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Grab the steering wheel, load up your guns, hit the road and leavethe mangled wrecks of your victories against racing rivals in thecity of death race as you battle to become the best in the excitingvehicular combat game Whirlpool Car Death Race! Best Whirlpool CarDeath Race Adventures Awaits!! Are you ready for a CRAZY WhirlpoolCar Death Race experience!!! Time for a killer whirlpool smash& drop down challenge! Let's see if you can survive the mostdeadly smash Racing Rivals field! Take your best car over thedeadly city for a great real multiplayer action of whirlpool deadlyracing rivals and thrash your opponents to pieces. Hit hard, shootthem with gunner and rocket launchers and drop down youradversaries.Whirlpool Car Death Race is 3D Derby Action packed witha lots of Thrilling and exciting demolition Missions Where you haveto crush your foes and claim for ultimate winner.SIMPLY THE BESTRACING ACTION GAME FOR YOUR MOBILE DEVICE! Get ready to enter infurious death race car whirlpool, modified armored cars and faceruthless bosses in every tracks. Fire missile use gatling machinegun to destroy rivals racing cars and flip them in ashes in theair. REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER ACTIONTrue real-time racing at yourfingertips. Whirlpool Car Death Race lets you challenge or bechallenged by live opponents in game lobbies. Real time action todefeat your racing rivals around the world. ADVANCED PHYSICS ENGINEFor smooth car controls and steer handling with great shootingaction. ACTION PACKED ITEMSRocket launchers and auto-cannons andmore are coming soon! STUNNING HIGH-QUALITY GRAPHICS Advancedvisual effects designed for smooth working on all devices!MULTIPLELANGUAGE SUPPORTAvailable in 10 different languages and more comingsoon!We've worked hard to bring you some of the best graphicsavailable on Android, combined with the thrilling game-play ofmultiplayer action - all for FREE. Whirlpool Car Death Race is freeto play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.Whirlpool Car Death Race FEATURES:- Real time multiplayer actionswith your friends and other users- Real-time car destruction anddamage - Realistic Environment Graphics of city- Realistic carphysics and smooth controls- Breathtaking action to defeat yourracing rivals- Surreal visual and sound effects- Win Race to unlocklevels and upgrade Your suggestion would be our great pleasure forthe improvement of the games features time to time.FOLLOW US*http://facebook.com/zekabintl* http://twitter.com/ZekabInt

App Information Whirlpool Car Death Race

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    Whirlpool Car Death Race
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    September 1, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    ZE Actions Shooting & Simulation Free Games
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    1705, King's Commercial Bldg. TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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Learn Arabic Speaking Free 1.7 APK
Arabic is known to have originated around 6th Century AD. It iswidely spoken in 27 countries in a wide arc of territory stretchingacross the Middle East, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa.Arabic belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family.And is mostclosely related to Aramaic, Hebrew, Ugaritic and Phoenician , it isspoken by as many as 422 million first language speakers, making itone of the half dozen most populous languages in the world. Arabicis the eleventh-most-spoken language in the United States.Arabic isderived from the language of the Quran and is the official languageof 26 states and the third most after English and French languages.Modern Standard Arabic largely follows the grammatical standards ofQuranic Arabic and uses much of the same vocabulary.This app wouldbe immensely beneficial and would cater to the needs of travelersvisiting popular arab tourist destinations and places of religioussignificance alike e.g Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj and Umra,Egypt for visiting the magnificent pyramids and Dubai for itsannual shopping festival and awe inspiring structures like BurjKhalifa.Start reading and discover the logic behind Arabictranscripts, with transliteration in your native language.Alphabetis provided in many shapes to help you familiarize with the systemfont form, calligraphy form, and hand written form.On top of thealphabet, you can now start learning words and vocabulary. This appdoes work for those who are looking to learn Arabic, talk Arabic,speak Arabic or understand and communicate in Arabic language. Forthose practicing Muslims Arabic learning has always been veryimportant so its now. Starting with numbers, how they are writtenin full Arabic words, and listen to their pronunciation.Did youfind this application useful? If yes, then please rate as it wouldhelp us to further improve the application.Features: - Selectednecessary Lessons for new learners. - Every lesson has selectedsentences useful for travelers / Tourists. - Every Alphabet has itsArabic script and sound to listen and memorize. - Favorite bar toadd the words or sentences in favorite for frequent use. - Lastlesson for vocabulary development. - Menu Bar for settings tochange the size of the font in English or Arabic. - User friendlynavigation right left and sharing buttons. - You can share any wordor sentence through facebook, twitter, sms etc.
