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Get ready in this wild jungle epic escape mission, you have to useall your jungle survival hunting skills to survive in this safarijungle. If you are keen to go on hunting safari in the hunt forreal wild animals and deer then play this wild jungle survivalhunting game to experience this amazing survival game with therealistic environment and epic wild jungle environment. Hunt forthe real animals in this safari island now! In this survival escapemission you will have to use all your hunting and shooting skillsfor survive in this jungle!Be the fearless jungle sniper hunter onthe death frontier as the classic deer sniper hunter. Unleashskills for shooting as sniper shooter. Don't let the deerescape.You are an elite contract shoot wild safari jungle hunter,show your wilderness in the wild safari survival missions andjungle sniper hunting adventures.Enjoy the hunting adventure tofear with your mob of huge wild jungle hunters and strategize yoursafari survival.Ready, Aim and Fire! Get your hunting weapons andset out in the ultimate wild jungle environment for real wildanimals hunting experience. In this hunting games mission you haveto show your deer hunting skills to hunt the deer in the limitedtime duration.You may found many archery hunting games, or forestdeer hunting games but this elite hunter reloaded is somethingunique rather than other animal hunting games. Hunting wild animalsis fun and many people are keen interested in the animal hunting orbird hunting. This sniper shooting jungle hunting adventure gamesis fps hunting games 2017. You are alone in the wild jungle darkforest.During the jungle hunting adventure you have this sniperhunting gun to save you and equipped with modern sniper riflesassassin gun to kill the deer. In this wild jungle you will see 3Dtrees, the beautiful green mountains, lush green cars and amazingweather. Wild Deer Hunting Adventure game has multiple thrillingmissions and very wide range of mountains sniper shooter gun.Welcome to the latest and the newest deer hunting adventure. Thisis the best free hunting games ever you never played this types ofgames before.Kill the deer and get the reward to earn latestweapons and unique sniper gun but it can only happen when you havegood strike and aim right with your gun shots. You have to kill thedeer immediately and be the best target shooter or smart shooter.Ifyou miss the deer in the wilder animal deadly amazon jungle, themission will be over and you will have to start the level from thestart. You will not be called as a classic deer sniper hunterkiller man in this forest crow hunting seasons 3D deer hunting game2017.Fight for the real survival escape mission through themultiple modes of this hunting wild safari jungle. Ramp up theaction in this sniper shooting frontline escape missions, test yourshooting skills in sniper missions and help virus survivors tosafety in support missions. This best hunting game-s and experiencemost amazing classic dragon hunting season is much enjoyable forreal jungle sniper hunting. Wild Deer Hunting Adventure is thetopmost new real deer hunting games and pro deer sniper huntersgames of this year available for free. As deer are very fast andthey sense the deer hunter from a distance, so it very challengingto find the deer and hunt them in real world hunting wild jungleanimals. Try to shoot the target as soon as possible with yourshooting weapons and have the best hunting time in amazon wildjungle. In this deer sniper hunting season, you have to be theprofessional deer sniper hunter to kill the animals in the lostisland.Kill them in hurry or you will miss the target and be thebest deer sniper hunter. Features of Wild Deer Hunting Adventure:1.Ultimate shooting and deer hunting game-s. 2. Unlimited ammo3.Multiple deer hunting adventure with realistic 3D environments. 4.Optimal deer hunting and shooting game. 5. Multiple shootingweapons.

