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Are your trying to steal wifi password orsearching for a free WiFi connection?. Now hack WiFi passwordeasily of any network around you with faster, Free WiFi passwordhacker Application. A most reliable and extra fast hacking orhacking tool to get all secret wifi network codes or rest wificonnection to get wifi master key.Get the password of any securedwireless network connection (WiFi).

You change the wifi key of your friends wireless internetconnection.Hack WiFi passwords of wireless connection of sameconnection or wire and prank your friends that your are guru andmaster in password soling.

After hacking a secrete wifi connection your even change thewifi master key to get fool your friends. Show your self a guru inhacking of very secret and hidden passwords with WiFi passwordhacker prank application.

Having a technical genius mind! Enter into the world of hacking, hacking and become your self a master in steeling hidden andsecrets passwords( WiFi Password ), bank ATM pin codes, etc of youruniversity lab, school lab, office and friends. A prefect joke toplay on friends and family!

Start the application and scan for all available list of WiFinetworks around. Select the WiFi account you want to hack and afake password will be generated for it! .They will think you justhacked into their WiFi account!


Hacking, hacking or steeling is a crime world wide.WiFi hackerPrank is only a joke app. It is not a real hacking application. Itdoes not steel WiFi passwords in real. All passwords generated arerandom and fake!

App Information WiFI Password Hacker - Prank

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    WiFI Password Hacker - Prank
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    May 1, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    1,000 - 5,000
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Recharge your battery directly from solarpower. Solar charger is a new battery charging application thatcharges your battery directly from sun as a main power source. Justput your android device near to sun or room light it will be startcharging your android phone battery quickly.Power of sunlight (solar power ) is capable to charge yourandroid phone. you just need to install a best solar batterycharger application in your mobile phone . Solar battery Chargeruses the phone's light sensor to charge battery. When your lightsensor detects some light is increasing on it. it start charging ofyour mobile using that solar power.Just a few minutes in the light and you will see your batterylevel increasing.Better than other solar charging apps in themarket.Simply start the app put it in the sun and watches the magic ofcharging the battery with the power of sunlight. If you cover thesolar panel with your hand in the evening, then the charging willnot start.Tell your friend your are charging your battery ofandroid phone using direct sunlight with the help of solar chargerprank charging application. This is Solar battery chargertechnique. This applicationconsumes energy from your battery.Features:- Solar charger recharges phone battery quickly- Realistic Solar Panel Like Graphics with easy to use GUi- Extra Faster : Charge your phone faster with this Solar Chargerfor Android MobileDisclaimer:Charging android phone directly from sunlight or solar light is notyet possible. Please care your phone screen directly from sunlight.This application is a prank and developed for fun and entertainmentpurpose only.
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QR & Barcode Scanner is the fastest, BestFree QR / barcode Reader & scanner Application. Make yourandroid device a best QR reader. QR & Barcode Scanner is a veryimportant app for every Android device.QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code reader has user friendlyInterface. Simply move your device along the point to QR or barcodeyou need to scan and QR reader will give you best scanning resultwith no time. It will automatically detect and scan Barcode and QR.For best scanning result place barcode tag under scanningrectangular red line and wait for the result.Features► QR Reader can scan and read all QR / barcode very fast.► Use QR Reader for best Scanning result of Text, url, ISBN,product, contact, calendar, email, location, Wi-Fi and many otherformats.► After scan QR Code it provides user with best relevant choice toshop or browse the result or search item online► QR & Barcode reader is a best free price compare tool to savemoney.