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Hunting animals in jungle is primitive nature of human. Huntingwith stones have changed to modern hunting ways with sniper gunsand modern hunting rifles. Shoot the wild animals from miles. Withlens scope every hunter has the vision of a golden eagle. Wildhunters national park rescuers and safari park protectors from thewild animal attacks.Animal Hunter Hunting without hurting yourselffrom the wild animal attacks. Before it comes back to you tenfolds. If you dream of hunting in real 3D jungle environment stepinto this virtual reality now fulfill the hunting challengesagainst the time and animal attacks. Now kill the bear, bore andstags in one hunting go. Hold your breath and aim precisely. Don’tmiss shots by getting distracted by the jungle environment. Focuson animal hunting targets and never lose control of the game. Bestsniper in your hands. Test your animal hunting skills with lethalanimal’s attacks. Avoiding the lion’s strike and ending the threatbefore it takes wild animal jungle hunter’s life is rewarding inthe wild animal hunting jungle adventure game. With latest guns andhunting rifles, auto reload comes free. Enjoy the fast pacedhunting and shooting full of action. Exciting thrill of locatingand targeting the wild animals is guaranteed in the game. Unlimitedammunition in sniper hunting guns to aid in the hunting questsaround the globe. Travel from the forests to the wild safarijungles and face the danger like a man. Eradicate the dangers andthreats from the forests to save the wild life and maintain abalance in the eco system. Wild Animal Hunting Jungle Adventure2018 feature: • Unlimited ammunition to hunt the entire jungle ofthe wild animals. • Skilled hunters’ 3D quest with latest guns. •Bag the biggest animal in the whole forests and safari jungles toclaim the ultimate hunter title • Simple yet entertaining gameplay• Multiple locations for hunting the biggest animals. • Fullyfunctioning advance hunting gadgets • Kill the deer, bear andwolves, kill the wild animal 3D creatures • Don’t make noise so theanimals will disappear • Limited time to complete the targetshooting before the hunting mission fails. Exotic animals freelyroaming around the jungles without any care. Hunt them down andkill the beasts. Finish the danger to the humanity from the wildout of control. Safari creature chasing Recreation arcade will bethose best spare amusement on increment your certainty level toconfronting monster animals in lion, elephant, What's more bears.This wilderness creature chasing diversion may be a finish testwith your visional what’s more tuning in abilities. Animal Hunter2018 Concerning illustration you enter in the wildest woodland ofthe world, with the goal stay with it clinched alongside brain asingle relaxing callous might cause your death, thereabouts keepyour firearm stacked Furthermore hold it in your hand Furthermorehit Likewise quick as you might same time you perceive At whatevercreature What's more turned into the true creature executioner.Genuine woodland creature seeker amusement need a portion directionbook devices will gain in the recent past starting, don’t miss thetarget and don’t shoot in the sky. In the recent event, you arefacing a huge battle between savage cruelty and animal hunting.Infiltrate in their territory and shake it up for them. Let themknow a real hunter has entered their home and he will not gowithout bagging all the dinosaurs. Spill their brains out with thesniper bullet tearing apart their skull.https://www.facebook.com/SagaGamesInc https://twitter.com/?lang=en

App Information Wild Animal Hunting Jungle Adventure 2018

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    Wild Animal Hunting Jungle Adventure 2018
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    September 25, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Saga Games Inc
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    Saga Games Software Solutions Tech Vally. 19/F., CMA Building, No.64 Connaught Road, Central,
