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Following the massive success of Mindifi's Weight Loss Hypnosis, weare thrilled to share with you Weight Loss Hypnosis 2! We bring toyou 11 brand new sessions of fresh content on achieving health andweight loss results through your incredible mind. Join over 1million listeners now! Weight loss is all in your mind. If you’veput faith in books, diets, and exercise regimens, you’re alreadyoff to the wrong start. You need to put that faith into yourself.Mindifi helps you achieve your targeted weight and highestself-esteem ever through simple hypnosis. The answers that alreadylie within you. Mindifi shows how to grab your subconscious andtrace the roots of all your behavior. Once you have found yoursubconscious, you have total control. With these tracks, you willexperience your purest existence, deepest relaxation, and abilityto program yourself into living the lifestyle you deserve. Audiotracks in this application include: 1. Lose Weight – Foreverfending off unwanted fat: it starts with this track. 2. Motivationto Exercise – Increase your metabolism with the energy within. Thiswill increase muscle growth. 3. 5 Minute Carving Cruncher – Takecontrol of your impulses and learn to make logical decisions duringyour cravings. 4. Feeling Full – How to not over-eat while stillfeeling full. 5. Live a Balanced, Healthy Life – Substitute yourworries with self-improvement goals. 6. Addition Diet – Keep yourdiet tasty and exciting while still achieving healthy weight. 7.Sleep It Off – Fall asleep relaxed and quickly to avoid excessstress and pounds. 8. Mindful Eating – Find your body’s needsbefore you eat. 9. Mindful Eating II – Find the support you needwhile eating to keep the diet healthy. 10. TV Track – Find yoursubconscious and reprogram how you perceive yourself. 11. Put It ToBed – Feel grateful on the progress you’ve made today and be readyto improve more tomorrow! Mindifi Free Your Mind

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Do you have trouble sleeping or getting into a relaxed state? Ormaybe you have a harder time staying asleep and finding that deepstate of rest each and every night… If you've felt the effects ofsleep deprivation, then you know that a good night's sleep isincredibly valuable and important. From the creators of the fastgrowing and H Mindifi series, we introduce to you our Sleep andRelaxation Hypnosis. Immerse yourself into our custom createdhypnosis sessions, specifically designed to give you a meaningfuland restful experience. We have created audios covering everyaspect of sleep and relaxation in order to give you a personalizedexperience catering exactly to your needs. Mindifi brings you themost advanced and current hypnosis techniques, sound effects,music, and beautiful visuals to bring you an immersiveall-encompassing experience. Use Mindifi's Deep Sleep Hypnosis appto help with insomnia, rid of anxiety, improve your focus, and useas a sleep aid through hypnotherapy and meditation.Audios in thisapp include: 1). Sleep like a baby- Enjoy FREE on us! 2). DeepMuscle Relaxation 3). Disarming Nightmares 4). Falling back tosleep 5). Insomnia Relief 6). Peaceful Partner 7). Power Nap 8).Snore No More 9). Stress Release 10). Virtual Mental Massage 11).Wake Up Early Enter the world of Mindifi!
