1.1 / February 25, 2016
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Sink your teeth into the best hunting and survival mobile game.Anexotic hunting simulation; this game takes you to the darkjunglesand safaris where you can hunt Lions, Panthers, Elephants,Buffalosand larger array of predators. Use modern weapons like theBeretta,UMP, and the AK-47 rifle. BEWARE the teeth and claws; youwon’t geta second chance after attack! Play as an expert hunter andput yourskills to challenge. Use a camouflage suit to hide inthewilderness and shoot big game without being noticed. Beresourcefuland use medical kits to heal if your health is down, orspecialhigh power bullets for a greater effect! Wild HunterJungleShooting 3D Features: •Thick 3D Forest, Open to explore!•3DAnimated African Animals •Choose from among six differentweapontypes •Binoculars to locate far away animals •Realistic soundandgraphics effects No animals were harmed during the making ofthisgame! About Tapinator Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) developsandpublishes games on leading mobile platforms. TheCompany’sportfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titlesthat,collectively, have achieved over 350 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,visitTapinator.com.

App Information Wild Hunter Jungle Shooting 3D

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    Wild Hunter Jungle Shooting 3D
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    February 25, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Tap2Play, LLC (Ticker: TAPM)
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    110 West 40th Street, Suite 1902 New York, NY 10018
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Wolf Life Simulation 2017 1.2 APK
In Wolf Life Simulation, protect your title as the Alpha Wolf!Wolves are by no means not man’s best friend. Have you everwondered what life is like through a wild wolf’s eyes? Well, thisgame will prove it exhilarating and exciting! Lead your pack as theAlpha Wolf and conquer other beasts in the animal kingdom! Takecontrol of a keen canine with the sharpest sense of sight andsmell, and lightning speed reflexes. Be careful, these are notdomesticated dogs. Stalk, chase, and attack your enemies in avirtual scenic jungle that will take your breath away! Indulge inan awesome combination of RPG and action-packed adventure. Choosefrom gorgeous wolf textures, each with specialized attacks such aspouncing, leaping, biting, and slashing. Fight ferociously forfood, protect your family and cubs, and chill out with the pack!The vast safari and forest belongs to you, with hidden wonders toexplore! Sink your teeth into THIS! Wolf Life Simulation 2017Features: •Smooth & Addictive gameplay. •Real wolf lifesimulation with RPG features! •Beautifully designed safarienvironment. •Clan feature for teamwork play and companionship.•Various wolf textures. •Realistic attack animations fordemolishing your prey! •Exhilarating Boss Fights! •Awesome visuals& sounds effects for a thrilling experience. •Mating featuresto expand your pack! About Tapinator Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM)develops and publishes games on mobile platforms. The Company’sportfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titles that,collectively, have achieved over 350 million player downloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visitTapinator.com.
Mermaid Race 2019 1.5 APK
Odysseus encountered mermaids on his great journey, now you get torace them! In this fantastical game, myth becomes reality! InMermaid Race 2019, the world’s most beautiful sea creatures areready to hit the water. Tapinator presents a brand new hybridadventure combining wipe-out style water racing and swimming mania!Be warned, these mermaids are no princesses! Make a splash! Leapover fun hurdles like spiked buoys and floating hoops. Bop beachballs out of your way! Enjoy beautiful environments packed withamazing obstacles such as crushing machines, and electric currents.Avoid dangerous hurdles and glide your way towards the finish line.Collect coins, boosters and amazing underwater treasure to upgradethe stamina and speed of your mermaid. Power up after completingeach level. Choose your favorite mermaid from among fourbeautifully designed skins. This game is for racing and mythicalcreature enthusiasts like you! Finally, there are three differentmodes to choose from: Career mode - perfect your skills as youcomplete underwater missions! Elimination mode - lap your enemiesto be the last mermaid swimming! Double-Bet mode - double yourtreasure and your mermaid racing fun! Mermaid Race 2019 Features:•Smooth Tilt and swipe functions of control. •Different excitingmodes of play. •Number of challenging hurdles. •Realistic 3Dwipe-out visual and cool sound effects. •Amazing selection ofbeautiful mermaids. •Spectacular and challenging 3D environment formermaid racing. •Intuitive, responsive and realistic game play.About Tapinator Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishesgames on leading mobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includesover 300 mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achievedover 400 million player downloads. Tapinator is headquartered inNew York. For more info, visit Tapinator.com.
Real Dragon Simulator 3D 1.2 APK
Real Dragon Simulator 3D You are a luminescent, majestic creaturewith a drive for adventure and a fiery breath! ‘Tis but an ordinaryday in the life of a dragon! Swoop down with your notorious familyflock and strike terror into the citizens of the Earth! Fight otherthreatening beasts such as ogres and orcs to reclaim yourterritory. They don’t stand a chance against your fiery breath andsharp talons! Defend yourself against castle guards looming fromsecurity towers. Archers and knights will try to save their damselin distress--but you’ll have none of it! Fight for your survivaland protect your young. Fly high into the peaks and hilly,mountainous terrain over which you preside. Dive, grab prey, andutilize the epic fireball attack. Attack and terrorize thismedieval town, because, who else will?! Real Dragon Simulator 3DFeatures: •AStart as a single dragon and build your clan over time.Breed, feed, and protect your family. •Simple & Easy touchbased controls •Dynamic weather features •Mesmerizing medieval 3Dgraphics •Upgrade Attack, Energy, and health features by evolvingyour dragon •Complete exciting hunting and attacking missions.•Realistic animal behavior and animations. •Different cameradynamics About Tapinator Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops andpublishes games on leading mobile platforms. The Company’sportfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titles that,collectively, have achieved over 350 million player downloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visitTapinator.com.
Angry Fighter Attack 1.5 APK
Are YOU street smart and ready to rumble?! The epic battle ofStreet Fighters vs. City Thugs has begun! It's finally your chanceto police street crime and put criminals in their place. Show copsthat you’re not just another vigilante! Go head-to-head with angrygangsters and thugs. The reign of the City Criminals will come toan end when the brave City Street Fighters arrive! Angry FighterAttack is a mixture of Action, RPG, and Adventure. Pick yourfavorite fighter and complete challenging combating missions. Use avariety of exciting fighting stunts, and advanced moves to maximizedamage and achieve maximum combating skill. Boost your “fighterstats” and gain fighter glory! Experience 3D city graphics thatgive an urban feel. The streets, alleys, and secret locations areideals for going face-to face with your enemies and putting them intheir place! Earn points for each maim or injury, rumble againstpowerful rivals and upgrade your skills! Angry Fighter AttackFeatures: •Awesome 3D city environments for you to explore •Smooth,easy, addictive & intuitive gameplay •Awesome PersonalizedStreet Fighters •Amazing attack animations with advanced features•Surreal visual & sound effects •Amazing flying and jumpingkicks & wrestling animations About Tapinator Tapinator (Ticker:TAPM) develops and publishes games on mobile platforms. TheCompany’s portfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titles that,collectively, have achieved over 350 million player downloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visitTapinator.com.