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    Wild Deer Hunting Adventure
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    April 14, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Games Just Studio
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    Bahria Town Islamabad
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Be ready to play “Gunship Dino Hunting’ where you have deadlydinosaurs in a lush green & huge Jurassic jungle killinginnocent animals and damaging crops. You are determined to kill allreal ruthless dinosaurs and came to jungle in a helicopter withyour modern weapons like sniper gun, carbine and flamethrower etc.Be ready to hunt the world’s biggest animals by your shootingskills in a helicopter. Focus the target wisely while controllingyour breath so that you can engage them in the jungle until yourfinal round.In the phase I, you tried to chase dinos but most ofthem escaped from jungle and went to the city area in the nextepisode. In this thrilling level, a panic was created as theferocious dinosaurs may destroy the lives and properties in theliving areas. In the city, it became a challenge for you to shootout dinos wisely without any damage to human lives. Dinos arehungry so they will pounce, attack and grab their prey in the cityto disrupt the city life. It is like a mission game to kill alldeadly dinos in your gunship helicopter in the presence of otherpeople. In this gunship battle, your main role is to clear alloccupied areas from these dions successfully. With your intense andpowerful strikes, you will be admired by everyone across the cityin this atmosphere.Stand and rise as a hero using your snipergunshot in a modern chopper flying with its whirling wings on thedangerous dinos. It is a true mission game like a battle in whichyou have to show your passion to encounter the dinos with yourarsenal weapons in different scenarios. City is your playground andyou have to devise a strategy that how can you protect all yourfellow humans from the prey of dinos. To give your gun moreaccuracy, try to fix right angle to focus on the object in thisepic game. Your firing skills and techniques in your rotaryaircraft will surely chase and destroy the dinos if you are a trueshooter. It is one of the best gunship helicopter games 4 kids withprehistoric and fabulous moment in which you are firing from yourflight like a true pilot for an exact angle gunshot. You will enjoythe game with amazing graphics and textures with beautifulsceneries. It is an adventurous game with variety of turnings andmotives while using solid flying skills with an action replay. Itis lifetime opportunity for you among millions of people to get areward as a hero of city because you will be superior. Thanks toyour shooting skills for giving a survival to all people whoescaped safely in the city without any collateral damage.*** GameFeatures of Gunship Dino Hunting***1. Excellent screen shots andgraphics2. Natural Jurassic & lush green Jungle environment3.Chance to excel Gunship Helicopter shooting skills4. Wild anddangerous dinosaurs from herbivores to carnivores 5. Best gunshiphelicopter game to enjoy like a true pilot6. A realistic huntinggame with multiple levels7. A visual panic among multiple andinteresting city maps*** Good Luck***
Galaxy Enemy Sniper Shooter 1.0 APK
Galaxy Enemy Sniper Shooter is the most realistic galaxy attackalien shooter war game of 2017. In this most amazing galaxy attackspace shooter games and modern contract combat fps killer game youhave to build your star fleets’ sniper 3d or space base and conquerthe galaxy guardians with your sniper fury shooting skills. Thisfps shooting sniper 3d elite commando frontline game is the best 3Dgalaxy target legend game that has been waiting for the bestwarrior or galaxy defender like you to beat the dangerous spacealiens. Some of the mars war alien are sending their huge sniper 3dgalaxy defender spaceships and space crafts with large army ofaliens to attack in the galaxy robot world sniper warzone.As wehave a peaceful life in our planet but the galaxy attack sniper waraction shooter wild blood of aliens with sniper action shooters areplanning to destroy the earth.Therefore this sniper elite armysolider shooting game is the most serious galaxy attack sniper 3dfury assassin shoot for our planet and you have to take someimportant steps to save your planet. This sniper army commandoassassin battlefield gunfire game is available on your androiddevices for FREE.The 3d sniper shooter army of the space aliens’sniper elite shooting solider mission has many galaxy shooterspacecraft-s and galaxy attack spaceships and they have theintention to declare galaxy sniper war strike against our planetwhich will be much difficult to stop.You have to take theresponsibility to defend your planet and become a great space 3dsniper commando assassin warrior. The space war is not beenhappened yet and no one is much aware of this type of galaxyshooting attack war sniper shooter and shooting craft combat.Thegalaxy or space aliens are trying to send enormous spaceships,war-crafts and galaxies toward your planet so that they can easilyconquer your main tower of nuclear base and canon in order todominate the earth by powerful strikes with missiles and galaxylaunchers.In the near future, space exploration has been evolvedinto even more sophisticated nature as planets are occupied