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Welcome to the Epic Monster Adventure Game " Wild Apes City AttackRevenge: Mad Gorilla Rampage".It's a Real Gorilla Simulator 3dgame. In this Gorilla vs monsters dinosaur real fight games ,YouCan Fight with Different Incredible Monsters ,Grand City Gangsters,Transformation Robots as an angry King Kong to save the people ofthis skull island.Fight for Rescue the People and for Gorilla'sfreedom furiously while people attempt to reign you in thisIncredible Monsters vs angry King Kong Combat. In this MonkeyMonster Simulator vs Transformation Robot War game you are a hugeAngry Gorilla Rampage trying to destroy big city! Save people fromTransformation Robots in this Apes gang survival war at City. Youcan hand to hand fight in this Gorilla Games and Use differentWeapons To Kill the Monster and Destroy the Transformation Robot.Live life as real wild gorilla and survive like Real King of Kongin the wild age grand apes city revenge battle as long as you canwith Angry King Kong Combat. The most realistic and angry "GorillaSimulator" available on Google Play for Epic Monster Adventure GameLovers. Rampage through the city be a Angry Mad Gorilla Rampage.Wild Gorilla Games is a gorilla simulator games that you couldnever imaging before. In this wild gorilla simulator control yourultimate gorilla and attack on the Enemies and Save the city.GamePlay of Wild Apes City Attack Revenge: Mad GorillaRampageIncredible Monsters vs angry King Kong Combat is an actionadventure wars battle game where you craft your own legend questdestiny in Apes gang survival war at City. Use your attack fightingskills with aggressive Gorilla Rampage Kill the Skull IslandGangsters, Destroy the Transformation Robots in this Monkey MonsterSimulator vs Transformation Robot War. As a legend beast heroessurvival find Monster Dinosaur to fight with them as a realfighter. Rescue yourself by speed run racing from yeti hunterdinosaurs or attack them as master in this Gorilla Apes King ofdinosaur battle simulator game. As Apes gang hero survival herewill be not easy task. So Use Different Weapons to kill all theEnemies and Save the City in this apes gang survival war at City.You can also attack on gangster using gorilla attack humanspowers.play as wild ape and take down real human hunters in AngryWild gorilla rampage, city attack game. You're an angry King Kong,play as African smartest species like chimpanzees in this Rampage2018 game. The most realistic Gorilla Rampage Simulator availableon Google Play! Play as a real Gorilla in Jurassic era and getready for some realistic Gorilla adventures." Wild Apes City AttackRevenge: Mad Gorilla Rampage " Features :•Different Real Fight andRescue Missions. • Thrilling and challenging rescue and robotfighting missions.• Different Weapons Like Axe, Hammer, and DualSwords.• First ever apse vs Transformation robot battle game.•Amazing New Look of Wild Apes or Gorilla or Monkey also known asking Kong.• Intense battle of apes and furious monster robot war. •Beautiful 3D graphics and amazing stunning environmentAngry Apeshave to face fighting survival war with deadly shooting gun and hasto be precise to take critical strike of the grand robots in thisapes vs robots and apes vs bad humans apes games. The wild apesgrand survival war between apes vs robots has turned into finalbattle of revenge. The futuristic city superhero has become a meanof grand survival for all angry apes. The survival escape chargetotally depends on the combat skills of the grand angry apessuperhero. The critical strike, shooting skills are essential toeradicate the critical strike of furious robots and win the apessurvival escape mission. you have play many others Real GorillaSimulator 3d game or Gorilla Games Like Incredible Monsters vsangry King kong Combat, Monkey Monster Simulator vs TransformationRobot War but this Game is Much Different From all these GorillaRampage Games.