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What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. Ifyou were to spend a little bit of time and effort working onimproving yourself each day, can you imagine the benefits andpositive changes you would see in yourself over time? Change startswith the mind. "Those who cannot change their minds, cannot changeanything". We have carefully crafted this special self helphypnosis program to tackle many of the common areas that one may belooking to improve. If you lack confidence or motivation in anyarea of your life; if you feel that your valuable time is gettingharder and harder to manage; if you are having a hard time reachingcertain goals or believing that they can be reached, we invite youto come on in and see how Mindifi's Personal Development Hypnosisand meditation guide can be of good use to you. Audios in thisprogram include: 1). Claim Your Unlimited Potential (Free on us!)2). Achieve Goals 3). Time Management 4). Self Confidence 5).Happiness 6). Release Anger 7). End Self Sabotage 8). Overcome Fear9). Memory Enhancement 10). Motivation 11). Seize your moment Withover 100,000 new satisfied Mindifi listeners downloading ourhypnosis apps each month, don't take our word for it! See what ourusers are saying! "Ever since I've been doing this every night itmakes life so much better and enjoyable!" -Katyyisawesome27 "Listen2 to 3 times a day! Will purchase more!" -KLSKDS "Very relaxing mykids don't drive me crazy anymore it's weird? Almost scary but Ilove it". -Mrs. Cheek "It put me in such a deep sleep n I woke upfeeling so much lighter n made me smile a lot, BRILLIANT!!!"-Trance state "Would absolutely recommend this... One of the bestmeditation hypnosis app out there.." -Salima123 "Awesome , I startmy day with it feeling positive and relaxed. The voice & musicare very calming , a great way to put all stress aside" - Kfc13 "Iam extremely happy with this app; from the manner of presentationto the final results it delivers! I can truly say that since usingthis I have noticed a decrease in fears, doubts and hesitations; mymind is far more positive and with 'attitude of gratitude'; thingsjust naturally come true... LOA works more than ever in my life!!!I love it and I just hope that everyone has as positive results asI do! I am finally completely happy and still building on it!!!<3 Thank you, Mindifi!!" -Pandora WIld "I really like this app.It's so easy to listen to and very relaxing. The mans voice islovely"- Blingbabe66 "Love it. Does what I wanted it to accomplish.Take me away from stress and allows me to focus only on what I needand is best for me. I feel so much more relaxed and centered"-sambaqueen02 "My wife and I are 100% satisfied with these hypnosisapps. I can't say enough about how effective they really are. Topquality recordings/production. The hypnotherapist's voice is niceand neutral with very intuitive instruction. Thank You Mindifi !!!-GreenWorldAlaska I have been looking for something just like this!It is great I feel my tension melting and my energy level is backup! Worth giving it a try:)" -Kali_chaos "I've really enjoyed allthe sessions. The cost is well worth it. My natural curiosity forlife has definitely increased."- Netman 67 "Love, love loveit,Those are some of the best hypno/audio that I have heard sofar!Your body truly belong to you...those audio are there to remindyou.You can achieve ANYTHING that you want, there are really nolimits! Thank you, Mindifi for reminding me of that!"- NurseNickyTo Your Growth! -Mindifi "Free Your Mind"
Weight Loss Hypnosis 1.3 APK
Have you tried everything in the book to lose weight, yet end up inthe same rut every time? We invite you into our specially designedhypnosis program, which tackles the first and foremost importantroad block… YOUR MIND. We encourage you to dive deep into thepowerful subconscious of your mind that drives virtually all ofyour behavior. Take control of your eating habits now and letMindifi help you access your subconscious through deephypnosis.With Mindifi's weight loss hypnosis, you will experiencethe richest content and the most advanced hypnosis techniques,using a gentle comforting voice, serene background music, naturalsound effects, and the most beautiful visuals. Allow your senses toreach a deep state of relaxation, as you journey into yoursubconscious.Audios in this app include:1). "Weight Loss" - Enjoythis 40 minute session FREE on us!2). "Craving Buster" - Controlthe foods that you crave.3). "Live to Eat!" - Re-program yourunconscious mind's current connection to food.4). "Master yourKnife, Master Your Life" - Tricks to use to control how we eat.5)."Jump Start Your Metabolism" - Burn your stored fat for fuel 6)."Sing Your Body Electric" - Relaxation at its deepest level; freeyourself to be active and alive!7). "Releasing Old, LimitingBeliefs" - Let go of those beliefs preventing you from achievingsuccess in managing your weight.8). "Lower Stress= Lower Weight" -Reduce Cortisol levels, reduce your weight.9). "Freedom from Fat" -Release your negative emotions and mental blocks caused byfear.10). "Move it and Lose it"- Increase your desire andmotivation to become more active. 11). "Movement Meditation"-Listen to this during cardio vascular exercise to hear what youneed at the right time.Fat Loss is not an overnight event, andthere are no secret tips and tricks that are not available toeveryone for free or cheap. The main reason people don't achievetheir weight loss or diet goals is because they lack thepersistence, consistency and follow through. The only way tocultivate those disciplines is with a change of mindset. That iswhere Mindifi's weight loss hypnosis program can help you withtremendous improvements with your Mindset before all else. So allowMindifi to help you relax, rid you of any unwanted anxiety, andopen your mind to the power of hypnosis and meditation. It's a fastand easy way to recondition your mind each day. You will find arenewed energy, new motivation to exercise, and a new persistenceto cut out unhealthy food.Enter the world of Mindifi!
