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Introducing first time jungle adventure game with a new style inWilder Animals Life Survival Sim, where you are going to explorethe virtual jungle life as a wilder animal. This RPG adventuresimulator contains the best adventure-hunting missions. You have toraise a family in a hunting biome like Beautiful lawn, forest,desert, and snow area. Unlike the other animals hunting games, wildanimal games, animal family games and wild life games etc, here youcan choose your favorite breed like, fox family, wolf family andpolar bear family to play in this Wilder Animals Life Survival Sim.Wilder Animals Life Survival Sim especially designed for the animalwild craft games lovers. This game contains the breathtakingmissions and adventure wild craft tasks to play. Your role is notonly to hunt the other wild animals, you also have to protect yourfamily from the other carnivores like, dangerous brown bear, andfrom the tactical lion etc. show your best hunting skills and feedyour family to grow up. Realistic hunting and amazing camera anglesmade this game addictive.GAMEPLAY:Get ready to explore the 3Djungle land as a dynamic wild animal in Wilder Animals LifeSurvival Sim that contains battle missions and exciting task toplay. Choose your favorite breed family like, wolf family, foxfamily, and the polar bear family to explore the 3D jungle land.Hunt and survive in the biome like forest, desert and snowenvironment. Confront the rivals like, Hen, duck, rabbit, elephant,lion, stag, cow, goat, sheep, penguin and brown bear to hunt. Eachplayers having their own hunting attacks to defeat the rivals.Multi fighting skills are available in this game as your mate andson can help you in the battle. Providing food and saving yourfamily legacy from the carnivores in this hunting jungle is not aneasy task. Become less bleed in the hunting fight and get morescore to unlock the other amazing breed of wild animals. Amazingsounds effects and the realistic hunting battle made this game tothe best animals hunting game. Wilder Animals Life Survival SimFeatures:• Play as fox family, wolf family and polar bear family.•Survive in the hunting battle.• Exploring the 3D jungle withvirtual animal family. • Own attacking skills of each players.•Challenging and stunning gameplay.• Realistic hunting and amazingsounds effects.• Amazing rival like duck, elephant, lion, stag,goat and brown bear. Enjoy the most realistic hunting and survivalmission in the Wilder Animals Life Survival Sim, where can playwith the nimble fox family, wolf family and polar family. You haveto explore the 3D tropical jungle with your mate and kid. Just grabthis free RPG adventure simulation to show your amazing hunting andsurvival skills in this 3D jungle landscape.

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    February 19, 2018
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Multi Spider Superhero vs Super Villains is entertaining and actiongame with strange spider powers with the combination of flyingsimulator. Multi spider hero fight with dangerous super villainslike bat villain and monster villain in the grand city. Save theinnocent civilians from these evil powers and clean the vice city.You can transform into strange spider and kill the brutal gangsterin this action simulator.Multi Spider Superhero vs Super Villainsis amazing game for all spider hero lovers and fighting games fans.Spider hero can fly and chase the bad mafia in the city. Wanderingin the city and save innocent civilians with the help of strangecombos in this action simulator.GAMEPLAY:Multi Spider Superhero vsSuper Villains is incredible game with interesting gameplay whereyou play as strange spider superhero and transform into wild spiderto save the city peoples from dangerous gangster. Super villainstry to destroy the beautiful city and control the civilians withthe help evil forces. You can stop them with the help of web attackpowers and fighting combos. Drive sports car and racing bike tochase the criminals in battle environment. Multi spider superherohas strange powers and save the grand city from these powers.Transform into dangerous spider and save the civilians with thehelp of poison spider bite. Thrilling missions are ready to boomthe game in gaming world.MULTI SPIDER SUPERHERO VS SUPER VILLAINSFEATURES:• Play as flying spider superhero and save civilians fromevils forces• Choose your favorite spider superhero and wild spiderto survive• Fight with super villains like bat villain &monster villain• 3D graphics with smooth controls• Drive car andbike in battle environment • Interesting gameplay and strangespider powersMulti Spider Superhero vs Super Villains is speciallydesigned for all super villains fans and flying spider lovers.Spider superhero fights with dangerous city gangster and chase themonster hero with the help of flying power in this action 3D game.
