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News reports and information about Wirral, the peninsula in theNorth West of the UK

App Information Wirral UK- Keep up to date

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    Wirral UK- Keep up to date
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    August 28, 2014
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    7 Beechwood Close Mold Flintshire Wales, UK CH7 1RT
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GW0TQM's Amateur Radio Collection. This started as a series ofbookmarks but has had comment added and is updated frequently. Itsa hotchpotch, but so is Amateur Radio.This app hotlinks you to arange of amateur radio interest.Solar and Geomagnetic warnings.Onscreen MUF and Greyline indicatorsNEW: HF propagation for the UKVHFpropagation from the APRS NetworkRSGB latest news bulletin streamson demandGB2RS in text formK7AGE - Amateur radio newsKN4AQ - 'HamRadio News'An overview of Digital V/UHF ham radioDigital Data feedsDSTAR, DMR-BM, Plus, MARC and PhoenixUKEcholink and IRLPinfoSummits on the Air- Live feedList of SOTA reportsHigh AltitudeBalloon TrackingGalleryRaspberry Pi MagazineRasp.Pi and HamRadioEmail list links HamPocket and QRPFollow the Ham RadioForumHamsphere computing pages.
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Some days there seems to be no-one there. Is this thing working?How useful would it be to dash to the dashboard and check yourconnection is appearing in the digital ecosystem. This app pointsyou to various 'last heard' pages for DSTAR, DMR and Fusion. Of thethousands of talkgroups, where are the amateurs parked today? Checkthe listings and get a picture of who is where-just now. Digitalnetworks are 24/7 and activity patterns reflect users local timezones- fancy finding some like minded hams at 3am local time- theyare out there.This app puts the live feeds for DMR (plus, BM, MARC,Phoenix a few clicks away by linking to the varied dashboardsavailable on the web. Why use a digital system to talk to amateurs- it's not radio is it? Well, most amateurs QSOs on digital do havean RF path somewhere, but in a time when local QRN is immense, thebands are flat as pancakes and we are all busy busy busy - thedigiverse is a pool of expertise - a bunch of folk that - get this-like talking about radio and computing. A 24/7 hamvention? - Wellnot quite, but you get my drift?Increasingly with modern vehicles,scratching the roof with a magnetic mount, feeding coax through airtight seals, locating radios under non existent dashboards is a nonstarter. Run a hotspot in the footwell, wear your handi in a pocketwith a headset and you are mobile both in and around thevehicle.There is more- I have put information relating to thesemodes entered at a 'beginner' level by myself (because I mostly amat that level, things change so quickly), and it's being added toregularly. Ask me to add something ( twitter:@gw0tqm )This app wasoriginally about DMR )(in fact only about the repeater GB7HM run byGW1SYG) only but increasingly these modes are linking so it's timeto branch out..Carl @gw0tqm
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This App supports the Silent Hunter Online Game and links toinformation on the German Uboats of World War 2Check out anexhibition in the UK where you can see a Uboat, purchase severalreally good value books on UBoats and view for free a number ofYouTube videos about a Uboat local to me (one of only four in theworld)It's really complicated firing a torpedo from a moving boatto hit a moving vessel - how did they calculate that? My PDF heregives a bit of an insight. Wot? No pocket calculators? Sliderules??Check out the Silent Hunter Online Facebook pageSingle clickinto the SHO forum (you have to log in the first time only- andobviously you need to register-but it's free)Single click into theSubSim forum (see above) a long running forum for submarinesimulation.Check out some submarine shoppingThis is the login pageto Silent Hunter Online - android doesn't let you complete thelogin oddly, but you can read all the items on the huge openingpageThis is the beginnings of a manual for Silent Hunter Online-which remains free to play, but still in Beta of courseSilentHunter Wiki - apart from Silent Hunter 5 all the SH games have beenexcellent. SH5 was the prettiest - but who wants a pretty war? (ora video card with nitrogen cooling)This is what's in the [email protected] is me @clwydian
Health Web Listener (NHS UK) 1.7 APK
This application connects you the pulse of UK healthcare. Don'twaste a minute on Facebook, check this, and keep up!Healthcare News- follow a life twitter healthcare feed (no account required)NHS-behind the headlines - a latest news RSS feed bringing up up todateBMA communities - late to the forum idea, the British MedicalAccociation Community pageMental health podcast - regularly updatedfrom the Royal College of PsychiatristsThe Independent Newspaper-on healthWWW.TED.COM Free lectures on everything that mattersHelpYourself! - A self help RSS feed with really good advice andinformationGot a minute?- Catch a health podcast in ONE MINUTE ofyour time.Video feed to help you love life - check out theseideasFitness Online - NHS free health adviceSpeicalised: PrimaryCare; Hospital Newsl; Pharmacy NewsMedical Research Council-Pressreleases
