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Every woman wants to have beautiful long nails, but, however simpleit might seem at first glance, this proves to be much morecomplicated. You are a nail designer and today a beautiful girlcomes to your salon. She need your help her decorate her nails intone with this spring fashion trends. Use your imagination andchoose a classic casual design for her beautiful nails and rememberthat the most important thing is that your nails short or long,natural or not, will always be trendy if they are well cared. Andwith a successful manicure your nails can make the most valuableaccessory to your outfit.Now get to work and see if you can createa beautiful nail design for this beautiful girl and then put on herfingers some nice rings to complete an amazing look for herbeautiful hands.This application contains a hundred pictures aboutwoman nail ideas If you are woman and search the ideas about nailstyle, let this application shows you a lot of ideas about womennail ideas.The nail style in this application are easy to be madeand apply to every types of nail. This application contains thebest ideas for women nail style.Want to know more about woman nailideas? You must download this application and install in yourgadget. Then, look at the pictures and used to your nail and becomemore beautiful with newest women nail style from this application.

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Determine Your Face Shape There are different ways to wear a hijaband you have probably tried them all out by now. But a less knownfact is that certain hijab styles go better with certain faceshapes. Here are some top tips for wearing a hijab according toyour face shape. These are the most common face shapes and bymatching the right hijab style you can really compliment your faceand its uniqueness.THE OVAL FACEThe oval shape is often consideredthe best face shape and thus it is flattered by many differenthijab styles. The best way to wear a hijab with an oval-shaped faceis to frame the face with the hijab and show off the beautifulshape naturally.Regular Pashmina style and tight Turkish stylehijabs for instance look great for the oval shape.THE ROUND FACEThebest hijab style to flatter a round face is one that stays a bitlooser on the sides. You should try to show a bit more of yourforehead and use a style that makes your face look a bit narrowerfrom the sides. The common mistake for those with a round faceshape is to try hiding your cheeks.Hiding your cheeks this way willonly make your face look rounder. So don’t go for tight fittinghijab styles; instead use a lot of volume and keep the scarfloose.THE RECTANGULAR FACEThe key to hijab style for rectangularfaces is to make sure you lengthen your face with the style. Thismeans that you should keep your forehead visible and bring thehijab a bit closer to your face from the sides. This will create anillusion of a longer face length.It is simple to flatter yournatural face shape with a hijab when you choose the right style.With these great tips you will ensure a great and fresh look. Themost important thing of course is to wear your hijab withconfidence.THE HEART-SHAPED FACEThe heart-shaped face is best shownwith hijab styles that are pinned right under your chin to increaseyour jawline. Don’t add width to your face by having multi-layerson the side of your head. This adds a great touch that willcompliment your face shape in a beautiful way.Square FaceThe bestway to soften a square face shape, which has a characteristicallystrong jawline, is to wear hijab styles that are loose under thechin. Show off your forehead and make the forehead line look roundto soften the square shape off your face. Kuwaiti hijab styles lookgreat with a square face.If you want to know more about how tochoose and wear the right hijab in modern style, you must downloadthis application. In this application, you will find a hundred ofexclusive hijab style tutorials for you. This application containshijab style step by step, hijab style easy steps, hijab tutorialand fashion, latest modern hijab, hijab tutorials, hijab fashionsuit, latest turkey hijab ideas, hijab clothing style, 100 hijabtutorials, latest hijab fashion styles, hijab fashion tips, hijabstyle tutorial pictures, easy hijab styles, tutorial hijabpashmina, hijab turkish style, hijab style tutorial ideas, andlatest hijab model. Let’s download this application immediately,instal and get the greatest ideas about design of hijab style andtutorials.
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Anniversary cake ideas for your family, parents, friend, or yourhoney. You may use pictures in this application as the ideas beforemaking for them. This application shows the beautiful designwedding anniversary ideas, decorating, toppers and garnish for thecake.As we know that anniversary is important, You should chooseand design your anniversary cake carefully. Then, if you don’t knowwhat design should you choose, let this application guide youbefore you make the cakes.This application contains the varioustypes of anniversary cakes with many different colors, designs, andthe garnish. After downloading this application, you can get ahundred ideas of cake decorations.Why buy a new chandelier when ucan make anniversary cakes by yourselves. All you need is a littlebit of creativity. Check out these 100 incredible and creative DIYwedding anniversary cake ideas that we gathered just for you.Download and install anniversary cake ideas to start your DIYAnniversary cake ideas and happy anniversary!
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Graffiti is a nonstandard presentation of art produced byinscribing a design into a surface. Want to know how? Here are somegraffiti styles and techniques for you to go through.Graffitioccurs from an Italian word 'Graffiato' which signifies("scratched"). It is an art form produced by scrawling, scratching,marking or painting assorted designs or images on any surface orproperty. In ancient times, sharp objects like chalk or coal wereused to carve graffiti markings on walls and rocks. In moderntimes, graffiti artists are compulsorily found with accessorieslike spray paint in aerosol cans, markers, normal paints, chalksand even stencils which facilitates them, to carry out differentstyles, techniques and imagination to form visual and aestheticgraffiti art. For people, this art is at its discretion, some findit worthy to display in photo galleries and exhibitions and otherscomprehend it as an exemplary art of vandalism. Graffiti is anopposition only when it's practiced illegally, that is byunconventional presentation on private or public properties withoutlegal permission. Be rest assured that, whenever you are pursuingwith this art, you don't harm anyone's property. Try to choose asite like, any one wall of your room, the front door or a wall inyour backyard. They would be handy and effective. In thisapplication you will find a hundred ideas about graffiti ideas, artdesign, wall art graffiti, bedroom graffiti design ideas, streetart, street graffiti design, street graffiti wallpaper, and etc.