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Welcome to the Flying Iron Hero City Survival where iron herocrackdown to mafia, drug dealers and gangsters in city town. Thereare many crimes like drug buying and selling, mafia criminals incity town. You have different combos and fighting skills so stopgangsters from escape. Some cops are involved with criminals.Flying iron hero can drive car so we used super fast sport car.Super iron hero fight with dangerous mafia, criminals and bad guysfor Justice. This Strange flying Hero game is full of exciting andaction adventures.Flying iron hero city survival is action game forall flying hero fans and iron hero lovers. Use all your super powerand marvelous strategy to save the innocent civilians from themafia and gangsters. It is a new flying iron hero game while youare playing and enjoy the missions when you are solved. Iron superhero saves city from evil powers. Flying iron hero providesplatform where people live happily in our city.GAMEPLAY:Flying ironhero city survival is started with wonderful story, nuclear weaponmaking in secret lab when the intelligent scientist made thenuclear weapons so the government decided dangerous nuclear weaponscarried out of this lab to the secret place. When dangerous weaponis carrying to the secret place suddenly dangerous gangsters andmafia attacked on the security team. Security team and mafia fightswith each other suddenly flying iron hero came here and save thenuclear weapons from evil forces. Underworld sells drug to innocentcitizens with the power of greed and guns, so you will stop illegalactivity. Different places of the grand city you will stop thedealing with mafia and mad gangsters. You will save the beautifulcity and innocent citizen life with the curse of drugs andcriminals. Bad guys and drugs mafia try to convert beautiful cityinto graveyard with the help of evil forces but you will fight forthe justice and save the vice town.FLYING IRON HERO CITY SURVIVALFEATURES:• Play as flying iron hero and save the city• Fight withbad guys with the help of fire powers and combos• Save the innocentpeoples from evil forces• Move from one place to another with thehelp of Flying power• Stop the drugs dealing and chase the enemieswith car• 3D graphics with battle environmentTime for final battle,our strange flying hero with unique skills is here to fight withdangerous mafia criminals in city war. Flying iron hero citySurvival is specially designed for all super flying fans and actiongames lovers. Use all your fantastic power as super flying ironhero and marvelous strategy to protect the people form unpleasantactivities.
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Get ready for the action and thrilling rescue missions in FlyingSuper Hero City Rescue Missions where you play as super hero inthis action simulator. Flying super hero fight with dangerous citygangster and save the civilians from them. Super hero become cityrescuer and save the civilian from dangerous unpleasant incidentshappened in the grand city. Flying super hero save the innocentcivilians from dangerous super villains like monster villain, batvillain, spider villain and fantastic villain are trying to destroythe grand city.Flying Super Hero City Rescue Missions is full ofaction and entertainment. City super hero thrilling simulator is areal challenge for the player to understand the critical situationof the innocent civilians and how much they need your help to savetheir life from evil forces. Super villains kill for venture, theyfight for entertainment and their mission is to convert thebeautiful city into graveyard.GAMEPLAY:Flying Super Hero CityRescue Missions is action game with interesting gameplay where youplay as city defender and fight with dangerous super villains likemonster villain, bat villains in this thrilling simulator. Thegrand city is almost destroyed and there is no chance to live inbattle environment. Only a flying super hero can save the beautifulcity and enjoy the thrilling survival missions. The superhero willfly to rescue the injured peoples, fight with city gangster andtheir boss monster villain with the help of eye laser&different fighting combos in this action simulator. Super hero canswim in the deep water and save the swimmer from dangerous seaanimals. Rescue missions are ready to boom in the gaming world getready for the action gameplay.FLYING SUPER HERO CITY RESCUEMISSIONS FEATURES:• Play as flying Super Hero and fight with supervillains• Choose your favorite super hero to fight• Thrillingrescue missions and action gameplay• Super hero can flying, eyelaser power to kill the evils• Drive bike and chase the enemies inthe cityFlying Super Hero City Rescue Missions is speciallydesigned for all flying super hero fans and rescue missions lovers.You can drive the sports bike and luxury car to chase the dangerouscriminals in the grand city. Rescue the civilians to the hospitalwith the help of flying powers and save them from evil villainswith laser attack.