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Now ride a realistic horse. In this world of horse racing, unlockthe pure breed horses with achievements and become best at theauthentic Pony racing of horses. Addictive gameplay & highquality rich environment help for the best Horse Stunts racing gameexperience. From to stallion to Arabic breeds, all kind of horsesfrom around the world race in the “🏇 Horse Racing Track Farm Riding🏇 ”. The competition of the hurdle jumping and running over thecross bars in the field is pretty fierce and need the utmostattention of the horse rider. Focus on the track, calculate thedistance between the obstacles and the horse beforehand. Thisseries of horse racing starts with clap from the audience for thebest horses. Make it sure, at the end of the race, your horseshould be the one to be getting praised. Whip it up and become thebest jockey in the business. Long haired stallion are full ofenergy, push the limits with speed and quickness. Reach thedestination with highest points of jumping and clean stunts. Ponyracing jumping horse world championship 2018 Don’t break thehurdles, own the course and beat all the challenges of the hardesthorse racing & farm riding which are put in front of you.Become the king in front of thousands of audience, spectators. Youropponents are tough horse racing candidates on the track, don’t letthem win easily. Toe to toe mind boggling tussle for victory, getready to race for the glory and winning in the horse racing trackfarm riding. Celebrate the win after the hard work on the track,pat your buddy horse and become the best jockey in the sports.Nocarriages in the back, no towing behind the loads, this is race forthe free horses. Now there is no limit to the adventure &thrill of the horse racing track farm riding, as you progress inthe game and unlock the most powerful horses. Take this racingexperience into new extremes, medals and glory is the purpose ofour horse jockey, winning horse races is the mission of his life.Horse Racing & Jumping Simulator 2018 Game features:🏇 Push thespeed for horses to accelerate & jump fences and cross hurdles🏇Power, stamina, speed and breath power bars on screen for betterjudgment of the horse performance.🏇 Really lengthy and smoothtracks for horse, diverse environments like farms and city builthorse racing tracks.🏇 Make the record times for completing laps ofthe course in immersive environments🏇 Collect the speed bonuses andthe coins on the track for extra credits on the horse track. 🏇 Realhorses and realistic simulation🏇 Amazing animation on the horsejumping over the fences and making the stunts possible🏇 ArabicHorse racing track farm riding is free to get from the Google PlayStore, grab a copy right now for free. We appreciate your feedback,tell us about your likings about this games through the reviewcomments. Join us at the Social Media as well:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/SagaGamesInc/Twitter:https://twitter.com/sagagamesinc
Dragon Race Ultimate 1.0 APK
This dragon racer simulation in the modern times is thrilling andfull of fun. Massive wings for massive Warfare destruction infuturistic environment. Fly over cliff of death. Death targetflying in front of you, take out the opponents. Flames and firesangers the dragons so they spit fireballs and show the angertowards enemies. 3D fantasy and ultimate experience of dragonflying is like a pilot simulation. This dragon race ultimate isancient dragon flying portrayal. Herds of dragons flyingeverywhere. City of flying dragons is unlimited flight simulationof giant beasts in the air. Ultimate animal lover experience forall the game lovers. Magical and fantasy world of dragon flying isabout to get real. No more dragon extinction from the face of theearth. A village full of dragons, vicious creatures of bloodsucking natures are after each other throats. Fire breathingdragons flying around cities and scaring people in modern days.Farms and buildings, everything is under radar. Impressive beastsamong the dragon battlefield confronting each other, become themaster of dragons with command over them. Legends of these monstersare true and build on real incidents. Master run through the wilds,play freely without a need of master app lock to hide thisperfectly alright game for everyone. Classic game of action withdragon using fury to make the enemies forfeit to them. Raise thebaby dragons like pets and raise them to become your most dangerousweapon against the cruel enemies. World of dragons is no mystery,most strong is going to live long so become the fierce dragonwarrior to slay the enemy. Supersonic flying speed will take thedragons to the destination faster. Dragon Race Ultimate features:•Realistic Graphics is used in this amazing • Real dino ridingexperience.