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The Whistle Soundboard is a fun and free sound board app featuringa multitude of various high quality stereo whistle audio soundeffects. There is everything from humans whistling to train horns.You can play the files individually, mix and match them at the sametime, set them into infinite loop mode, and even set them as yourringtone. You can also share the app with your friends, becauseeverything is more fun with friends. There is even a dog whistleincluded for training your pets!

App Information Whistle Soundboard

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    Whistle Soundboard
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    June 27, 2018
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Ape Studios
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    Ape Apps PO Box 382 Spring Hill, KS 66083
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Siren Sounds features a wide range of high quality incredible sirensound clips and effects with multiple play options. It is theultimate soundboard app for siren lovers, or those who wish toprank their friends and neighbors! Imagine all of thepossibilities. You are sitting at home trying to relax and yourannoying neighbors are having another block party. You don't wantto be a pansy by calling the cops, but you also want them to shutup. You plug your phone into your stereo system, boot up SirenSounds, and start playing the police siren noises. The partydisburses and you save the day. Siren Sounds has clips for everyoccasion, including Air Raid Siren, Alien Siren, Missile Warning,European Siren, Fire Engine Siren, Police Siren, and more. And I amalways updating and adding more sounds, so if you have a siren youwant added, or any feature in general, just leave me a comment ordrop me a line. This app is for you guys!
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Animal Sounds is a fun and free soundboard app full with exoticbarn yard animal sound clips and effects! We used high qualitystereo recording clips from farms all across Missouri. Featuringgreat sound board features like infinite loop mode and with highquality stereo audio, you will have fun for hours. Is also a greateducational tool for the kids! And with over 20 unique authenticbarn yard sounds straight from the farm, Animal Sounds willliterally never get old! How many times have you wished that youwere a farmer but you are stuck in the middle of the city? Maybeyou grew up on the farm, but years away has made you yearn forbetter days. Or perhaps you are just a simple kid who wants toamuse his class by playing pig sounds while the teacher is tryingto talk. Whatever the case, Animal Sounds is the app for you. Thebest part is, you can hook your device up to your car stereosystem, load up Animal Sounds, and make the entire neighborhoodthink that the cows have come home!
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An awesome and handy LED flashlight torch app for your device! Nofrills or spills, just a simple straight up flash light. This is acritical app that all smartphone owners should have on hand. Whocarries a real flashlight around with them anymore anyways? Justget this app instead!
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Kamikaze is a fast paced action arcade free game based on the WW2battle of Okinawa in the Pacific theater. You are a U.S. naval AAgunner and you must shoot down the oncoming Japanese air strikeforce. Tap on the screen to fire your anti aircraft gun at waveafter wave of fighter planes. If your ship gets hit, you lose! Theyear is 1945, and World War II is raging in the Pacific. The Alliednavy is closing in on the Japanese island of Okinawa. The UnitedStates fleet is looking to solidify their grip on the Pacific whensuddenly, Imperial Japan releases the divine wind... Kamikaze is afast paced arcade action naval warfare shooter game. Tap the screento fire anti aircraft guns at fast incoming aircraft! Strategy,precision, and vigilance will all be required if you are to defendyour ship. Will the allied forces prevail? Or will Japan litter thebottom of the ocean with their ships? You decide! - Hours of fastpaced plane shooting fun! - Feel like you are actually in the gamewith force feedback vibration! - Fun graphics and an addictingsoundtrack! - Global online high scores list lets you compete withthe world! - Chicks dig dudes who fire AA guns! - Can be used totrain and prepare for the actual upcoming Word War 3! - Gamepadsupport! On select devices, play the way you want to and even fromyour tv with full game pad support. Offers controller support forboth HID mode and Moga mode for people with moga controllers.