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Get ready for the action and interesting gameplay where you play asFlashh hero in this Super Light Hero Crime Battle. Light hero fightwith dangerous city gangster and save the civilians from them.Super light hero move fast like light and rescue the injuredpeoples in the grand city. You can drive the sports car and chasethe city gangsters. Flashh hero fights with brutal super villainslike bat villain, monster villain and other dangerous enemies inthe vice city.Super Light Hero Crime Battle is action game forflashh hero lovers and fighting games fans. Light hero save theinnocent civilians with the help of strange light powers. Dangerouscity gangsters are trying to destroy the beautiful city with thehelp of evil powers and control the civilians in bigcity.GAMEPLAY:Super Light Hero Crime Battle is action game withinteresting gameplay where you play as flashh hero and fight withsuper villains in the battle environment. Light hero use itsstrange powers like eye laser, flying powers and different fightingcombos in this action simulator. City gangster are shooting in thevice city and increase the crime rate with the help of evil powers.Super villains like fantastic villain, monster villain and batvillain are ready to fight but you don’t afraid from these evilforces. The gameplay of this action simulator is interesting andeasy to understand. Super villain suddenly attack on the grand cityand civilians are killed by them. You become as city defender andsave the civilians from these evil forces. Use your fightingskills, laser attack, and other powerful attack to defeat thedangerous enemies. Thrilling missions are ready to blast the gamingworld.SUPER LIGHT HERO CRIME BATTLE FEATURES:• Play as Flashh heroand save the civilians in city • Choose your favorite light hero tofight with rivals• Super villains like monster villains and othersdangerous enemies • 3D Graphics and battle environment• Addictivegameplay and smooth controls• Use your strange powers like fightingcombos, laser attackSuper Light hero Crime Battle is speciallydesigned for all light hero lover and super villains fans. Superlight hero use powerful attacks to save the civilians fromdangerous super villains like monster villains in the grand city.Beware from dangerous gangster which are trying to kill the peoplesand wandering in search of light hero in the vice city.
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Welcome to the new world of superheroes where you play as ClawsBlade hero to fight with bad gangster in this Claws Blade HeroTransform Wolf: City Battle game. Blade heroes transform intodangerous wolf and kill the city gangster in grand city. Beautifulcity is full of danger and beware from your rivals which arewandering in the vice city. Claws hero roaming in search ofdangerous city gangster and clean the grand city from these evilpowers.Claws Blade Hero Transform Wolf: City Battle is action gamefor all blade hero lovers and fighting games fans. Claws hero fightwith dangerous mafia with the help of fireball attacks, Super clawsattack and ground shattering attack to clean the vice city from badguys. Fight with fantastic hero who rules the whole city andcontrols all illegal works.GMAEPLAY:Claws Blade Hero TransformWolf: City Battle is action game with thrilling gameplay where youplay as super Claws blade hero and transform into wild wolf to killdangerous villains in the city. Blade hero saves the innocentcivilians from fantastic villain. Claws hero transform into wildwolf and chase the gangster in the city with the help of fastrunning. Wild wolf kill all of them with the help of claws attackand dangerous ground shattering attack. Thug mafia kills theinnocent civilians with the help of fantastic villain powers andcontrols the whole city with classic weapons. Thrilling missionsare ready to boom the game in gaming world.CLAWS BLADE HEROTRANSFORM WOLF: CITY BATTLE FEATURES• Play as claws blade hero andfight with fantastic villain• Choose your favorite Claws Hero andwild wolf to fight• Save civilians from dangerous gangster • 3Dgraphics with Battle environment• Action gameplay and smoothcontrolsClaws Blade Hero Transform Wolf: City Battle is speciallydesigned for all wolf games lovers and claws hero fans. Blade herofights with fantastic villain in battle environment and clean thegrand city from these evil forces with the help of strange powers.Become a city defender and save the innocent peoples form brutalgangsters.
