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"Who's there? A simply adorable kids app ;o)"-KidsAppWorld.com"Who's there?" is an animated Picture Book thataims to both entertain and surprise! It starts right up and isimmediately ready for your child's interaction! Requested byteachers in Special need on Facebook!Clear cause and effect islearned when a child’s actions cause consistent responses, like anew image for each touch. Designed for children at an earlylearning level, aged 2 years and up.This "cause and effect" appuses images drawn ​​by a professional children's book illustrator.Touch anywhere on the screen and something will happen.No in-apppurchases | No ads | No data collection | No social media | Nothird parties | No linksABOUT LÄRAMERA & LERIPAInformationabout our apps can be found on our website www.leripa.seLike ourpage on Facebook (Leripa AB), and follow us onTwitter@Leripa_Software, in order to be up to date with the latestinfo. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:info@leripa.se

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    Who's there?
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    January 15, 2016
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Leripa AB
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    Simrishamnsgatan 9 214 23 MALMÖ SWEDEN
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FLEX - Math Tools 1.1.7 APK
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FLEX - Math Tools is an interactive app for teaching basicmathematics. It contains several different tools to enhance theunderstanding of mathematical concepts. With FLEX - Math Tools, youas a teacher visualize new mathematical concepts with your studentsusing for example number bonds, fractions and number lines. You canalso create projects for your students that they can independentlywork with.FLEX - Math Tools can also be used as a supplement forstudents who train with Number Quest Flex. With FLEX - Math Toolsyou as a teachers can facilitate understanding regarding thespecific mathematical skills that are trained in the program.Please visit our website for more information.FLEX - Math Toolscontains the following tools:• numbers• mathematical symbols•number lines• fractions - Rectangles• number bonds• number blocks•images
Spelling Mix 1.1.0 APK
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Spelling Mix is an educational app designed for language andliteracy development at pre-school, nursery, school, and at home.It includes over 250 common english nouns.To inspire and motivatethe child we use the following two activities:Letter TrainAn imageand a number of letters are presented on the screen. The child thenhave to tap on the letters in the correct order to spell the word.
Unused letters are transported away by the train. If you need helpyou can always tap on the image and the correct word will be heard.Hurry up or the train crashes! An owl gives instructions andrewards.Hidden LettersAn image is presented on the screen but theletters are hidden in the forest. It is up to you to find them all!If you need help all you have to do is to tap on the image. Arabbit gives instructions and rewards.OptionsTap the button A-B-Cto choose between uppercase or lowercase letters.Tap on the flag tochange language. 10 languages are included.Tap the train button toset the train speed.Tap on the the stars to select a difficultylevel.Easy: monosyllabic words, no double consonantMedium:disyllable but no double consonantHard: words with a silent eMixed:a mix of the levels above
Letter Skills 1.0.0 APK
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Practise spelling with phonics! To inspire and motivate the childwe use the following three activities: 1. 

Initial lettersAn owlblows out bubbles with initial letters. Click on a letter and youwill hear the letter and then a random word beginning with thatletter. Options: see either the picture of the word or the word intext.2. Spell the words
An image is presented on the screen alongwith the letters belonging to the word. 
Below is a series ofletters that the child can choose from in order to correctly spellthe word. Clicking on the picture the child can hear the wordspoken. Options: use the entire alphabet or a range of letters.3.One letter is missing One letter of a word is missing and the childhas to select the correct letter from a selection below. Picturesand words are shown with the one letter missing. Choose the correctletter from the selection below to complete the words. There arethree levels of difficulty, of which the easiest is four words andthe hardest is eight words. There are four different settings: •Initial letter is missing • A letter in the word is missing • Thelast letter in a word is missing • Mixed – A letter is missing ondifferent spots in the different words. Menu settings
Tap thebutton A-B-C to choose between uppercase or lowercase letters.

