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Get high with this amazing free Weed Live Wallpaper - just don'tworry and be happy! Our selection of only the best “marijuanaimages” will get you stoned in a sec because we have carefullypicked them for your enjoyment only! Just download this “cannabiswallpaper” and the green leaves falling down on your phone screenwill blow your mind! Carry a “weed leaf” in your pocket always withyou! When you need a break, simply sit back and relax with thisweed joint in your hand! It's a legal, harmless and free way to getall the positive effects of this sacred cannabis plant: get“marijuana HD wallpapers” collected in this free app and feel likeyou smoke weed every day even if you don't! Poke smot, embracehappiness and enjoy! How to set the live wallpaper: - Long press onthe screen until a menu comes out. Choose the category “livewallpaper”, scroll down to “Weed Live Wallpaper”, open it andselect the preferred background image. - Choose the speed andamount of small green leaves falling over your screen. Mainfeatures: - You can choose from five beautiful HD weed backgrounds– more weed images are added each day! - “Weed background” themesideal for high resolution phones and tablets! - Amazing graphicsand vivid colors of this “weed live wallpaper” will make yourdesktop background look incredibly cheery and bright! Get "WeedLive Wallpaper" and join the Rastafari movement today! If youalready feel like a Rasta man and you take this religion as a wayof life, this animated background is exactly what you need!Customize your phone with “Weed wallpapers” depicting "weedleaves", Rasta color themes, “Rasta lion of Judah” and otherinteresting background images! Pick "Rasta smoke live wallpaper" or"marijuana live wallpaper" and your new phone screen appearancewill blow your mind! Keep calm and “smoke weed every day” – theRasta Weed Live Wallpaper will inspire you to improve the qualityof your life so set this "weed background" as your home screen,embrace happiness and enjoy – all you have to do is to click onfree download and install this Weed theme! Wake and bake, light apipe, smoke pot, get stoned, get blazed or simply smoke weed – callit as you may, but get this desktop animation and salute Mary Janeon your screen as soon as you open your eyes! Roll a blunt and getlost in “Weed backgrounds”, floating green herbs and fragrantmarijuana smoke on your black background image! Inhale and exhalewith every new green leaf that flies over your screen! Aunt Marywill make you feel peace and love just as the Rastafari peoplepreach! Travel to Jamaica with these “Weed Live Wallpaper“ andbackgrounds and lift your spirits! The cannabis backgrounds willmake you chill out and cool off while they'll turn your phone intoa cannabis garden! Download Weed Live Wallpapers for free, pokesmot and live a Rasta reggae life. ☮ “Weed live wallpaper”, yellowatom in Rasta colors wallpaper and other similar animatedbackgrounds are waiting for you in this free app! Weed leafwallpaper and marijuana photos will blow your phone if you downloadthis app right now for free!

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    Weed Live Wallpaper
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    November 23, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Cute Live Wallpapers And Backgrounds
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According to folkloric tales all vampire facts given above aretrue, however, not everyone believes in these myths of vampirism.If you are, nevertheless, one of those who believe and love thesevampire stories get these free “vampire screensavers” and showthese satanic symbols to everyone! You will be proud of your newSatan desktop background! Don't worry, the undead shown in these“horror pictures” can not leave their bite marks on your phone –they will only make it look Gothic and vampiric, and you may evenuse it to scare your friends for free! These “scary pictures” canbe a good way to customize your mobile for Halloween, as well.Obtain this “horror background HD” with free download and “VampireLive Walppaper” will make your smartphone so awesome! Don't youthink that it would be cool to have “zombie pictures” on your homescreen? But we are not talking about ordinary zombies, but aboutextravagant lustful and pretty vamp women smeared with blood, forexample. Download these “background wallpapers” to see what are thepictures like and we assure you that you won't regret! “Vampirewallpapers that are Gothic” and modern at the same time, are hereand waiting for you, download them for free and all your friendswill love your new “scary wallpaper app”. If you are intowitchcraft and satanism, these background images are perfect foryour phone! How to set the live wallpaper: - Long press on thescreen until a menu comes out. Choose the category “livewallpaper”, scroll down to “Vampire Live Wallpaper”, open it andselect the preferred background image. - Choose the speed andnumber of objects on your screen. Main features: - You can choosefrom five horror HD backgrounds – more