Super Cat Girl Crime Battle 1.1 APK
Super Cat Girl Crime Battle is not another game of fighting againstthe gangsters. But it is the story of a simple women who became aSuper cat girl. And how she helped her city against the crime withthe help of the powers given to her. Fantastic Crime fighting gamewith a lot of actions and fighting scenarios. Thugs robbingkillings and kidnapping the civilians and the gangster Boss TheFantastic Villain will be fighting against the city last hope SuperCat Girl.A simple women became a super Cat Girl after baited from acat with super powers and that will turn her in to a furious bloodshadier crime Battle Machine. She will have the Super powers tofight the crimes as a Super cat girl. Super Cat Girl Crime Battleagainst the crime will lead the city to a Bright future and willbring peace in the city as there will be no crime in the city. Catwomen will be the new hope to the city full of crimes and gangstersthirsty for blood and killing people for fun as well as money. Cityneed Super Cat Girl to fight against the crime and the gangstersand their boss The Fantastic Villain.Game Play:A regular women ofthe city was walking down town to grab some stuff from the supermarket. A cat appeared from no wear and attacked her from behindand the girl fell. It was strange to her as she have never heard ofcat attacking any human before. She woke up as a Super Cat Girl.Along with the super powers she would never have imagined before.She can feel the power within her in this Super Cat Girl CrimeBattle. She knew from the start what will she do with these powerfor. She started to fight the crime in the city and fight thegangsters and kill them for the good of the city.As a new heroarrives in the city there was a huge blast in the galaxy Zionaidand the huge meteoroid strikes the earth. It was not just ameteoroid but a real alien named as Fantastic Villain. He hasarrived in the city with the plan of controlling the all themalevolent minded people with his supremacy over the mind. Now heis in the control of the evil group of gangsters.Super Cat Girlneed to eliminate all the gangsters first to fade the power of theFantastic Villain. Cat women is using het Claw Attack tactics tofight and also fire flame balls from her hand. Once all the all thegangsters are dead she kills the Boss Villain. She can also use herpower to shatter the ground under her enemy’s feet.Super Cat GirlCrime Battle Key Features:• 3D Game with Realistic Environments.•Mind Blowing Super Powers of the Super Cat Girl.• Most AmazingSound Track Along With the Dynamic Sound Effects.• DifferentDifficulty Levels.• Story Mode with Most Realistic Actions.
Multi Bat Hero vs city police 1.0 APK
Welcome to the Multi Bat Hero VS City Police action simulator whereyou can play as a super Bat Hero, unlike the other Bat hero gamesyour role is to destroy the vice city and fight with the citypolice. The amazing part of the game you can play as a bat hero aswell as by real bat. You can transform into the crazy bat moreoverfight with the dangerous gangsters and also with the city policeofficers. 3D grand city environment with full of realistic missionsmade this game more crazy and addictive.Multi Bat Hero VS CityPolice is a thrilling and amazing simulation where you canexperience the life of a bat villain hero. You can use yourdifferent evil powers to battle with the criminals and brutal citypolice. Different challenging tasks are ready to blast the game ingaming world. Thrilling destroying the grand city mission isespecially designed for the Multi Bat Hero lovers and also for thecraziest fans.GAMEPLAY: In Multi Bat Hero VS City Police actionsimulation your role is different from the other Bat hero games.Youcan experience the evil powers that are forcing you to destroy thevice city as well as to fight with the city Criminals and kill theinnocent civilians in the grand city. Your amazing transformcapabilities and awesome controls will help you to made battle withthe daring opponents. Your amazing flying ability, laser attack,outstanding combos helps you in the battle field. Your real crazybat having amazing powerful sharp wings and you can destroy anyenemy that comes in way with the help of these dangerous wingsattack. Fight like the killer bat villain and increase your scoresto unlock the other bat villain’s players to make a blast in theworld of Multi Bat Hero VS City Police world. Be the best in yourcity villain role and destroy the beautiful city with the help ofyour laser attack, No mercy with the police mans and the gangstersthey are only trying to kill you, beware from their criminalsmind.Multi Bat Hero VS City Police Features:• Three dangerous MultiBat Hero and three crazy bats is ready to play.• Addictive gameplaywith blaster challenging missions.• Use fantastic attacks likedangerous laser, speedy combos.• Fly in the grand city and destroythe vice city.• Different controls and different camera angles toplay with.• Kill the enemy with your strange evil powers.Everythingthat you need in the action and fantasy game are all in the MultiBat Hero VS City Police simulation. Enjoy being a super bat Heroand convert the lovely city into graveyard with the help of yourspecial attacks. Destroy beautiful grand city through your bad mindand evil skills. The criminal evil Bat villain is waiting for youto play with his strange powers and dangerous fighting skills.