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WHAT DO YOU MEAN play What do you mean Instrumentals, What do youmean Trumpet, etc.WHAT DO YOU MEAN playlist:1. What do you meanSaxophone What do you mean2. What do you mean Piano midi synthesiaWhat do you mean3. What do you mean Electric guitar What do youmean4. What do you mean Trumpet What do you mean5. What do you meanViolin What do you mean

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    June 8, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Oqum Nibor
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    Music & Audio
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Cool Scroll Text Maker VidText 1.1.1 APK
Oqum Nibor
This cool video editor can be used to edit video with art andcolorful running text. You may use this app for making digitalmaterial campaign, sales promotion material or just for your videohobby staff. Besides running text on video, you can edit your photowith cool running text overlay. Even you can put beautiful scrolltext on the colorful backgroundFiture:1. After running textcreation you can set cool digital signage screen become Full Screeand you can record the result video with screen recorder app likeadv screen recorder2. In full screen mode, you will get displaywithout advertisement so you can freely to get the recorder videowith good quality3. You can adjust the speed of running text,either reduce the running text speed or increase the sroll textspeed4. You can change the color of colorful running text. No limitof color you can choose. The color chooser is available in colorwheel5. You adjust the size of running text via sliding bar6. Youcan change the type of font of running text. This great runningtext app has a plenty of cool font type option. More than sixty ofunique font type is available in this best running text app.7. Youcan select the picture of this fancy text scroller app either fromgallery or camera8. There are three great recorded video availablein this best scroll text app, you can choose it freely9. You canchange the video background in this amazing running text app witheither picture or just color changable background10. Running textfont type that available in this cool scroll text maker: regularfont type, chinese font type, korean font type, arabic font type,animal font type, japanese font type, russian font type, asian fonttype, file font type, movie font type, marlbor font type, jurassicpark font type, digital font type and so onIt's cool video editorapp. You must try!
Tuyulmu Vuforia Augmented Reality 1.6 APK
Oqum Nibor
Play Augmented Reality where funny child is dancing on Indonesiamoney Rp 2000. You just scan the camera on the money of Indonesiaof two thousand rupiahs and you will see the video of child isdancing on money. The video will appear like a 3D videoAdd fun AR(Augmented Reality) effects to your pictures and videos! Takepictures and videos with virtual scenes and characters with the AReffect application.With pre-loaded themes you can create pictureswith growling dinosaurs, have fairies walk on your desk, attachmasks to your friends’ faces, and much moreDiscover amazingaugmented reality scenes in the real world with your viewfinder.Sony's FACE RECOGNITION Technology and SmartAR* engineautomatically detect faces and 3D environments and decorate themwith fun AR items. And Palm recognition** engine detects palms andgive more fun decoration*SmartAR is the registered trademark ortrademark of Sony Corporation in Japan and other countries, for theaugmented reality technology developed by Sony Corporation.