1.0 / October 18, 2016
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For the newest wild animal safariadventure,drive your 4x4 offroad jeep into the world’s largestwilderness toexplore real jungle life. Play Wild Animal Safari Park2 game foramazing wildlife adventures & jungle escapechallenges.
Wild Animal Safari Park 2 is a real jungle adventure game.Driveyour 4x4 jeep and explore world’s wildest locations but becarefulwhile taking photos of jungle animals. Wild animals will getangryand attack you furiously. Save yourself from the wildestattack andescape wildlife attack. Your life is in danger. Drivefast throughthe thick forest terrain to a safe place. The realthrill of safariadventure escape form real animal attacks requiresextreme drivingskills.

Safari parks are crowded with dangerous fierce beasts liketiger,lion, gorilla and zebra. Avoid hurting any animal orshooting themwith hunting weapons to save ecosystem. This is notan ordinaryanimal hunting simulator, not a sniper hunter game aswell. Lovewild life, explore wilderness and take photos. Enjoy thereal zooenvironment and explore wildlife in African jungle. This4x4 safarihunting game has many wild animals, but stags, lions,rhinos andzebras will be your primary threat. It is not anordinary safarijeep driving game, but as you start your roughjourney, this wildescape game will land you in an epic survivalescape where animalattacks are usual. Drive fast and escape deadlyattacks from wildanimals like wolf, tiger and cougars.
Steer your off-road jeep in hill forest to enjoy lushgreenenvironment and sightseeing. Beware! Hippo, cheetah andelephantare out from their cages; running and hunting to prey. Ifyour caris in range wild animals will start running after you toattack, sobetter start driving super fast. Find a shelter soonbecause thesedangerous beasts like to pounce with sharp claws.Beware of hillyarea and bumpy roads as you travel to safedestination.


10 thrilling adventure levels explore wildlife safari park
Multiple 4x4 offroad safari jeep & cars to drive and parkinzoo
No harmful weapons like rifle gun for shooting orbloodviolence
Real life jungle with stunning places, waterfall and pond
Smooth controls for precise driving and car parking
Enhanced quality 3D graphics

Download Wild Animal Safari Park 2 for endless jungleadventure.If you like having unlimited family fun and traveladventures.

App Information Wild Animal Safari Park 2

  • App Name
    Wild Animal Safari Park 2
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 18, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Dragon Fire Z
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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In open world; From LA to San Francisco youhave made your mark as the most wanted criminal. Bewildering aboutcriminal pursuit; gangster boss is now ruling the syndicate incrime infected city. As chief of drug cartel it is time todouble-cross large mafias in neighborhood of Mexico. PlayCalifornia City Crime Stories, the latest action packed game fornotorious crime gang missions and police chase adventure in theopen world liberty city.Since your intriguing jail escape mission of Alcatraz prison,Chicago police and NYPD are searching for Crime boss. Thisjailbreak iteration made you Interpol’s most wanted criminal. Hardtime in prison amongst hardcore offenders and ruthless mobsterstaught you great lessons of criminal history. Use this valuableknowledge to pose a threat indark streets of Miami crime cities.Aggressive criminals of Rival gangs are secretly involved insmuggling & drug trafficking. To beat the competition you willfirst attack thugs home turf; start street wars with local gangs.On police chase adventure, extreme drive cars and thrash themthrough some car smashing. Kill your rival robbers and thief formoney. Live like a savage gangstar who has no mercy for weakness.Make money by stealing expensive cars and selling drugs instreets.To become a ruthless criminal boss write epic crime stories. Drivesupercars and whiteout the entire crime town as city shooter withyour notorious plans. Watch out for crazy police cars, they arechasing you. Bang cars and push overs to hit them even harder. Grabyour sniper rifle and seek vendetta against vicious thugs andhardcore criminals. Drive racing cars with all your driving skillsand try not to get scratch on expensive sports car.California Crime Empire Features:Storyline based intense crime missions in epic gangwarMultiple car driving missions in SUVs, sports cars & gigantictruckRealistic mad gangster city environment with AI traffic &minimapAuto physics controls for smooth driving and city snipershootingImmersive 3D graphics with widescreen viewDownload California City Crime Stories and completenotorious missions to stretch turf with terrific shootingaction.

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