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Flash Fire is an exam preparation app that will help fire servicepersonnel study for written tests based on IFSTA Wildland FireFighting for Structural Firefighters, 4th Edition. This appincludes a test bank with about 1000 multiple-choice questionsbased on the IFSTA textbook. Each question is page-referenced tothe text. Flash Fire allows you to take a comprehensive exam, studyquestions from a specific chapter of the book, or even build yourown exam based on the chapters you wish to study. Our app allowsyou to bookmark questions you would like to review, and will evensave all questions you answered incorrectly on any test so you cango back and look at them again. As always, don’t hesitate tocontact us if you have any questions or comments at:flashfireapps@gmail.com This app will be updated regularly based onuser feedback. Study hard and stay safe out there! Note: Flash Fireis not directly associated with IFSTA, however our content isdesigned to aid those studying their materials.

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EMT Tutor NREMT-B Study Guide 2.1 APK
EMT Basic review material on the go.Over 1000 Quiz Questions and1000 Flashcards! The EMT tutor is a comprehensive training tool forthe EMT Basic. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or starting classthis app will position you for success in the real world. If youare a student going through class you will benefit from this app.Simultaneously, so will a seasoned veteran in the EMS field that istrying to stay current on recent developments. The material hasbeen prepared and verified with most recent text books and includesthe additional information now presented in most classes thatincludes Pathophysiology, Life Span Development, and expandedAnatomy and Physiology sections. Over 1000 Possible quiz questionsand flashcards available. Prepare for class or review for the NREMTExam with the EMTutor. 5 major components differentiate us from ourcompetitors: 1. A Bookmarking feature that allows the user to savedifficult questions, flashcards, or scenarios for later study. Thisallows the user to tailor the experience to their needs. 2.Explanations so that the user learns from every question andflashcard. 3. Over 1000 Quiz Questions and 1000 Flashcards preparedby EMS instructors that are involved in both EMS education, andrunning calls in the streets. This enables the material to berelevant for students and to prepare you for the real world as anEMT-B. 4. A Scenario based section has been developed to aid intaking text book material from page to street. Over 50 scenariosare given here, with more to come, that a user can go through ontheir own or with a field instructor to stimulate the thinkingprocesses that occur on a 911 call.5. Material that has beendeveloped by EMS educators that are current on latest NREMTdevelopments. Our material has been developed for the iPhone userand cannot be found on a website somewhere for free. Because ofthis we believe that our material is for learning and teaching onthe iPhone not for assessing how smart the user is. Other materialis built to assess, ours is built to teach. Please feel free toEmail any questions or concerns to: code3apps@yahoo.com, we arealways willing to help in any way. Good luck on your EMT Exam andstay safe out there.
Paramedic Tutor 1.4 APK
Our premier Paramedic Tutor was written to help any paramedicimprove their skills, knowledge, and ability in the field ofparamedicine. It includes over 800 multiple choice questions,almost 600 flashcards, 28 scenarios, 24 medication calculations,and 47 ECG's!MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We are so convinced that youwill love our app, we will refund any purchases within 3 days ofdownload if you are unsatisfied.This app was created by practicingparamedics who have direct experience providing patient care,teaching other paramedics, and taking high stakes exams like theNREMT-P (NRP). The goal of this app is to have a resource whereparamedics can come to learn new information, review trickymaterial, or take a look at real life EKG’s. Paramedic Tutor comeswith several ways to interact with the material to enhancelearning. There are multiple choice questions, flashcards,scenarios, and an EKG quiz. Throughout the app, special attentionhas been paid to Airway, Cardiology, Pediatrics, OBGYN, and EKG’s.These are the areas that are tested most often on national exams,because these patient types can be rare. The questions are notdesigned to trick, but they are designed around the best answer.Weather you are brushing up on skills, taking the NREMT-P (NRP), ortaking a job-placement exam, this app can help you. Enjoy!This apphas some features that we think are pretty cool:Bookmarking:Whiletaking a quiz or looking at flashcards, we offer the ability tobookmark a question or flashcard for later review. If you find thatyou are repeatedly missing a certain question or if you are unawareof the reason for an answer, you have the ability to bookmark thequestion and later review it for a more effective learningexperience.Explanations: Learning is the end result that we hope toproduce. To provide our students with an optimal learningexperience, we provide detailed explanations for why certainanswers are correct, as well as descriptions of why other answersare incorrect.DISCLAIMER:Unfortunately, we are not without ourmistakes. While we promise to continually hone and refine thematerial in this app, there may still be errors. While in thefield, you should rely on your training and on the protocols andprocedures under which you work.We hope that you enjoy theexperience of the Paramedic Tutor. If you have material that youthink would help others pass the NREMT-P (NRP) or excel on the job,our content writers are always willing to review any material. Ifyou find an error, please contact us with your thoughts and we willcertainly review it.Please send any comments, thoughts, reviews,ideas, etc... to:Code3apps@yahoo.comThanks, and be safe out there.