byhumans in a brutal war for resources.Get ready and fight againstthe alien army with your war weapons like air rifle, air guns, andair pistols to fight with the most powerful enemies of the world inthis modern warfare.In Galaxy Enemy Sniper Shooter you have tofight with the millions of players in sniper battlefield gunfireand space war games and get the ultimate rewards!The most importantsolution to stop the aliens of galaxy war in this sniper elitemission strike force is to go to the space with the most advancewarships and space war craft team and you will be the leader of theGalaxy Enemy Sniper Shooter in order to handle the war situationsas the best fighter and space shooter.Make sure that you don’t letthe space aliens to strike the canon tower of space area andnuclear base nearby the space.All the galaxy aliens of the spacehas been signed the contract to go for a galaxy war of spacemachines with their latest improved spaceships, warships, ornuclear missiles and canons tower to strike your planet earth withall their extreme high power.In each galaxy attack sniper warmission there is new HD space environment with new and powerfulairship aliens battle, therefore as the guardian of the galaxy youshould show your war and fighting skills and do not let the aliensto destroy your planet.As you are the leader of your team commandthem to galactic conquest. Download the “Galaxy Enemy SniperShooter” now and enjoy the space battle.Features of Galaxy EnemySniper Shooter:1. Packed with many space war levels that will befun for you.2. Amazing sound Effects and Lighting.3. Precisioncontrols.4. Remarkable music, sound with HD graphics.5. Differentnumber of space war weapons.
Wolf Hunting Adventure - 3D 1.1 APK
Hunting is a very popular sport with a very long tradition. Huntingis also involved in animal population management but we don’tencourage hunting animals unnecessary. Nowadays, especially inpopulous city area, one can dream for the real hunting to killfurious beasts in a jungle journey. There are still many people whohave not had the chance to experience the thrill of jungle huntingand the excitement that is involved in animal hunter with snipershooting guns. The story of the game “Wolf Hunting Adventure” isbased upon the real hunting idea that your farm house is nearer toa dense and lush green jungle full of wild animals. You are keepingsome pet animals in your home but whole of your family is veryupset due to often prey and attacks by the hungry wolves in yournearby jungle. Most of your pet animals like, goats, deer, sheep,hen and rabbits etc. are becoming prey of these wolves. Jungle isfull of wild and deadliest animals like lion, stag, deer, monkeys,Rhinos, snakes but these predators don’t dare to attack your petsbut rather wolves as other wild animals run away with your firingsounds.You are steady and trained Army Sniper Shooting masterhaving precise sniper gun to shootout furious wild animals nearyour farm house. You are determined to get rid of these fastanimals by arranging pistol, sniper rifle, carabine and AK-47 etc.You have a strong mission to kill all those beasts who caused ahuge loss in terms of killing your pets with your efficient, timedand amateur firing skills. This is the right time to get rid fromthese bloody wolves. Be ready to play this amazing hunting gamewith your powerful weapons but avoid killing teen wolf. Becourageous to test your accuracy and precision for long rangesniper shooting. It is good to select a top place in the jungle soas to fix a right angle to counter your pet’s enemy as it is a best3D target shooting game. Be careful while hunting these wild wolvesand avoid going closer to them as they can attack you since you arenot in deer hunting mission but on a wild animal hunting adventureso can you survive in this hunting adventure mission?In this WolfHunting Adventure you will experience amazing graphics, full ofadventures and passion with full swing. If you are professionalanimal shooter, you will enjoy this hunter game and being anincompetent hunter you will endanger your own life. Remember thatthe wolf is the largest member of the dog family and are veryintelligent creatures with upright ears, sharp teeth, pointedmuzzles, inquiring eyes as hunting them is not like deer hunter aswolf can attack on you. Mostly, they are found in herd and howl asa signal to other wolves, telling of the beginning and ending of ahunt. You have to camouflage yourself to avoid from eyesight ofthese wild animals. The hunter in the jungle has to be affirmed,alert, precise in aiming and shooting. Your goal is to kill allwolves in your range for which you need an expert shooter strategy.We are sure that with your shooting and sniping skills, you canchase the wolves in a professional way to keep on hunting withoutangry wolf attack. It is a mission control game with realisticjungle environment and real wolf sounds. By killing all wolves, youwill enjoy a comfortable sleep at your home and there will be nomore loss of your pets in future but remember that we are notagainst animal survivals.So download now Wolf Hunting Adventure toenjoy a lifetime hunting adventure season and sniper shootingaction.Good luck!---: Wolf Hunting Adventure game features: ---• Arealistic hunting action game.• Amazing game play and immersiveenvironment.• Efficient and precise gun shooting experience.• HDgraphics.• FPS (First person shooter) game.
