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Wild Animals War is the battle of animals that happen everyday inthe safari.This fight could be very cruel and deadly as all of themare so aggressive.They are just so fierce to ensure they couldremain surviving till the end.This make the living environment islike a war place that nothing guarantee.It is nothing like a fortthat there are something help to prevent conquer.There is like notomorrow is promised and everyone fight for living at here.Wildlife animals is not a creature you could simply put online oroffline.Always stronger one will be able to survive in the battleand this is rule.You will understand the rules of living when youplay this Wild Animals War.You can see lion, tiger, bear, panther,cheetah and wolf in this game play.They are all the top classpredator in the wild safari that everyone scare.Non of the otheranimals would wish to meet any of them anytime or anywhere.They canonly hide in the fort which protect them from the other toconquer.They need to watch all wild life animals like non stoponline for secure.Simply because it is very high chance losing yourlife if you deal with them.If worst thing happen you can either runas fast as you can or fight to death.Maybe you could be the luckyone but usually this is not happen twice in life.We hope you wouldenjoy as much as you could playing with this Wild Animals War.WildAnimals War Features- End The Cruel Battle Of Animals- ProtectEagle From The Battle- Unlock New LevelYou must help to end thiscrazy battle and minimize the pain level.Build your own fort andstop other come and conquer you in anyway.Be the hero and stop thepainful moment in Wild Animals War now!

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    Wild Animals War
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    May 31, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Hero Battle War
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