**Palmrecognition uses the technology which is powered by Sony DeepLearning Solution. Palm recognition is supported on Android 5.0 orabove devices that has Qualcomm® processorInteraction with ARitems:1. Drag animations to change their position2. Tap on anobject and some objects will change (color/variation/action dependson theme content)Note: This application uses analytics software tocollect and aggregate usage statistics in order to help us improvethe app and our services. None of this data can be used to identifyyou.Augment is a mobile app that lets you and your customersvisualize your 3D models in Augmented Reality, integrated in realtime in their actual size and environment. Augment is the perfectAugmented Reality app to boost your sales and bring your print tolife. Add your own 3D models and custom trackers on Add new horrortheme content to AR (Augmented Reality) effects when you takepictures and shoot videos!You can add horror theme content toXperia AR effect application. With horror theme you can create funpictures and movies by attaching scary masks to your friends'faces, and much more. Capture your precious memories with uniqueeffects. Discover amazing augmented reality scenes in the realworld with your viewfinder. Interaction with AR items:1. Tap on anobject on your face and objects will change (color/variation/actiondepends on theme content)2. Drag animations to change theirpositionNOTE:This theme requires the latest version of AR effect.For the theme application to work properly,1. Install the latest AREffect application2. Install the theme application. You can getthis application by pressing the “+Get more” button from the themeselection screen in AR effect applicationVideo AR is a marketingand promotional platform that utilizes augmented reality technologyto launch promotional videos supplied by a sponsor.Download the appand use it to capture target images that can be found on specificprint ads, online ads, billboards and store merchandisingmaterials. Once the right target image is found, a product videowill be played on your Android mobile device or tablet. Rafflecredits are generated after viewing the promotional videos. TheVideo AR app is for free.Downloading and using the app requires aninternet or data connection for the submission of raffle entries.Standard data charges apply.The app requires Android OS 2.2 Froyoversion and above for optimal performance.Have fun with AR(Augmented Reality) objects!AR fun lets you create funny andinteresting pictures and videos. You can doodle your thoughts inthe 3D augmented reality space or throw objects like paintballs andbuckets on faces in the viewfinder. Create memorable pictures andvideos playing virtual pranks on your friends, or on cute littleelves and see how they respondAdditional Markers1. Indonsia moneyRp. 20002. India Money Rupee 203. USA money USD 14. Pakistanmoney5. Kenya money
Bahasa Gaul Jawa GaulJawa 1.2 APK
Oqum Nibor
Aplikasi Bahasa Gaul Jawa ini dipergunakan untuk membuat kata-katagaul untuk daerah Kota Yogyakarta, Kota Malang dan Kota Semarang.Ini bisa disebut bahasa walikan kas masing-masing daerah. UntukSLang Yogyakarta menggunakan dasar walikan aksara jawa seperti hono co ro ko do to so wo lo po dho jo yo nyo mo go bo tho ngo.Demikian juga untuk slang Semarang menggunakan dasar aksara jawayang sama tetapi berbeda urutan carn cara membaliknya. Untuk slangMalang menggunakan tulisan Bahasa Indonesia tetapi posisi tiap-tiaphuruf dibalik dari belakang ke depan.Buat kamu yang merasa orangYogya, orang Malang maupun orang Semarang, jangan samapi tidak tahutentang bahasa gaul kotamu, kalau sampai tidak tahu nanti kamu bisabengong sendiri kalau ada kawan-kawanmu yang ngobrol pakai bahasawalikan ini.Contoh boso walikan Jogja: mas jadi dab, dagadu jadimatamu dan sebagainya. Contoh boso walikan Semarang Mas jadi Kas,Piye jadi Lite dan sebagainya. Contoh boso walikan Malang: Piyekabare rek jadi Eyip erabak ker dan sebagainyaAplikasi ini bisaberfungsi bolak-balik, maksudnya bisa digunakan untuk merubah kataboso jowo biasa menjadi kata boso gaul jowonya. Bisa juga untukmerubah dari kata boso gaul jowo menjadi boso jowo biasa. Ikiaplikasi sing iso nggo hiburan. Ayo download rame-rame. Ajakkonco-koncomu nganggo aplikasi boso walikan iki. Daripada ngapalnekata-kata sing akeh llan angel mending nganggo aplikasi bosoplesetan / walikan iki. Kowe iso kirim hsil tulisan boso walikanneng grupmu nganggo aplikasi sosial