vampire images are addedeach day! - “Vampire background” themes ideal for high resolutionphones and tablets! - Amazing graphics and vivid colors of this“vampire live wallpaper” will make your desktop background lookincredibly cheery and bright! Turn your phone into a vampireunderworld by downloading this scary background theme inspired byhorror movies! Photos of a vampire woman or a vampire knight,vampire eyes, teeth and blood will turn your screen into a realembodiment of horror! These scary pictures are ideal forcustomizing your phone and tablet! Hurry up, get this “horrorbackground free” and make your desktop awesome with these cool“dark wallpapers”! Enter the scary zone and embrace the world ofvampires, werewolves and other mystical creatures! If you believethat vampires are real, that they really suck human blood bypiercing through the neck with sharp teeth, then these free“vampire screensavers” are the right thing for you! You might usethese spooky photos to scare your friends for free or chase awaythe unwanted visitors! If you ever wondered how to become avampire, get this “Vampire Live Wallpaper” for free and add it toyour phone and tablet – within a minute you will start feeling likethese legendary mythical creatures! “Vampire Live Wallpaper“ offersyou a choice of ten “horror background images” inspired by theundead! A perfect Twilight screen dimmer and backgrounds are agreat choice for people who are into dark themes, Gothic wallpapersand backgrounds, spooky black pictures and horror stories! Wake upthe vampire inside you, become the ruler of the dark empire – getthese “vampire wallpapers that are Gothic” and start the eclipseright now!
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Open the heaven's gates or feel the hell's flames with Fire and IceLive Wallpaper on your mobile! Watch the amazing dance of fire andice, cute burning and frozen butterflies, fire and ice ball theme,fire and ice hands wallpaper and other “live pictures of fire andice”. These abstract background themes will win your heart – blackbackgrounds with burning flames of fire and ice will dazzle anyonewho takes a look at your screen! All you need to do is to click on"free download" and install Fire and Ice Live Wallpaper - theseawesome wallpapers for guys or for girls; after that, simply chooseyour favorite "ice and flames" image and set it as your mobilewallpaper. How to set the live wallpaper: - Long press on thescreen until a menu comes out. Choose the category “livewallpaper”, scroll down to “Fire and Ice Live Wallpaper”, open itand select the preferred background image. - Choose the speed andamount of small particles floating all over your screen. Mainfeatures: - You can choose from five beautiful HD backgroundsinspired with fire and ice – more black images are added each day!- Burning yellow or frozen blue illustrations on “blackbackgrounds” are ideal for high resolution phones and tablets! -Amazing graphics and vivid colors of this “abstract live wallpaper”will make your desktop background absolutely unique! The sight of“fire backgrounds” and “ice wallpapers” merged into one picturewill amaze you, while shining sparks falling all over your desktopwill put a smile on your face. This free background wallpaper appfor Android is an absolute must have so do not miss it! Abstractart is marvelous and very interesting, especially if it unites thetwo greatest opposites of nature – take this “fire and ice ultra HDwallpaper” free of charge and enjoy watching these two phenomenaclash on your mobile screen. Do you ever mix hot and cold? Mix itnow on your phone background with this fire n ice 2015 app andyou'll adore the outwardly animations on your screen – fire and iceflames forming different objects on a black background will totallymodernize your phone wallpaper. “Fire and ice fist wallpaper” or“fire and ice heart wallpaper” are just some of ten differentabstract backgrounds that can become yours if you download thisfree app. Take a look at this HD wallpaper gallery with images of“fire and water” opposing each other. Imagine a fire hand touchingthe ice ball without melting it – is that possible? It sure can beon your phone with this black screen wallpaper app. Share theseabstract art photos with your friends and family and you'll be soproud. Blue and yellow colors on a black wallpaper as “fire and icedevils” playing with each other are a winning combination that willmake any device astonishing. Get it now and boast around with it!Shining bright blue and purple flames make an excellent and coolwallpaper of 2015 for your phone home screen! Watch this game ofwar between fire and ice on your cellphone! Ten Fire and Ice LiveWallpapers are definitely something out of the ordinary that youneed to make your mobile astounding! The best free live wallpaperfor boys and girls, men and women and of course very interestinganimated backgrounds for kids! - This is a perfect 2015 applicationfor all who like sophisticated and glamorous wallpapers! -Completely free “ice backgrounds” and “fire wallpapers HD” forsmartphones are waiting for you!
