1.0 / August 29, 2015
(4.0/5) (2)


WitchFligth is a simple action game.

When tapped screen, witch will accelerate to the direction sheaimed.
Continue to fly avoiding stars.

The time when a witch continued flying becomes your score.

Good luck, and enjoy!

App Information Witch Flight

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    Witch Flight
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    August 29, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    50 - 100
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It is application to be easy to look, and to display the text dataof the JSON form.It is available just to start application, and tocopy and paste JSON in text box.Because all the analysis performsit in offline,Even data with the secrecy are available in peace.(Iuse the authority of the Internet for a chisel for advertisementindication)※ JSON (with JavaScript Object Notation)) It is aJavascript-based data storage form. Because is easy to treat itmore lightly than XML; such as WebAPI It is a format used in thedata exchanges well. Including the middle of the movement and theinterval of the meal when wanted to analyze JSON form incidentallyI take out a smartphone slowly, and, please start this application.A light analysis result surely brings peace in your heart. (※ thisis a personal impression, and there is individual difference in wayof feeling)* Characteristic * Analysis, hierarchy indication of theJSON form * Automatic removal (JSONP correspondence) such ascallbacks * The pass acquisition (green part) to a specific node *Folding of the sequence * Wide screen correspondence * Test modeTobe frank, I do not know whether there is demand,I want you to useit towards an engineer and a programmer treating JSON by allmeans.* JSON Visualizer for Web this (PC):http://kimihiro-n.site44.com/json_dump/index.html
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Urusai "LINE" no tsuuchi wo seigyo suru apuridesu.
Witch Flight 1.0 APK
WitchFligth is a simple action game.When tapped screen, witch will accelerate to the direction sheaimed.Continue to fly avoiding stars.The time when a witch continued flying becomes your score.Good luck, and enjoy!
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