Lion Hunting 2017 2.11 APK
Let's hunt Lions and save Zebras! Here is first ever Lion Huntingor Shooting game on Google Play with real 3D graphics. The game isdeveloped considering the most brave and addictive hobby of huntingLions. If you have ever been a hunter or shooter using sniperrifles, it will really relax your mind if you achieve yourobjective in hunting. There are different kinds of Lions and Tigersin the world, But, all the Lions and Tigers are dangerous forhumans and other small animals in the jungle or mountain. The hobbyof hunting Lions has always been a brave people hobby and game.Lion Hunters are usually equipped with best rifles, snipers andother modern weapons with scope. The hunter in the jungle has to beactive, alert, accurate in aiming and shooting. Lions are wildanimals and may attack on the hunter, so he has to be ready torescue himself in case of danger and escape to the safe point. Gameover view & Objectives:In the environment, there is a beautifuljungle with greenery and gross in the spring season. There aredifferent kinds of animals including Zebras and Deer in the jungleroaming and grazing around. And, the other side of the Junglebehind the mountains there are Lions roaring and looking for theirprey. When the zebras come in the sight of Lions, the Lion runtoward the nearest Zebra to catch and kill him to eat. As being aHunter you have to kill the Lion before they catch or kill theZebras. You are equipped with Sniper gun and, you have to rescuezebra with your accurate firing tactics. If a Lion catch and killthe Zebra, you will lose the game. To get high score you have tohunt more lions within shortest time. And, to hunt more lions youneed best and accurate firing skills, focus on the object, make aquick and sharp decision in this action game. FEATURES:- Best 3Dgraphics environment.- The natural sounds of Lions, zebras andother animals. - Best rifle and sniper gun for accurate shooting. -No connectivity required while playing. - Addictive, loving &Full of fun. - Sounds On / Off button display.- Background scrolland move button.- Radar system to indicate Lions positions.-Multi-touch enabled. Your suggestion would be our great pleasurefor the improvement of the games features time to time.Follow us at;https://www.facebook.com/zekabintlhttps://twitter.com/ZekabInt
One Man Army 1.6 APK
Let’s download and enjoy the fully featured One Man Army fromGoogle Play Store at your android device for free. It offers themost comprehensive war battled strategy game. One man army is acombat game which you need to kill all the enemies and commanderwho are trying to surmount your country. Be a brave army commando,ambush and kill the enemies before they kill you.Modern Combat justlanded in the palm of your hand. As a trained recruited elitecommando you have given the mission to stop and fight withCommander Rodriguez, renowned former military General of the statehas been involved in anti-government activities and running arebellion known as the Godzilla Warriors. Commander is responsiblefor many war crimes and currently working against the government.As a one man army you have to fight with rebellion insurgency inthe world most dangerous area and stop commander because he mightcause to be a great threat of peace in your country. Become a realhero by saving your country and be a reason for the world’s peaceand happiness among the people. Game Play and Missions:Mission 1:InfiltrateThe mission is to infiltrate and penetrate the base campthrough the secret yet guarded path. Use of any kind of weaponother than a knife is not allowed. Alarming them can bedangerous.Mission 2: One Man ArmyThe mission is to go further intothe rebellion insurgency base camp and eliminate every guard on theway. You can use only knife to kill them. Mission 3: SharpShooterThe mission is enter into the base camp as a sharp shooterby eliminating the four guards at the gate. Here darkness is ouradvantage and you have a pistol and a rifle to kill them.Mission 4:Base OperationGrab power to get more strength to kill enemies toenter into the main base camp of your country enemy. As a trainedelite commando who has to use his superior guerilla warfaretechniques to kill every enemy which come in your way.Mission 5:EliminationIdentify the location and eliminate the commanderRodriguez, who is leading the enemy base. Remember is very cleverold man don’t underestimate his skills. Be always ready to attack.Enemy is alert, so be careful while walking forward for the deathcombat. You should be ready