Rock Live Wallpaper 4.1 APK
Set your screen on fire with amazing “rock n roll wallpapers” -download Rock Live Wallpaper and you'll get the best collection ofmusic wallpapers and backgrounds! Modify your phone screen and makeit suit your music taste – celebrate rock'n'roll every day withrock girls, bass guitars or fire and skulls wallpapers! These coolwallpapers for your phone will make your device look incredible!Match these classic rock wallpapers or punk rock wallpapers withrock ringtones and you'll feel as if you're at the rock concert!Turn your phone and tablet into a lean mean rocking machine! Rockand roll for life with these beautiful pictures of guitars, rockheroes, skulls and skeletons! Obtain “guitar wallpapers HD”,“pictures of music”, “fire skull”, rock posters and other cool rockand roll images – just download Rock Live Wallpaper free of charge!Hurry up, get it today! How to set the live wallpaper: - Long presson the screen until a menu comes out. Choose the category “livewallpaper”, scroll down to “Rock Live Wallpaper”, open it andselect the preferred background image. - Choose the speed andamount of small particles floating all over your screen. Mainfeatures: - You can choose from five beautiful HD rock'n'rollbackgrounds – more black images are added each day! - “Blackbackgrounds” with rock guitars, skulls and fire are ideal for highresolution phones and tablets! - Amazing graphics and cool rocksymbols of this “Rock'n'roll live wallpaper” will make your desktopbackground absolutely unique! These free backgrounds will rock youlike a hurricane – prepare to be blown away by the most amazinganimated wallpapers of “rock music”. Carry these “music picturesfree” of charge wherever you go – everybody will envy you on yournew rock guitar screensavers! Enter the rock zone immediately withthese free rock wallpapers! “Free animated wallpapers andbackgrounds“ inspired with the best music genre of all times andthe best rock bands and icons of this music style are going to rockyour smartphone! You won't find a better rock music wallpaper thanthis Rock Live Wallpaper no matter how much you search! Withguitars, skulls on fire and animated skeletons, this free music appis a great choice for all fans of heavy metal, hard rock or classicrock and roll! - This is a perfect 2015 application for all thelovers of rock music! - Music screensavers, fire guitar, skull onfire wallpapers, rock band backgrounds and many more completelyfree backgrounds for pictures are waiting for you! Regardless ofthe fact which rock band is your favorite one – these free musicwallpapers and backgrounds for Android, featured in Rock LiveWallpaper will amaze you anyhow! Fans of Led Zeppelin, Beatles,AC/DC, the Rolling Stones or any other classic or punk rock musicband will like these images for background. Metal rock, alternativerock, heavy metal, punk and other similar music styles aredominated by the sound of bass guitars, drums or a rock piano! Ifthis is the sound that moves you and lifts your spirits, do nothesitate a second more - take these free rock music backgrounds forphones and tablets! Keep calm and Rock on every day and every night– let everyone now you love to rock and roll!
Neon Animals Wallpaper 2.1.3 APK
Are you a nature lover and want a nature wallpaper on your phone?Does looking at nature’s most beautiful creatures fill you with aweand inspiration? Do you also enjoy cool modern 3D graphic design?Download your perfect mobile wallpapers here! This free wallpaperdownload allows you to enjoy looking at both cool neon designs andthe animals in all their beauty and grace. Wide choice ofphenomenal live wallpapers! Excellent 3D parallax effect! BeautifulHD graphics and open GL! Animated stars falling down the screen!Choose the speed, number and type of particles!  Social sharebutton! Optimized battery usage! Compatible with 99% mobile phonesand tablet devices! The neon wallpaper app will sleep when yourphone is inactive, so this Live Wallpaper HD will not drain yourbattery. “Neon backgrounds” fully support horizontal orientationand look amazing on both mobile phones and tablet devices! Newwallpapers are added daily – collect all of them! This beautiful,free and enjoyable background is waiting for you! Do you dream ofhaving a wildlife adventure? This animal wallpaper gallery providesyou with so many vivid animal wallpaper photos that you will startone every time you unlock your phone! These new moving wallpapersare just what a nature lover and an adventurer like you needs. Freeanimated wallpapers are here for you to enjoy – animals HD to makeyour day! Make your background wild with this animated background!Neon animals wallpaper is one of the best animal wallpapers live!Are you fond of wild animals? Or do you prefer the cute animalslike cats? No matter what your preferences are, this animalwallpaper background - Neon Animals Wallpaper – provides you withthe animated background that will surely amaze you. It is one ofthe most beautiful free wild animal live wallpapers with the proudlion and an elegant tiger, but it will also make your heart meltwith the cat photos and other cute animals live. It is at the sametime the jungle animals live wallpaper and the cute animal livewallpaper, and for all of you avid bird-watchers – one of thecoolest bird wallpapers too! Neon Animals Wallpaper download ishere – immerse yourself into the animal kingdom! Don’t