Free Your Mind Hypnosis 1.1 APK
Now is the time to give your mind a deep lasting rest. Clear yourmind of anxieties and clutter that distract you from focus,creativity and vision. Do you often find yourself filling your mindwith countless tasks that need to be done? Or perhaps worries andfrustrations that won't let you sleep? Maybe you have noticed thatfilling your mind to capacity with those things doesn't reallychange reality or advance you towards your most important goals.Perhaps your mind often feels "overwhelmed". That is a directresult of your mind absorbing more than it is comfortable handling.Now is the time to change that pattern. So we invite you to giveyour mind a break, and plunge into our "Free Your Mind Hypnosis"program. With our soothing hypnosis, calming background music, andstunning visuals, a clear mind is just one download away. Audios inthis app include: 1). Free Your Mind 2). Weight Loss 3). QuitSmoking (4 tracks) 4). Attitude of Gratitude 5). Falling Back toSleep 6). Overcome Rejection 7). Overcome Failure 8). Creativity9). Focus 10). Stop Procrastination 11). Worry No More Free YourMind-Take control of your mind. Address your negative beliefs andself-talk. And deepen your conscious connection to your unconsciousmind, the part of your mind that drives your behavior. Allow yourmind to be free.Weight Loss-How many areas of your life will bepositively affected when you reach your desired weight? Yourhealth? Appearance? Sex life? Confidence? How may others? Gaincontrol over how you eat. Be more consciously aware of why you’reeating. Be your own positive inner voice as you achieve yourdesired, healthy weight. This track can be used along with anyother weight reduction program, diet, medication, or weightreducing surgery. Quit Smoking- Kick those ugly habits in the teethtoday, once and for all!Attitude of Gratitude-Find out the power ofGratitude and see how Thankfulness is the secret toHappinessFalling Back to Sleep-See how you can fall back to sleepand stay asleep all nightOvercome Failure-Build-up your immunity tofailure. Begin to learn from your past, present, and futurefailures, eventually recognizing and embracing them as some of yourmost profound agents for your positive change and success.Creativity-Learn to tap-into the great well of creativity stored inyour unconscious mind, the realm of your imagination, your dreams,your connection to the universe. You pick the specific thing onwhich to focus your creativity. Focus-Some would say that theability to focus one’s attention is the key to most everything,from problem solving, career and relationship success, as well aspeace of mind and inner illumination. Strengthen this ability soyou can focus your power of attention on whatever you choose.Overcome Rejection-Reduce or eliminate your negative reaction torejection. In fact, what if you cold be rejection proof? What ifyou could be so secure in who you are that someone’s disapprovingreaction to you or your actions had little or no negative emotionalresponse from you? Now you can.End Procrastination-Take action nowto maximize your success in any area of your life. Learn how to askpowerful questions of yourself to really get to the core beliefkeeping you from taking that action, turning it around, andpropelling you to action. Also, address the two sides to you: thepart that wants to take action, and the part that is holding back.Get them into agreement and move forward!Worry No More-Lower orrelease the worry you may have over a specific thing or situationor over generalized worrying. Learn to be more present, in themoment, and reinterpret and re-label what you think you’reexperiencing as worry. Be calm, focused on the present moment, justeasily allowing life to unfold around you.With over 100,000 newsatisfied Mindifi listeners downloading our hypnosis apps eachmonth, see how Mindifi can help you!Mindifi "Free Your Mind"
Business Success Hypnosis 1.1 APK
Often times in business, the very thing that hinders our growth asa businessman or woman is when we get wrapped up in our own worldwithout giving our mind a break; perhaps a world of hard work,stress, and dissonance. When you're inside a bubble, you don'tnotice it's a bubble. Our hypnosis programs were created to helpyou see from outside the bubble looking in. When you take a breakto free your mind, you will experience rest, creativity, andinspiration for new ideas and new ways to solve problems. A smartbusinessman or woman is fluid and also understands and utilizes thepower of leverage. To be fluid is to be able to navigate throughany type of situation, and to know when and how to change yourbusiness model to stay in line with your long term vision. A fluidperson knows when to say "no", and also jumps on profitableopportunities that others don't see. Leverage is doing more withless. When you leverage other people's time, money, knowledge andexperience, you can accomplish anything with less work. Focus onlyon your passions and strengths while you delegate the rest usingleverage. Combine fluidity and leverage to get a powerful anddynamic duo. Business Success Hypnosis was created to help you stepback, clear your mind and explore new mindsets in order tostrengthen specific aspects of your business life. Audios in thisapp include: 1. Business Success (Free on us!) Develop a greaterdegree of confidence in yourself and in what you do. Be able toembody positive qualities, techniques, and approaches rather thanjust knowing a bunch of facts or ideas. 