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Use this useful tool to convert weight choosing one of the 28 unitsof measurment included in this app, that are:Metric Units ofWeight:kilogram, gram, microgram, milligram, centigram, decigram,dekagram, hectogram and megagram (ton)Troy Units ofMass/Weight:grain, pennyweight, ounce and poundAvoirdupois units ofMass:grain, dram, ounce, pound, short hundredweight, short ton,long hundredweight and long tonApothecaries Units of Mass:grain,scruple, dram, ounce and poundOther Units of Weight / Mass:caratand gamma

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    Weight converter
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    October 30, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    B01 software
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    Andrea Barcaro Via Villa Rossi 52B 36010 Monticello Conte Otto (VI) Italia
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