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The article below is a short tips how to choose the right blazeraccording to the wearer's body shape.1. How to choose Blazer forthose who have a body like an athleteIf you have a body shape likethis choose a blazer that has a slightly lower cut on the front andhigher on the back.2. How to choose Blazer for those who have abody with a full chestThis can be done by selecting a blazer withthe decoration and upper structure of the blazer that accentuatesthe chest, making it look full at the top when worn.3. How tochoose Blazer for those who have big hips.For women who have largehips, such as pears, should look for and wear a short blazer.4. Howto choose Blazer for those who have a large bodyIt is advisable tochoose a blazer that size really fits with the size of your body.5.How to choose Blazer for those who have a small bodyDo not chooseto wear a blazer that is too big or oversized, because it will makeyour body "drown".

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House Roof Model Design 1.1 APK
You need to know that Tips Tips on Choosing House Roof Design isnecessary for your house still look attractive when viewed fromoutside the home. the selection ata it must be considered andadapted to the design of your home. you do not have to worry aboutthe circumstances of your home, because with a simple and simpleconcept, the design of your roof will remain beautiful and nice tolook at.In Tips On Choosing The First Home Roof Design, which is tomake the design in accordance with the concept of your home. socultivated for the roof model can follow the shape of your home, soketeapana and harmony you will get when you melalukan this firsttips. So many people ignore about this, but these tips thatunderlie whether the model of the roof of the house has beenappropriate and appropriate or not.Minimalist House Roof Design1For Tips on Choosing a Second Home Roof Design is in terms ofroofing materials. you should use a quality roof material andguaranteed quality. Using unfavorable materials will be risky whenapplied to a roof model. Maybe you've encountered a house designthat uses a cast system on the roof. It can be your example to getgood quality, but the cast system is less pleasing to the eyebecause it has a monotonous shape. So you can mengkreasikanya withother materials to keep looking attractive.Minimalist House RoofDesign 2And Tips for Choosing the latest Roof Home Design isrecommended that you use the design services in the manufacture ofroof models of the house. choose a trusted service that will makethe model. Experienced services take precedence over the servicesof amateur designers. Ask the people who are used to working onbuilding homes or searching for other resources through theinternet to get quality designer services to realize the right roofmodel and your own.Minimalist House Roof Design 3Surely there aremany other tips on Tips on Choosing a Home Roof Design. So theabove is the most important way to lead you to the design of theroof of the house. surely you want a satisfactory result is not it?Therefore consider everything from the smallest thing to the matureso that you are not in vain to spend a lot of money just to makethe model of the roof of the house only.
Saree 1.2 APK
-The inner skirt does not look out from under the sari as youstand.-Make sure the folds are clean! Uneven folds make you lookawkward.-Make sure to clip the saris on the blouse because if itfalls, it will be considered taboo.-Make sure the folds are deepenough. Otherwise, you may have trouble walking without thepossibility of sari that you wear sag.-So made of cotton or stickytissue for professional, because it is easily destroyed. Similarly,the material is tight and difficult to hang.- When your pallupasses over the shoulders, make sure the back is falling above theknee, otherwise you might stumble.-Make sure the skirt is tight!Better a little faster than too loose. Otherwise, the saris youwear will start loose, and the folds will be released.-Make surethe sari crash is inside, near your feet.
Women Shirt 1.1 APK
 Women's shirt is one type of clothing or dress that is nowvery popular with the women. Shirts become a model of the shirtthat much chosen because the current shirt can be used for variousevents. So for events and casual daily shirts can still be used.Seeing this great opportunity, many producers are finally startingto produce attractive female shirt models for women to look elegantand beautiful with the shirtsused.Tips-pick-and-wear-Shirt-WomanHowever, each woman's bodyposture is different so it is very likely that a particular shirtmodel will not match the posture and body shape of a woman. So itis very important to choose a shirt model that can describe thefigure of yourself and also can make you feel comfortable with theshirt worn.In order not to choose wrong later, here are tips onchoosing and wearing shirts for women.High Body WomanChoose a shirtmodel with long sleeves and when you wear it bend or fold the longsleeves of the shirt up to your elbows so your body looks so firm.You can also choose a shirt model that fit the body and then youput into the pants or skirts that you wear so that your appearancelook more presentable and graceful impression of a woman stillvisible with the shirt you choose and wear.You already have a tallbody so avoid the vertical shirt model that will only make yourbody taller and certainly it will be less interesting for you. Youcan also combine with subordinates who can show you the legs thatyou have to look more fashionable and beautiful appearance.FatWomanWearing a woman's shirt will make you look more attractive.For those who have a fat posture, you can choose a shirt model witha dark color to make your appearance slimmer. Choose a woman'sshirt with black, dark ash or navy and other dark colors. Becauseyour body is big then avoid shirts with large motives so you do notlook bigger.In order for your appearance to remain attractive andyour obese body shape disguised, choose a loose shirt model thatdoes not show the folds of fat in your body.Short Body WomanWomen'sshirt that suits you short stature is a shirt model that should beavoided by you high. If you are a high body owner is advised toavoid vertical motifs then for you who have a short body isstrongly recommended to choose a woman's shirt with a verticalmotif to make you look more jenajang and tall.You are also advisedto choose a shirt with a bright color like pink, beige, light blueto look more beautiful and also sweet. Choose a shirt model withpieces that fit, meaning not loose and not too small to look neatand elegant.Lean WomenThe last of the tips on choosing and wearinga woman's shirt is for you who are skinny. In order for your skinnybody is not thinner choose the model of a loose shirt, horizontalmotifs or large motifs for your body look more filled and of coursemore beautiful and elegant.That's some tips on choosing and wearinga woman's shirt that you can make as a reference in choosing theright woman shirt in accordance with your posture. May be useful.