2. Sales Increase yourability to confidently connect with people on a more personalbasis. Automatically start incorporating sales techniques thatbenefit both yourself and the person to whom you’re selling. 3.Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking Release, reframe, andtransform your past negative public speaking experiences, and stepinto a present world where you are a calm, confident, effectivespeaker. 4. Become a Strong, Respected Leader Be that enthusiasticperson that leads through example. Adopt the positive qualitiesthat will enable you to start being the leader who inspires andbrings the best out in people. 5. Business Integrity Wouldn’t it begreat to be able to look back at your life and feel proud of thethings you’ve done, both personally and professionally? It turnsout that including a deep sense of integrity in your business willhelp you do that. 6. Making Wiser Business Decisions Create moreoptions and flexibility in your business behavior. Learn techniquesand develop your own strategy for making the best possible businessdecisions you can for your particular situation. 7. Business FocusThere may be nothing more important to your success in business asfocus. It truly is the key to business success. Develop and honeyour ability to focus on your long and short-term goals, as well ashow to be more present, more in the moment so you can be absolutelyabsorbed by what you are doing. 8. Managing People Experienceyourself embodying those positive qualities and approaches thatallow you to get the most out of those around you. 9. BusinessCreativity Develop a bridge, a connection, between your creative,unconscious mind and your conscious awareness. This bridge canenable you to draw upon a wealth of innovative choices and make newconnections. 10. How to Make Mistakes There is no such thing asfailure. There is only profound learning. Learn to automaticallyreframe and positively turn around results and situations you mayin the past have labeled as failures. 11. Being Organized Becomemotivated to organize your business. Organize your workspace andworkplace and you organize your mind. Learn the behaviors to beconsistently more productive, doing more of the things that get youmore positive results. Mindifi - "Free Your Mind!"
Money and Success Hypnosis 1.2 APK
What is it that makes someone successful or financially free?Besides inheritance, theft, and the lottery, there truly areuniversal principals that have been followed by those who haveachieved massive financial abundance and freedom. The good news isthat these keys to success are accessible to anyone who desiresthem and uses them. And it all starts with a mindset, before allelse. The ideas and principals covered in this Money and Successapp are truths that have stood the test of time amongst the wisestand richest of men in all of history. The knowledge in these audioswas gleaned from countless books and real experiences on theprincipals of success and wealth accumulation. We invite you toopen your mind to un-learn negative beliefs about money andsuccess, and to instill a new mindset to help guide you towards theright path to achieve any of your life goals. Audios in this appinclude: 1). Your Dream Life- Free on Us! The first step to makingmore money, becoming wealthy, and reachingfinancial freedom is toknow why you want that in the first place. Create a clear vision ofthe life you want, along with a burning desire to achieve it, soyou can easily reach your financial goals and fall into the groovesof your greatness.2). Change Beliefs about Money Take charge of andchange your negative beliefs about money, replacing them with amore positive, more powerful perspective. On an even deeper level,re-program your core values to include earning more money, so thepower of your unconscious mind is fully behind your financialsuccess. 3). Become Debt Free Gain control over your finances. Undoyour unconscious connection with your debt and your history ofdebt. Learn at an unconscious level, new strategies to releaseyourself from any current debt and master your finances, so you canallow more and more abundance to flow into your accounts. 4).Attitude of Abundance Program your unconscious so it knows theworld has never been so full of abundance and financialopportunity. Have the belief that you know, at the deepest level,that your really do have the ability to reach your financial goals.Release any scarcity belief or fear of lack that may have beenprogrammed into you.5). Money Metaphysics Get into the flow ofmoney, allowing its abundance to move into and through you. Awakenyour unconscious mind to the energy of money, so you become aconduit, opening yourself to the joy of receiving and giving moneyand wealth. 6). Frugality 101 Download into your unconscious mindthe ability to know when and when not to use the powerful tool offrugality, as you increase your means and your ability to amassgreat wealth. Taking action on your budget to ultimately takecontrol of your financial freedom. 