you thinkthat everything is better with technology? You enjoy the naturaland HD environment equally? You believe Mother Nature and graphicdesigners both do magnificent work? Then check out this freewallpaper download and enjoy one of the coolest looking movinganimal wallpapers! These animal wallpaper backgrounds free are someof the most original free wallpapers to be found as they combinethe best of 3D technology and the beauties of wildlife. All thebeauties of nature – lion, tiger, birds of prey, as well as cutecats and dogs are to be found in this animal wallpaper free – allof them made out of the cool neon lights! Download this animalwallpaper for android and enjoy both worlds – the wild animals havewalked into the neon lights city wallpaper! Or did we add cool neonlights to the jungle animals wallpaper? See for yourself! Do youwant your children, the high-tech generation, to fall in love withthe natural world? Show them Neon animals Wallpaper and watch thembecome lovers of animals just like yourself! This free animatedbackground is bound to turn people into fans of all animals bothwild and cute. Animal wallpaper backgrounds like these are createdby designers who deeply admire the natural world. They will sureincite similar admiration in everyone looking at them. So what areyou waiting for? Download this animals live wallpaper free and getinspired today by nature at its wildest… and cutest! Neon animalsWallpaper is a great nature wallpaper, one of the most interesting3D wallpapers free with moving animals, an animated wallpaper forchildren and for adults equally. Animal wallpapers and backgroundsfree were never this cool!
Love Quotes Girly Wallpapers 4.2 APK
Ready for some cute romance? Spring is the perfect time for love sohere are motivational love words only for you! This new collectionof cute love pictures contains all kinds of romantic quotes for himand for her! Download ❤ Love Quotes Girly Wallpapers HD ❤, beautifyyour phone with encouraging words, and fall in love! How to set thelive wallpaper: - Long press on the screen until a menu comes out.Choose the category “live wallpaper”, scroll down to love quoteswallpapers, open it and select the preferred background image. -Choose the speed and amount of small hearts and flowers fallingover your screen. Main features: - You can choose from ten loveheart wallpaper backgrounds – more love images are added each day!- “Love background” themes ideal for high resolution phones andtablets! - Amazing graphics and vivid colors of this “love livewallpaper” will make your desktop background look incredibly cheeryand bright! ❤ Love Quotes Girly Wallpapers HD ❤ contains the bestcollection of “love pictures” and inspirational sayings – for girlsonly. However, some romantic guys out there will also love thesefree background images hd! So, if you are looking for love quotesfrom movies, from books, or from songs, you are at the right place!Hurry up and pick your cute quote of the day! Install these freewallpapers for girls and let love into your world! Quotes andsayings about romance, about friendship, and about life are alwaysuniversally popular. Since 2014 contains the date of theValentine's Day in it, it's surely going to be the year of love!So, don't hesitate! Let pink hearts, red roses, colorful flowers,and other images of love into your life! Cover your phone screenwith words that come straight from the heart and sugarcoat yourmood. The best romantic wallpapers hd with love quotes, poetry, andsayings are waiting for a fabulous phone like yours! Although cutelove wallpapers usually belong to the girly stuff, romantic guyscan also install this awesome wallpaper app on their phones andbrowse through our free love backgrounds for mobile. Do you likethe words 'unconditional', 'happy', and 'devoted'? That's how loveshould be, right? Install ❤ Love Quotes Girly Wallpapers HD ❤ andenjoy a different vision of romance! “Free wallpapers for girls”and for boys are waiting for you! Don't let the word 'girly' foolyou – love is universal! We have collected the best heart touchingquotes on the internet, and we hope that you'll also find themmotivational, inspiring, and moving! Happiness, life, andfriendship will never go out of trend, so try these upliftingpictures of love and see how they fit your wallpaper background.You can use these girly 'in love quotes' and famous sayings toexpress your affection for a special person. Go ahead and send somelove messages, Valentines Day greetings, and romantic forwards. ❤Love Quotes Girly Wallpapers HD ❤ will help you say 'I love you' inthe cutest way possible. Set one of these love wallpapers with“cute quotes and sayings” and fill your heart with positiveemotions. Choose some romantic words of devotion and just show yourphone desktop background to your loved one. Trust me, they willunderstand! For him and for her! Beautify your home screen withpink images of flowers, hearts, roses, and romance! Let the touchof passion enchant your phone and awaken the feelings of tendernessand kindness in your soul! These sweet background images in hdresolution will decorate your phone - beauty queen style! Quotesfrom movies, from books, and from songs will shower your devicewith the girly colors: pink, red, orange, and violet! So, let thelove games begin! If you're ready for some flirting mania, hurry upand install ❤ Love Quotes Girly Wallpapers HD ❤ on your phone now!
