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The 'WisePay - your way' App is launching shortly. Currently ourAppis being tested and is only available for download by ourtestinggroup. Our ‘WisePay – your way’ app has been designed tomake itfaster and easier for you to log in to and purchase itemsfrom yourorganisations WisePay installation. The key benefits are: ​-automatic login- quick check out- centralised emails, textsandmessages- payments to multiple organisations from a singleapp-quick bookings- no more typing in card details WisePay - yourway.

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BMW Service Booking 2.1.9 APK
The BMW Service app allows you to book yourservice with the BMW retailer of your choice, 24 hours a day.Confirm available dates, times and select your required type ofservice and transport options all directly from your mobile.Why use the BMW Service app?Easy registration using email address and basic details.Add your BMW into a virtual on line Garage.Select a service that you require.Book an MOT or diagnostics check.Select a Date and Time to suit you.Select specific Transport options to suit your requirements.Receive a confirmation of your booking.Once registered, your details are valid for any retailer in theBMW Network.Following your booking you will receive a call/email from yourselected retailer confirming your requirements.WHY SERVICE WITH BMW?The best choice for your BMW’s servicing requirements.You didn’t compromise on your choice of car, so why compromise onits servicing? The BMW Authorised Retailer Network offers thereassurance of exceptional quality and advanced technology at lowerprices than you might expect.Our technicians are experts in all BMW models, with access tothe latest diagnostic equipment. Parts will only be replaced whenabsolutely necessary and you will always know in advance what youwill be charged. Plus, we work around your life; with ‘ServiceWhile you Fly’ we will take your car in when you’re away on a trip,and our BMW ‘Fast Lane’ service can get you back on the road in aslittle as 90 minutes.All this is backed up by a BMW service history – evidence to afuture buyer that your car has had the best care throughout itslife. The BMW Authorised Retailer Network gives you specialistexpertise, value for money, and complete peace of mind.YOUR BMW.You didn’t compromise on your choice of car, so why compromisewith its servicing?The registration and mileage look-up facility will let you know ifyou have a service package available on your BMW. This may lead tospecific services due on your vehicle being free of charge.How do I find out what my BMW needs?Visit our Service Icons page where you can find out exactly whatyour BMW may need.Service Icons.Depending on the age of your BMW you will see a variety of Serviceicons within the vehicle.Service Inclusive.Did you know your BMW may have a Service Inclusive package? Findout more about BMW Service Inclusive, what it means and how itworks.MOTIf your BMW is over three years old, it now requires an annualMOT inspection. It's a standard inspection of over 150safety-related and emission systems, including lights, steering,brakes and suspension. And thanks to BMW's engineering standards,passing should be a formality. But there's always a chance thatsomething could have been damaged without you realising it.The official MOT test is a useful annual safety check - and yourlocal BMW Centre are the ideal people to take care of the test andany repair work. They have specialised BMW training and only useGenuine BMW Parts to replace like-for-like, if necessary. Once yourvehicle has been tested you will receive the official VT20certificate which is your receipt for the MOT test and shows theinformation that will be held on the MOT database. If your vehicleshould require any recommended additional work this will be listedon the advisory notice of the VT32 document.