Galaxy Modern FPS Battle 1.4 APK
As we all have a good and comfortable life in our planet and all ofus had a good life on earth. But some of other planet’s creatorsare planning to destroy peace of the earth. They are sendingspaceships along with a large alien army to start battle ofspaceships and attack out loved planet. So, it’s a very seriousthreat to our planet and we as guardian of galaxy have to take somemajor steps before they dominate our loved planet earth. The galaxyalien’s army has many spaceships and spacecraft-s and they aregoing to declare galaxy war strike on the earth which will bedifficult to stop the fragile alien army. The galaxy war is notbeen happened yet and no one is much familiar with this kind ofspace galaxy shooting battles and war craft combat. The galaxyaliens are trying to send as many spaceships and war-crafts andgalaxies toward the earth so they can easily intrude our main towercanon and nuclear base and dominate the earth by making a powerfulstrike with galaxy launchers and missiles. The primary andemergency solution to stop this galaxy alien’s war is to go tospace with your advance warship and galaxy war craft team and youas a leader of this Galaxy Modern FPS Battle game handle thesituation as a FPS shooter and don’t let them to strike the towercanon of spacy area and nuclear base near the space. All the aliensof the galaxies of the space has signed an agreement to go for abattle of machines with their newly improved spaceships, warshipsand nuclear missiles and tower canons to strike the planet earthwith all their power. As you have been there on space earlier andyou are much familiar with all the spacy galaxy launcher, advancespace missiles, modern battle of the machines and also previousguardian of the galaxy so now it time to show your courage as a FPSshooter. As a PFS shooter you have to lead this space battle as acommander of the guardian of the galaxy and show both your couragein this galaxy war of machines and outstanding galaxy battlefieldtechniques to strike the galaxy aliens army intruders before theyreach our planet earth.These wars of galaxies and spaceships gameneed extreme courage and cool nature of mind to deal with enemieswhich are space aliens. So in this Galaxy Modern FPS Battle 3d gameyou have to be a frontline commander for the spaceship and use yourmad finger-s to eliminate the galaxy enemies of the earth. This isa nuclear war and you a guardian of galaxies go to the space warzone fully prepared in this Galaxy Modern FPS Battle new 2017 freeshooting game. Outstanding 3D graphics and outclass visual spaceeffect will blow your mind in this free Galaxy Modern FPS Battlesimulator new 2017 free shooting game. You will be the FPS shooterand kill as many aliens as you can to complete the missions. Ineach mission there will be a new environment and new alienscolonies attacking you, so as a guardian of galaxy you have to showyour mad finger power and don’t let them go easily as you arefamiliar with them in a batter way.===== Galaxy Modern FPS Battlegame FEATURES =====1. Infinite Combat Missions2. Alien Gunships andBattle Tanks3. Control the battlefield in Domination mode4. Superbgraphics and sound.5. Kill thousands of enemies and save the earth.