for the brave stand against CommanderRodriguez.Mission 6: Run & EscapeIt’s a do or die situation,use your commando skills to combat the armed men after kill anddestroy the Commander Rodriguez. You have done well to eliminatethe resistance of the enemy with strength. This is the battle ofheroes and you have to escape the base camp as soon as possible.Best of luck you have finished the enemies for the honor and glory.Game Features:• Third person 3d shooting & killing game•Different obstacles placed there to maintain your safety• Realisticand modern game play• Much advance and larger environment toexplore• Strategy making game• Ambush the enemy forces in differentways• Efficient weapon controls and movement• Realistic soundeffects• Easy GUI and controlsWe are continuously update our games.Your suggestions & reviews would be great pleasure forus.Follow usat:https://www.facebook.com/zekabintlhttps://twitter.com/ZekabInt
Dinosaurs Hunter Wild Jungle Animals Safari 3.0 APK
Dinosaurs Hunter Wild Jungle Animals is Dino Hunter Free Safarigame. Gun down the prehistoric targets with head shots for biggerrewards and massive gun upgrades in this best dinosaur shootinggame! Dinosaurs like brontosaurus had ruled the land in theprehistoric period thousand years before. Dino Hunting SafariAnimals Free Hunter is best dinosaur shooting game with ancient tomodern weapons and First Person Shooter to Third Person Shooter andJeep Driver in beautiful world with green plants. Feel Realisticworld dinosaur hunter in this dinosaurs games. There are differentdinosaurs noises in best dinosaur shooting game to make you feelreal dinosaur hunting as there are more than 8 types of dinosaursfor hunting and wide variety of bloodthirsty beasts of the ancientera. Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Brontosaurus, Carnotaurus,Parasaurolophus, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops,Velociraptor, T Rex, Allosaurus, Triceratops, and Giganotosaurus.hunting games dinosaur with your best dinosaur shooting game is thesurvival Dinosaurs hunter, jungle (rainforest animals). So don’thold back, grip your Launcher tightly, take a perfect aim, testyour sniper shooter skills as a real dinosaurs hunter expert anddon't let them escape. Experience grand sniper shooting in the realjungle wilderness environment as a real hero and win this huntingchallenge in this best dinosaur shooting game Dinosaurs Hunter Wildis the best dinosaur hunting game, explore this Jurassic rainforest and hunt down the scary dinosaurs All the dinosaurs havespread out in this rain forest! Get your guns and start bestdinosaur shooting game in this Jurassic hunting game with over 8types of prehistoric dinosaurs, hungry for the prey and ready toattack you. Experience Grenade throwing, Archery shooting, BowShooting, Mini-gun Shooting and in ancient mode you can kill Dinowith sword, shield and Bow in this Dino hunting free game. If youlove playing animal shooting and Dino hunting games then dinosaurhunter free is for you as it gives you a chance of Dino hunting andhunting wild creatures in grand exotic forest environment and willlet you become the dinosaur hunting pro hero of 2018. Your trust onassault rifle skills will come handy while your hunt. DinosaurHunter Free gives you an amazing experience with real graphics,engaging sound effect, the best Dino hunting ground and driving redjeep and crushing Dino. Game Features: • Superhero Hulk andFlash-man, Commando and Good Dino are ready to support you. •Actual thrill of Dino chases and deadly Dino attack • Amazinggraphics and prehistoric environments • More than 1000 thrillinglevels with different number of dinosaurs. • Awesome game play withattacking animations. • Choose Dinosaur of your choice for huntingfrom more than 8 dinosaurs. • Easy and Smooth First person shooterguns and Jeep driving physics included. HOW TO PLAY: Right sidebuttons are for shoot, zoom, swap and run Left side button are formovement and whole screen is for aiming, In map you can finddinosaur and chase them to hunt. Press Jeep button and get in Jeepdriving mode. Welcome to Superhero Dino Hunting Free: frontier freeshooting you have to target the most dangerous carnivore,bloodthirsty species ever on the earth. So snipers! Hold yoursniper rifle in your hands be ready for thrilling adventure. Don’tbe scared of these wild harmful beasts because the superhero ishere to help you with these most dangerous, scary and creepycreatures Dinosaurs Hunter Wild Jungle Animals is Dino Hunter FreeSafari game.
