'Enable the keyboard', then check thebox-field next to Cute Owl Keyboard Theme and then click on the OKbutton2. Return to the application, then select 'Set the keyboardto Default' button and select Cute Owl Keyboard Theme3. Now, youcan “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes, andshortcuts).Install this sweet owl theme on your “tablet keyboard”and you will also have a keyboard with emojis. Type emoticons,emojis, stickers and symbols to your friends and BBFs. This smartkeypad will make your text messaging, chatting and searching on theInternet more adorable. Cute owl design is one of the best apps forgirls and owl lovers on the market. So come on, download ourkeyboard customizer for free to experience cuteness overloaded!☆Choose your favorite cute owl keypad!☆ Several adorable owlthemes!☆ Custom made “keyboards for Android™”! ☆ Enjoy your newemoji keypad! ☆ Lovely keypad theme and unique keypad design for afancy swiftkey! ☆ Word prediction and suggestion!☆ Smartautocorrect! ☆ This custom keyboard does not require Go Keyboard™installed, text now! ☆ Choose a language: English, Spanish, German,Italian or French! If you are fascinated by and fond of sweet flapowls then this theme changer will give your old keyboard a newmagical look. You can have your own adorable owl on your display.The amazing keyboard colors will accessorize your mobile devicewith a strong shade of happiness so that it is dressed up in thelatest outfit. “Personalize your keypad” with this amazing lookingtheme and download it completely free.It is time to say goodbye toyour “system keyboard” and try out this sweet owl keypad skin. Thesweetest theme ever will win your heart with beautiful colors ofmagic and mystery of the night. Customize your SMS layout on yourphone or tablet and allow the cute baby owl to take over yoursmartphone screen. This is an incredible free mobile applicationthat will change your old keyboard into an awesome customkeypad.The stylish keyboard buttons and background theme areperfectly designed in harmony. It would be great if you could usethe same pretty owl theme for both your keypad background and cutewallpaper. If you already have a sweet owl wallpaper then you candownload this fantastic keyboard app and together they will goperfectly. You can choose several cute love owl images for your“keypad background”.You can pet owls while you type on this newskin and they will look happy. These adorable birds are the bestdecoration for a girl's mobile. Our keypad theme changer is gettingmore fashionable every day because cute moon owls are a total hitthis season. This keypad skin has the same functions as your oldkeyboard but now it will beautify your “qwerty mobile” in thecutest manner and make your texting a real enjoyment. You also haveyour own pet owl right there on your mobile gadget!Your keyboardbackground will be decorated in beautiful and sweet owl feathersand other colorful owl patterns. All you have to do is to downloadthis “girly app”, choose your favourite owl keypad design from thecollection, change the theme on your phone and be a girl of styleand romance! You will simply love this application if you likebeautiful owl themed jewelry or owl nails. There isn't anythingmore magical than a pretty owl keypad customizer so go and download“Cute Owl Keyboard Theme” for free!
Ghost in Photo Prank Maker 2.1 APK
You're bored with old picture frames and effects and need a reallyscary app for your phone or tablet to pull camera pranks? We'vecreated just what you need – Ghost in Photo Prank Maker, downloadand see for yourself what amazing ideas for ghost adventures fakeit offers! Now you don't have to convince your friends that youwere able to escape the ghost town, you can prove it with your owncreepy photos, which you made all by yourself with a little help ofthis scary app. If you want to be the superstar of your friend'spajama party, or spice your Halloween party with juicy ghost tales,you desperately need photo editing software to create pictures withspirit images to support stories. You can take one from your picsfrom the gallery, or take a selfie and adjust the sticker bymodifying its size, opacity, position, and edit picture by applyingscary filters and effects. Everything you need to make jokes withspirits is in Ghost in Photo Prank Maker, download, edit pics,share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, send via apps for chattingyou have on your phone, and have fun!☻☻☻☻☻ ⒼⒽⓄⓈⓉ ⒾⓃ ⓅⒽⓄⓉⓄ ☻☻☻☻☻⇶Picture editor for creating best creepy camera pranks!⇶ Scary faceapp to put a sticker of an apparition on your pic!⇶ Take a pic withyour camera or select one from the gallery of your phone!⇶ Chooseone of many spirit images we prepared for you!⇶ Customize, changethe size and opacity, place it wherever you wish on your pic!⇶Apply creepy filters and effects!⇶ Save to gallery or share onFacebook, Twitter or Instagram!⇶ Add ghost in photo with ease andscare your friends!⇶ Best photo prank maker!Ghost in Photo PrankMaker is not like those complicated online photo editing softwareswhich take a lot of time and you still haven't got a ghost in urpic for your scary camera pranks; it's absolutely free and easy touse, download it once and use it as an offline photo editor. Thisunique photo montage maker will help you make “ghost pictures”without effort so that you can have your “ghost prank” ready toscare your friends any time. If you are a scary app games admirer,check out this camera prank maker! It is scarier even from zombiepictures! Forget about girly apps which offer you camera effects,pic collages and cute picture frames – spirit stickers offer realentertainment! ☻☻☻☻☻ ⒼⒽⓄⓈⓉ ⒾⓃ ⓅⒽⓄⓉⓄ ☻☻☻☻☻You want to impress yourbae, and scare your friends to death? “Ghost in Photo Prank Maker”is at your service! Better than a ghost detector, this prank makeris among top photo editing apps on Android™ market. You get thebest photo editor and “photo prank maker” in one singleapplication. If you like pictures of zombies, these spirit imagesstickers will amaze you. Make a “ghost wallpaper” for your mobilephone or tablet, add scary photo effects to your pictures, adjustthe creepy stickers, then scare your bff with a your newest “photoprank”!☻☻☻☻☻ ⒼⒽⓄⓈⓉ ⒾⓃ ⓅⒽⓄⓉⓄ ☻☻☻☻☻Pull scary pranks with others,invent you are a ghost rider and support your “ghost photos”!You've found photo editor free download, don't miss this uniquechance to own the scariest “ghost in my picture” editing softwarewith spirits and zombie images as stickers for camera. You mayenjoy this “prank maker” more than ghost games. Everyone needs a“ghost in photo app” in their phone, get one for yourself, greatprank maker for ghost adventures, zombies pictures, spiritstickers, scary effects, creepy filters – you only need a coolHalloween costume, and the party can begin! Download Ghost in PhotoPrank Maker, and enjoy making pranks!