• Multiple missions of difficult dragon flying throughlava and arctic no man’s land. • Realistic high quality soundeffects with thrilling background music• Long campaigns of dragonflying, pass through gateways to clear the missions• Burning lavaand dead mountain environments with flying fire crumbs• Pass overthe bridges and amaze the train passengers• Flying stunts withtilting the screen and do swirls.• Avoid pointy hills to save thedragons from killing• Virtual 3D reality and extreme HD view.• Cashrewards and wide range of flying monsters.• Special racing tracksin ancient mountains over the deadly seas.Beast dragons are notsome zoo animals. Speed boosts and long journeys on the tracks inthe air specially designed for the dragons. Amazing simulationcontrols like a roller coaster. Best dragon racing game on theadventure racing category. 3D Adventurous dragons flying aroundcity streets racing like child around the block. Full of action andthrill, real flying simulator. Dodge the evil and pass through thetreacherous bridges successfully. 3D racing fantasy in adventurelands furious riding is best racing game experience. Avoid firecrumbs and rival dragons and reach the destination first for theprey. With massive dragon wings bypass through the tunnels and darkmountain valleys. Unique racing challenges enhanced with the boostsand speed jumps. Dragon race ultimate rush drive is about avoidingonslaught attempts by the treacherous enemies hiding under thehills. Great savior with great firepower spitting fire balls overthe mountains. Angry beasts defeat enemies with brutal action.Unlock superior dragons and build a family of dragons.
Tractor Driver Agri Farm 1.0 APK
Tractor Farming Crop Harvest Driving Game 2018 Best drivingadventure in the tractor driver, while you transport goods, deliverstock and provide food to the citizens. Agri farm simulation is thebest heavy tractor job. Heavy duty tasks like pulling the tons ofloads of trolley with the tractor. Take as extra, harvester job inthe tractor driver game to top all the farmers in growth &productivity of your food. Heavy duty of goods transport to thegrain market across city maps in the challenging driving task, andnot every driver is up to take it. Glimpse of cityscapes from thefarm area deceives the distance that tractor driver will have tocover to fulfill the farm transporting chores. Elite driving,handling and controlling on the most rough roads while you aretransporting the goods. Legendary farming competitions are on, sobe prepared to show your skills as the tractor driver.Ignite theengine and take the tractor to the plow and other agriculturemachines. Drive on muddy farm roads and slippery paths, reachdestination in time. Clear up the head for the real tractor drivingfull of challenges. Best game experience is for winners, bringmaximum stars to the board, do the maximum transport tasks toachieve it. Thrilling simulation for you to get worked on, hands onsteering wheel and eyes on the road will make it possible. Collecthay and grass to feed animal, make shelter out timber, raw woodfreshly cut from old trees. Trim the plants at the boundary hurdlesand spikes to make proper farm appearance. All farm ranchmanagement in the tractor driver agri farm are purely relatable tospending a weekend at a farm. Put the farming boots and ignite theimmense horse powered tractor trolley. Get in line to become thebest tractor farmer in the whole country. Compete with neighboringfarmers in yields and animals. Bring heavy tractor to fields, plowthe fields, get fields ready for cultivation and make the best outof the farming adventure. Farming of wheat cotton, rice and othermajor crops in the huge farm. Give a Booster to your Agriculturecareer with building storage units all over the farm. Make themaccessible by building little streets and carving paths to reachout with tractor trolley so you could deliver the final products tothe storage units.Real virtual farmer opportunity here. Fromwatering the fields and spraying the pesticides with tractor, takethe farming to the next level. Fulfill your harvesting dreams andmake money by selling your farm animals. Successful farmer careeris opportunity here. Educated farmers are blessing to consumers asthey increase productivity. Farm tractors and seedling harvestersconvert the money spent into revenue. Now is the chance to growdifferent plants. Manage the newly purchased animals in the openfields and natural environment. With the combination of farmingforage plow harvester and wheat farming tractor, agriculture hasbecome easy than before.https://twitter.com/sagagamesinchttps://www.facebook.com/SagaGamesInc/