NICE Guidance in Mental Health 1.1.4 APK
April 2013 and the National Institute for Health and CareExcellence is born. Formerly the National Institute for Health andClinical Excellence, this world leading organisation collatesguidance and recommeded care pathways for clinicans and patientsalike.This application links you to the Mental Health themedpathways and guidance issued and updated regularly by NICEWho is itfor? Clinicians need to consult and be familiar with NICE in orderto properly inform their clinical decision making. In a similarway, patients or carers involved with chronic illnesses willbenefit from keeping an eye on how things should be done.What ifyour practitioner isn't following NICE? That's probably fine solong as (1) they KNOW they are outside of NICE guidelines and (2)they have recorded - and hopefully discussed it widely.This applinks to web pages so will not work offline, but it will alwaysreflect the content of the NICE website. This is important if youare to be sure of reading the latest update. Remember when youdownload stuff, it can go out of date! Read the latest versionsonly. NICE stopped providing written copies for this reason inOctober 2011This app only links to Adult Mental Health aspects ofNICE, and the author has no connections with the NICE organisation(except trying to pay close attention to their guidanceprofessionally)
Mental Health Lookup 1.5 APK
Sample mental healthcare polices published on the internet by theCheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. These cover arange of mental health disorders and even if you are not in theirfootprint, provide a guide to accepted practice. This app alsoincludes an update to the Mental Health Act 1983 published in 2007,and links to an ICD10 look up online.
DevAndy- Handy developers tool 1.7 APK
DEVANDY hANDY DEVelopment tool for app designers.Devandy is acollection of links to a range of development tools useful to mefor Android app development.Google Developer: Links to the portalfor uploading and listing apps on Google Play. Use this to monitorhow many downloads you have ahad and keep the directory of GooglePlay up to date. Login the first time.Amazon Developer: Same asGoogle above but for Amazon (Kindle etc)Amazon Associates: Forcreating amazon ads that link to your assiciate accountAdmob Home:The (new) Admob homepage for managing your Admob advertisingAdmobForum: Discussion and help about AdmobTwitter Developer: You cannotlink to Twitter from applications without generating a key- this iswhere you manage your apps that use Twitter feedsBIZ.NF: I'm not oncommission for this! However it's a good place to host a websiteURLRedirection: http://yourname.zapto.org can redirect where you wantagain for freeAndromo: Projects- Link here to check over and edityour Andromo apps online. Login once and Android remembers nexttime Forum- Discuss and troublshoot your application questionshereOpera Developer: If Opera accepts one of your apps - thats asgood as getting an Oscar sez me!Email me if you have any comments -such as for example, oh I don't know....why did you make this appif its only about links...(sigh) :)Carl [email protected]
Healthcare Informatics 1.6 APK
The Healthcare Efficiency Expo is back again in October2015Meanwhile follow IT Healthcare virtually with this APP whichwill be updated with the EXPO15 details as soon as they areavailable.Apart from EXPO details find hereA live twitter streamfrom the HealthcareIT crowd (get yourself [email protected])Scientific American 60 seconds Health -podcastTheHealthcare IT Guy Blog*This is an unofficial application relatingto the meeting below*The Healthcare Efficiency Through TechnologyExpo is free to attend for everyone from the NHS, public sector,charities, social enterprises, voluntary and not-for-profitorganisations. By registering to attend, you will gain access to:AHigh level conference 25 hours of seminars throughout five seminartheatres Comprehensive exhibition area featuring up to 100 leadingproviders Over 2,000 visitors So, if you are part of the NHS, widerhealth sector or have a serious interest in healthcare servicedelivery and enabling better patient care, then make sure that youdon’t miss the Expo on 8th October 2013.As well as being a showcasefor innovation, technology and best practice, the Expo also bringstogether and connects senior executives, clinicians, GP’s, patientfacing organisations, regulatory bodies and local authorities withsenior government officials and healthcare specialists fromnot-for-profit organisations and private sector businesses