Stag Deer Hunting 3D 2.0 APK
Do you love Stag and Deer shooting games and hunting in the jungle?Get ready for a treat as we are about to bring you hunting in thegreat wilderness! We will take you across the world where you willhunt in the grassy alaskan mountains, and lush green forests. Useyour high powered fire power to take down Stags and Deer’s.You willhunt stag plus deer’s but can also hunt the different wildlife thatis around the forest. Earn great rewards for completing the levelswhich you can use to purchase more weapons and unlock the differentseasons. Go on and take a shot at the animals; you will be rewardedhandsomely and so you can take home the exotic Stag and deertrophy! The Stag Deer hunt will take your breath away! Flowingrivers in the jungle and animals all for your taking if all youlove is Stag Deer shooting games! Game Play:- As being a Hunter youhave to Hunt Stags and deer’s within the time in each level. Youare equipped with Pistol, assault and Sniper gun and, you have tohunt deer or Stag with your accurate firing tactics. If you missyour fire, it will alert the Deer’s and Stags and they will runaway. You have to kill the running Stag and deer if you want tocomplete your mission even after missing your fire. To hunt deer’splus Stags within time and complete the missions, you need best andaccurate firing skills, focus on the object, make a quick and sharpdecision in this action game.Here is Deer & Stag Hunting gamewith real 3D graphics of jungle environment. The game is developedconsidering the most popular and addictive hobby of hunting Stagsand Deer. If you have ever been a hunter or shooter using Pistol,Assault and sniper rifles, it will really relax your mind if youachieve your objective in hunting. Download for free from AndroidPlay store and have fun. Stag Hunting 3D FEATURES:- - Action packedmissions in the jungle full of wild animals- First Person Shooting-Radar system to indicate Stags positions.- 3 different seasons tochoose from- 10 Game play missions with multitasks in each season-Pistol, Assault rifles and Sniper rifles!- Firepower when you mostneed it- Hunt not just Stags and Deer’s, but many animals in theforest in different levels!- Stand in awe at the beautifullyrendered scenery in multiple weather seasons! What New:- * NewSeason based Game play* Full range of forest animals to huntincluding Stag!* Choose from high powered weaponry for hugefirepower* Special Survival mode: Test your skill and survive thejungle!* Rewards based Game play; the more you play; the morerewards you get!This game has IN-APP purchases. Though you can playthe game without purchasing items; they increase your experience ofthe game many folds.Enjoy Stag Deer Hunting 3D, the greatest updateyet of 2016!Your suggestion would be our great pleasure for theimprovement of the games features time to time.Follow us at;https://www.facebook.com/zekabintlhttps://twitter.com/ZekabInt
Cooking Mania Master Chef - Lets Cook 1.29 APK
Welcome to the cooking mania master chef cook game 2020 featuredwith time management games, restaurant games and food cooking gamesfor girls. Bake, cook, and grill your way to worldwide restaurantgames with cooking mama masterchef games! In this restaurant gamesworld where cooking mania awaits a new master chef in the addictivecook game offline fun of time management games with kitchen gamesand master chef cooking games. Be a master chef in cooking gamesand cook the delicious food items for your customers in cook game2020. Dash around the restaurant kitchen for grilling / cookingtasty burgers, donuts and pizza with soft drinks, shakes and juicesin cooking mania game fever. Fast play isn’t enough though; happycustomers are needed to build your restaurant empire for madnessgame. Are you up for the challenge, Master Chef? Practice yourcooking techniques and management skills for prefect restaurantgames and be a world chef. Making burgers, hot dogs, desserts andmultiple juices have never been so much fun before cooking maniamaster chef game. There are so many fun ways 🍲 to cook and serve 🍴in this cooking game fever. The customers in this game can’t waitfor you to show up and cook 🍝 delicious food for them like cookingmama games. Though, it will be a real cooking challenge! Butnothing you can handle as the best cook in the town to be a worldchef! This cooking game is a fast paced cook game 2020. Keep up inthe rush hours just like cook game for girls, become better at timemanagement games with cooking mania. What makes this cook game so🍸fun just like other cooking games is that there is endless amountof levels which are loaded with enough cooking fun and enjoy. Getyour master chef hat and start cooking! 