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Wicked Witch Casino Slots is a trip down theyellow brick road where the Wicked Witch of the West turns the Landof Oz into a magical Slot Machine. Grab a broomstick and flythrough the Emerald Kingdom where SPELLBINDING PAYOUTS await you.Be amazed as the Wicked Witch conjures up BEWITCHING JACKPOTS justfor you!

★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★

►Look into your crystal ball and pick up to 5 bet lines in thisuncanny Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine!

►Be mesmerized by the otherworldly HD Graphics, the stunning HDSound, & the MYSTICAL payouts!

►Magically Auto Spin your way to SUPERNATURAL wins!

►A spell is cast to make Wild Symbols replace ANY Symbol!

►Be captivated by the 3D slot machine handle that feels like you’reat a real Las Vegas casino!

► Eerie Level Up System gets you mysterious Free Coins, handy ExtraLines, & Higher Max Bets!

► Lucky Wheel Prizes gives you a fun Free Prize once a day &batty Bonus Coins fly in every 4 hours!

The Wicked Witch of the West is one of the most misunderstoodwitches in literary history. She was simply unhappy because shenever got anything that she really wanted. In this Free Slots, theWicked Witch travels back in time with the intent of gettingrevenge on Dorothy, who threw water on her causing her to melt intonothingness. The Wicked Witch even planned on stealing Dorothy’sred shoes. But something strange happened. The power of theenchanted Casino Slots turned the Wicked Witch’s heart slightlyless evil. She decided that she wanted something more than revenge.The Wicked Witch wanted players to win magical jackpots in her FreeSlots. She commanded her flying monkeys to pluck sparkling diamondsand iridescent jewels from the trees of the Emerald Kingdom. TheWicked Witch grabbed her broom and flew over the lands of theCasino Slots. She waved her magic wand with a delighted cackle. Aglittering shower of good luck fell onto all players of the FreeSlots. Dorothy, Toto, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and thewizard of Oz admired the Wicked Witch’s change of heart. Theyhelped her collect more magnificent jackpots for players that werefilled with gold coins and untold treasure. Everyone who followsthe yellow brick road is sure to find Free Bonuses and immensefortunes. Winning wonderful jackpots is an enchanting adventure inWicked Witch Casino Slots.

App Information Wicked Witch Casino Slots

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    Wicked Witch Casino Slots
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    May 3, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    PlayMe Studios
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    10,000 - 50,000
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    100 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02114, USA
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Kitty Sparkles Free Slots has the BIGGESTJACKPOTS and is the HIGHEST PAYING slots experience in the Googleplay store! Play with cute kittens in Full HD & Win AmazingPrizes, all in the palm of your hand.★★★Game Features ★★★★►Classic 3 Reels Slot Machine►Free Bonus Coins Every Four Hours!►Mega Wins, Huge Payouts & Insane Jackpots!►Wild Symbols Replace Any Symbol For Double Diamond Rules►Feel like you’re in Vegas with HD Graphics & Sounds and Our 3DSlot Machine Handle!►More Chances to Win with Your Choice of up to 5 Bet Lines!►Sit Back, Relax & Watch the Winnings Roll in Using the AutoSpin Feature►The More You Play the More You Win! Level Up System Gets You FreeCoins, Extra Lines & a Higher Max Bet!DescriptionKitty Sparkles is the ultimate free slots experience for all catlovers. If you’re a cat person, you are about to experience thegreatest casino slots game of all time. Kitty Sparkles features aton of cute kittens, playfully dancing around the screen as theytry to unravel the jackpot for you. Kittens of all differentcolors, shapes, and sizes will flash up on your screen as theseadorable little creatures try to help you take home a stack ofgold.Kitty Sparkles Free Slots will transport you to Las Vegas and makeyou feel as if you are playing a real slot machine. Thehigh-definition graphics and sounds featured in this machinedeliver a remarkable gameplay experience that rivals the realthing. This Casino Slots masterpiece even features a 3D slotmachine handle, just like the ones in Vegas. You don’t have totravel all the way to Vegas anymore; you can now experience thethrill of playing slots from your mobile!Kitty Sparkles Free Slots also gives you a wide range of ways towin big. Wild Symbols will replace any symbol for double diamondrules, which means more significant wins for you more often. If youare lucky enough, a free spins feature will be triggered that willmake you rich! A level up system will also be in play, rewardingyou the more you play with free coins, extra lines, and a highermax bet. Free Slots has never given the player so much power, withthe odds stacked so far in your favor that you’d be crazy not toplay!The cat lovers’ dream has become a reality. Finally, a Casino Slotsgame has been brought to mobile that features cute kittens galore!You’ll be entertained from start to finish by these fluffy littlecreatures, and the payouts and jackpots along the way will make iteven more fun. So don’t waste another second, download KittySparkles Free Slots and experience the fun of casino slots!
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