Animal Safari Transport Truck 1.0 APK
Animal transport to safari park in transport truck. Tiny to giantzoo animals are going to safari parks. Wild animal delivery is newhorizon in animal safety. Animal control authorities want allanimal safe so zoo animals & circus pets are going to vastsafari clean environment specially designed for wild animals. Thisis a hectic cargo drive of animal safari transport truck.DriveAnimal Transport Safari Truck for zoo. From tiny to giants, allanimal safari members are transported from animal zoo to theprairie state safari park. Deliver bear and wild animal in PKtruck. Board of circus car racing, just work on animal flow tospeed up the animal delivery to the zoo. Animal transport is atotal circus train & wild game. This zoo game by saga gamesInc. is perfect field animal transport. Long drives on animal cargotruck can be hectic. Become the goal getter & play wild to getcircus car racing speed on the rough roads and jungle paths.Simulate & load Animal safari in to PK truck, gather the fieldanimals like pets and wild ones all over the place. Drive throughstrange lands & farmer fields to reach animal shelter. BestField Animals Pk Truck game to Play animal and deliver AnimalSafari to Pet and Animal shelter for providing Animal rescue.Attempt to save animal Circus Car Racing lunatics on road. Loadthem up in the Animal rescue Pk Truck with other Field Animals andtake them to safe location, & that’s what a goal getter do. Oneof best free animal games with animal cargo transport safari truck.Driver simulation of animal safari Transport Truck is legendary.Drive through super markets & builder cities. Before the houseturned to a wedding salon, all animals must go. No competition withimpossible moto bike racer so be calm while behind steering wheelin animal transport safari truck. Drive through rough terrain andshame the impossible moto biker with your driving skills. Supermarket vendors need new pet and animal for their pet store. Deliverthem exotic wild animals in the animal safari TransportTruck.Animal Safari Transport Truck is among exceptional animaltransport games. Truck lorry PK truck is ready to take the animalsto the safari for their safety. Best transport Truck animaltransfer from wild jungle to the safe safari. Take the train totransport animal from wild dangerous environments to the zoo andanimal care. It is time to move train games to a new direction andtransportation of animal becomes a decent driving job. Animaltransport zoo wild and farm animals consisting of livestock to thedestination bilaterally brilliant. Cargo ship full of animals ofdiverse kinds and nature arrived at docks, animal controldepartment need expert drivers of cargo trucks and special animaldelivery carrier to take the animal from the docks to theirdestinations in the far away suburban environment animal parks andsafe safari parks. Bring the best ecosystem to the animals bybringing them to more appropriate destination for them. Petanimal’s needs to be adopted, take them to cities.To control thecrazy gorillas and other deadly animals you must be ready to pullthe tranquilizer gun over them. Avoid danger save the citizens byrescuing them all over the city. Rather than hunting the ordinarybeer and deer you have to find shelter for these animals and drivethem there. Endangered citizen under the cheetah attacks need somegetting rid of the lethal animals from city. Do not even thinkabout hunting it, take it out of the city by putting it in thetruck and drive. Now is the time to check the parking skills ofparking trailer truck in the right parking spot with the loads ofanimals packed in the backs. Steep roads and adverse weatherconditions along the way are enough of a hackle to make the journeyimpossible to complete, so be careful at driving, chose the rightpace and stick toit.https://twitter.com/sagagamesinchttps://www.facebook.com/SagaGamesInc/
Bus Simulator City Driver: Highway Bus Parking 1.0 APK