Soccer Players:Goalkeeper game 1.0 APK
Soccer players: Goalkeeper game is the best and top football gameof 2017 that will make you feel like the legend of soccer game-s.Be your own soccer coach and soccer world hero; improve yourfootball fun soccer skills as the best goal keeper ever. Soccerplayers: Goalkeeper game is the most interesting team battle ofsoccer legends and soccer challenge best 2017 game-s. If you wantto become the ultimate soccer champion and football legend in theworld of sports then, you should try this best soccer game-s. Takeadvantage by this football online game and make improvements inyour football career to become a great legend this soccer game.“Soccer players: Goalkeeper game” is available on your androiddevices for FREE. By playing this football head soccer championsgame you will get all opportunities that will arise in yourfootball career to become a real score legend!! Play DifferentLeague Modes! By playing this best soccer free kicks game you willfeel like a real football star. Soccer players: Goalkeeper game isthe best football game of 2017 where you can easily demonstrateyour skills as the football fighter or soccer shooter and as a goalkeeper. You will become a living legend of American soccer byplaying this amazing soccer challenge team battle football game.Playing as a goalkeeper is one of the most tricky and difficultposition of association football. As a Goal keeper your ultimatetask is to prevent the rocket football goal against the defendedgoal line (i.e. between the crossbar and the post); and this canonly be accomplished by perfect soccer player into the path of thefootball or directing the ball away from the surrounding area ofgoal line or either catching the football. Make flawless tricks andpass football techniques to prevent the goals and score as much asyou can and become a football fun manager inspiration worldwide.AMAZING CHAMPIONS FOOTBALL LEAGUE!! Impress your sports press andteam battle with preventing every penalty, free kick and assistanceand be a soccer champ. By playing the “Soccer players: Goalkeepergame”, you should train yourself and dominate the whole stadiumwith your soccer legend skills. Begin your championship league 2017season with this top most favorite soccer game and win soccer cupsand trophies of each competition. Penalties, Free kicks, dribblingwith your team and your strategies of preventing the football fromthe goal line will make you a great soccer hero.PLAY THECHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT! In Soccer players: Goalkeeper game youhave to rule the pitch with the goals and achieve the highestscores in each level of this best soccer game. Use the best sportsequipment and train yourself hard to give your effort in everylevel. You have to overcome every complicated challenge, getrewarded with each and every achievement and make the experience tolevel up to be the soccer superstar. Soccer players: Goalkeeperwill allow you to become a real soccer champ. Make your history asa soccer player in the best soccer game available on Google play.Features of Soccer players: Goalkeeper game: 1. Different modes oftraining: free kick, penalty shootout, Level up the soccer skillsto become the new champion of football.2. Realistic footballenvironment with player celebrations sound effects. 3. Enhancedsoccer ball movement with most amazing shots and effects. 4. Easyand free to play football game: flick to assist and flick to shoot.Just by one touch!5. Amazing 3D graphics effects, feel the footballexperience like if you are at the real football stadium. 6.Simplest and natural interface with new controls to play online thereal football. 7. Save the best moves and share it with thecommunity. 8. Support all the android devices. 9. Record and keepthe great images and videos of each of your moment. 10. Differentnumber of modes provided: Training, practice, penalty kick, andfree hit.