App Information Wild Apes City Attack Revenge:Mad Gorilla Rampage

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    Wild Apes City Attack Revenge:Mad Gorilla Rampage
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    April 3, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Dictator Game Studio
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Grow and play the ultimate of incredible monster superhero bulkgames 2017 and multi superhero transformer robot games of thecentury! In this modern bulk Superhero fighting games, experiencethe thrill in big man incredible Monster hero city battle bulkGames like never before. This unusual blend of monster bulk the bigman games and Bulk monster superhero robot transforming games willabsolutely make you Pro player in this superhero robot car games 3dhaving futuristic Bulk superhero robot city battle arena. You as ahuge bulk superhero have to take down your enemies and show thosepetite foes who is the Hero in this superhero Bulk monster robotfighting games 3d 2017! In the most intense bulk robot transforminggames, control Bulk monster Superhero fighting games, move fast tofinish off the malicious robotic forces and ace superhero robotcity battle in this transforming robot car games 3d superhero bulkgames. This Monster hero city battle bulk game has been speciallydesigned for the crazy Lovers of multi transformer robot games andBulk superhero robot fighting games 3d 2017; so that they can roamaround in this heroic superhero monster robot transformer gamesarena and test its mortal battle skills. This innovative superheromonster bulk the big man games will definitely become a benchmarkfor the admirers of monster superhero bulk games those desire utterexhibition of multi transformers robot games and superhero bulkgames. Knock punches with rapid intensity and prove to be asuperhero robot amidst this monster superhero robot city battle inthis fast-paced robot fighting games 3d 2017 with having Grand BULKSuperhero fighting games. Show off your speeding abilities and winthis jumbled war in none other than INCREDIBLE SUPERHERO MONSTERCITY BATTLE the invincible combo of Monster hero city battle bulkGames and superhero monster bulk the big man games.INCREDIBLESUPERHERO MONSTER CITY BATTLE GAMEPLAY:Let’s experience the one andonly the big man SUPERHERO MONSTER BULK vs ROBOT in final battlegame. It’s time for you to finish the incredible Superhero bulk vsrobot by using your unlimited powers and become a true implausiblesuperhero against gun shooters in the monster bulk superhero robotcity battle. Play and reveal how you can handle your fists and yourskills in incredible monster bulk robot fighting games 3d 2017. Bean Epic fighter and counter the enemy attacks, but do not toleratethe rivals to strike back. Enjoy the blend of robot car games 3dand incredible big man Bulk superhero robot transforming games withthe extreme Superhero fighting game simulator. You’re congenital torule the world then play and defeat your rivals with superheromonster BULK where victory is the purpose for neutrality in future.Get ready to test your fighting skills in this futuristicINCREDIBLE SUPERHERO MONSTER CITY BATTLEFEATURES:- IMMERSIVE BIGCITY ENVIRONMENT- FIGHT AND KILL LIKE A TRUE SUPER HERO MONSTERBULK!- REAL ACTION FILLED MISSIONS- ADDICTIVE SUERHERO MONSTERGAMEPLAY- REAL LIFE SOUND EFFECTS AND ANIMATIONS
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Prepare yourself for thrilling robot police helicopter Gameadventure, where police helicopter robot has to accomplishhelicopter rescue missions and fight with futuristic grand robotsas a flying robot transforming police helicopter for crime city inamazing war environment in this amazing police X robottransformation helicopter game . In this robot transformation game,the enemy robot helicopter or vigilant iron robot with futuristicsuper cars and futuristic grand robots will be enter in the grandcity and spread threat in the city So get involved various cityrescue missions against real robot or highly destructive robotflash superhero accompanied by their vicious leader flying robothaving deadly police robot helicopter air battle simulator toexpand robot wars or deadliest epic wars in beautifully designedbig city or survival city. This police helicopter air robottransformation robot battle is a challenging 3D helicoptertransformation robot game. This is specially designed for the fansand lovers of the police helicopter simulator games, policehelicopter super robotic battle games, police helicopters and otherpolice robot warriors games.Game Play of Police helicopterfuturistic air robot battle:The game play of this muscle policehelicopter robot transformation robot Game is very interesting anddifferent from other police helicopter rescue robot war games ,Itsa combo of fighting games because in this game you have chance tofight with different futuristic grand robots, Helicopter and superrobot cars, You as a police robot need to fight with all enemiesand destroy them. You can also transform into the police helicopterwith transformation robot animation and can enjoy the air battlewith enemies helicopter So press the transformation robot button toenjoy the air robot battle, As a US police helicoptertransformation robot hero ,its also yours duty to destroy the areaof crime city. You can also enjoy the flash speed by pressing theflash speed button. There are total 10 multiple combat action packlevels of this police helicopter rescue robot war game and You’llhave full control of police robot helicopter air battle and you canshow the people of the whole futuristic city as a real robot inthis police helicopter super robotic battle that you are anincredible super robot and have the combat skills to save the cityfrom violence in such a robot war games.Features of Policehelicopter futuristic air robot battle Game:• Transformation Robotanimation of Police helicopter into robot and robot to policehelicopter.• Fight with Different enemies like Futuristic grandrobots, Super Robot cars, Flying Helicopters and gangster.• EnjoyDifferent Controls of police robot Helicopter.• Futuristic HD, 3Dgraphics of real robot.• Missiles, gunship helicopter, combatshoot, gun fight, fire shoot and physics skills.• Realistic soundeffects of police helicopter shooting.In Police helicopterfuturistic air robot battle Game you will get engaged in cityrescue duty in beautifully designed futuristic city or realisticbig city as flash speed superhero robot along deadly war robot withflight simulator or helicopter simulator along with advanced flyingsimulator in various robot shooting missions of robot wars inGangsters city environment. If you love Futuristic Grand robots,Super robot fighting games, futuristic games, survival games,police robot helicopter games, shooting games, robot transformationrobot police helicopter games then Check out this new flying robottransforming police helicopter air battle game.In this Super flyingpolice robot battle game you can shoot missile on futuristic grandrobots, and helicopters when you are in the state of police robothelicopter in this robot fighting game. Futuristic robot helicopterwar are here so download this game enjoy War robots free game.