DJ Live Wallpaper 4.1 APK
Have you always wondered “how to be a DJ”? This new app willintroduce you to the world of Djing! With these ten pictures youcan see all the DJ equipment that the best DJs use – amazing CDdecks where they play the coolest music from their CDs, laserlights that turn every party into a spectacle and huge speakersthat provide the best musical experience! DJ Live Wallpaper is agreat new app for all the deejays and music lovers! Replace yourold backgrounds with these cool images of best world parties andmost famous DJs! Choose your favorite party image and let theflashing lights shine bright on your screen! Have the impression ofbeing at the coolest parties in best nightclubs of the world! Itdoesn't matter whether you prefer techno, house or electro – theseHD backgrounds are perfect for anybody! Do you like loud music?Turn up the volume and start dancing! Throw your hands up andlisten to your favorite tunes! This beats wallpaper will make youmove your feet! Feel like a deejay in the mix with these wallpapersand backgrounds! Stand behind a turntable and make a remix of thesong you like the most with this DJ live wallpaper! Let the laserbeam shine bright on your phone screen! Turn your phone into adance club and have fun! Download DJ Live Wallpaper and decorateyour phone with amazing music backgrounds! Put on your headphonesand play some music – your new backgrounds will make the enjoymentcomplete! How to set the live wallpaper: - Long press on the screenuntil a menu comes out. Choose the category live wallpaper, scrolldown to DJ Live Wallpaper, open it and select the preferredbackground image. - Choose the speed and amount of small objects onyour screen. Main features: - You can choose from five beautiful HDDJ backgrounds – more DJ images are added each day! - “DJbackground” themes ideal for high resolution phones and tablets! -Amazing graphics and vivid colors of this “DJ live wallpaper” willmake your desktop background look incredibly cheery and bright!Choose your favorite “party picture” and feel like a king of danceparties! Remember the days when a deejay would spin the record on avinyl player? Well, those days are history – now, turntables arethe new vinyl players! Best party pictures are selected for yourenjoyment only! The flashing lights of the stroboscopes will createthe atmosphere! Play some heavy bass, sit back and enjoy! Get thismusic live wallpaper now and feel the bass! Be your own disc jokeyand go to a party without leaving the house! The genre is notimportant – you will love this app whether you listen to hip hop orheavy metal! If you download DJ Live Wallpaper, you will get thebest free DJ live wallpapers there are! Feel like a real club DJ –choose your favorite music genre and let these cool wallpapers andpictures amuse you for a long time! If you are a music addict, youwill enjoy these HD backgrounds! Let this live wallpaper take youto a party you will never forget! Listen to the coolest beats andsounds ever or learn how to make your own music! If you have alwayswanted to be a DJ, get this free app right now and go partying withyour friends! Turn up the music!