Real Sniper3D Battle Shooter 1.1 APK
If you like free shooting games and you don’t have your dreamsniper shooting game, then here your new epic shooting 3d game isavailable for you in free. As many players love shooting games butnot all sniper games are best for their taste. Many user playsshooting game-s, sniper game-s, killing game-s, hunting game-s,best strategy game-s, and hunting games as well, but all of theseshooting games are not up to their expectation. Because user-s liketo play shooting games with all their energy and time to completethe survival modes of the shooting games, but if there is not muchentertainment with their shooting or killing experience then theyare just bored with these shooting games and killing games.The newReal Sniper 3D Battle Simulator 2017 free game is one of the mostadvanced and updated shooting game of 2017 which will just make youwow after playing this shooting game. This Real Sniper 3D BattleSimulator 2017 free game is new sniper game 2107 which has bestaction and strategy in order to prove your shooting skill-s.Advance guns, best deadly snipers, and unique 3D game play withbundle of missions to deal with terrorist-s while you have yourfavorite death sniper. As a best real sniper shooter now you haveto kill all the terrorist and gangsters within given time tocomplete the mission. Each deadly mission will have many terroristsand the terrorists will be equipped with heavy guns and deadlysnipers which will shoot your friendly army and innocent civilians.So, to handle these situations a special army sniper shooter isrequired to eliminate the enemies without letting them know that inthis battle field a sniper shooter specialist is present.Onfrontline of battlefields there are high chances of death to boththe special force army commandos and civilians. So to reduce thedeath rate of your special army commandos must use your snipingskills and prove your entire best army commando shootingexperience. Use your ultra-skills of snipping to kill theterrorists and this will be entertaining for the user to kill willhis best sniper.Best 3D graphics, amazing 3D gameplay andoutstanding vocal effects will even entertain you more. Try tocomplete each mission in assigned time to get as much score as youcan in order to unlock new feature weapons, snipers and maps.Headshot will score double which is the perfect place to show yourultra-skills. So, if you are a lover of shooting games and youdon’t have any dream shooting game then it’s the time for you toget this new Real Sniper 3D Battle Simulator free game 2017 whichwill please you from every aspect of gaming experience. So, gocomrade and eliminate the terrorists. ====== Game Features of RealSniper3D Battle Shooter ======1. Shoot sniper rifles, assaultrifles, and top-secret weapons.2. Next-gen “bullet time” effectscapture your every amazing sniper head shot.3. Over bundleterrorists shooter missions to complete.4. Unique maps and stunninglocations.5. Ultra REALISTIC sniper 3D graphics.
Gunship Strike Helicopter War 1.0 APK
American Gunship is the topmost sniper games and 3D helicopterbattle action games in which you have to kill the terrorists. Thisis the best terrorists’ commando strike navy gunship shooting gameof 2017. Upgrade your shooting weapons and join the war solider andbe the best command military army anti terrorists’ shooter commandoin this modern contract killer combat fps game. Aim and shoot yourenemies with your powerful sniper gunship this airship battle.Enjoy this best sniper games gunship 3d battle and eliminate yourenemies from the frontline battlefield area and air armyhelicopter. This commando terrorist’s strike game against terrorismis the best commando sniper counter terrorists shooter game. Thisultimate war game and first person shooting game has realisticcounter terrorists game with multiple shooting weapons.Thehelicopter strike gunship battle game is the first person shootergame; be the legendary air assault fps commando fury shooter andget the tribute.In this best sniper shooting game, you are supposedto shoot all the terrorists in the battlefield area and clear yourterritory with destructive and powerful guns. As the best fpsshooting commando, you need a great courage to face the fierceenemy in this best counter terrorists attack.This best elite killerand sniper shooting game of 2017 required your shooting andsnipping skills to kill your enemies. In American Gunship EnemyBattle, you have to play as a brave shooter to deal with theterrorists in the American battle. In American Gunship EnemyBattle, you have to choose different sniper missions; these sniperimpossible missions are in amazing 3d graphics with different armymilitary locations.Apart from these sniper missions, there isvariety of sniper shooting weapons to target the terroristsaccurately. For striking the targets, use different military snipershooting techniques, ace helicopters and target strikingtechniques.As it is also the best air shooter game-s so, you canalso select various aircrafts such as F-16, Apache, Mi-24, whichare the best helicopter ever for shooting and war purposes.Becausethe terrorists are very strong in this helicopter battle andhelicopter strike therefore you have to choose the best army sniperin this American shooting game and they have advanced stickmanshooting techniques and variety of military guns and armyweapons.In American Gunship Enemy Battle, you have to choosevarious military soldiers and best army shooter of your academy toprove your fighting skills in the Enemy battle and clear the Enemyarea with the different sharp sniper shooters.This American snipergames is one of the most interesting and realistic helicopter airstrike war games of 2017.In this shooting and action games of 2017you must be fully prepared to handle any kind of situation in war.The army mission of this shooting games you have to face multipleterrorists with their lethal weapons which will shoot your army andthe other civilians in the city attack.The American Gunship EnemyBattle is the best sniper games, and has several real war weaponssuch as shotguns, air guns, sniper rifles, machine guns, and otherassault rifles with rockets and bombs.Play this free war helicoptershooting game and clear all these army military missions. Your aimis to be brave and safe all the innocent people and should win thearmy military battle. Download this amazing new shooting games of2017 now and be the professional shooting sniper in every militarymission.Features of American Gunship Enemy Battle:1. Amazing firstperson shooter action game-s.2. Addictive gameplay.3. VariousGunships with many aircrafts.4. Military missions with HD graphicsand amazing sound effects.5. Different army weapons: mini gun,smoke grenade, air guns and machine guns.6. Enemy targets withperfect background music.