Bus Simulator City Driver: Highway Bus ParkingLuxury bus Simulatorin the city environment. Highway Bus Parking is commuter service bycity driver. Bus simulator city driver is the metro bus easy driveon city and highway road. Bus Simulator City Driver: Highway BusParking is about dealing with loads of passengers just entering anddropping off of the city bus. One of the kind bus service in bigstylish and speedy traffic environment. Tourist transport is alldependent on the best driving of the local bus driver simulator.Realistic & authentic experience of Bus Simulator City Driver:Highway Bus Parking. Giant parking lots full of public transportbus simulator. Local bus parking is All sorts of driving andparking tasks are tested in the game. Take sharp turns and use therearview mirror for the parallel parking. Furious drive on theroads full of honking vans and cars. School kids are crossingstreets with no care, so slow down at the zebra crossing and becomethe responsible local bus driver simulator. Tourist coach have thenext gen graphics and the amazing personalized routes guide thedriver to the destination through maps and navigations.BusSimulator City Driver: Highway Bus Parking, a beautiful journey ofbus driving. Through street so Indonesia, highway bus parking isfastest way to commute in rush hours. Bus simulator city drivercomes with advanced transmission and detailed interior. This bus istop notch quality locomotive machine. Local bus driver simulationis the driving fun you have never tried before. Through deserts,snow lands and city environments, this local bus simulator isamazing. Bus Simulator City Driver: Highway Bus Parking, a heavybus drive. Coach simulation in areas full of traffic is realdriving challenge. Realistic buses with interior details &incredible vehicle driving experience. Double decker bus withsteering wheel control Pressure breaks & realistic honkingsounds of the cars integrated in local bus simulator city driver.Drive local bus among the split cities. Complex interiors andtinted windows are good for the passenger comfort. Realisticmissions of parking, gain the driving experience and become thelegend of the city roads and boulevards. Highway Bus ParkingBusSimulator City Driver: Highway Bus Parking features:• • Multiplepublic commute transport buses.• • Pick your favorite in the localbus public transportation conveyance to drive around city highway•• Off road tourist locations and dangerous mountainous paths androads• • Accurate city maps to guide and navigate the local busdriver from bus stop to bus stop.• • Take the transit bus to reachobjective destination with passengers safe and sound in BusSimulator City Driver: Highway Bus Parking.Bus Simulator CityDriver: Highway Bus Parking is total amazing bus simulation drivinggame. Press paddle to move, accelerate, brake, stop and avoidobstacle & obstructions crashing. Amazing bus driversimulation, & the lead is local bus driver in the Local BusDriver Simulation. Bus Simulator City Driver: Highway Bus Parkingis a Free parking game of the local bus driving simulation withthrilling quick simulators. Bus Simulator City Driver: Highway BusParking is Off off road challenge of the bus driver simulator isextensively detailed. Excel at the transit service and provide thebest value to the passengers.
Hungry Blue Whale Shark Attack: Shark Attack Games 1.0 APK
Survival against creature like shark take a lot of work for thesmall fish. Hungry and blood sucking sharks are hard to competewhen they attack with the fullest force. Explore through the bigocean and survive as the biggest bloody shark around. Sea worldhave rampages against small creatures. Shark attack hungry worldend in eating fleshy underwater fishes. Chase the prey through thesea underwater. Attack on the delicious food to have your share.White skin meat of fish sounds good to the sharks. Hammerhead sharkis among other kinds of the sharks in the game. Aquatic adventureof fish meat hunting underwater with crazy jawsome sharks. Darknessunderwater helps disguise and catch the prey unknown to the attack.No safe water for hunting these days, sharks attack near thebeaches killing people have riled them up. Shark hunter near beachlooking to kill some sharks. 3D effects and animation of huntingmakes all adventures more thrilling and blood rushing adrenalinepatches. Tourist swimmers consider entering it safe water aroundbeach area. Do not kill them. Shark attack beast sea animal isgiant and out of control. Biggest sea monster of beast underwatertaking lives is hard to capture. Under sea water waves sharksfloats silently and look for the boats to attack. 