media mu.Ayo dicobo aplikasising cilik ukurane iki, gratis ora mbayar ning iso gaya.. :-)Yenkowe wong Jogya ojo ngaku wong Yogya yen durung nyobo aplikasi ini.Yen kowe wong Ngalam ojo ngaku arema yen durung nyobo aplikasikebanggaan arek malang iki ker. Yen kowe wong Semarang ojo ngakukowe wong semarang yen kowe durung download aplikasi iki kas. Ayorame-rame podho download. Kandanono konco-koncomu. Nggaweo bosogaul trus sebarno neng konco-koncomu. Iso nganggao whatsapp,facebook, lan liyo-liyone. Pokoke aplikasi iki keren nggo cah nomkoyo kowe kuwi. Opo maneh kanggo bocah sekolah, bocah SD, bocahSMP, bocah SMA, bocah kuliahan opo maneh sing wis kerjo tetep isihiso nganggo aplikasi iki. Iki aplikasi asli nggone cah jowo, orairu-niru wong bule. Wong bule wae do belajar boso jowo koq opo menhwong jowo dhewe kudu ngerti boso jowo modern.Kowe sing dudu wongYogya yen pas dolan neng yogya opo kost neng yogya opo kuliah nengyogya, kudu ngeti yen koncomu ngomong boso gaul yogya ojo sampaikowe ra ngerti engko dadi plola-plolo lho.. yen isin takon artinedagadu misale ra sah repot-repot tinggal ketikk neng aplikasibahasa gaul yogya iki artine langsung njedhul neng nduwur. Yen kowengerti boso jowo biasa utowo boso jowo umum kowe yo iso nggawe bosojawa gaul yogya, boso jowo walikan malang utowo boso jowo kassemarang carane gampang banget mung cukup download gratis aplikasikeren iki. gratis tis ora mbayar blas yo sekalian idep-idep amalnggo ndelok iklan. Ayo ajak konco2mu ajak keluargamu downloadaplikasi iki trus dipraktekne nggawe boso gaul kota ngayogyokartohadiningratm, aplikasi gaul walikan khas ngalam ker, boso jowo gaulkas semarang. Ayo yen kowe manggon neng semarang ojo mung ngertilumpia semarang tok utowo mung ngerti wingko babat semarang tok..kowe ugo kudu ngerteni boso walikan kota semarang. Ojo nganti koweplonga plongo yen konco2 mu ngomong boso walikan kuto semarang. Yenkowe manggon neng malang, ojo mung ngerti apel malang tok. ojo mungngerti arema tok, kowe juga kudu ngerteni babagan boso walikan kasmalang carane nganggo gampang buangett tinggal download ketik truspencet spasi kowe langsung ngerti artine kata sing mbok ketik mau.hasile tinggal dishare neng konco-koncomu carane guampang byanget.iki aplikasi useful tapi ukurane mung cilik banget nggak neko-nekoisine tapi bermanfaat banget ben marai kowe pede ora isinan mergoplonga plongo ra ngerti artine kata-kata neng jogja
Malaysia popular web MLweb 1.8 APK
Oqum Nibor
Mlweb is application for reading popular websites content inMalaysia. The main function of this app is for making simple inreading and browsing websites without install to many individualapp for each website. The size of Mlweb app is very little, it isaround 1.5 M Byte, too little for current smartphone. You maycompare to general each website app where usually has size morethan 20 M Bytes.Very simple browsing app in use, where you justclick on the name of website without input the website address. Theapp contains around 45 popular websites address. Besides predefinedhigh rank address in Malaysia, the app enable you to input the webaddress you want to read. The useful browsing app is also equippedwith google button, so you still can use google for searching.Whilereading popular web page in Malaysia, you can also watching videotaken from your smartphone memory in the same screen. It's veryfunny and unique web browser. It's cool web browser app foryou.Have enjoy to install small app with great and funexperience.Malaysia popular websites:The Starwww.thestar.com.myInstagram www.instagram.comLive Radiowww.liveonlineradio.net PropWall www.propwall.my mStarwww.mstar.com.my Carlist www.carlist.my Siakapkeliwww.siakapkeli.my Suara TV www.suara.tv Property Guruwww.propertyguru.com.my Utusan www.utusan.com.my Malaysian Digestmalaysiandigest.com BH Online www.bharian.com.my myMetrowww.hmetro.com.my Merdeka www.merdeka.com KapanLagiwww.kapanlagi.com Liputan6 www.liputan6.comSinarwww.sinarharian.com.mySinchew sinchew.com.my FMTwww.freemalaysiatoday.comiProperty