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Looking for some superheroes games then try this Super Flash SpeedHero vs Gangster Monster Battle, thrilling adventure of Mortalflash hero Squad City War.This is the heroic battle war ofSuperheroes with enemies. Now play this mortal flash hero game, anexcellent blend of all superheroes like super fly hero, bat hero,super Goku Saiyan hero,super wonder hero last but not the leastyour favorite incredible super monster bulk hero and all othersuperheroes. Super skilled legends Superheroes fighters like superWonder hero, Monster Hero came face-to-face one on one in thissuperheroes fighting game.Super Flash Speed Hero vs GangsterMonster Battle Game play:Mortal flash hero Squad City War Game is acity rescue game and modern super light superhero fighting .You asa strange hero of legend fighter, has to fight with Goku superSaiyan and defend the crime city from incredible monster,incredibleflying superheros and monsters gangsters in this best of fictionalSuperhero flash fighting games 2017. You as a super flash herogangster town superhero has only the super flash speed power ,Inthis super flash monster city hunter game you have a chance tofight with evil power and futuristic superheroes with hand to handcombats.Go to the Map location and kill the city gangster and savethe city from super evil powers and super monsters.Show all thesuperheroes that you are the more incredible for that incrediblemonsters in this incredible super flash monster war.Fight like asuper fighting hero and act like a professional fighter, be alegend of heroes with super speed light hero and labelled yourselfas champion of super rescue super speed light hero games and allsuperhero games 2017.Super Flash Speed Hero vs Gangster MonsterBattle Features. super fast hero character with super light speedmovement. Multi Player of super flash speed hero. Fight andsurvive like a true Super Speed Flash Hero! Realistic Super flashlight speed effects. Different Fighting levels with differentsuper heroes . Realistic Physics of super flash speedsuperhero.This Super flash hero city street crime battle games hasbeen specially designed for the crazy Lovers of multi super herogames and super flash hero grand monsters battle games; so thatthey can roam around in this heroic super flash superhero mutantwarrior city arena and test mortal flash speed skills of grandsuper flash hero simulator.You are the strange modern super lightsuperhero,with amazing fighting, lightning and flying power thatyour enemy terrorists, bad evils, and criminals have neverimagined. It’s strange that light hero is against them and someonetries to fight with modern crime city combat monster hero. Show thecriminals your light fighting and city battle skills, show theother superhero that light hero is the real superhero of 2018. Thisis a real battle between the light hero, flying superhero, monsterhero and all guys’ mafia criminals. People want to escape from themad boss of gangsters and mafia. Join Mortal flash hero Squad CityMortal War and win it with your strange light hero power and killeractions. Come to the city with a bang to win this battle, undergoevery task and win every mission with courage and your flyingrescue power like a hero. This fictional flash superhero games willdefinitely become a benchmark for the admirers of monster flashhero games.So play the ultimate of incredible superhero flash games2018 and multi monster flash superhero games of the century!Playfictional Superhero flash fighting games, experience the thrillwith electric speed powers of fictional flash hero simulator inspeed flash hero city like never before. This outlandish blend ofsuperhero games and super speed flash hero games will definitelymake you Pro player in this monster superhero speed flash fightinggames having speedster flash hero simulator within super flash herocity.
