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With Wildlife Run Zebra transform your dream into reality. Controlthe astrayed Zebra on the city highway. Guide him to collect coinsand cross cars safely using quick and fast strategies. If you love3D city racing game, Wildlife Zebra Run is the newest hottest freewildlife run. Download 3D wildlife run today and using the zebrautilities guide the zebra to safety.Kids just love zoo story. Zebrais identified because Zebra crossing design. This animal skinprints are so fancy that they are used as wallpapers and zebrathemes in parties. Wildlife Zebra runner is a treat for childrenand elder kids as well. Download this crazy Zebra game today andstart enjoying the zebra run on the city highway. This is a 3D wildanimal racing game.Note: All Permissions are required for thetrusted 3rd vendor parties. None of your personal information willbe transferred or used. So feel free and Enjoy our games.For anyproblems or suggestion: Contact us at absolutegamesstudio@gmail.com

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    Wildlife Zebra Run
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    December 31, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Absolute Game Studio
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    57 Al-Faya AlRiyad Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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An innovative hound game in the animal dogs simulator category theVIRTUAL DOG RACING CHAMPION 3D SIMULATOR awaits you. After thesuccess of Virtual Horse Racing Champions, we bring you the dograce straight from Texas. Enjoy this new style of greyhound racewith police trained dogs. In this animal dog simulator of 2016,feel the thrill and excitement of real dog racing 3D. Place bet foryour favorite dog/mongrel on a race day and beat the odds.Add thisandroid racing german dog simulator to your collection of snowsledge musher games, police dog/kutta sim, farm dogs fight, wildhound and stray bull terrier simulators. This is an extraordinaryPolice dog racing game. The police officers of different statesdecided to have a fun race to see which police dog is the fastest.So all police dogs from different states like Miami, Andreascityand LA have been invited to Texas for this entertaining race.These prisoner and criminal chasing expert dogs experts are runningfor a championship cup without any special training. The cops arebetting on these police trained dogs. This 3D racing germanshepherd has 2 modes, a betting mode and checkpoint race mode.Inbetting mode, place a bet on the dog and start the dog raceanimation. You have a bank balance of $100. You are guaranteed toenjoy the engaging gameplay immensely. This pet dog game emulatesrealistic greyhound race experience on tracks using an artificiallure. Greyhound race is an organized competitive industry wheregerman dogs are raced around an oval track of 550m or coursing. Inmany countries this greyhound race is conducted for entertainmentin others for serious gambling. The checkpoint racing mode allowsyou to select your race dog and tap on the button to make it run,the harder you tap the faster the wild dog moves. The adrenaline indog racing games will burn the tar under your feet with thisamazing 3D race dog simulator. Like virtual horse racing champion,this race game is the most authentic dog racer simulator. Lead therace, embrace victory and become the victor in police DOG RACINGVIRTUAL CHAMPION 3D SIM !This racer dog simulator 3D is highlyaddictive. Enjoy this police dog racing event and bet for yourfavorite one with your family and friends. Placing bet according tothe odds can leads you to victory each time. Choose the wild animaldog - german shepherd and tap to reach the finish line. Do youthink more hardcore training is needed to become a true racer. Timeto experience the finest of virtual pet dog games. Its fun,thrilling, exciting, and a complete family entertainment! So goahead and race your tremendous german shepherd to the finish lineand become a great champion in DOG RACING 3D SIMULATOR.Police DogRacing Simulator Features 2015• Checkpoint Race and Bet modefeature.• Select your favorite number.• Real 3d animation ofrunning German Shepherd• Tap harder to make your stray dog runfast.• Smooth onscreen controls for dogs• High Quality 3D graphicsand sound effects• Multiple Camera Views during the race day!Comingsoon: A variety of dogs animations and 3d models like bull terrier,wolf dog, greyhound, Rottweiler.Fulfill your dream of having arealistic pet dog racing simulator with Virtual Dog RacingChampion. Enjoy this animal simulator game the latest of dog racingand snow dogs musher games on Google play store.Note: In this gamebetting is for fun not real. Just pure entertainment withoutharming any live animal dog or rabbit. . We have not shown chasinga real live rabbit in this stray dog running game.
Farm Transporter: Wild Animal 1.0.11 APK
This premium game brings you the latest heavy zoo animals domesticbanger. If you love transporter train ogre games then here is abigger challenge of animal trailer drive. This ogre cargo transportsimulator has an on "18 wheeler” trailer truck and ferocious jungleanimals. Welcome to the delivery world across the huge farm on aheavy trailer. Transport the zoo animal and domestic beastcarefully on the offroad muddy trail. Do not injure them as thereis no veterinary doctor on the farm. Use the 4x4 driving skills forthis cattle transporter. Here’s your chance to load and drive ahuge 18 wheeler trailer loaded with domestic plus wild animals 3das a live cargo. Save the animals from the domestic poacher and theside kick lackey. Don't let them threaten the wilderness orpaddock.The on duty dynamic driver is required to load the untamedgorillas, zebra and deer /stag on the cargo truck to deliver themto the jungle zoo. The tamed domestic animals should be deliveredjust before the farmhouses (horses, dogs) and near the beautifulanimal shelter built for the bulls, cows and goats. Load theuntamed beast especially cheetah, gorillas on top of the Transportfarm truck then drive with precision and accuracy for going overthe steep and muddy offroad. Avoid the harvested crops, farmingtractor and excavator machines. Fast driving or bumps on the muddyoff road may result in harm to the zoo transport animal. Smoothdriving skills of the trailer are a necessity to clear eachlevel.Features:• 10 levels with hardcore challenges • Realisticcargo transporter 18 wheeler• Awesome 3D driving offroad physics •Amazing detailed 3d graphics of farm crops, tractor and excavator•Realistic jungle habitats for the zoo animalsIn this farmtransporter: wild animals, you will enjoy the beautiful animalshelters and a blend of different tamed and untamed beasts. Thereis no animal breeding in this 3D transportation game.