Firefighting I/II Exam Prep 1.8 APK
Flash Fire will help fire service students and trainees prepare forwritten examinations for Firefighter I and Firefighter II courses.Our content is primarily based on IFSTA Essentials 6th Edition. Ourstudy guide app includes a test bank referenced to the IFSTAEssentials 6th Ed textbook with over 2,200 questions. Each answerto the questions includes an IFSTA page reference and NFPA 1001reference. This exam prep app allows you to take a comprehensiveexam, study questions from a specific chapter of the book, or evenbuild your own exam based on the chapters you wish to study. Ourapp allows you to favorite questions you would like to review, andwill even save all questions you answered incorrectly on any testso you can go back and look at them again.Additionally, Flash Fireincludes questions for both FF1 and FF2.Discounted price availablefor a limited time, take advantage of the savings!As always, don’thesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We'llupdate the app regularly based on user feedback:info@code3apps.comStudy hard and stay safe out there!Note: FlashFire is not directly associated with IFSTA, however our content isdesigned to aid those studying Essentials of Firefighting material.
FExpert-flashcards for FE exam 1.2.2 APK
The FExpert provides an app to study on the go for the Fundamentalsof Engineering (FE) exam to become a certified Engineer-in-Training(EIT). Over 800 flashcards with question and answer, this is morethan double any other existing app! Flashcards can be reviewed bychapter or all at once. The following subjects are covered:-Mathematics -Engineering Probability and Statistics -Statics-Dynamics -Fluid Mechanics -Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer-Mechanics of Materials -Chemistry -Material Properties-Electricity and Magnetism -Biology -Computers and Controls-Engineering Economics -Ethics and Business Practices -FundamentalConstants and Conversion Factors The FExpert also provides abookmarking feature, which allows the user to bookmark cards theyhave trouble with, allowing personalized studying of areas the usermost needs to review. 2011 copyright Code3apps code3apps@yahoo.com
Hazmat First Responders 4ed FF 1.1 APK
Flash Fire is an exam preparation app that will help fire servicepersonnel prepare for written tests based on IFSTA HazardousMaterials for First Responders, 4th Edition. This app includes atest bank with over 1050 multiple-choice questions based on theIFSTA textbook. Each question is page-referenced to the text.Thisapp mirrors the organization of the IFSTA text (see the paragraphtitled Book Organization on page 2 of the introduction in thebook):· Chapters 1 through 3 are Awareness-level· Chapters 4through 7 are Operations- Core Competencies· Chapters 8 through 14are Operations- Mission Specific CompetenciesFlash Fire allows youto take a comprehensive exam, study questions from a specificchapter of the book, or even build your own exam based on thechapters you wish to study. Our app allows you to bookmarkquestions you would like to review, and will even save allquestions you answered incorrectly on any test so you can go backand look at them again.As always, don’t hesitate to contact us ifyou have any questions or comments at: flashfireapps@gmail.com Thisapp will be updated regularly based on user feedback.Study hard andstay safe out there!Note: Flash Fire is not directly associatedwith IFSTA, however our content is designed to aid those studyingtheir materials.