www.iproperty.com.my TripAdvisor www.tripadvisor.com.my Malay Method malaymethod.comBomb01www.bomb01.com Diply diply.com Investor www.i3investor.comCaricari.com.myTribunnews www.tribunnews.com Giga Circletw.gigacircle.comKementrian Pendidikan moe.gov.my BuzzHandwww.buzzhand.comJobstreet jobstreet.com.my Cool Quzz coolquzz.comTantan News tantannews.com 11street www.11street.my Taobaotaobao.com PIXNET pixnet.net Lelong www.lelong.com.my Malaysia Kinimalaysiakini.comLIFE life.tw Air Asia airasia.com Lowyat lowyat.netMudah www.mudah.myLazada lazada.com.my Yahoo yahoo.comFacebookfacebook.comYou may enter your Malaysia favorite website in URLfield. You can search Malaysia top website by google button. Coolvideo player is available in beautiful web browser, so you canbrowse favorite page and watch video simultaneouslyMLWEB isabbreviation from Malaysia web, this special web browser specialfor Malaysian people and for people who live in Malaysia. 45 LoveMalaysian websites is available in app, you just click it to openthe websites, you don't need to save the link anymoreYou maycompare the size of this special web browser with individualwebsite app, it's very small web browser app. Only 1.5 M Byte apk,very small for current smartphone model. It's simple web browserand useful web browser. It contains several category of website:Malaysia news websites, Malaysia entertainment website, Malaysiaeducation website, Malaysia e-commerce websites, Malaysianbroadcast websites / Malaysian television website, Malaysianstreaming radio website and moreIt's 100% free fancy web browserapp and there is no in app purchaseThis app doesn't save anyhistory browsing content, it make you convenience to surf all webcontent without leaving the cache history of browsing. Simple pagebrowser give you new experience in browsing, make you no boringread all useful website content anymore.
Play multi video viewer Vid234 1.2 APK
Oqum Nibor
Vid234 is multi video player app that can play videos in multiwindows on one screen. We have tested using Lenovo lolipopsmartphone plays four videos simultaneously and smoothly. This appis mp4 video player. The app is equipped with mute button controlindividually, so you can turn on or turn off sound each videoRealmulti media player is running well in smartphone with 2G RAMmemory. We can select the number of video that will be played, from1 video until 4 videosVid234 real multimedia player app isapplication based on VideoView widget in AndroidThe function ofVid234 movie runner app:1. Make live more fun. Usually we onlywatch one video in one window on one screen. It is very quiet. Nowwe can watch two videos in time, watch three videos simultaneously,even watch four videos together is okay. It’s very funny videoplayer2. Compare some videos. We can compare two videossimultaneously on one screen, compare three videos simultaneouslyon one screen and compare four videos simultaneously on onescreen3. Efficiently in time. We can reduce 75% of wastingtimeTheoretically this real video app is supporting all the type ofvideo format which supported by Android smartphone. 3GP player cansupport 3GP coded. H.263 player support H.263 codec, H.264 AVCplayer support H.264 AVC codec, H.265 HEVC player support H.265HEVC codec, MPEG-4 SP player support MPEG-4 SP codec, VP8 playersupport VP8 codec, VP9 codec player support VP9 codec. MPEG-4player (.mp4 player) support mp4 video file type, WebM (.webm)viewer support WebM (.webm) video file type, Matroska (.mkv,Android 4.0+) runner support Matroska (.mkv, Android 4.0+) videofile type. It is also depend on the brand of the smartphone itselfwhat is video type which can be supported it. There is possibilitythe new smartphone will support more video type than theseJoinmulti video editor app is enable you to make new video using thirdparty screen recorder such as ADV screen recorder. Usually thiskind of screen recorder app only compatibe with lolipop smartphoneabove. You can imagine this app can play four videos simultaneouslythen by other screen recorder app will be recorded and created tonew videoBasically it is multi video combiner / multi video joinerwhere two, three or four videos join to one. Video viewer app issuitable for watching the video type such as: action video, sportvideo (F1 video, motogp video, boxing video and more)The type ofbutton tool available in real multimedia player : mute button, fastforward slider, fast backward slider, pause button
