1.5.0 / May 9, 2016
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With this App you will be able to get all your widgets in the edgeview.Enable this App at Settings / Edge Screen / Edge Panels andgive it permissions to overlay over all Apps.After that tap on +button in order to get your widget list and select the ones youwant.You can change the height and position of every widget aswell.* Only for Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7 Edge, S8, S8 +, S9& S9 +Enjoy!

App Information Widget Manager for Galaxy S8 & S9

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    Widget Manager for Galaxy S8 & S9
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    May 9, 2016
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    Android 6.0 and up
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    Bilbo Soft
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    Padre Pernet, 1 - 5 48004 Bilbao
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Notifications Wear for Gear S2/S3/Sport 1.3.18 APK
Bilbo Soft
With this app you can read on your Gear all the notifications youreceive on your mobile and also reply to many of them usingpredefined answers, with a small keyboard or by voice.*** THIS APPNEEDS A SAMSUNG GEAR APP from Gear Manager - Samsung Galaxy Appscalled Notifications Wear Style for Gear S 2. Go there and installit first. This App will be installed automatically after that.***By default are including many of the messaging Apps and Gmail,but you can include the others you want.If you want to includeother notifications, you must activate it at settings menu, so thatevery time you get a new one, it ask you and if you answer Yes,then the following ones will be shown. If you change your mind thenyou can change the allowed or denied Apps in the Notifications menuoption. Now the App has 2 interfaces:First one:The initial purposeof the app is to emulate the behavior of notifications Android Wearin our Samsung Gear.screens:– 1: Background photo of the contact(if possible) and outline notification– 2: The entireNotification.– 3: If an image is downloaded you will see here (notalways is visible)– 4,5,6: Answer options if any.If the actionbackground is blue, the action will take place on mobile.If theaction background is red, the action will take place on the gear.Inthe clock, we have predefined responses but you can include yourown answers. To do this you have to edit the file located in theroot of your SD called GearOptions.txt .To change between screensyou have to do a swipe left or right. If you are in the firstscreen and do one swipe to the right, the notification will bedeleted in the watch and phone. Second one:Only one screen with thewhole message and options.Both:When there is more than onenotification on the clock the notifications number appears in thetop. To change from one to another, use the bezel.The notificationsfor the same contact who are stored in the watch are grouped.Tapping on the number a new screen will show a summary of allmessages. If you tap on any of them you will see it in detail.Ifthe App doesn’t connect (The Menu button has a red background),tapping the button takes you to a zone configuration to try toconnect. When not working, the best way is to deactivate and thenreactivate the bluetooth on the phone.In the configuration screenyou can also enable or disable the notifications on the clock.Donot use Whatsapp Beta version for this App, because it could giveyou problems!* This App has a Try & Buy that allows you to testthe App and receive 100 notifications.
Notifications for Gear S 123 & SPORT 1.8.7 APK
Bilbo Soft
Compatible with Samsung Gear S, Gear S2, Gear S3 and Gear SPORTThisApp will send to your Samsung Gear these notifications andsometimes reply to them with predefined messages:- Gmail- WhatsApp-Line- Kakao Talk- Viber- Hangouts- BBM- WeChat- Telegram- GoogleNow- Facebook Messengerand the others you want.*** New option tosend new WhatsApp messages. Read the Help.In some notificationsthere are actions, you have to tap on it to execute it. Forinstance, for replying a whatsapp.You select the Apps that you wantto receive Notifications or not.Do not use Whatsapp Beta versionfor this App, because it could give you problems!If you find anybug, please send an email to [email protected] in order tocorrect it.You can try this other App as well Notifications forSmartwatcheshttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pacosal.nfsw
Notifications for Gear Fit 1.2.9 APK
Bilbo Soft
This App will send to your Gear Fit these notifications:Only validfor Gear Fit 1, for Gear Fit 2 we have another App herehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pacosal.gear.notificationsgearfit2Youcan see notifications in your Mobile and select the Apps that youwant to receive Notifications or not.You can select the vibrationsnumber for every selected App.In some cases you can reply as well.If you find any bug, please send an email to [email protected] order to correct it.If you have any suggestion, please send anemail to [email protected] in order to implementit.SAMSUNG_CUP_ENABLEDSAMSUNG_GEAR_FIT
Auto Reply for WhatsApp 2.6.6 APK
Bilbo Soft
With this App you can automatically reply to the Whatsapp messagesyou receive. It is based on rule making. You can name the rules andeach rule saves the number of times it has been executed.✔ You cananswer a specific contact to a contact group or Whatsapp group.✔You can reply only if the received message contains the words youwant. For this you can use regular expressions.✔ You can answer thetext you want, but there are also system replies to send yourlocation, to make your phone ring, or to send the contact andmessage to an external system that processes it and sends anothermessage back.✔ You can make each rule active on any day of the weekand within a certain time interval.✔ You can put a delay in theanswer.✔ You can make the rules active for a certain period of timeand deactivate them once executed until that time passes. In thisway you can set several rules to the same contact that are executedone at a time to not always send the same reply.More information inthe App help.There is a version of this App for Whatsapp forBusinesshttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pacosal.caw4bDoyou use Facebook Messenger? there is an Auto Reply App for FacebookMessengerhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pacosal.cafbDoyou use SMS?, There is an AutoReply for SMShttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pacosal.casmsWriteto [email protected] if you have any kind of problems.
