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Welcome to the West Los Angeles College 211 App!Through the West LACollege 211 App, West Los Angeles College Presents its mobilesolution to issues of ease of access for students seeking to learnmore about student services and other college information. This isespecially vital in today's information age.

App Information West Los Angeles College 211 (WLAC 211)

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A2MEND 4.5.4 APK
A²MEND got its start at the annual professional developmentconference for new administrators, appropriately titledAdministration 101, hosted by the Association of CaliforniaCommunity College Administrators. In the summer of 2006, six young(5 of the 6 were under the age of 35), emerging African Americanmale administrators attended the Administration 101 conference atthe University of California Los Angeles. Upon their arrival, sixattendees, whom had never met and did not have any prior knowledgeof each other’s attendance, quickly realized that their meeting wasnot just coincidence, but that divine intervention had brought themtogether for a purpose larger than themselves and their respectivepositions in college administration. At the conference there was adialogue about the difficulties facing African American males ingeneral and in higher education specifically. During thisconversation, they realized that very few people were specificallyaddressing these issues facing African American males. It seemedthat this was an issue that was overdue for action. That’s whenthey asked themselves, if we don’t do something about it, then whowill? And if we don’t do something about it now, will anyone everdo something about it? Those two questions made this group ofadministrators and, most importantly, African American men, realizethat if change was going to occur that they were going to be theones to do it. Within 3 months of that first meeting, they hadbuilt the foundation for what would become A²MEND. Initially, theydecided to get together as a support group that would allow eachmember to address the unique experiences they were facing as youngAfrican American Male Administrators. However, when the group heldits second meeting, the members realized that the potential ofA²MEND was much larger than simply to act as support group forthose who were in the room. It was decided at the second meeting toinvite other African American male administrators in the state jointhe effort and to begin creating the framework that would allow theA²MEND organization to move towards their ultimate goal: to improvethe educational and professional outlook of African American malesin higher education in general and community colleges specifically.Today, A²MEND is working with colleges throughout the country toprovide an affirming academic and professional environment forAfrican Americans with a particular focus on African American malestudents, faculty, staff, and administrators.
Corydon Ave 1.400 APK
Welcome to The Corydon Avenue BIZ!Well Known as "Winnipeg's placeto be and be seen", the Corydon Ave BIZ district is vibrant andgrowing with a wide array of interesting sights, diverserestaurants, eclectic shopping and new streetscaping projects. The"Gateway to Corydon" archway frames the entrance to this mostunique character area of world diversity and Winnipeg Hospitality.The archway is the first and only archway in our city welcomingvisitors to one of the most interesting character neighborhoods.TheCorydon Ave BIZ App is designed to maximize your Corydonexperience.
Mt. San Jacinto College 1.0.2 APK
Welcome to the official Mt. San Jacinto College mobileexperience!In keeping with our mission, Mt. San Jacinto Collegeprovides an ever-growing number of educational opportunities forthe diverse communities we serve. MSJC belongs to the people ofthis District. It is here to help you meet your own goals andobjectives as you further your education.As a student attendingMSJC, you will find the required undergraduate classes that allowyou to transfer to a four-year college. The college providespathways to begin a new career or develop or upgrade occupationalskills. You will find courses and programs at MSJC that will helpyou improve basic skills or provide opportunities for personalenrichment.You, the student, are the heart of this institution andthe focus of everything we do. Our courses and programs aredesigned to meet your needs and are continuously reviewed to meetthe criteria set forth by the Education Code, the AccreditingCommission for Community and Junior Colleges of the WesternAssociation of Schools and Colleges and the California CommunityCollege system. To ensure that you can take advantage of theseenriching educational experiences, MSJC has created an environmentthat promotes student success. That environment is built on afoundation of support services that will assist you as you achieveyour goals.I am excited that you have taken this time to considerMt. San Jacinto College. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thefaculty and staff, I encourage you to visit us, talk with us andchoose MSJC as your educational partner working with you, foryou.-Dr. Roger SchultzSuperintendent / President
West Los Angeles College 211 (WLAC 211) 1.0.1 APK
Welcome to the West Los Angeles College 211 App!Through the West LACollege 211 App, West Los Angeles College Presents its mobilesolution to issues of ease of access for students seeking to learnmore about student services and other college information. This isespecially vital in today's information age.
Cuyamaca College Official App 1.0.2 APK
Since 1978, Cuyamaca College has provided asolid education to students, whether they’re beginning theiruniversity degree at Cuyamaca, returning to school to launch acareer or to acquire new skills or enrolling in an innovativeoccupational program. With its vision of “Learning for the Future,”Cuyamaca College offers a wide scope of challenging courses, fromdrafting technology and child development to paralegal training,campus sceneryfrom computer and information science or ornamentalhorticulture to automotive technology. With 49 degree programs and46 certificates offered at Cuyamaca College, learning opportunitiesabound under the tutelage of highly-qualified, dynamic instructorsimbued with a love of teaching.We take pride in our comprehensive student support services andthe careful guidance students are provided as they navigate theunknown avenues of academia. With a one-stop student servicesfacility right at the college entrance, students are assuredconvenient, on-the-spot assistance from attentive staff for avariety of services: admissions, financial aid, counseling,university transfer, job placement, and much more.It’s a small wonder that enrollment at Cuyamaca Collegecontinues its rapid ascent, boasting its highest-ever population ofover 9,000 students. Recently identified by Community College Weekas the 16th fastest-growing middle-sized community college in thenation, Cuyamaca is well on its way to a projected enrollment of15,000 students by the year 2015.
Re-Entry Corps 4.5.2 APK
Re-Entry Corps is easing the transitionbackinto mainstream society.
Asian GuideApp, Winnipeg 1.399 APK
The Asian Community Interactive GuideApp, Winnipeg has the mostup-to-date information on: Dining, Shopping, Services, Events,What’s On Sale, Recipes by Country, Sports, News, and ExchangeRates.This App is packed with: Money Saving Promotions, Informationon Cultural Events that are happening around Winnipeg, and the bestthat the Asian Community has to offer.This App is for ALLWinnipeggers and Visitors!- Know the latest Events through ourinteractive Events Feature- Use our constantly updated DirectoryFeature to find a plethora of shopping and dining- Keep in touchand informed with the Forum and Report-a-Find! community buildingFeatures- Take advantage of the exclusive in-App Loyalty CardFeature to get VIP deals- Points of Interest are easy to discoverusing the interactive map in the Around Winnipeg Feature
Rio Hondo Community College 4.5.6 APK
Welcome to the Rio Hondo College App, alifeline of communication for the Rio Hondo Community CollegeDistrict. The Rio Hondo Community College District encompassesseveral communities in the southeast section of Los Angeles County.It is a dynamic urban and suburban area which also includescommercial, industrial, educational institutions, and enterprises.The primary communities are El Monte, Whittier, South El Monte,Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, and Los Nietos. The nearbycommunities of Norwalk, La Mirada, Downey, La Puente, and the Cityof Industry are also an integral part of the College District. Thearea provides easy access to cultural, recreational, and diverseethnic and cultural opportunities.As a comprehensive community college, Rio Hondo offers manystrong career-technical programs, such as nursing, fire and policeacademies, automotive and alternative fuels, a full transfercurriculum, and basic skills courses and services. The College alsooffers a rich complement of community service programs on campusand at satellite locations.Features include:-Interactive event calendars-Important announcements delivered in real-time-Comprehensive catalog of Student/Community resources-Interactive user forums-College directories with one touch calling