Cool Font Type Maker SlangTxt 1.1 APK
Oqum Nibor
This cool slang text creator is using font type manipulation tocreate non regular font type from regular font type you entered inEdit Text form. You can share fancy text result to your friendsusing social media app, There are seventh mode of font typemanipulation in this app, you can choose it freely.I believe youwant to be a different from others. This slang font type maker canmake you different in your big WA group or favorite FB friends. Itmake you cool, let's try!Unique font type maker app can changestandard font type to unique font type like russian font type,latin font type and more. It font type maker app is actuallyconvert standard ascii font type to special unicode font type. Itcan be used to make best joke in your social media group likewhatsapp grupo. Make your social media member groups smile andlaughing. I believe your whatsapp member group will ask to you whatis the cool app that can make that kind of joke font type. Makeother people happy and laughing is the best way to get more friendsand relation. From small and free thing you can make your groupmore situation more live and fresh. Make the sentence using thisfancy font type and share with themSometimes I call this slang fonttype maker as trouble maker app. Yes this is trouble font typemaker. Your friends will little bit have difficulties to read youfresh joke sentence because this is not regular font type text.There are seventh mode of difficult ready font type. include doublefont text and triple font text. Double font text means one wordwill be composite from double each fonts. For example we make textHallo, how are you. It will be like this: Hhaalloo,, hhooww aarreeyyoouu. Add the triple font type will we be like this:HHHaaallllllooo,,, hhhooowww aaarrreee yyyooouuu. It cools. Eventhis liitle bit to be read, it will nake your friend happyExampleof slang text is like this: ĦëԼԼő, ĥőŵ āŕë ÿőű, font text type mode2: ĦεԼԼő, ĥőŵ αŕε γőμ, unique font text tye is like this: ĦєԼԼő,ӊőщ ѧяє γőμ, great font type mode 4: Ħⓔⓛⓛⓞ, ⓗⓞⓦ ⓐⓡⓔ ⓨⓞⓤ , difficutfont type mode 5 is like this: Hԑ┖┖ⓞ, нⓞщ ѧяԑ ұⓞц . Can you readthis problem font tyoe text? if you still can read this strangefont type it means you have the level of intelligent above averagepeople has. You have strong brain and intelligentsia. Difficult isbeautiful, trouble is good. If you often read difficult text likethis you will get benefit where you can read sentence with standardfont type more faster than usually. You don;t believe? you can tryit. Make long difficult text using this strange font type maker andread it often it will impact good to to you. You will be a patientguy, you will got increasing on your emotional quotient (EQ). EQ isvery important aspect for your successful live. There are somequotient to make your live success. 1. IQ (Intelligent Quotient),2. EQ( Emotional Quotient) and 3. Spiritual QUotient (SQ). THistrouble font type maker app will exercise your Emotional Quotient.WHis reading the difficult font text will make your emotional willbe trained. There are some jargon like difficulty make youstronger. It's true. First comment people said when you share yoursentence using this mad font type text is oh no this crayz text isvery difficult to be read. It is making me headache. More and moreif you share this crazy font type is laughing and laughing. Yourfriends will download the app and will share their crazy sentenceto their groups.It is exclusive font type maker app where you cannot find the same font type in other app. I believe this is pure mychoice to put font type converter that will convert regular fonttype to rare public font type used. It is actually unicode asciifont type. Not all smartphone can read this seldom font type . Butwe have prepared for this situation where we have tested with somedevices from low level of smartphone to last os smartphone. Don'tworry your phone will not display this crazy font