Men Short 1.2 APK
Most of the world's footwear markets are not only the bestproducts, always a comfortable focus is an absolute priority toavoid foot injuries and suffer foot ailments, those in the AmericanPodiatric Medical Association (APMA) they have released reports,about fifty percent of Americans Suffer because they are standingor walking wearing uncomfortable shoes.The main factor for morecomfortable men's shoes is the contour design of the shoe, the bestleather shoes material being the supporting parts of comfortableshoes. Make sure the length and width of the foot including thesize should match the legs. Give a little allocation for your feetinside, do not choose very tight shoes that easily hurt your feetwhen you wear shoes.Two big categories like men's shoe models withstraps and slip on models, different models also feel comfortableon your feet. The advantage to a shoe fastener is easier to setfoot inside shoes, you can adjust slightly tight or loose dependingon what you want. With the slip on shoes model, your feet fit intothe shoe (very fast and easy), but you can not adjust the layout ofthe shoe, loose or tight shape you can not adjust.The interior ofthe comfort shoe is important for style and model, as well asaffecting the shoe sole after being used a few months later, so theshoe sole material is very important on the thickness and qualityof the shoe sole. The standard has a shoe endurance leg and makessure your feet really feel comfortable enough.Finally, the size ofshoes for men is more comfortable not standard in the worlddepending on the standard manufacturing size specification used.Buy basic shoe sizes on your feet, but do not jeopardize thecomfort of your feet which is a must. The most suitable maleshoesIs directly related to the normal shoe size will look andbetter. Here are some brands of branded shoes for men that arebranded as recommended in international markets such as AlleenEdmonds, Finn Comfort, Rockport, Clark, Stonefly, Joseph Seible,Mephisto and Ecco.
New Jewellery 1.1 APK
Gold is the most sought after and preferred metal. Because gold canbe used as a means of investment and hedge your wealth from theinfluence of inflation, gold can be used as jewelry (worn).To startbuying gold, surely you must know your purpose in buying the gold,whether for investment or for use? If for investment, buy goldbullion or gold coins, and if for use of course buy gold jewelrythat you like. Here are some tips on buying gold jewelry:1. See theexchange rates of gold todayBefore buying gold, you can check theprice of gold market today, can be through newspapers,Price-Emas.com website, pawnshop website at Pegadaian.co.id thereis a menu main page about the price of gold now, or ask the goldshop.2. Pay attention to the gold conditions you buyIf you buy isgold jewelry to wear, of course you can choose the preferred modeland also note the state of gold jewelry, still good or there aredefects.When purchased gold jewelry that has the permena, note theimpression whether there is 'chipped', scratches and others,because of course if you sell it back, the gold shop will check itfirst and affect the selling price.When purchased is a form ofbracelets and necklaces, choose a bracelet or necklace lock mademachine, which is shaped 'S' or called 'toogle'. While the keys arehandmade are usually the shape of push-pencet and sometimes becomeweak when it is often used (book cover) and have long-lived.3. Lookat the golden lookBuy a clean gold, because sometimes there is agreen color on the pores of certain parts. It may be that a jewelrystore says it's a regular thing, but it's not, gold has not beenwashed properly. In the gold is still left behind the chemical thatcan cause allergies in the skin of the wearer, which causesitching, etc..4. Ask the level of its gold purityHere are the goldpurity levels according to international standards:- 24 carat goldis pure gold (99.99%)- 22 carat gold has a composition of 91.7%gold and mixed other materials 8.3%, usually silver material- 20carat gold has 83.3% gold compositions- 18 karat gold has 75% goldcomposition- 16 carat gold has 66.6% gold composition- 14 caratgold has a composition of 58.5% goldAnd 9 carat gold has acomposition of 37.5% gold4. Save the gold jewelry purchase noteApurchase note of gold is required when it is resold. This isbecause not all gold buyers, whether sold in stores or elsewhere,experts in determining the gold content. Because to check the goldcontent takes time and technology that is not necessarily availablewhere you sell it. And if possible, sell gold back where you boughtit, because it would be easier and there are not many questionsabout gold
Goldfish Gallery 1.1 APK
