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"Relaxation Softness (via relaxation) and performing techniques ina relaxed manner, is fundamental to Wing Chun. Tension reducespunching speed and power. Muscles act in pairs in opposition toeach other (e.g. biceps and triceps). If the arm is tensed, maximumpunching speed cannot be achieved as the biceps will be opposingthe extension of the arm. In Wing Chun, the arm should be relaxedbefore beginning the punching motion. Unnecessary muscle tensionwastes energy and causes fatigue. Tense, stiff arms are less fluidand sensitive during trapping and Chi Sau. A tense, stiff limbprovides an easy handle for an opponent to push or pull with,whereas a relaxed limb provides an opponent less to work with. Arelaxed, but focused, limb affords the ability to feel ""holes"" orweaknesses in the opponent's structure (see Sensitivity section).With the correct forwarding these ""holes"" grant a path intoattacking the opponent. Muscular struggle reduces a fight to who isstronger. Minimum brute strength in all movement becomes anequalizer in uneven strength confrontations. This is very much inthe spirit of the tale of Ng Mui. Centerline Centerline. While theexistence of a ""central axis"" concept is unified in Wing Chun,the interpretation of the centerline concept itself is not. Manyvariations exist, with some lineages defining anywhere from asingle ""centerline"" to multiple lines of interaction anddefinition. Traditionally the centerline is considered to be thevertical axis from the top of a human's head to the groin. Thehuman body's prime striking targets are considered to be on or nearthis line, including eyes, nose, throat, solar plexus, stomach,pelvis and groin."

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