Baca Berita Indonesia Wartaku 1.8 APK
Oqum Nibor
Wartaku adalah aplikasi untuk membacawebberita dan hiburan yang populer di Indonesia. Wartaku sangatcocokdigunakan oleh orang yang gemar membaca berita diinternet.Sebagian besar daftar di web ini adalah web yang mempunyairankingbagus di Alexa. Link web yang ditampilkan di sini adalahsumberberita main stream di Indonesia.Dengan menginstal aplikasi baca berita ini anda bisamenghematmemori di hape anda. Anda tidak perlu menginstal semuaaplikasihanya untuk membaca berita. Sekarang anda cukup menginstalsatuaplikasi sudah bisa digunakan untuk membaca berita semua.Daftar web yang ada di apliksi wara Indonesia ini antara lain:Detikdetik.com, Kompas kompas.com, Viva viva.co.id,Republikarepublika.co.id dan masih banyak lagi. Tidak kurang darienam puluhlink web tersedia, anda tinggal mengklik untuk membacaisiwebnya.Anda juga bisa memasukkan alamat web URL secara bebasdanmenjelajahi isinya tanpa ada batasan yang menghambat.Mudah-mudahan aplikasi membaca web Indonesia ini bermanfaatbuatkita semua.Anda tinggal klik web portal berikut:Facebook facebook.comInstagram instagram.comJobstreet jobstreet.comDetik detik.comRepublika republika.co.idViva viva.co.idMangaku mangaku.web.idKompas kompas.comSuara pembaruan suarapembaruan.comAntara antaranews.comLiputan6 liputan6.comTempo tempo.coOkezone okezone.comSuara Merdeka suaramerdeka.comJawa Pos jawapos.co.idKedaulatan Rakyat krjogja.comPikiran Rakyat www-pikiran-rakyat.comBatam Pos batampos.co.idMedia Indonesia mediaindonesia.comPos Kota poskotanews.comThe Jakarta Post thejakartapost.comTabloid Nova tabloidnova.comWanita Indonesia wanitaindonesia.co.idTabloid Bintang tabloidbintang.comKontan kontan.co.idBintang bintang.comTribun tribunnews.comOLX olx.co.idKaskus kaskus.co.idLazada lazada.co.idBukalapak bukalapak.comTokopedia tokopedia.comBisnis Indonesia bisnis.comElevenia elevenia.co.idMatahari Mall mataharimall.comBhinneka bhinneka.comJuara.net juara.netBola.net bola.netGila Bola gilabola.comSolopos www.solopos.comKapanLagi kapanlagi.comSindonews sindonews.comMetrotvnews metrotvnews.comMerdeka merdeka.comRimanews rimanews.comJpnn jpnn.comBerita Satu beritasatu.comCNN Indonesia cnnindonesia.comSuara suara.comLayarkaca21 layarkaca21.comCerpen cerpen.co.idPojok Satu pojoksatu.idWow keren wowkeren.comCinema XXI www.21cineplex.comPulsa Online www.tabloidpulsa.co.idOtomotif otomotifnet.comJalan Tikus jalantikus.comCinema Indo cinemaindo.comKumpul Bagi kumpulbagi.idIndo Network www.indonetwork.co.idGudang Lagu gudanglagu.coDokter Sehat doktersehat.comUkuran file installer baca berita terbaru ini cukup kecilsekitar1.5 MB cocok untuk tipe smartphone yang sedang kekuranganmemorihandphone. Selain browsing berita terbaru anda juga bisamelihatvideo yang diambil dari file video di dalam memor handphoneanda.Anda bisa melihat video dan browsing internet bersama-samatidakperlu pindah halaman apalagi ganti aplikasi. Ini aplikasiyangmenarik dan bermanfaat, istilahnya satu dayung dua tigapulauterlampaui.Beberapa jenis web portal tersedia: web page berita, webportalhiburan, web address kesehatan, web portal media sosial, webportalmultimedia seperti film, komik dan lain-lain. Tersediatombolgoogle untuk mencari website yang belum ada di aplikasi bacawartaini. Ini jenis web browser aman, yang mana URL tidak disimpandidalam aplikasi, jadi ketika anda mematikan aplikasihistorybrowsing anda tidak tersimpan. Ini aman buat anda yang tidakmauhistory selancar internet anda diketahui oleh orang lain.Webbrowser yang unik ini juga mendukung fitur seperti webjavasriptdan https.Wartaku ini memakai komponen WebView standard dari Android/Mobile Web Browser. Ada beberapa keterbatasan di aplikasisepertifacebook dan Instagram. Di facebook anda tidak bisamengupload filevideo dari mobile web browser. Ini kebijakanfacebook sendiri. DiInstagram tidak bisa upload photo, inikebijakan Instagram