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Are you looking for some super hero war fighting games andsuperhero games? DGS is offering new arrival of black spider superhero games "Real Super SPIDER HERO ANTI TERRORIST BATTLE" for superhero spider guy 3d games lovers.Extraordinary black super flyinghero 3d is a city rescue and super Flying heroes fighting game withstealth missions. You as a strange spider super hero legend has toprotect the crime city in this best of superhero games and Amazinghero games. Be a part of this super hit Super Flying hero battleand great adventure of superhero games. Make yourself a super roguefor your enemies and for final superhero city battle. Strange superspider hero 3d is an action-packed adventure of rope flying mangames in vice town. Fight like a spider hero super strange war, bea legend of heroes and marked yourself as hero of super spiderheroes fighting games and spider super Guy hero final battlegames.Features of REAL SUPER SPIDER HERO ANTI TERRORIST BATTLE:•REAL BLACK SUPER SPIDER FLYING GUY HERO city battle in HighDefinition Graphics.• Super spider heroes fighting characters .•Realistic thugs, convicts and super-villains to fight with inAmazing hero's games.• Limitless thrill in spider battle andendless action spider survival missions.Have you ever imagined ofbeing a startling black super spider hero future war legend? Anaction extraordinary fly man 3d hero? Or another super hero? Thissuper hero final battle game is knocking at your door, you shouldprepare yourself for future black spider hero stealth missions 3d.Get ready for super heroes fighting and be a battle legend. Takepart in this strange spider hero future war, you are on a black flyman survival mission simulator, your mission is to clear the cityfrom future crime and surmount in this strange super spider hero 3dgames, so fight secretly as a superhero or a dark super hero. Makeyourself an amazing superhero legend like a rope man superhero inthis super heroes fighting game.You are every one's hope and theyare calling you My Superhero, show some stealthy action in strangespider hero super future war and do survival of your country andmake it secure in amazing black spider hero mission 3d. You areknown as a super flying spider hero strange war legend because ofyour flying tactics and no one can compete you in this superherocity battle. Offer some moving help to your people and show yourenemies some shooter skills in this strange hero black super spiderhero flying Guy 3d.GIVE YOUR REVIEW AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTSAND SUGGEST ANY IMPROVEMENT FOR OUR GAMES.
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Looking for some avengers fighting superhero games 2017 games withreal super captain american civil war action? DGS is offering newof super captain secret hero games"Captain USA Super Hero AvengerBattle" for Super Captain USA lovers.Have you ever imagined ofbeing a part ofstrange hero legend captain avengers fight? Anactioned super captain hero American fighting soldier in this supersoldier games and super avengers games? This super captain Americancivil war final battle game is knocking at your door, you shouldprepare yourself for legend captain avengers fight in this captainsuperhero games 2017. Get ready for super captain American fightingand conquer in this super captain secret hero games. Your duty isto clear the city from future crime with your avengers fightingskill and Rescue the People in this legend captain avengers fightsuper soldier game, so fight secretly as a Super hero and abolishall of your enemies in this one and only Captain USA Super HeroAvenger Battle. Captain USA Super Hero Avenger BattleGamePlay:Supercaptain american civil war is a city rescue and super captainamerican fighting game with stealth missions. You as a strange heroin legend captain avengers fight has to defend the crime city inthis best of captain superhero games 2017. Be a part of this superhit avengers fighting super soldier gameswith great venture ofsuper captain secret hero games and avengers game. Make yourself asuper villain for your enemies and for super captain american civilwar. This legend captain avengers fight is an action-packed voyageof avengers games and super soldier games in vice town. Fight likea super captain: American fighting hero, be a legend of heroes andlabelled yourself as champion of super captain secret hero gamesandall superhero games 2017.Features of Captain USA Super Hero AvengerBattle:• Avengers fighting High Definition Graphics• Super heroesfighting characters• Realistic gangsters, criminals andsuper-villains to fight with.• Unlimited thrill and endlessactioned strange captain hero survival stealth missions• BIGCITYGIVE YOUR REVIEW AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND SUGGEST ANYIMPROVEMENT FOR OUR GAMES.