Extreme Hill Bus Driving Sim 1.0 APK
Extreme Hill Bus driving sim 3d game is the latest bus simulator2015 game with awesome fast car hill driving skills required. Getready to show off ultimate hill speed driving skills in the latesthill climbing offroad simulator challenge game. Test your extremehill bus driver skills in this epic hill climbing bus driving game.This is different from big city driving. Be the best bus driver inthis bus hill climbing game.This city bus hill climb 3D game hasthe most Epic different challenging mission levels. Download andenjoy playing this off road simulator game. This is a fast andfurious 4x4 off road SUV driving simulator challenge, a precisiondriving in hill speed driving test makes you daredevil. Once youare in this ultimate hill speed driving game to enjoy the busdriving ultimate offroad 4x4 simulator. In this city bus hillclimbing game, you will forget all the other unique city busdriving simulator experiences. Embark on the hill mountain climbracing journey as a pro bus driver. Get a chance to become the bestfast car hill driver in this hill climbing bus driving game.Thisextreme 4x4 offroad hill climb mountain climbing police game,experience the precision driving as a daredevils bus driver in theoffroad simulator 4x4 challenge. No public transportation buses andbig cargo vehicles in this hill climbing rocky path. You can reachthe epic destination with your precision driving skills in thisbeautiful hills and mountains along the track. If you are tired offighting crime city in San Andreas and the furious criminals ofMiami so now its time to take a break and enjoy this latest policecar off road hill climb 4x4 extreme jeep driving simulator game.This daredevil game has all the elements of 4x4 SUV offroad drivingsimulator with the focus on fast car hill driver climbing skills +public transportation bus simulator driving skills to help youbecome a pro bus driver. This hill climbing game is fascinatingwith beautiful hills and mountains. This epic challenging missionlevel simulator will beat all the bus driving game f2015. Downloadthis mountain climbing police game today.Features of Extreme HillBus Driving Sim• Beautiful and realistic mountain worlds for hillclimbing• Realistic models of big bus city buses for off road hillclimb• Onscreen steering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals forthe real driving experience• Dodge the big vehicle and rockymountains to save the health of your police Jeep.• Challengingmission levels is awaiting the daredevils car hill driver.Thisextreme hill climb bus simulator 2015 is a more unique game thenExtreme Hill Climb Police Car game. This is your epic opportunityto play the ultimate 4x4 big city bus driver hill climbing gamewhich brings many furious fast car driving opportunities andchallenging tracks for doing some extreme hill driving. Feel like areal car driver while playing this awesome car simulator games. Getready for the hill mountain madness in this ultra cool and ultimatemountain climbing bus driving game f2015.
Robber vs Police Sniper Shoot 1.1 APK
" Robber vs Police Sniper Shooting" free edition, gives you theultimate chance to become a bank robber, getaway by using your 3Dsniper shooting skills. The COPS have positioned FORCES to BLOCKthe bank robber car. Robber vs Police Sniper shooting is actionpacked 3D police vs thief game where you are the bank robbergetaway from the army of cops shooting at you. This Cops n Robbersgame is FPS ( First Person Shooting game) your target is to killpolice shooter with extremely selective and specialized training.All these police officers are like army on strike. You are the bankrobber who has to escape on the veloz jeep. You are surrounded bypolice sniper shooter sniper. Stand on top of the veloz jeep andkill them all before they blow your mind. You can escape only ifyou shoot the army of police officersRobber vs Police SniperShooter is a challenging game of sniper shooting with the movingveloz jeep. ROBBER VS COP will definitely be a good addition toyour collection of Police vs Thief games. So buckle up and download"Robber vs Police Sniper Shooting" free edition today.
Wild Cheetah Revenge 3d Sim 1.0.1 APK
"Wild Cheetah Revenge 3d Sim" transforms you into Wild AfricanCheetah. Now the world fastest running wildlife real cheetah is onyour android phones and tablets. Wild Cheetah Revenge 3d sim attackis action packed 3D game where angry cheetah attacks to revenge themean battles of the world. The angry cheetah is ready for revenge.Feed his anger by leading him to the prey animals. BEWARE Sniperhunters and deer hunter, you cannot outrun the fastest mammal sodon't try escape or use your shooting skills on this wild cheetah.Now you are the real cheetah, the wildlife fastest carnivore,attack those 3D human beings, and mammals like rabbits, deer andgoats. Cheetahs are on the brink of extinction. DOWNLOAD this WildCheetah Revenge 3d Sim today. Enjoy the real Cheetah's speed andwildlife instincts.Be the part of the wildlife jungle and becomesafari hunter with "Wild Cheetah Revenge3d sim". If you enjoy thedifferent animal simulators like Snake, Bear, Dinosaur, or HorseSimulator, then you will love this exclusive Cheetah game. Stunninggraphics and game play for teens boys & girls and grownups.