Chef's goldfish is one of 500 species of goldfish. Other varietiesthat dominate are Calico, Black Moors, Shubunkin, Ryukin andothers. The goldfish live in tropical and subtropical climates witha temperature range of 4-32 degrees Celsius. The average goldfishcan live between 5-10 years. This fish has a tremendous appetite,the food you give can be devoured out in an instant.The goldfishthough very popular but it is very easy to get sick. This fish isvery sensitive to changes in the environment it lives in.Want tokeep goldfish, here are tips on caring for goldfish. Place InThe Right PlaceMost of the chef's goldfish lovers will put thisgorgeous fish in a glass of glass. Usually placed in that placebecause it gives an artistic impression. Though glass glass is notthe right choice of containers to care for goldfish fish. Glassglasses are usually small size makes the volume of water that isaccommodated not too much. Although it looks good, the container istoo small even for just one goldfish. The cook's goldfish needssufficient oxygen on the surface of the water, then the small sizeof the glass reduces the amount of oxygen that the goldfish needs.Aquarium is the right choice if you want to keep goldfish. Its widesurface can make the goldfish chef get the air on the surface ofthe water.Install the Aerator in the AquariumWith the correctselection of containers in the form of aquarium then you needAerator to take care of your goldfish fish. Aerator has the mainfunction is to drain the air into the water. So the amount ofoxygen in the water will increase. In addition Aerator also servesto make the water as flow, this can make the fish into a cassettein the natural habitat.Add Water Filter to AquariumuCaring for thegoldfish needs clean water. Clean water makes goldfish chefs becomehealthy and protected from various diseases. Add a water filter soyour aquarium water is kept clean. In addition you also do not needto often change your aquarium water.Eat Once a DayAs we alreadyknow, the goldfish is a type of fish that hooked once to eat. Evenso to avoid obesity in the fish, you just feed him once a day only.In addition to avoiding obesity, feeding once a day also to menjadawater ecosystem in order to stay awake, because the more eatingmore dirt issued by the fish will cause the quality of water willdecrease. Avoid also giving night when the night because at nightbacteria multiply faster. The preferred feed of goldfish is Pellet,blood worm, waterworm silk worms and so forth.Add a DimIncandescent LampThe addition of lights has the main purpose tomake the aquarium look beautiful when the light is dim. Inaddition, dimmed incandescent lamps can deliver heat well and aremore efficient in electricity usage. Do not use incandescent lightbulbs which are bright white, because they will conduct excessiveheat.Put Pebbles At The Base Of The AquariumPebbles can make theaquarium look more beautiful. Gravel is better than placing coralreefs, gravel will not affect the acidity of water, while coralreefs can make the water aquarium becomes acidic. Water that is tooacidic can interfere with the health of your goldfish fish.
Ceramic Floor Design 1.1 APK
Ceramic floor is one element that helped determine the beauty andcomfort of the room in a house. The type is very diverse colors andmotifs with different prices according to the design and needs.Therefore choose the tile floor for the room should be careful andjelly because it will be very influential with the atmosphere inthe house.There are many kinds of ceramics. There are ceramics forthe outdoor space and there are ceramics for indoor indoors. Thedifference is usually when the ceramic for the outer room isusually a more rough surface while for the ceramic room in thesurface is more smooth. Each room should use a different type ofceramic flooring adapted to the room eg ceramic terraces, ceramicliving room, ceramic bedroom, ceramic kitchen space and bathroomtiles.Types of ceramics based on size and motif or pattern areusually made in various sizes and motifs. For example for bathroomfloor ceramic size 20X20 or 25X25 available in various motifs andusually rough surface so as not slippery. For the wall of thebathroom is usually size 20X25 or 25X40 in a variety of motifs aswell and usually smooth surface and preferably color adjusted tothe color of the bathroom floor tiles. Then there is a 30X30ceramic is usually used for the living room floor and bedroom thatthe room is not too wide, then ceramic size 40X40 for the livingroom floor and a rather spacious bedroom. For the color can use aplain color or a motive tailored to the taste.In terms of qualityceramics can be grouped in several types and harganyapun differentceramics KW 1, KW2 and KW3. Actually when viewed at a glancebetween the three as there is no difference. Equally nice, equallybeautiful, same color, same motif and same size. But actually thereis a difference that can be seen from the packaging and size.Usually ceramic KW1 packaging is more neat and more accurate sizeup to milimeternnya, while the KW2 and KW3 ceramic packaging lesstidy and the size is less exactly millimeters so that in theinstallation process should be more jelly for ceramic grout looksstraight
The Latest Nail Design 1.0 APK
Natural nail polish can be obtained from the dye that is owned bythe nail girlfriend. Well, for those of you who wonder how to makeand wear natural nail polish, please peek tips below:1. Clean theleaves of the girlfriend and then grow with the stone in thecontainer earlier. The leaves of the girlfriend should be poundeduntil smooth.2. Do not forget to include a little chalk or gambier.If nothing can be replaced with lime.3. After smooth, put someleaves of girlfriend to nail. It should be as big as the surface ofthe nail so it does not dye the skin around the nails.4. Cover withleaf or plastic. Previously, cut out plastic or leaf in such a wideand long way that it can cover the nails.5. Tie with a finger strapthat has been closed or wrapped with the leaf. Tie a little morestrongly so it does not get away easily.6. Wait for about 15-30minutes. Then open and see if your nails are colored or not.