Soccer Players Free Kicks game 1.0 APK
Soccer Players: Free Kicks Game is the best and topmost soccer gameHD of 2017 that will surely make you feel like the greatest legendof the football game-s. Be your own football coach and try toimprove your soccer playing skills. If you ever wanted to be thegreatest soccer player in the world of soccer players then you haveto try this best soccer game-s free. Soccer Players: Free KicksGame is the most interesting soccer HD 2017 game-s with the muchrealistic football environment. This best soccer league free kicksgame-s is available for free. By playing this amazing HD soccergame you will surely feel like a real soccer star. Soccer players:Free Kicks Game is the most interesting and thrilling HD sportsgame where the player can demonstrate their soccer skills as alegendary football fighter. In this best soccer game of 2017, tryto take benefit by improving your playing skills and makeimprovements in your own football career to be the greatest legendof this best soccer game. By playing this soccer game you caneasily get the opportunities that will surely arise in yourfootball career to become the best soccer hero!! You can be thegreatest legend of American soccer by playing this best HD soccergame. Playing as the legendary football fighter is the mostchallenging task and deciding your position of association in thesoccer game. As a football fighter your primary job is to play as ateam-s and this can only be done by moving into your own specificpath or directing the football into the surrounding area of thegoal. Make incredible techniques and tricks to make as much goalsas you can and become a soccer inspiration worldwide. Free kicks,Penalties, dribbling with your team-s and your tricks to pass thefootball to your team player will surely make you a legendarysoccer hero-s. In Soccer players: Free Kicks Game you should beable to rule your team by scoring many goals and achieving thehighest soccer scores in every level of this best soccer game.Impress your soccer team and sport press with every free kick,penalty and assistance and be the best soccer champs. By playingthe “Soccer players: Free Kicks Game” you must train yourself tolead the whole team with your sports skills. Begin your 2017 seasonwith this virtual reality soccer game and win the football trophiesfor each competition. You should try to overcome each complicatedchallenge and get free kicks and penalties by kicking balls in thisvirtual reality soccer and make your soccer experience to be thebest soccer superstar. Use the amazing sports equipment and getready yourself to give your full effort in each level. Make yourown history in this Soccer Player game and be the real soccerchamp.================ Features of Soccer players: Free KicksGame================1. Multiple modes of soccer training: penaltyshootout, free kick, Level up the football skills to become the newsoccer champion.2. Free and easy gameplay: flick to shoot and flickto assist. Just by one tap!3. Simple interface with easy controlsto play online football game.4. You can record your best moves.5.Realistic soccer 3d environment with the sound effects of playerscelebrations. 6. Amazing movement of football with amazing shots.7. Different playing modes: Practice, training, free hit andpenalty kicks. 8. Amazing HD effects, feel the real soccerexperience like if you are in the real soccer stadium.9. Supportall android devices.10. Record and keep the great images and videosof each of your moment.