Reckless Police Car Offroad Chase - Outlaw Getaway 1.0.1 APK
Climbing hill ain’t easy neither is driving on the sloppy offroadtrails. The outlaws have stolen loot from the town and are headin’north. Do your ultimate police duty and show real fury by cuttindown the gangster chase. Fasten your seatbelt…… Pull the gear…..Press the accelerator to extreme. A 2018 offroad police car game totake the cop driving and chasing to the next level.- Free-chasinglevels- Unlock loads of modern police cars- Easy to use controls-Top class HD graphics- Dodge the transporter trucks climbing theoff-road hill trail.
Elephant Hoverboard rider 3D 1.0 APK
An Elephant Hover board Rider is the newest addition to hover boardsimulator games. It brings most amazing & unique racing hoverboard game animal simulator. The Elephant Hoverboard Rider 3D letsyou control the most massive simulated elefant largest land animalalive on earth riding a hoverboard. Enjoy the advanced technologyof this hoverboard simulator game and bring the kids imagination tolife. Let them discover and look at the most comical sight. Afantastic hover board race with great animal physics, enjoy theracing and controlling the elefante in the city, running onhighway. The giant African elefante racing on hoverboard on thetraffic highway track collecting coins or running on the city urbantrack collecting coins. A complete animal and hover board gameentertainment.The kids will learn the traffic rules in the newestway with the giant elephant on the hover board. The HoverboardRider game will help kids develop hand and eye coordination andgive them the basic learning of the highway traffic rules. Thesetraffic rules are important and universal for every state likeMiami, LA, San Andreas and all Asian, African and Europeancountries like America and Canada, Avoid crashing into a car or thehighway sides and walls. Collect as many coins as you can, getpower up and unlock more powerful elephants. In ELEPHANT HOVERBOARDRIDER 3D, you will enjoy the surfing of giant wild animal simulatoron the hoverboard game. Quit playing the wilf animal safari and trysomething new and different,The elefant is the largest mammal/mammoth of lovo family in the world and the most powerful too.Enjoy controlling this dominant enormous African wild jungleelephant. You can go towards the city highway or enjoy the urbanarea - the countryside Features of Elephant Hoverboard Rider 3D:- 2Challenging Hover board racing mission to play- Incredible 3Delephant animations and background sounds- Collect coins and unlocknew stages- Learn universal rules of highway traffic in a funmanner - Simple and smooth control to enjoy amazing game play-Complete Touch based controls for complete enjoyment- Stunning HighDefinition graphicsIf you like playing animal simulator racinggames on your smartphone & tablet then you will love thisracing elephant on hover board for sure. Download the ELEPHANTHOVERBOARD RIDER 3D, unique and sizzling game today and have thebest quality time with your children/kids today. This elefante raceis going to burn the tar under your feet and can be played andenjoyed by both girls and boys equally.A great game for teens andgrownups with cool HD graphics. Enjoy the awesome game play ofElephant Hoverboard Simulator.Special Note: This is non- violentgame, 100% safe for the kids. No destroying city or hitting people,cars or creating any wrecks. No bloodshed of any animals like lion,wolf, cheetah, hyenas. This app is destruction free and bloodfree.Your Support is our encouragement. Please take time and rateour game on Google Play Store.You can follow us on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/Absolutegamestudio.ags/Twitter -https://twitter.com/AGS_3dgames
Virtual Horse Racing Champion 1.0.1 APK
Welcome to the Horse riding 2016 simulator, catch the best Belmontstakes action full of preakness in this test for champions. Win thetriple crown trophy and be proud to say say" My horse rider hasbecome the racer champ." Don't hold on and wait to go to Texas orBelmont.. Virtual Horse Racing 3D game is the realistic horsesriding on your android mobile phone. **Download today** Don't missthis Golden chance to try out your Good Luck. This game brings youvirtual bet buys. Challenge yourself and see how much you canwin.Enjoy the best racing jockey action in the most epic carnationrun of 2016 sports simulator.Highlights of Virtual Horse RacingChampion :• Stunning 3D Graphics• Spectacular Texas Racetracks • upto 8 riders/runners• Slow Motion• Virtual Race horse bettingPlaythe horse riding 2016 simulator with your family and enjoy thecomplete flying derby action.You will definitely find flyingstallion rider addictive. This can be enjoyed by boys, girls andadults equally. Good Luck and become the next Virtual Horse RacingChampion.Try out other games by the Absolute game Studio.Forsuggestion: Contact us at absolutegamestudio@gmail.comFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/Absolutegamestudio.ags/Twitter -https://twitter.com/AGS_3dgames