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Working Mother Media’s premier WorkLifeCongress expands its mission in honor of the 30th Anniversaryofthe Working Mother 100 Best Companies list.

Join us October 14-15 at the New York Marriott Marquis inTimesSquare for the WORK LIFE CONGRESS – ExcellenceRe-imagined:Culture, Engagement and Connection at Work.

The Congress has evolved to embrace and showcase great ideasfromour best companies and beyond - for the first timeopeningparticipation to a range of companies considered best inclass by avariety of outlets – thus expanding the sphere ofknowledge,examples, and innovative initiatives.

Featuring pundits, practitioners, futurists and businessleaderswho are at the core of driving workplace change, the WorkLifeCongress 2015 will highlight:

-Future trends and fresh research impacting what it takes to beabest company;
-Engagement strategies to retain top women, diverse talentandMillennials;
-Innovative ways to leverage technology and data, to impactcomplextalent drivers;
-Effective approaches to managing employee stress, healthandwellness;
-Intentional methods of addressing culture change required forallof the above!

Who Should attend:

ALL leaders and team members who play critical roles inhelpingtheir workforce seize opportunities to achieve theirbest,including professionals and practitioners withresponsibilityin:

-Employee Engagement
-Diversity & Inclusion
-Learning & Development
-Employer of choice
-Health & Wellness
-Human Capital and Human Resources
-Talent and Workforce Development
-Total Rewards
-Talent Acquisition leaders
-ERG leaders

PLUS send your Working Mothers of the Year for specialsessionsdesigned just for them!

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Die USU World ist die Fachkonferenz fürKunden, Interessenten und Partner der USU-Gruppe. Die Veranstaltungbietet Strategien und Lösungen für wissensbasiertesServicemanagement.The USU World is theconference for the USU Group customers, prospects and partners. Theevent will provide strategies and solutions for knowledge-basedservice management.