/ March 10, 2016
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You like Crete, its cuisine and fine wines? Let yourself carry awayand discover its good cellars.Each winemaker will make you feel hispassion for his work, his vineyards and his love for good wine.Whena winemaker is talking about his vineyards and wines it is justlike a hymn to love.You enjoy a Cretan wine, close your eyes andenjoy !!! Feel the earth, the sun: an explosion of flavors.Happiness !Our application will allow you to discover the winerieswe have selected and a map will guide you in order not to getlost.Good tasting !

App Information Wineries of Crete

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    Wineries of Crete
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    March 10, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Travel & Local
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    4d rue du Heyde 67130 LUTZELHOUSE France
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Wineries of Crete APK
You like Crete, its cuisine and fine wines? Let yourself carry awayand discover its good cellars.Each winemaker will make you feel hispassion for his work, his vineyards and his love for good wine.Whena winemaker is talking about his vineyards and wines it is justlike a hymn to love.You enjoy a Cretan wine, close your eyes andenjoy !!! Feel the earth, the sun: an explosion of flavors.Happiness !Our application will allow you to discover the winerieswe have selected and a map will guide you in order not to getlost.Good tasting !
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Gippy GPS Free APK
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Properties in Dubaï APK
Properties in Dubaî : We offer a wide variety of real estate inDubai: Apartments, villas and commercial properties in differentprice ranges. Are you looking for the perfect investment? Then youhave already made the right decision! Property prices in Dubai canbe compared with similar places such as London, Paris, Beijing orNew York significantly lower while the property value in Dubai isincreasing every year. Furthermore there is an ideal rentalsituation in Dubai: The demand by travelers for accommodation isconsiderably higher than the offered units, and in the year of theEXPO 2020 up to 20,000,000 visitors will be expected annually inthe city. This means that you will be able to easily rent yourproperty all year round to tourists at very good rental charges.Thus, you can achieve a very good return on your investment and thepurchase of your property in Dubai will be paid off within a fewyears. In addition, both the purchase of the property as well asrentals in Dubai are tax-free. A truly perfect situation that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.In addition, Dubai as a newvibrant world metropolis offers everything to you and your guests:Excellent climatic conditions with only 5 rainy days per year andtemperatures rarely under 20C during the winter period. Beautifulbeaches, great cultural and sports events with international tennisand golf tournaments, Formula 1 racing in neighboring Abu Dhabi andconcerts by international artists. A wide range of very interestingexcursions i.e. to the highest building in the world or the world'slargest shopping mall. The city is very well organized, extremelypeaceful living together with people from different cultures (from200 nations) and very clean conditions. Moreover there is anexcellent infrastructure with international private schools andhospitals.It will be our pleasure to help you find your perfectproperty.Waste no more time and contact us today! We do not chargeany commission for our services as real estate agents in Dubai.
Ma tension artérielle APK
L’hypertension doit être prise très au sérieux. Au-delà d’unsimplefacteur de risque, elle est une véritable maladie chronique.Saprogression constante est la conséquence de l’évolution denosmodes de vie, en particulier une alimentation trop richeengraisses et en sel, ainsi qu’une diminution de l’activitéphysique.Si elle ne se guérit pas, l’hypertension se soigne trèsbien. Destraitements efficaces permettent aujourd’hui de vivrepluslongtemps et sans complications handicapantes. À conditiondesavoir que l’on est hypertendu ! Pour ne pas être l’un d’entreeux,pensez à mesurer au moins une fois par an votrepressionartérielle, chez vous ou chez votre médecin. Si vous prenezdéjà untraitement, efforcez-vous de le suivre attentivement :l’observanceest essentielle dans le contrôle de votre hypertension.Vous devezaussi savoir qu’un traitement ne peut être efficace quesi vousrespectez parallèlement des règles simples d’hygiène de vie.Votreimplication dans votre prise en charge et le suivi parvotremédecin vous permettront de réduire au maximum les risquesliés àl’hypertension. Une seule prise chez votre médecin ne reflètepastoujours la réalité, car la pression artérielle varie enfonctionde l’état de fatigue, de l’émotivité, du stress… Pourréduire lesrisques d’erreur, vous pouvez prendre votre tensionvous-même, avecun appareil d’auto-mesure tensionnelle.L'application "Ma tensionartérielle" permet un meilleur suivi devotre hypertension. Enl'occurrence, l'historique des mesures permetde visualiser d'unseul coup d’œil l'évolution dans le temps devotre hypertension. Enoutre, de nombreux conseils - avec desrappels automatiques - vousaideront au quotidien ; il n'est jamaissuperflu de se voirrappeler régulièrement quelques conseilsjudicieux ! Enfin, laversion complète de cette application, permetd'adresser à votremédecin traitant un relevé de vos auto-mesures.Hypertension shouldbe taken very seriously. Beyond a simple riskfactor, it is a truechronic disease. Its constant progression isthe consequence of theevolution of our lifestyles, in particular adiet too rich in fatsand salt, as well as a decrease in physicalactivity. If it can notbe cured, hypertension can be treated verywell. Effectivetreatments today make it possible to live longer andwithoutdisabling complications. As long as you know that youarehypertensive! To avoid being one of them, consider measuringyourblood pressure at home or with your doctor at least once ayear. Ifyou are already taking a treatment, try to follow itcarefully:compliance is essential in controlling your high bloodpressure.You must also know that a treatment can only be effectiveif youalso follow simple rules of hygiene. Your involvement in yourcareand follow-up by your doctor will help you minimize the riskofhypertension. A single dose taken by your doctor does notalwaysreflect the reality, because the blood pressure variesaccording tothe state of tiredness, the emotivity, the stress ...To reduce therisks of error, you can take your tension yourself.same, with aself-measuring device. The application "My bloodpressure" allowsbetter monitoring of your hypertension. In thiscase, themeasurement history makes it possible to visualize at aglance theevolution over time of your hypertension. In addition,many tips -with automatic reminders - will help you on a dailybasis; it isnever superfluous to be regularly reminded of somejudiciousadvice! Finally, the full version of this applicationallows you tosend your doctor a record of your self-measurements.