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"Wing Chun History Remember the openinglinesfrom STAR WARS? It is a period of civil war. Rebelspaceships,striking from a hidden base, have won their firstvictory againstthe evil Galactic Empire. Wing Chun history is kindof like that,only the galaxy is China, the Empire is the QingDynasty, and theswords don't light up. The martial art style thatcame to be knownas Wing Chun originated in a period of civil warthat marked thetransition between the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Therebelliousmartial arts monks of Shaolin were hunted down and killedand thetemples burned to the ground. Kung fu masters who managed toescapedeath fled into exile or went into hiding. The rebels trainedinsecret, inventing new ways to fight the Qing soldiers andexploitweaknesses in their battlefield tactics. One of thefightingsystems that emerged from this conflict was a verydirect,short-range system that came to be known as Wing Chun. Asthesystem began to spread, legends about its origin were told.Somehistorians argue that these legends are nothing butfancifulmythology, while some Kung Fu masters claim they are thegospeltruth. Because these legends have been passed from teachertostudent as an oral history rather than throughwrittendocumentation, it is practically impossible to confirm orclarifythe story of Wing Chun's creation. There are already somegreatbooks which take a scholarly look at the differing accounts,so wewon't go into that level of detail. For the simple purposeofestablishing context, let's just go with the most popularversionof the Wing Chun story."

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"Most schools have hour long classes,thoughsome have longer formats. Some may offer multiple classes atatime. Your teacher may also have restrictions on what classesyoumay attend (e.g. Tuesday nights are reserved for black belts).Allof these factors needs to be considered when deciding whentopratice. You may also find that you want to practice more asyouget comfortable with the material. Many students will put inextratime to practice and prepare for a test. Remember that Aikidois apart of your life. In time, you may feel more dedicated toAikidoand that you want to put more time into it. That's fine, butatfirst, try to find a balance between this activity and others.Whatto Wear Most Aikido students practice in a uniform called adogi(or gi for short). It consists of a jacket, trousers, and abelt(obi). gis come in different sizes and weights. If you areunsureof your commitment to Aikido, you may want to start withalightweight karate-style uniform. Later, as you getmoreexperienced, you might find that a heavier Judo gi will lastlongerand stand up to some of the stress that practice can haveonclothing. Most uniforms will come with a white belt. Wearthatunless otherwise directed by your teacher. See Tying the Obi.Youwill notice that some students wear a long divided skirt calledahakama. Traditions vary from school to school, but generallythehakama is worn after reaching black belt. Some schools permitwomento wear them sooner (a holdover from Japanese modesty). Askafellow student if you should wear one or just attend classesandsee if anyone mentions it. A hakama can be an expensiveinvestment.Most run well over USD 100. Uniforms range from USD 25to 75depending on size and weight. Male students may find thatbriefs ora jock strap will give them support and comfort duringclass. Womenoften wear a sports bra with a t-shirt over it. Feetshould bebare. Take off any jewelry you might be wearing. It'ssurprisinghow bruised you can get from something as simple as aring. Do notwear anything around your neck - it can get caught andstrangleyou. Earrings get caught and might tear the lobes."
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"To fully appreciate Krav Maga, David says,youneed to know its history. The origins of Krav Maga can betraced topre-World War II Czechoslovakia (present-day Slovakia)and a youngJewish athlete named Imi Lichtenfeld. Imi was anationally andinternationally renowned boxer, wrestler, andgymnast. Beginning inthe mid-1930s, fascist and anti-Semiticgroups rose to power inCzechoslovakia and began inflictingviolence on Jewish communities.Feeling duty-bound to protect hisneighbors, Lichtenfeld organized agroup of young men to patrol hiscommunity and defend againstwould-be attackers. He quicklylearned, however, that his trainingin sport martial arts was nomatch for the anti-Semitic thugs heencountered. Fighting forpoints in a match and fighting for yourlife in a street fightrequire a different mindset and differenttechniques. Toeffectively defend himself and his community, Imibegansynthesizing his martial art knowledge and started placinganemphasis on attacks that quickly disabled and neutralized athreat.Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga, practicing martialarts By1940, Imi found himself living under a Nazi-allied puppetregimeand decided to head for Palestine to join the ZionistMovement andfight for a Jewish state of Israel. When he moved toPalestine in1942, he joined the Haganah, a pre-Israel Jewishparamilitaryorganization with a mission to protect Jewish settlersfrom localswho did not welcome the new arrivals. Israeli militaryleadersquickly noticed Imi’s fighting skills and his ability toteachthose skills to others. They put him in charge of trainingthemilitary’s elite fighting forces, including the Palmach(elitestrike force), the Palyam (marine commandos), andtheHaganah."
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"Karate is a martial art that focusesonstriking with the arms, fists, hands, knees, elbows and feet.Italso teaches defense techniques such as blocking and getting outofthe way. The origin of Karate dates back many years to asmallisland off the Japanese coast, called Okinawa. The peopleofOkinawa were mostly farmers, and had to devise a way toprotectthemselves from the Samuri, the Japanese military of thetime.Gichin Funakoshi, an Okinawan nicknamed Shoto, developed hisownstyle of Karate in the 1930s and 40s called Shotokan,meaningShoto's way. He took his style across Japan, demonstratingandteaching it at different Universities. He died in 1957 but manyofhis students continued to teach the style after his death.Wherewill I train, and what will I do in the classes? Shotokanclubstrain in Dojos, which can be anything from a purpose-builtstudio,to a school gymnasium. The only thing that defines a Dojo isthatkarate training and teaching takes place there. You must alwaysbowwhen entering and leaving the Dojo for any reason. Clubs areoftenled by a Sensei, who will usually be a black belt with yearsoftraining and teaching experience. There are oftenassistantSenseis, who will either be lower-grade black belts, orbrownbelts. Sessions are usually split into three, focusing onKihon,Kata and Kumite. Kihon means basic, and is where you practiseandperfect different striking techniques, both on their own andincombination. Examples of basic techniques that you willlearninclude:"