🍯 Cook delicious meals& desserts of 2020 from the list of world chef foods in thisFREE addictive cooking mama games with a choice of 3 uniquelocations or cooking shops, more will be added soon. You will beable to practice your cooking games for girls skill in a variety ofshops and cooking mama techniques. Use many ingredients to cookseveral tasty dishes in cooking game offline with cooking gamefever. Decorate your restaurant games to attract more customers incooking games. Upgrade your kitchen and produce even greatervariety of dishes for cooking madness game. Oh, and did we say thatthis cook game is as addictive and as engrossing as fever game2020? Cook Game Fun Anytime, Anywhere • Play cooking mania masterchef offline on your android device after downloading from googleplaystore ⭐Wi-Fi not needed! ⭐ Play Chef Game with Fast & FunRestaurant Games! • Bake, grill, cook and serve food by using asimple TAP and PLAY mechanic Cooking Game in a variety ofRestaurants Kitchen Cooking • Multiple food items and kitchens /restaurants in the game for unlimited fun of cooking games forgirls Fun Restaurant Cooking Upgrades • Delicious Cookingingredients can be upgraded • Manage time efficiently with masterchef upgrades Fun & Powerful Cooking Games Boost • Timemanagement game with fantastic boosts • 🍳 Cook fast for more tipsjust like cooking mama games💰 Fun Levels to Master, World Chef! •Savor hours of exciting cooking madness game with fun in cookingnew 2020 game • Kitchen Cooking Challenges Require Strategy Funchef games are free to play! • ✨ Beat world chef to earn coins forFREE to upgrade kitchen game items and unlock new restaurantsaround the world✨ How to play: - Use interactive controls to playthe cooking mania game - Try different tools to make your foodslike masterchef - Mix various ingredients to create the uniqueflavor of your foods like cooking games for girls - Decorate yourfoods with beautiful sprinkles, candies, fruits and creamy toppingsand enjoy the yummy foods similar to cooking mama games DownloadCOOKING MANIA MASTER CHEF now for unlimited cooking fun.
Lion Sniper Hunting Game - Safari Animals Hunter 2.1 APK
Lion Hunting game is nowhere for you to have memorable ridingon the safari jeep and after reaching in the middle African jungleyou have to hunt the lions & deers in the jungle. The jungle isfull of wildlife animals like deers, lions, elephants and foxes etcand you have to hunt them to complete all the levelssuccessfully.  Get ready to enjoy sniper hunting jungleanimal game in which you have to aim, shoot and kill differentwild animals like deer, lion, wolves, tiger, rabbit, hen, buffaloesetc. You have to be a sharp sniper hunter and put the triggerprofessionally to hunt the jungle lives. This real shooting forestanimals vs sniper hunter game is an exciting andthrilling simulation to align the gunshots and you will become besttarget shooter in this sniper hunter safari animal game. Thisadventurous wild hunter jungle shoot free game is a competitionbetween you and dangerous animals of the forest where you have touse modern weapons to kill them all. Realistic climate andsensational 3d graphics of this hunting jungle animal adventurewill develop your interest and this animal hunter game is a freegameplay contain the compatible user interface for shooting lovers.Probably you have played many deer hunting, lion hunting, andbull shooting game but this jungle animal shooter 3dgame is relatively advanced and modern mode of hunting. Youhave to use different weapons like pistol, rifles, guns, and sniperto shoot the animals and unlimited ammunition will amuse you whiletaking a gunshot to the target.  Aim and shoot the wild jungleanimals and become the best deer/lion hunter. A jungle-likeAfrican jungle is here in sniper hunting game in whichdeers/lions and other wild animals are wondering, you have to findthem and hunt them. Different powerful guns and pistols areavailable for you which have different shooting ranges, you have toselect any gun according to your own choice and perform deerhunting. It is very adventurous, thrilling and risky game. You will hunt the wild lions/deers by putting your life into a bigrisk. Wild animals including elephants, lions, and other deadlydeeds can attack you and can kill you. You have to hunt them wiselywithout ignoring any side & any wild animal. Hunt the deersbefore they attack you and kill you. Use Powerful guns to shoot andkill wild animals. You will get real-time wild animals huntingexperience and you will become an expert hunter in theAfrican jungle.  There are multiple hunts challenging levelsin this deer hunter game. All coming levels are more complexand more dangerous than previous one. You have to face thesechallenges and clear all complex levels. Safari huntergame is very realistic unique hunting idea. You will reallylike this safari deer hunting challenge 3D game. Simpleand easy gameplay than other deer hunting games on theGoogle play store. Everyone can play this deer shootinggame improve your lion hunting skills by playing thisreal hunting challenge 2018 game. Different kinds ofenvironments e.g. Snow, desert, mountains and jungle etc... inwhich you will hunt deers in this hunting challenge game. 6different challenging levels in each environment with increasingnumber of deers to play and complete. If you want to become bestjungle hunter then animal hunting game is waiting foryou. install deer hunter 2017 and enjoy its uniquefeatures.  Main Features: 
* Different guns and pistols to usefor hunting. * wild animals including lions, elephants, wolfs,deers etc... in the safari jungle. * Different environmentse.g. snow, jungle, desert, and mountains. * 30 challenging levelsin each environment with increasing number of lions & deers. *Unlimited bullets in the guns are available in this animalshooter 3d game. * Set Aim to exact target to the animals. *zoom camera to clear the target. * 3D safari park adventurousjungle environment. * Simple and easy gameplay like shootingbutton, zoom camera button, joystick etc.