FaultFixers 1.5.1 APK
FaultFixers is an easy-to-use, free app that helps you reportissues in the buildings you use. We provide a fast and efficientway to manage maintenance issues in your workplace. Inform thebuilding manager simply and quickly when something goes wrong –keep updated on progress –get told when its fixed. Simply scan aLocation Tag QR code with our app, see issues which have alreadybeen reported, add your voice to request resolution, add newissues. FaultFixers App integrates with our Web-based dashboard forBuilding Managers. Your Workplace. Made Better. Key Features: •Building Managers use our web-based dashboard to define buildingsand the locations within these. • The dashboard generates QR codeLocation Tags to place around the buildings. • Building users useour app to scan the QR code to report issues. • Instant recognitionof your location • See details of previously reported outstandingissues. • Add your voice to outstanding requests. • Provide cleardetails of the issue together with a photo. • Get feedback onprogress. • You’ll be told when the issue is resolved. • Sign upfor building alerts for the buildings you visit regularly – theBuilding Manager can broadcast important news and updates direct toyour device. FaultFixers is free to download and use for BuildingUsers. Visit our home page at www.faultfixers.com for more detailsReport. Resolve. Review. Here are some of the benefits of using theFaultFixers system: • See quickly if your issue has already beenreported • REPORT new issues in less than one minute • Provideaccurate location data by scanning our Location Tag • Add detailedinformation and provide a photo of the issue • Building Operativesget detailed information ahead of visiting the location so they canbe more proactive to help RESOLVE the issue • Building Users getfeedback on progress and are told when the issue is resolved • Getbroadcast alerts for the buildings you visit regularly • BuildingManagers can REVIEW issues with detailed statistics • Checkcontractors perform well and manage them to Service Level AgreementSLAs. • Deliver service improvements and benefit from cost savings.• To get the most out of the FaultFixers system, put location tagsin all of the rooms and areas in your buildings. Have yourcolleagues download it on all of the devices that they use.FaultFixers is available for: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. WebDashboard Supports : Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet ExplorerLearn more: http://www.faultfixers.com
Guildford Beer Festival 2018 1.4 APK
Welcome to the GBF App!The Eighth Annual Guildford Beer Festivaltakes place at Guildford Cricket Club on 15-16th June 2018. Throughthe App, you may view the 2018 Beer List, with descriptions of thevarious beers on offer. Music lovers will see the line-up of bandsand timings. The App also includes a “myBEERFEST” section, whereyou can create your personal list of beers you want to try and thenmark them and make notes once they have been sampled. You can evenpost your comments to Twitter or Facebook. The App also hasinformation about the event including the location, site layout andFrequently Asked Questions.Enjoy your visit!Best wishesChad Murrin- Chairman
MINI Service Booking 1.1.9 APK
We are pleased to announce the release ofourofficial MINI Service On Line booking process. This will giveyoudirect access to the Service Department at the MINI Dealer ofyourchoice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.You are able to register using your email address andbasicdetails.Add your MINI into a virtual on line Garage.Select general or specific repairs as required.Book an MOT or diagnostics check.Select a Date and Time to suit you.Select specific Transport options to suit your requirements.Receive a confirmation of your booking.Once registered, your details are valid for any dealer intheMINI Network.Following your booking you will receive a call from yourselectedDealer confirming your requirements.Why service with MINI?No one knows your MINI better than MINI.We love your mini like you do.Our specially trained technicians know our cars like the backoftheir hand. So you can rest assured your much loved MINI willgetthe service it needs, to the highest of standards – andalwaysusing Genuine MINI Parts to keep it 100% MINI.Genuine MINI Parts.We only ever use Genuine MINI Parts in your car, guaranteeingaperfect replacement every time. They’re manufactured torigorousMINI quality standards for a perfect fit, and come with atwo yearwarranty, so your MINI remains the genuine article, withthe greatresale value of a true MINI.MINI TLC and TLC XLAvoid unexpected service bills with MINI tlc. Pay a one-offcostwhich covers all of your MINI's service requirements for thefirst5 years or 50,000 miles (whichever occurs soonest). And withMINItlc XL you extend your tlc cover for a further 3 years or30,000miles. Make your wheels worry-free.MINI Value Service.Keep your much-loved, mature MINI running like it alwayshas.MINI Value Service is a competitively priced programme forMINIs 4years and older. Afterall, age is only a number.Ready, steady, MINI.- Visit lasts a maximum of 90 minutes- A wide range of service & maintenance tasks can becompletedin this time- Without the need for collection & delivery or a loan car,theearliest appoitnemnt dates can usually be offered- The service team can chat with you in person during yourMINI'svisit
artsdepot app 1.1.4 APK
Get more from your visit to artsdepot with the artsdepot app. -Select and pay for café orders on your mobile - your order will beprocessed immediately. - Check out the latest offers & extrasthroughout the artsdepot programme. - See what's on, book ticketsand keep them with you in a digital ticket wallet. - Quickly lookat venue information and have the latest opening hours always athand.