7). Surround Yourself withWealth To be something, you must adopt the qualities,characteristics, and especially the strategies of that thing. Inthis case, that thing is personal and financial success. Becomemore and more motivated learning how to have the ability tounderstand and use someone’s strategy for success. 8). InvestingIncrease your drive, motivation, and your foundation of knowledgefor successful investing. Release any remaining fear you may haveabout investing becoming positively drawn toward increasing yourfinancial abundance through investing as you minimize risk. 9).Take Financial Action Heighten your ability to take bold, decisiveaction. Find that balance between your left and right brain, takingimmediate action through intuition based-upon a growing level ofknowledge and experience. 10). Love Assets! Learn about and programyour unconscious mind to fall in love with and be driven to acquireincome producing assets. 11). Financial Freedom Envision foryourself what most people set as their ultimate goal for wealth:financial freedom. What will your life be like when your passiveincome pays for all of your expenses? -Mindifi
Hypnobirthing Hypnosis 1.1 APK
Are you anxious about the prospect of childbirth? You don’t have toworry any more. Women across the globe have begun to discover howcalm and easy childbirth can be through hypnosis. The Hypnobirthingapp by Mindifi alleviates the stress and worry of childbirth byshowing expectant mothers how to harness the incredible power oftheir mind. By conditioning the body to relax, Hypnobirthing allowsmothers to fully participate in the miracle of birth rather thanmerely enduring it. Six easy exercises remind mothers, along withtheir partners, that childbirth is simple, calm and beautiful.Hypnobirthing is the simplest birthing technique because itinstills confidence in expectant mothers that both their body andtheir baby already know what to do. This expertly crafted hypnosisprogram erases beliefs that childbirth is hard and painful andinstructs both partners, step-by-step, how make it gentle andserene. By working closely with her partner a mother is bothmentally prepared and properly supported throughout her entirebirthing process. The creators of the fastest growing,apple-featured Mindifi are pleased to bring you the hypnobirthingHypnosis app. 1. Hypno-Birthing (Free Track) When you add hypnosisto any approach to child-birth you choose, you can experience anumber of things: a reduction in stress, release of fears,elimination of pain or the transforming of the experience of paininto pressure or sensation, allowing your body to do what it wasdesigned to do: joyously bring life into the world. 2. Sleep TrackThe expectant mother will listen to this track as many nights aspossible as she is falling asleep, to: reinforce her positive birthexperience; practice the hypno-anesthesia and breathing techniques;release stress and sleep better; and reinforce positiveaffirmations and a stronger connection with her baby. 3.Self-Hypnosis for Expectant Mother The expectant mother will listento this track as often as she can, to: strengthen her ability tohypnotize herself and use hypno-anesthesia; unconsciously programher body to use the breathing techniques during the birth of herchild; allow her mind to automatically go to her peaceful, positivepersonal place during the birth. 4. Hypnosis for the Birth PartnerIf the expectant mother chooses to include a birth partner, someoneto whom she gives permission to be able to hypnotize her forchild-birth purposes only, this is the first track to which theywould listen. The birth partner can be her husband, significantother, or anyone else she chooses. This track will allow the birthpartner to experience hypnosis themselves, as well as to learnideas they will use when supporting the expectant mother. 5.Hypnosis Guide for the Birth Partner This is also to be listened toby only the birth partner after they’ve listened to Hypnosis forthe Birth Partner track. They will listen to this in the presenceof the expectant mother, following the directions to practicehypnotizing her. Eventually, through repetition and practice, thebirth partner will be able to: assist the expectant mother intohypnosis and hypno-anesthesia, guide her into her personal place,be more present and aware of her needs, be able to improvise, andsupport her bodies’ own ability to birth a child. 6. Release,Relax, and Connect This track can be listened to by both the newmother and her husband/significant other some time after the birthof their child. They can listen to this individually, together, andeven with their newborn baby! This track will help reduce oreliminate stress, encourage faster healing and weight loss in thenew mother, create a positive, powerful experience of the newbirth, and foster a deeper connection with the new child. Byworking in harmony with your own body, you and your partner’s mindswill open to a new and empowered realization of how wonderful anexperience childbirth can be! To your peaceful delivery! Mindifi"Free Your Mind"