3D gameplay offishing objectives extraordinary in the graphics quality. Unlikeponds this ocean is dangerous full of dark. Commandos flying onhelicopters are on shoot all sharks order. Angry sharks are underthe monitoring of the precise sniper so they don’t attack people.Sniper skills can kill all sharks including the hammerhead sharks.Best 3D animal under water is tiger shark with forceful attack onthe small fish and swimming tourists on the beach. Crazy whalesalongside the sharks throughout the big ocean are the worst rivalryand danger to the shark’s kind. Shark Attack Hungry Worldfeatures:• Addictive shark attack on sea creatures underwater•Smooth 3D gameplay • Different levels of multiple hunting tasks. •Various aquatic themes to choose from• Play it on both smartphonesand tablets. • Make a strategy of pattern to catch the maximumInnocent people on the beaches, sharks attack is ready to take themas their delicious food. Victims makes the sharks hungry so theyattack people. Guarantee to be killed, beach has been locked.Underwater shark hunter killing machines are deployed byprofessionals. Shark attacks on mermaids is worst nightmare forthem. Take jetpacks and lasers to see better underwater. Shores andbeaches are full of survival attacks by the sharks. No proper foodunderwater brought Hungary attacking sharks up to the service.Submarines and whales frighten sharks, then they attack viciously.Shark swag boat smashing is crazy bosses move. Feast in a worldfull of meal deals. Ferocious sharks hungry attacks and mightybeast ready to eat fish. Sharks ruthless attacks are full of actionthrill and challenges. Raw attack moves while the sharks sailthrough salty sea waters. Keep killing and never stop chompingfresh fish meat. Warm waters full of swimmers on holidays. Underseapredator’s lethal attacks on harmless people.
Climb Drive Hill Ride Car Racing Game 1.0 APK
Jump over hill & climb to top in the climb drive hill ride carracing game 2018. Addictive driving game made for free. Aspiringracer journey towards hill station, defying physics rules andunique hill climbing environments. Massive open world is yourracing track to show the driving excellence. A unique upgrade forracing game fanatic, endure the new car racing on hillside tracks.Climb drive hill ride car racing game of advance mechanics of cars,jeeps, Prado, off road vans and big buses. In absence ofConstraints of limited vehicle choice, liberty to choose tracks& beautiful visuals. Hill ride 2018 car racing is full ofcompetitive events, playstyle variations & loads ofenvironments. Airborne driving stunts are one click away, downloadhill ride and crank up the heat in stunt performance scenarios.Unlimited Rewards offered for each climb drive hill rideachievement boost racers’ interest in hill ride car racing.Mountainous tracks to drag the racing car, conquer the field ofbonus unlocking, undermine driving challenges & road sideobstacles with best driving skills. Racing cars for stunts, mudracing, driving skills, time management, reaching destination fastand harnessing your nerves at time of absolute pressure.Rule theclimb drive hill ride tracks, which out excavator constructor builtfor you. Higher distances you go as reach higher levels in theclimb drive hill ride car racing game. Pass by the animal safari inthis amazing illustration of the racing track. Beach bikes &other off road vehicles are to accompany the journey besides theclimb drive hill ride car racing game. Become stunt profession onthe climb drive hill ride car racing game. Wild jungle and wildanimals, you must know where it is safe to park, be clear aboutracing mission objectives and reach destination in time. ClimbDrive Hill Ride Car Racing Game 2018 features: • Mountain roadsexcel 4x4 jeep driving, 2D racing and drag up cars uphilldestinations• Bubble up the achievement bag just to blow it upresulting in unlocking of new vehicles, environments.• Becomeracing madman, mesmerize audience with incredible stunts• Do theflips to reach ultimate scores, highest ratings for each level.Climb drive hill ride car racing game is Free to get at the GooglePlay Store, free from the hassle of in app purchases, now spendtime with amazing simulation and racing. Pressure on throttle,build up the thrust to leave starting line like a bullet. ShowCrazy Skills of control over stunt driving, flipping the cars inair, landing perfectly and bagging up the extra points each time.Join us at the social mediahere:https://twitter.com/sagagamesinchttps://www.facebook.com/SagaGamesInc/