1.0 / September 20, 2017
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Welcome to the wild greyhound dog racing 2 experience! Dog racing 2is a must have game for all dog lover. Play in the stadium withfull speed in front of thousand spectators to become the best racerto compete and beat your opponents. Play and beat the opponentparticipants and become the no.1 champion in the world. This wildgreyhound dog race 2 is the gift for the crazy of animal adventuresgames. If you are crazy about animal racing 2 games then this raceis best and real one for your desires. Run your dog on beautifulriding tracks environment and feel like a realistic race in reallife.You are going to take a part in the challenge at the racingtracks with multiple fast speed dogs. This is not just a simplerace, it is a simulation of professional hound dogs 2. This rushcontest is going to be held in between multiple dogs. So welcome tothe challenging and exciting game which is quite different fromother rush games. Feel the thrill of an authentic racing simulator.Select your favorite dog and play by participating in this game.This is most amazing racing game ever and prove your dog is enoughfast to win the race. To win the race you have to show some extraordinary skills and amazing speed to win the contest and eliminatethe opponents. So, try to get as fast as possible. Wild greyhounddog racing game has many interesting levels and exciting andthrilling challenges. To become the master of this animals rushgame you have to win all the challenges of this tournament. If youhave skills of the race you can complete all difficult missionseasily. There are multiple animals to run. The game has excellentand realistic 3D graphics, amazing sound effects easy and smoothcontrol. If you really enjoy animal racing simulation games thenthis is the best simulation game for you.Features:The most amazingraceThrilling and exciting challenges Amazing rush tracksSmooth andeasy control systemRealistic background sound effectsExcellent andrealistic 3D graphicsMultiple levels

App Information Wild Greyhound Dog Racing 2

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    Wild Greyhound Dog Racing 2
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    September 20, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Muhammad Ali Shahzad H#121, St#1, Block B, NFC ECHS Near wapda Town Lahore Pakistan
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Game Scene: Game Counter Terrorism Force (CTF) is war among CTF andmilitants who want to take over the control of city. It is agorilla war. Militants are supported by neighboring countries.Enemy has brain washed innocent people in peripheries to attacktheir own country's law enforcement agencies. Militants can't standopenly against the country's forces & agencies due to lack ofresources. Height of sensitivity is this that all public placessuch as hospital, petrol pumps, police station, commercial &residential areas are under gorilla attack of suicide bombers andarmors who armed with lethal weapons. Among these terrorists youhave to face expert snipers who can shoot and fix enemy withinseconds. Unlawful acts are its peak as insurgents provide logisticand strategic support to contract killers, burglars, most wantedhigh value assassins, kidnappers. Under foreign insurgent agency'sprotection shield it is quite difficult to counter the terrorists.Chaos is such that it is difficult to differentiate betweenpatriots and traitors, vicious and victim.This war is not atenemy's border so that you can shoot the bullets blindly. You haveto respond rapidly and within minimum time slot you have to shootterrorists not the innocent citizens, so you must show your sniperexpertise at its best. Remember that you are not a super naturalcreature as bullet just pass through your body, if you don't fixterrorists they will kill you and game will be over. Game Play: Ingame play you have to rescue people at different venues.Level-1:Terrorists have occupied the hospital and closed the hospital.medical staff have become hostage of the terrorists.Level-2:Terrorists attacked on the police station Level-3: They attacked onthe city's main petrol pump and the petrol supply has beenstopped.Level-4: They have attacked on city main shoppingarea.Level-5,6,7,8: Militants attacked different residential areaof the city and and occupied main buildings, people have becomehostage in their homes. So get ready to face rebels and rescuemission, show such skills that people and government applaud you!!!
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Now get ready to experience the war sensations in deep water seaswith naval vessel.In this game you have different shooting actionas we have soldiers as well as enemy Ships which are ready todestroy us .In Modern Warship battle you are a commander of amodern warship which is load with latest machine guns which cantarget the object uniquely, accurately, instantly and has reallyexplosive missile battery that explodes opponent's shipscompletely.You have to survive and destroy your enemy's soldiers aswell as warships. In 21st century, warships are used as base campsto attack their enemies at coastal boundary.Be sure that firingcapacity, attacking armors and naval fleet is at its best So youhave to take on your enemy in this decisive battle, battle ofsurvival, battle of endurance, battle of domination in huge oceans.You have to play legendary role and over come enemy's maneuvers anddestroy their warship and hence naval force.Now get ready to dare!Features: - There are 8 levels in this game - In first four levelsyou have to eliminate enemy's soldiers - In next four levels youhave to eliminate enemy's Warships - Classic 3D graphics. -Easy-to-maneuver game controls - Realistic environment - Ship isarmed with A machine gun and a rocket launcher.
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A brand new hunting season starts. The game is an adventure at thefrozen mountains. Winter is here with all its horrible cold andsnow. Wind is blowing strongly which makes the weather more tough.At poles the temperature is terribly low, its freezing cold and youare facing severe snow and cold with polar bear presence. Seemslike a real test of the hunter as he has to hunt dangerous polarbear at extremely low temperatures. In this environment both thingsare killing, polar bear and the extreme weather. You have to facethe challenge to be safe from both of the deadly beasts. It is alittle hard to safely aim the polar bear because it is naturallycamouflaged as it is purely white moving on white snow. Aim andfire accurately failing which will endanger the life of the hunter.To avoid being the prey instead, aim carefully and precisely pullthe trigger of the gun.The survivor hunter is the winner if hekills all the bears present in the snowy jungle.The environment andthe colours are high fidelity and the gameplay is a lotinteresting. Hope you enjoy playing this unique kind of a huntinggame.