Allah Live Wallpaper 4.1 APK
If you are looking for the best religious backgrounds, don't worry– your favorite Muslim photo is hiding among these ten beautifulpictures! Show that you have faith and download this amazingIslamic live wallpaper! The symbol of your religion has neverlooked so beautiful – this free application gives you theopportunity to put it on the screen of your smartphone and carry itwith you wherever you go! Allah name on your desktop will make youfeel safe and loved – get these background images and see foryourself! How to set the live wallpaper: - Long press on the screenuntil a menu comes out. Choose the category “live wallpaper”,scroll down to “Allah Live Wallpaper”, open it and select thepreferred background image. - Choose the speed and color ofAnimated words for Allah on your screen. Main features: - You canchoose from five beautiful HD angels backgrounds – more Allahimages are added each day! - “Allah background” themes ideal forhigh resolution phones and tablets! - Amazing graphics and vividcolors of this “Allah live wallpaper” will make your desktopbackground look incredibly cheery and bright! 'Allah LiveWallpaper' is a brand new application for all the true believers!The power of Allah is in each and every Muslim wallpaper from thismagnificent application! These HD backgrounds will never let youlose hope – just one look at your phone screen will restore yourfaith! All of the "99 names of Allah" are united in one beautifulsymbol found on each of these background pictures! It is high timeyou get the best Islamic wallpapers you have ever seen! Choose yourfavorite Allah images and set them as your desktop background – youwill immediately feel closer to God! Muslims, this gallery of "HDwallpapers" is created specially for you – don't waste anothersecond, get them now! Download 'Allah Live Wallpaper' and relax asthe best Islamic backgrounds shine on your smartphone! Get thisapplication as soon as you can and discover everything a truebeliever needs! Celebrate Islam with the one and only Allah namewallpaper! Your prayer has been answered – amazing picturesrepresenting the Muslim religion are finally here! Let yourspiritual energy grow every time you look at the Allah wallpaper onyour display, relax and enjoy! If you believe that Allah is the onetrue God, this is the perfect Islamic wallpaper for you! You don'thave to carry the Quran with you – just download Allah LiveWallpaper and celebrate Islam on your phone! Find your inner peaceas soon as you install this religion wallpaper! Every Muslim willadore the animated backgrounds that this application has to offer!Pray to be the first one to get them! Why? Because they are thebest you can find on the market right now! Try out these freewallpapers and choose your favorite – each of them is a uniquesymbol of the Islamic religion! This is the best Islamic picture sodon't hesitate - download this aplication for free and you willhave direct contact with your religion! Let Allah be with youthrough this amazing wallpaper and let him to remind you that heloves you and cares about you and about all the Muslim people!
Unicorn Live Wallpaper 4.1 APK
Unicorn Live Wallpaper is the most beautiful background for yourscreen! Kids adore unicorns, and they are popular all around theworld. Close your eyes and imagine a magical unicorn on your screen, and it will appear. Images of unicorns are waiting for you! Theylive in forest, but they will come to your fantasy, through thislive wallpaper! Wonderful 3D wallpaper is just a click away fromyou. Download unicorn pictures and beautify your screen with thesecute wallpapers completely free of charge. You can have your ownunicorn pet, right there, on your phone. Your new lovely wallpaperwill keep you jolly, because this app contains the most beautifulpictures of unicorns. Unicorn is a symbol of purity and grace. Thehorn of the unicorn was the weapon of the faithful and of Jesus. Inthe Bible, God is said to have the strength of a unicorn. So, bepowerful like unicorns and download these lovely wallpapers thatwill make you feel happy whenever you look at your screen. Imagineyour unicorn run, along with you through the forest. DownloadUnicorn Live Wallpaper and get familiar with various types ofunicorns. You can choose between white unicorn and pink fluffyunicorn, either way you will not be disappointed! This horse freelive wallpaper is perfect background image for your screen. How toset the live wallpaper: - Long press on the screen until a menucomes out. Choose the category live wallpaper, scroll down toUnicorn Live Wallpaper, open it and select the preferred backgroundimage. - Choose the speed and amount of small objects on yourscreen. Main features: - You can choose from five beautiful HDbackgrounds – more unicorn images are added each day! - “Unicornbackground” themes ideal for high resolution phones and tablets! -Amazing graphics and vivid colors of this “Unicorn Live Wallpaper”will make your desktop background look incredibly cheery andbright! Personalize your homescreen with the Unicorn Live Wallpaperand make your device more interesting. Every photo is perfect andawesome! Get this free application and enjoy in popular backgroundimages! Take this unicorn with the long white horn, and have anunicorn dash - be beautiful and wild! This free app is a perfectgift for your kids. Cute cartoon unicorn wallpapers will make themextremely happy. Set awesome picture of white unicorn and have fun.Get these HD wallpapers completely free of charge and provide aperfect live wallpaper for your new phone or tablet! For those wholove fairy tales and unicorns, we have the perfect live wallpaper.Download now Unicorn Live Wallpaper and enjoy the sparkling screen.This wallpaper comes with an incredibly huge selection of differenthigh quality fantasy unicorn themes. Many lovely, colorful unicornbackgrounds will make your device a real eye catcher if you likefantasy themes! The unicorn is the fantasy creature that representsfantasy, imagination and magic like no other animal. If you are atrue horse lover, you will fall in love with these amazing freewallpapers.