Tapon the flag to change language.
Tap on the the stars to select adifficulty level:Easy: monosyllabic words, no double consonantMedium: disyllable but no double consonant 
 Hard: words with asilent e Mixed: a mix of easy, medium and hard words
TeddyMix 3 1.0.0 APK
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TeddyMix 3 is an educational app aimed at pre-school, nursery andthe home learning environment, or anyone who likes teddy bears! Itis designed in accordance with elementary pre-school pedagogy,which stimulates the fantasy and allows the children to createtheir own pictures and postcards. FEATURES:* Create your own teddyor a whole family of teddies* Choose between boy-girl and 5different sizes * Dress the teddies exactly as you like* Place theteddies in 5 different existing scenarios, or* Insert the teddiesinto your own pictures using the camera or the gallery* Add yourown speech bubbles* Save the postcard to your gallery* Use yourgallery to send the newly created postcard to your friends!* Clickon the radio in the upper corner to get music during work! * Talkabout a suitable background for the choice of clothes or viceversa! * Create empty bubbles, print the image, and then use a pento write your textClick on the camera in the corner of the screento save the picture to your gallery.Please rate and review the appto help us spread knowledge to more kids and to learn how to becomeeven better. Thank you! :)
Reading Skills 1.0.0 APK
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Reading Skills is an educational app where you can learn more than350 nouns in 10 languages! Everyone, young and old, can learn wordsand concepts in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish,Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch! For the best possibletraining we have included 6 different activities:--- Images ---Aselection of images is shown and a word is heard. Your task is totouch the correct image. This type of training is perfect forlearning words in different languages. For the small children youwill find rewards and surprises like teddy bears and owls doingfunny things. --- Alphabet ---In this part you train on how torecognize the letters in the alphabet just by hearing their names.Uppercase and lowercase characters are included. Rewards andsurprises are given in this exercise as well.--- Words and images---Part 3 uses both words and images at the same time. Seeing thetext under the image eases the learning. For each correct answer apart of a hidden picture is revealed!--- Learn words ---Words arenow presented without any images, which makes this part a purelistening-reading exercise. Response-time is measured and you get anumber of stars depending on how fast you were. Only the fastestresponses get 5 stars! --- Initial letter ---We now make is reallyhard by using words with the same initial letter(s). This time yourreading is really put to the test!--- The right word ---A framedpicture is shown and underneath it you will find a set of words.Can you find the right one? Once the correct answer have been givenyou will see only the correct, now larger, text and picturecombined so you will remember it to the next time.--- Settings---Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish,Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish and Dutch. For each language, thefollowing settings are available: • The button with the sound iconturns on or off the menu music. • The button with the flag is forchanging the language • The button with "abc" toggles betweenuppercase and lowercase letters. • The button with the star choosesdifficulty level (1-5). • The button with boxes selects the numberof boxes with images and words on the screen (4, 6, 9 or 12 boxes).• The button with colour chooses the background colour.• The buttonwith a teddy bear turns on or off on rewards in the firstactivities.--- Difficulty levels ---Level 1 - monosyllabic wordssuch as car, sun and bed.Level 2 - short words such as flag, ant,and drum.Level 3 - words with a silent –e, such as cake, fence andframe. Level 4 - difficult words such as mirror and tomato. Level 5- a blend of hard and easy words Good luck with your training!
Panda Mix 1.0 APK
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Join the pandas in their brain training games!In Panda Mix childrenwill play and learn from these four activities:Which belongtogether - concepts and lettersMatch the objects - practicewordsPuzzles – classic brain exerciseMake the same picture -practice spatial awareness and detailsIn Panda Mix children havethe opportunity to• develop their creative abilities, and theability to convey their thoughts and experiences through play andart.• develop an interest in pictures, sounds and different mediaand their ability to use, interpret and discuss these things.Matchthe objects-------------------------Level 1: match a silhouette tothe correct picture.Level 2: match objects by concept, e.g. spiderand spider web.Level 3: match uppercase and lower caseletters.Level 4: a mix of the aboveWhich belongtogether--------------------------------Pictures are divided intotwo halves. Drag one of the halves from the bottom row to the top.When the picture is complete the name of the object is spoken.Level1: two imagesLevel 2: three imagesLevel 3: fourimagesPuzzles------------Beautiful images are used as a basis foreach puzzle. Move each piece into its correct position. Good braintraining. This exercise develops the ability to see and identifyfeatures by investigating and exploring, completing a pattern andidentify relationships in the images. It encourages logicalthinking and problem solving.Level 1: four puzzle piecesLevel 2:eight puzzle piecesLevel 3: twelve puzzle piecesMake the samepicture--------------------------------In this activity the childmust use the available objects to duplicate a picture. Thisrequires careful observation and discrimination to notice whichparts of the picture are missing and where the objects must go. Twopictures are shown. Various details have been removed from one ofthem. The child must look at the original picture to identify themissing objects.This is an exercise that trains visual attention.
Letters And More 1.3.0 APK
Leripa AB
Letters and More is designed to help students learn and use thealphabet in a fun way. Students will practice finding the initialletters in words, spelling and trying to write words. The programconsists of six different activities. Letters and More is aninspiring program designed to teach the letters of the alphabet. Itis also designed to help students read and write the names of 450common objects. Word clouds Click on the words on the clouds thatstart with the letter at the top of the screen.Match words andpictures The bee shows a word. Click on the cow showing the rightimage. The Word House Here you see a picture of a hatch in the roofof a house. Spell the word.You can always click on the hatch if youneed help.Writing Here you can write any words you want. If theword is in the program's word list, you will see a picture of itand hear the word. Type your name or any word not in the word listand you will get a flower reward when you press “OK” or the "Enter"key. You can choose to work with upper-case or lower-caseletters.Spell the Word The letters of a word are shown and spokenone at a time. Remember the word and type it in the boxes below. Ifyou make a mistake you hear an error sound. The bird sings when youspell a word correctly. Click on the washing to get somehelp.Remember Words Here a bee flies across the screen carryingwords. Try to remember them. Select the correct molehill a flowergrows. If you click the wrong word a mole comes out of a molehill.
Spelling Mix 2 1.0.0 APK
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The sequel to Spelling Mix is finally here!Spelling Mix 2 is aneducational app designed for language and literacy development atpre-school, nursery, school, and at home. It includes over 300common english nouns in 8 different languages!To inspire andmotivate the child we use the following three activities:-ALPHABETICAL ORDER -This exercise is for the children who are moreadvanced in reading and letter recognition. You can choose onlyletters to be sorted in alphabetical order, words and even wordswhich starts the same. You can choose to show a section of thealphabet for assistance.- CAR RACING -The child then has to tap onthe letters in the correct order to spell the word. When they findthe right letter the barrier opens and the car can pass through. Ifthey choose the wrong letter or are too slow the barrier closes andthe car crashes!When the word is spelled, it will be transportedaway by a car.- GUESS THE WORD -This is a "hangman” exercise inwhich the child clicks on the letters to form a word.- OPTIONS -Tapthe button A-B-C to choose between uppercase or lowercaseletters.Tap on the flag to change language. The following languagescan be selected: English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Danish,Norwegian, Dutch and Italian.Tap the candy icon to get some help inSort in alphabetical order.Tap the car button to the left to setthe car speed.Tap the icon with a picture to show an image in thegame.