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As we know, Mehndi or Henna is a very popular custom among womenfolk of many Asian Countries. It holds equal importance in Islamicas well as Hindu weddings and occasions. Generally the color ofMehndi prepared from the shrub Mehndi is red brownish to darkred.However the Black Mehndi Designs, as the name suggests are donewith the special mixture of Mehndi and other chemical or dye whichproduces darker brown color and stays for longer period compared tothe general reddish brown. Black Mehndi used for Black MehndiDesigns is also known as Chemical Mehndi. In recent times, suchdesigns have become very famous among the youngsters. You’d oftenfind such designers in mall or on the beach side in Goa, Mumbai andother places. Even, there is a trend to use such color during thewedding as it looks stunning on a fair skin. Also some of thechemical mehndi are innocent and doesn't seem to hurt the body inanyway.Black Mehndi is generally used for outlines and also asfillers and shades along with other color or the original Red BrownMehndi. This creates dual color effect and adds a richness ofcontrast effect to the routine single colored Designs. In fact, theblack mehndi Designs create synergy effect for Hands when used incombination with other colors like red or brown. In face, you’dfind some of the best combination of both black and red mehndidesigns over here. However, sometimes Black Mehndi alone is alsoused to adorn the hands. Black Mehndi Designs came into vogue withintroduction of Arabic Mehndi Designs in India as the Arabic MehndiDesigns promote use of prominent Borders, Outlines and differentcolors.You will enjoy the below collection of the black mehendidesigns and we are sure these darker decorations will attract youto glam up your hands with it for both traditional as well ascasual occasions.In this application, there are the simplest blackmehndi design you can use for casual wear and can also sport inroutine to college or office. It takes no fuss and much time andhence best suits to adorn hands instantly. Black mehndi is solelyused to adorn the backhand. Some more interesting designs ideas formehndi on hands are given here.The special features in thisapplication are: simple &easy mehndi design, latest mehndidesigns, easy mehnsi designs, arabic mehndi designs, Indian mehndidesign, Pakistani Mehndi Designs, Henna Tatto, Henna Designs, FootMehndi Designs, Bridal Mehndi design, mehndi design for women, bestmehndi design, Asian Eid mehandi, and Eid Mehndi Designs.Afterlooking pictures at this application, you will find many ideas todesign your mehndi. So, let’s download and install thisapplication.
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All the modern girls and women get ready to see latest and stylishPatiala Salwar Kameez designs. It is a sort of traditional dressingand always includes in Pakistani fashion. People like to wear it inall seasons. As it looks decent and impressive. These kameezdesigns are perfect for all events, parties, functions andoccasions. No doubt that fashionable girls love modesty anduniqueness of a dress.This collection provides you a variety ofbeautiful stitched and unstitched Pakistani Salwar Kameez. I assureyou that all these designs and prints are according to latest trendand they will complete your personality. Knowing all thesequalities every girl can decorate her wardrobe with awesome patialasalwar. As we all know that summer season is full of heat and sweatso everyone wants easy and comfortable suits. Therefore designersare making simple but stylish lawn dresses for this hot summer.Lawn is a very light fabric and it is perfect for sunny days.Pakistani women who are living in abroad also love Salwar Kameezdesigns and want to wear them as early as possible. This ispersonal favorite dressing especially anarkali, churidar , patialaand tights with both long and short shirts. Today both men andwomen are crazy about shopping therefore in these collections awide range of plain and printed shirts are presented. I have made agallery in which all types of these trendy Salwar Kameez areincluding. So you can easily pick one for them and enhance yourbeauty as well. It has now become a trend to wear simple kameezwith printed or floral trousers. And women are adopting thisfashion very quickly in many Asian countries. Some special dressesare made for fat ladies and men so that they can also look thin andlean.Loose shirts and frocks are available for those skinny younggirls who want to look fit and healthy. Every year comes with a lotof variations in designs and fashions and everyone has to followthis change. On the other hand basic traditions and cultures do notchange they remain same. The best Pakistani Salwar Kameez designsfor women are exhibited in different famous shops. Along withthese, trendy tights, trousers, palazzo and pajamas of variousstyles and patterns are also available for you. Some exquisiteembroidered kameez Salwar are specially made for wedding functions.Delicate color combinations are according to your choice so now itdepends on you that which dress you will like most? They haveprovided both short and lengthy shirts because some girls demandlong shirts while others want short. Keep enjoying in this summerwith these stunning traditional Patiala Salwar Kameez which willgive you more confidence.In this application, you will find ahundred ideas about shalwar kameez design ideas for woman. Thespeacial features in this application are like, latest shalwarkameez, salwar kamez, cheap shalwar kamez, pakistani, indianfashion, shalwar kameez suit, shalwar design, long, short, blue,black, green, yellow, red, bridal wear, cutting, pattern, hijab,saree design, dresses and etc.