Complete ASVAB Study Guide 1.02 APK
Complete ASVAB study guide, with over 500 practice questions,prepared by a dedicated team of exam experts, with everything youneed to pass the ASVAB!Complete ASVAB study guide! will helpyou:Learn faster Practice with 2 complete practice question sets(over 500 questions)Identify your strengths and weaknessesquicklyConcentrate your study timeIncrease your score with multiplechoice strategies from exam expertsLearn what you MUST do in theexam roomAvoid common mistakes on a testAnswer multiple choicequestions strategicallyIncrease your vocabulary fast with powerfullearning strategiesMake a ASVAB study plan and studyscheduleIncludes tutorials and practice test questions for: GeneralScienceArithmetic ReasoningWord KnowledgeParagraphComprehensionAuto and ShopMathematics KnowledgeMechanicalComprehensionElectronics Extensive (hundreds of pages) review andtutorials on all topics Also included in this comprehensive ASVABresource, are TWO critical chapters to your exam success: How toTake a Test - The Complete Guide - Let’s face it: test-taking isreally not easy! While some people seem to have the natural abilityto know what to study, how to absorb and retain information, andhow to stay calm enough while actually taking a test to earn agreat score, most of us find taking tests to be sheer misery. Thisis one of the most important chapters! Here you will find out:Howto Take a Test - The basicsIn the Test Room - What you MUST doTheUltimate Guide to Test Preparation - Everything you need toknowCommon Mistakes on a Test - And how to avoid themMental Prep -How to psych yourself up for a testWhy not do everything you can toget the best score on the ASVAB?
FireFighter Pocketbook Lite 1.3.2 APK
Firefighter review material on the go!Practice Quizzes, Flashcards,Skill Sheets, Scene Checkoffs, and MORE!The Firefighter Pocketbooklite is a training tool for Firefighters based off of theFirefighter Pocketbook Pro version. Here a 42 question quiz ispresented, where you can test your knowledge of firefightingactivities, and 52 Flashcards for review. Also a demonstrationscene checkoff section where 6 scenario scenes are presented. Allof the Skill Sheets that are provided in the full FirefighterPocketbook are present here and allow users a reference for keepingtheir skills current. If you like what you see here, upgrade to thefull version for a comprehensive study guide for firefighting. Ifyou are a student going through class you will benefit from thisapp. Simultaneously, so will a seasoned veteran that is trying tostay current on recent developments.The material has been preparedand verified with 2012 NFPA and IFSTA text books. Over 550 practiceexam quiz questions and 700 flashcards are available in the Proversion found in your devices app store. The Pro Version is dividedinto these sections:- Study: Practice quizzes, and exam questionsto keep you current. As an added bonus, 700 flashcards for review.If you are taking a class or just reviewing, these will keep youupdated. Firefighting terms and reference information as well.-Checkoffs: The many different types of scenes that an emergencyresponder can find themselves in are included here with the abilityto check off necessary functions. The checkoffs section is dividedinto three sections. Medical, Firefighting, and Technical Rescue.-Library: The library section contains a firefighting REFERENCE TERMsection, and a FIREFIGHTER SKILL SHEETS section that includes mostof the skills that any firefighter should be proficient in. Useboth as a training aide. More material to come soon.5 componentsdifferentiate us from our competitors:1. A Bookmarking feature thatallows the user to save difficult test questions, or flashcards forlater study. This allows the user to tailor the experience to theirneeds.2. Explanations so that the user learns from every examquestion and flashcard.3. Over 550 Exam Questions and 700firefighting Flashcards prepared by Firefighting instructors thatare involved in both EMS/Fire education, and running calls in thestreets. This enables the material to be relevant for students andto prepare you for the real world.4. A Scene Checklist section isadded so that the user can review the multiple types of emergencyscenes and practice situational awareness and comprehensivelymanaging a scene.5. Material that has been developed byFirefighting educators that are current on latest developments. Ourmaterial has been developed for the Android user and cannot befound on a website somewhere for free. Other material is built toassess, ours is built to teach.Please feel free to Email anyquestions or concerns to: code3apps@yahoo.com, we are alwayswilling to help in any way. Enjoy our app and stay safe outthere.Taking tests is hard! BE PREPARED.
EMT Tutor Lite - EMS Scenarios 2.0 APK
EMTutor Lite - EMS Scenarios EMTutor Lite presents an EMT Basicquiz and flashcards alongside over 50 scenarios written for the EMTbased on real life EMS situations. The scenarios are intended to bediscussion generators for field instructors, teachers and mentors,or to aid the individual learning process. The discussions willexpose gaps in the knowledge base and aid in the learning process.It is great for the seasoned EMT or those currently in class.Preparing for the NREMT exam? Use the scenarios to begin applyingthe EMT-B material to real world situations. Instructors can usethese to take students through clinical practice or to aid in thedevelopment of EMT classes.There is also an in app upgradeavailable to the full EMTutor which also includes over 900 multiplechoice questions, and 900 flashcards, Skill Sheets and DifferentialRule-outs. A comprehensive study guide for any EMT preparing forthe NREMT or just trying to pass their Basic class. Good luck onyour EMT test and stay safe out there!