Fast Message Wear for Whatsapp 2.1.5 APK
Bilbo Soft
OptionsThe App has 2 options:– Sending a normal message. You will see the contact list savedthat previously have sent a whatsapp message to you (and you didnot have any whatsapp message unread)– Sending to your favorite contact. If you have selected afavorite contact in mobile contact list, you can send a fastmessage to him.¿How do I get the contact list?This App saves the new contacts and allows you to send them newmessages. To save new contacts the App needs that, at first, youdon’t have any messages unread at Whatsapp.The App is always learning and adds new contacts to the list,but if you reboot your mobile or updates the App, the contact listwill be lost.LimitsBy default, the App let you to send 15 messages in order to tryit. If you want to send more messages, you can buy the Premiumoptions at menu.ExperimentalTry the exprimental option to send whatsapp at menu
Notifications for SmartBand Talk 1.3.3 APK
Bilbo Soft
With this app you can read on your SmartBand Talk the notificationsyou receive on your mobile and also reply to many of them, withpredefined answers.By default are including many of the messagingApps and Gmail, but is fully configurable at App Options.Go to SonySmartBand App / Notifications and disable all the NotificationsApps that you want to receive in this App and be Sure you enablethis One.Is a good thing to keep this App always open because thisway when a notification arrives you will see directly in this App,otherways you will have to open this App in order to read it.Anyway, you will receive a normal notification from this App toalert you.If you want to include other notifications, you mustactivate it so that every time you get a new one, it ask you andthereafter will show it. If you change your mind then you canchange the allowed or denied in the Notifications menu option. Ifenabled, then on the notifications screen you can see which appshave enabled and which not and delete whereappropriate.NavigationWhen a new notification arrives it will show.You will see the App icon and if there is reply option the replyicon as well. In order to change of message, you can use thevolumen buttons. At the end of the messages will see a button forDelete All messages.Tap on a message to read it. You can read itusing the volumen buttons. You will find a Delete message button atthe end and a Reply button if is allowed in this notification.Tapon Reply button and you will see a list of predefined messages. Youcan select the answer using the volumen buttons. Tap on a anwser tosend it.You can use predefined messages in order to reply somenotificacions like whatsapp, gmail and hangouts. In case you wantto add your own predefined messages you have to edit the file youwill find at your sdcard root called: SmartBandOptions.txtWhysometimes I can and sometimes I can not answer?This App readnotifications through the API and can only access the possibilityof answers (whatsapp) when no notification waiting on mobile.Whenthe notification is extended (as you can see in the mobile), thenyes you can and gives the possibility and also stores it for thenext time the same contact or send the same group further notice.So the app learns, but lost the data each time the phone isrebooted or the App is updated.HangoutsSince last Hangouts update,You must install Android Wear App in your mobile in order to getreply options in this Apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.wearable.AppWorkswith: SmartBand™ Talk SWR30.
Notifications for Gear Fit 2 & Sport 1.2.4 APK
Bilbo Soft
With this app you can read on your Gear notifications you receiveon your mobile and also reply to many of them.If you want toinclude other notifications, you must activate it so that everytime you get a new one, it ask you. If you change your mind thenyou can change the allowed or denied Apps in the Notifications menuoption.You can use predefined messages reply some notificacionslike whatsapp, gmail and hangouts. In case you want to add your ownpredefined messages you have to edit the file you will find at yoursdcard root called: GearOptions.txtSelect some notifications forthis App and other for Samsung Gear Manager, but don’t select thesame notification in both Apps because you will receive duplicatenotifications and will find some conflicts.ConfigureAt GearManager, select Notifications and select only the Apps you want toreceive at default Gear Notifications App. Don’t select the sameApps in both Apps to avoid duplicates.Problems?If you don’t receivenotifications, check these:– This App is allowed to read yournotifications in Settings / Security / Notifications access– ThisApp is checked in Gear Manager / Notifications– Reboot bothdevices– Check that at Gear Manager / Notifications you don’t havethe option “Do not show notifications if the device is in use”enabled. Send new WhatsApp or Telegram Messages. How to do it?TheApp supports sending new WhatsApp or Telegram messages to newcontacts.All the WhatsApp or Telegram messages that you receivewill have a new option to send “New WhatsApp Message” or “NewTelegram Message”. When you tap it, the App will send you a newnotification with a button. If you tap the button, you will see theStored Contact List. Select the Contact and you will receive a newnotification that you can Reply in order to send the real messageto you contact. The Contact List is filled with the contacts thatpreviously have sent to you a message.It sounds difficult, but onlyfirst time.Hangouts ReplySince last Hangouts update, You mustinstall Android Wear App in your mobile in order to get replyoptions in this App.This App in only installed in your mobile, notin your Gear Fit You can try this other App as well Notificationsfor Smartwatcheshttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pacosal.nfsw
Notifications Plus for SmarWatch 2 1.4.9 APK
Bilbo Soft
This App will send to your Sony Smartwatch these notifications:-Gmail - WhatsApp- Line- SpotBros- Viber- Hangouts- BBM- WeChat-Telegram- Facebook Messengerand the others you want.This App isspecial because from your SmartWatch you can:- Go to previous ornext notifications swiping Up or Down- Read the whole notificationswiping Left- Reply some notifications tapping in Action buttonwith predefined messages or with a small keyboard- See the contactpicture or sent picture tapping in it- Delete a Notification with along touch- *** Now you can send new Whatsapp messages from yourSmartwatchYou can change text size and color of the messages of theSmartwatch at settings menu.*****************You can seenotifications in your Mobile and select the Apps that you want toreceive Notifications or not.You can select the vibrations numberfor every selected App.If you find any bug, please send an email [email protected] in order to correct it.If you have anysuggestion, please send an email to [email protected] in orderto implement it.Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2SmartConnect extension for Notification APISmart extension forSmartWatch 2 notification