Cassabo 1.0.6 APK
Fly in the face of ordinary and enhance the appearance of yourmobile device by choosing your own colours, style, look and feel.Each stylish leather case we make is hand-made and stitched by ourprofessional craftsman, so now with this App Configurator you candesign your own case and order direct from our workshop. CassaboLondon is a British company manufacturing stylish hand made leatherflip cases for your mobile device, we cover most mobile phones andtablets on the market today being iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei,Nokia, Sony, Google, LG and Blackberry. If you have a particularcolour or colours in mind for your company corporate identity,employees or gifts to customers all can be branded in a smartstylish designer purpose made leather case. Also your university,college, school, or sports team for example will have colours whichyou can apply to your leather case, because mobile device cases areseen by everyone everyday as you use your mobile. You will see thatfrom our selection of gorgeous iconic colours you can choose plain,striped or maybe the impressive pinstripe? It's your choice. Ourleather device covers are no ordinary product, they are made byhighly skilled craftsman with an attention to detail, our cases arenot mass produced they are made for individual people withindividual requirements our cases are made unique to you. Eachbespoke unique case takes 25 days to produce, the Classic leathercase is bonded and wrapped to a polymer structure, this issupported with Cassabo soft inner lining, the cases are made to theexact measurements of each mobile phone model, so your device canbe removed from the cases with ease. Most of the time your devicewould remain within the case and can be used as all the functionbuttons can be accessed because your leather case has been designedaround your model. Your crafted case is covered in slim layers ofleather which absorb moisture and protect against corrosion, withinthis there is a micro cellular foam material which acts as a shockprotection. The case will close with hidden inner magnets to holdyour top cover into place and prevent it being opened by mistakewhich also protects your mobile screen, however this can also beopened by you very quickly for easy access. So now you can have anumber of different leather cases to accessorise, to match yourmood or to match an outfit to a function you may be attending. Yourtablet and phone cases can be made to complement each other. We dohope that your new case will meet with your approval, our productsbeing slim stylish in full cow skin hide leather, in an attractiveblend of desirable colours, plus with the added safeguard of adurable content. There are three distinctive phone case models tochoose from:- The 'Classic' phone case has smart slim lines,appealing to the discerning mobile user. The 'Style' phone case hasa luxury feel which includes bank card slots incorporated into theinside cover. The 'Flair' phone case has curves and forms with abeautifully stitched pinstripe design incorporating bank card slotsinside. Cassabo style and protection for your mobile device.
The Good Time Guide 1.1.5 APK
The Good Time Guide Offer Card has gonedigital! No more losing your card...way more money saving foryou!The Good Time Guide Offer Card is FREE and completely unique,allowing you access to a huge number of money saving offersthroughout Surrey, UKSimply visit your chosen venue and present The Good Time GuideOffer Card App to take advantage of the particular offer. Fromcheaper cinema, concert and theatre tickets, to great valuehaircuts, a free bottle of wine or a third off your bill when youeat out . Register for The Good Time Guide Offer Card and startsaving money now!Enjoy all these fantastic offers at your fingertips. You can tailorthe app to show only the offers you want and enjoy exclusivediscounts at your favourite venues, shops and destinations. Yourfree time just got better!
GRITIT provide business critical gritting and snow clearanceservices in the commercial and public sector. As a property owner,manager or tenant, keeping informed about upcoming freezing weatherconditions or forecast snow is imperative to keeping your site safeand functional for all users, whether you are an office park,retail park, hospital or school. The GRITIT app harnesses the powerof mobile to keep you completely up-to-date and informed about theweather and any gritting and snow clearance services on your site.Key Features:- Use of device badge app and device notifications-General weather information by site - Available opt-innotifications - Pre-Service - Daily Service - Post-Service-Real-time issue notifications- Compact and easy to read format-Drill down capability to see more detailed info per site- Searchand filtering ability by job type, site, date, activations etc..-Fully secure with per user validation- Message notifications forweather updates or alerts- Direct contact through the app- Easilyrequest additional service