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Complete machzor for Tisha B'Av, including Kinos. Has all of theprayers for Tisha B'av and all the halachos from the AruchHaShulchan. Includes Megilas Eicha and Kinos. Also unlocks Kinos inIce Cream Siddur. IMPORTANT: DOES NOT YET HAVE SFARDI KINOS

App Information WiseChild Kinos

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    WiseChild Kinos
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  • Updated
    July 23, 2015
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Beezy Works Studios
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    AED 18.99
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    Books & Reference
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    2106 46th Ave San Francisco, CA 94116
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Siddur One 7.6.4 APK
The only free siddur in beautiful Material Design that contains allof weekday davening in nusach Ashkenaz, Sfard and Edot HaMizrach.The siddur contains all the text you would expect in a regularprint siddur. It knows what day it is and delivers the specifictefilos for that day. This becomes especially powerful on fast dayswhen it can deliver the appropriate selichos at shacharis and kriaat mincha. It also includes a luach zmanim.Now you can choosebetween five different fonts, change the text size and set anappearance theme. You can also set the siddur to silence yourdevice while davening. When you're done, exit with a backpress toreset your device's volume.Includes:-All daily prayers in Ashkenaz,Sfar, and Edot HaMizrach-Daily luach zmanim-Prayer compass-Specialzmanim (candle lighting, fast times, biur chometz etc.)-Silencedevice option-Musaf for Rosh Chodesh and Chol HaMoed-Kria forMondays/Thursdays, Fast Days and Holidays-Selichos for TaanisTzibur-Hoshanos (smart Hoshanos!)-Bentching (including at Bris,Sheva Brochos and holiday inserts)-Vidui Yom Kippur (mincha erev YKand in shonos)-Megilas Esther, Eicha, Shir HaShirim, Rus andKoheles-Bedikas Chometz-Chanuka candle lighting-HatavasChalom-Tefilas Havineinu-Hafrashas Terumos, Maasoros andChalah-Havdala-Krias Shma AlHamita-Lekutei Brochos-Font and textsize options-Tashlich-Kaparos-Ushpizinand more.
Talmud One 3.0.0 RC2 APK
Beezy Works Studios
WiseChild Talmud includes the complete Babylonian Talmud laid outwith Android sensibilities. A tabbed interface provides quickaccess to the Gemara, Rashi, Tosafos and the Soncino English.DiburHaMaschil is bold and spaced so it's easy to navigate Rashi orTosafos. Search all of Shas, any Mosechta or the Amud you're onwith the click of a button. You can jump to today's Daf Yomi orquickly scroll to any daf in Shas. Full screen learning removesdistractions, and you can choose between Sepia, Day and Nightthemes for optimal presentation. You can also choose from fivedifferent typefaces and set the text size to your liking. Be קובעan עת. You can set up a daily alert to nag you when it's time tolearn. There are four different personas to choose from, or you canwrite your own message. When it's time to learn, you'll be reminded(or guilt-ed) to open up that sefer.Complete Talmud Bavli in orderof the Daf Yomi cycle (including Shkalim). IncludesGemaraRashiTosafosEnglish (Soncino)
Siddur One Donate Key 1.0 APK
This is the donate key for Siddur One. Keep this app installed tounlock the Donate Only features of Siddur One. This app is only akey.It’s been over a year since I first published a version of thissiddur. The project has come a long way since then, and I hope tocontinue adding to it in the future. Thank you to all of you fordownloading and using the siddur, and especially to anyone whoshared, reviewed or donated to the project. A tremendous amount ofwork goes into this project. There is no team for this siddur -it’s actually just me sitting in my kitchen working when I can. Ikeep the siddur free because I feel that everyone should haveaccess to a quality siddur, but if you can spare a few bucks tohelp support the project I would really appreciate it. I know itmight seem expensive for an app, but it’s actually kind of cheapfor what this app is: a full siddur, a shnayim mikra chumash, acomplete sefer tehilim and a comprehensive zmanim app (and more!).So if you can swing it, I would really appreciate the support, andif not I understand, but please enable the ads to help as best youcan. Best,R. Mattaniah Beezy
WiseChild Purim 1.0 APK
Everything you need for Purim, all in one app. Has all of thetefilos for Purim, hilchos Purim from the Aruch HaShulchan, and ofcourse Megillas Esther. Includes nusach Ashkenaz, Sfard, and EdotHaMizrach. You can choose from four different fonts and threedifferent themes (Sepia, Day, and Night.) All the feature of thisapp are included in Ice Cream Siddur, so if you already have ICSyou don't need to download this one, unless you want hilchos Purim.If you like this app, try out Ice Cream Siddur.
Handy Siddur (Pre-release) 0.5 APK
Beezy Works Studios
This is a pre-release version of the handheld companion to IceCream Siddur. So far it only works with nusach Ashkenaz. Expecterrors, lack of features, and general lack of polish.Please send mereports via email (rating this would be like rating a hunk ofmarble and complaining it's not yet a statue)Only for Android Weardevices.Tested on ZenWatch 3.Includes:Zman based watchfaceLuachZmanimBirkas HaMazonMein Shalosh
WiseChild Kinos 1.0 APK
Beezy Works Studios
Complete machzor for Tisha B'Av, including Kinos. Has all of theprayers for Tisha B'av and all the halachos from the AruchHaShulchan. Includes Megilas Eicha and Kinos. Also unlocks Kinos inIce Cream Siddur. IMPORTANT: DOES NOT YET HAVE SFARDI KINOS
Halacha One 1.0 APK
Beezy Works Studios
All of אורח חיים in one app. Includes the שולחן ערוך, משנה ברורהand עורך השולחן. Everything is broken down into סימן and סעיף.Quickly jump around by section. Perfect for daily learning or forreference.