Flag photo transparent Flag88 1.2 APK
Oqum Nibor
This flag picture profile photo overlay app can be used to makecondolence and sympathy message to peoples in the countries of theworld who got disaster or attack from criminal. This unique flagpicture app also can be used to make profile picture with flagbackground to show that we have nationality spirit.The app alsocontains side by side national flag and profile photo to make imagethat we have spirit and care with our country. The most unique andfun countries flag app is creating the cool profile picture withnational flag which countries we have been visited. You may usethis visited countries flag profile photo for your memory andhistory or for your sharing with your friends to make yourrightfully proudThere are around two hundreds of national countriesflag available in this complete flag countries app, you may searchand find your favorite flag for making your heroic profile picture.Should you don't find your favorite national flag please give usfeedback. Enjoy this useful flag profile picture maker appNationalCountries flag in app:Afghanistan flagAlbania flagAlgeriaflagAndorra flagAngola flagAntigua and Barbuda flagArgentinaflagArmenia flagAruba flagAustralia flagAustriaflagAzerbaijanBahamas flagBahrain flagBangladesh flagBarbadosflagBelarus flagBelgium flagBelize flagBenin flagBhutan flagBoliviaflagBosnia and Herzegovina flagBotswana flagBrazil flagBruneiflagBulgaria flagBurkina Faso flagBurma flagBurundi flagCambodiaflagCameroon flagCanada flagCape Verde flagCentral African RepublicflagChad flagChile flagChina flagColombia flagComoros flagCongo,Democratic Republic of the flagCongo, Republic of the flagCostaRica flagCote d'Ivoire flagCroatia flagCuba flagCuracao flagCyprusflagCzech Republic flagDenmark flagDjibouti flagDominicaflagDominican Republic flagEast Timor (see Timor-Leste) flagEcuadorflagEgypt flagEl Salvador flagEquatorial Guinea flagEritreaflagEstonia flagEthiopia flagFiji flagFinland flagFrance flagGabonflagGambia, The flagGeorgia flagGermany flagGhana flagGreeceflagGrenada flagGuatemala flagGuinea flagGuinea-Bissau flagGuyanaflagHaiti flagHoly See flagHonduras flagHong Kong flagHungaryflagIceland flagIndia flagIndonesia flagIran flagIraq flagIrelandflagItaly flagJamaica flagJapan flagJordan flagKazakhstan flagKenyaflagKiribati flagKorea, North flagKorea, South flagKosovoflagKuwait flagKyrgyzstan flagLaos flagLatvia flagLebanonflagLesotho flagLiberia flagLibya flagLiechtenstein flagLithuaniaflagLuxembourg flagMacedonia flagMadagascar flagMalawi flagMalaysiaflagMaldives flagMali flagMalta flagMarshall Islands flagMauritaniaflagMauritius flagMexico flagMicronesia flagMoldova flagMonacoflagMongolia flagMontenegro flagMorocco flagMozambique flagNamibiaflagNauru flagNepal flagNetherlands flagNetherlands AntillesflagNew Zealand flagNicaragua flagNiger flagNigeria flagNorth KoreaflagNorway flagOman flagPakistan flagPalau flagPalestinianTerritories flagPanama flagPapua New Guinea flagParaguay flagPeruflagPhilippines flagPoland flagPortugal flagQatar flagRomaniaflagRussia flagRwanda flagSamoa flagSan Marino flagSaudi ArabiaflagSenegal flagSerbia flagSeychelles flagSierra LeoneflagSingapore flagSint Maarten flagSlovakia flagSloveniaflagSolomon Islands flagSomalia flagSouth Africa flagSouth KoreaflagSouth Sudan flagSpain flagSri Lanka flagSudan flagSurinameflagSwaziland flagSweden flagSwitzerland flagSyria flagTaiwanflagTajikistan flagTanzania flagThailand flagTimor-Leste flagTogoflagTonga flagTrinidad and Tobago flagTunisia flagTurkeyflagTurkmenistan flagTuvalu flagUganda flagUkraine flagUnited ArabEmirates flagUnited Kingdom flagUruguay flagUzbekistan flagVanuatuflagVenezuela flagVietnam flagYemen flagZambia flagZimbabweflagUnited State of America flag