Grand Revenge Vegas City Gang War Race 1.5 APK
Get ready to fight with mafia gangsters & deadly criminals infull action packed 3D shooting action simulation game. This free toplay open world game will let you experience the critical strike ofmafia gangster vegas criminals. Show all critical shooting skillsin San Andrea City to overcome the fear of facing the threats ofevil gangsters. You need to be excited for critical mission becauseyou are driving multiple modified super awesome cars. You are onlycombat fighter & brave challenger to aim & fire in thiscritical strike. Unleash your fear and save your residents of sanAndreas & fight for this modern critical strike mission and warrace. Dodge your opponents by freely roam in open world game toeradicate them in grand Andreas and vegas city. Enter the new townsof San Andreas and just start being the best villain in city.Follow map to reach destination to take new missions. Involve inall crimes like stealing available vehicles, destroying publicproperties, attacking population and escaping from cops to finishyour assignments.Once you were big gangster involved in auto theftand many more crimes. Now you are on critical survival mission ingangster’s vegas crime city. Let’s show your super drifting &driving skills to combat in this stealth challenging mission. Theamazing time treasure gameplay with various vehicles will let youenjoy the thrill and adventure of fighting. Enjoy this actionpacked 3D action packed driving mission and show all people ofanadreas that you are master in driving with several challengingvehicles. Be like a protagonist of the great theft auto cars andwin the victory with your stealth combat attack. This game is goingto be mighty quest with different challenging stages. Prove thatyou are true hero & brave man to win all the levels of thisfinal racing combat. You are acquiring with modern auto rickshaw.So, show your great driving expertise.Shooting games or mafia gamesare all fun addictive crimes and offering you to be a legend mafiaboss. This Gangster crime mafia game 3d game is actually a combo ofshooting games and mafia games offering crime simulator to allmotor cycle riders who are willing to commit fun crimes. So if youare motor cycle rider and looking for crime simulator to commit funcrimes then download now this Gangster crime mafia game 3d game,which is a combo of shooting games and mafia games. These shootinggames or mafia games are great source of experiencing crimesimulator for all motor cycle riders who are going for fun crimeswith dummy weapons in grand streets of grand city of open world.Download this Grand Revenge Vegas City Gang War Race 3d game, whichis best among shooting games and mafia games, and build your ownfun city to enjoy theft in these grand streets of grand city ofopen world.This 3D ultimate racing & fighting environment withthe slope streets and turns of vegas crime city gives you a geniusdriving knowledge. Being a protagonist rider you need to show yourvengeance action effects & unique abilities to throw back thecontagions & abductions chaser of your quad jeep car. Followthe line in final combat moto match & rescue yourself in finalstage challenges. Your team squad becomes strange warriors tostrike fighters on the Vegas city crimes road. Don’t get extinctionstage during your action class adventure run time race & savepeople don’t hit them by your drives. Steal the time treasuremighty quest hidden map to prove yourself as a brave super carrider in living dead edge racing war. Save your treasure time inreal mafia gangster Vegas crime city and become real time sanandreas racing fighter.Features: • Full action paced fast racingenvironment• Multiple cars to drive• Awesome view of san andreascity• Advance & realistic graphics • Great thief carsprotagonist action class• Action vehicle thief simulatorgame.Thanks for playing Grand Revenge Vegas City Gang War Race.