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This house is located in Wales, UK, and was created by architectSimon Dale. Here is what the author has to say about it: "You arelooking at pictures of a house I built for our family in Wales. Itwas built by myself and my father-in-law with the help from passersby and visiting friends. 4 months after starting we were moved inand cozy. I estimate 1000-1500 working hours and £3000 put in tothis point. Not really so much in house buying terms (roughly£60/sq m excluding labor)."Also, "The house was built with maximumregard for the environment and by reciprocation gives us a uniqueopportunity to live close to nature." The architect based thisunusual project on the permaculture or also called 'low-impact'life approach. This concept is about living in harmony both withnature, and with our own selves. It's about leading a simpler lifeand using proper technology also to do so. But why would anyonechoose that, instead of some super-high-tech and completelyequipped apartment in a big city? Here's Simone Dale's perspectiveagain: "It's fun. Living your own life, in your own way isrewarding. Following our dreams keeps our souls alive."According tothe author, this house was raised up with extra care for theenvironment and because of that, its inhabitants have the chance ofliving close to nature. It's a lot of fun to be one's own architectand can also permit one to put some soul into one's project,something of oneself. It's therefore no longer a mass product builtfor maximum production of the building industry.On his website, thearchitect left some of the design and construction's key points.One of them is that the house was dug into the hillside to createshelter and rather low visual impact. Also, for the retainingwalls, they used stone and mud from diggings. They used spare woodsfrom the surrounding woods. They also used straw bales in walls,roof and floor for good insulation and for an easier buildingprocess. The roof made of plastic sheet and mud is both low impactand easy to build. Also, the walls' lime plaster material makesthem more breathable and requires less energy to build, as comparedto cement. For fittings and floors they used scrap wood, not tomention a lot of waste materials such as wiring, plumbing, burner,windows, and many more. For heating, they use wood burner which isperfect, given the abundance of the location and the fact that itcan always be renewed. The fridge is cooled by the air coming fromthe underground through the foundations. For lighting, computer useand listening to music, they use solar panels in order to produceelectricity. The water is provided from the natural spring nearby.As for the toilet, they use compost type of toilets. These cantreat human waste by turning it into a sort of useful soil additivewhich is also called "humanure". This can be obtained by theprocesses of dehydration and composting. There are many models anddesigns of such toilets. Also, these toilets are definitely notconnected to the system of sewage, so they hardly use any water.

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Traditional mehndi designs, due to self-finishing product that wastruly put very profitable due to health are also seeing as requiredby a component of other methods of tattooing, which are universalmacrocosm and generally useful. There are two advantages of usingmehndi designs, or be an agreement to build an art againstunrelated ways of decorating the body, sensuality comes to playagain, hide the yoke of the methods compared to the current hennaquite easily done with elementary draft. Because mehndi is asolitary simple herbs to further protect the tattoo process reallyno plane effects to use rules as a perfect form.Today, new younggirls and boys wanted to do mehndi designs on the arms, whichincrease the gloss and appearance of their hands. In general, boysand girls did the animal image and some TXT applied on their hands.These include the scorpion fish, star, Mickey Mouse and manyothers. Mehndi is a good fashion of this latest era. Almost everygirl would like to have a mehndi designs in the hands which is mostspecial designs of the season, as a bridal mehndi designs, mehndidesigns for party, Arabic mehndi designs, simple mehndi designs,indian mehndi designs, Pakistani mehndi designs as well.Simplemehndi designsThe simple mehndi designs for hand are very wellknown in the world especially in the east. Arab and Pakistanisimple mehndi designs are very popular and played a role in thefashion industry. A simple mehndi design consisting on some simplepatterns of flower many other small tattoos are also includes.Younggirls wanted to have a simple mehndi design on the hands which isone of the best mehndi designs so that they look good in lots andlots of features. Some girls think that the simple dress and simpledesign are increases the value of mehndi fashion. These simplemehndi designs, including some paste petals on her hands and a moonis applied to the center of palms and on the tips of thefingers.Mehndi patternsIn spite of the moon there are many otherdesigns like bale structures and patterns applied to the upper andlower side of the arm. These constructs are used on the little bitfigures part and in the palm of the hand. Simplemehndi designsconsisting on some flowering structures, some butterfly designs andsome of them are very simple designs and very short projects. Thesemehndi designs are easily applied to the palms of hands and on thetoes.
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Design a T shirt contests offer the unique opportunity to anyonewith a yen to be creative to design their own t-shirt and also givebuyers the opportunity to buy and wear unusual, creative andinteresting T shirt designs. Many online sites hold such contestsand sell t shirts designed by the contestants. Picture this: Thereis a gorgeous bird winging its way across a beautiful clear sky,eluding the reach of a grasping human hand, and in the backgroundis an ineffectual bird cage lying askew, its door broken andswinging open. Emerging from the bottom of the cage is part of aman’s face signifying perhaps that this is a breaking free of thehuman mind, perhaps an unfettering from the shackles that humanityitself places upon us. So is this a painting or work of art that Italk about? Well not really, but you could term it as pop art orcontemporary graphic design. This is a tee shirt design, which wona ‘design a t shirt contest’, the theme being ‘Let your mind beFree!’ The designer won a handsome prize of $750 for this winningentry.After all the design of a t shirt is a reflection of cultureas it evolves as it changes and transforms itself. It can be arepresentation of urban angst, political leanings, religious orcharitable affiliation, fan club of a celebrity, student of aparticular school, one of any number of different things. So manysites that sell t shirts online often give the option of a designcontest for tees. This way all manner of different entries aresubmitted, getting an interesting cross section of ideas andthoughts, represented in all kinds of varied ways. Further thesites that hold these contests sell these t shirts online as well,so that people can buy and wear several unusual and remarkablestyles, as a result of the tshirt contest. Some sites also offerthe option of designing your own custom Shirts, Sweatshirts andmerchandise. You can create and upload your own artwork and see thefinished product online. So if you have the urge to express yourcreativity or your own unique ideas you can enter one from amongany design t shirt contest. Even if you feel you may not want todesign a t shirt you can still customize one and personalize itwith your own name or picture or that of a friend or loved one. Soyou can give the Obama for President a miss and substitute your owncandidature for it with a Tom / Dick / Harry for President.Nowpicture this again: Gaping wide jaw, with demonic looking teeth anda lolling red tongue with a simple tag line, Born Wild. Or this:picture of a video camera in mono chrome, with only the recordbutton in red color, with the words I have right to shoot at sight/ I am Media. Again the lettering is in black except for the wordmedia. These are just a couple of examples of the t-shirtsavailable at this tee shirt design site that always has an ongoinggraphic t-shirt design competition. Based on the votes cast bymembersFeature Articles, winners from among all the contestants whosubmitted their designs will be chosen. The winner gets a cashprize and anyone has the option of buying any of the t shirts.So noone needs to ever run out of ideas for what to put on a t-shirt;you never have to say the words I don’t have a thing to wear again!
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Freehand drawing is a form, which is done only by means of hand andeye coordination. In simple terms, this type of drawing is done bya person without use of any tools like rulers, protractor, etc., orby using tracing or any other such techniques. Many people whoenjoy drawing as a hobby use this method of drawing, just bycarrying a sketchbook and pencils, and sketching any subjects theylike. If a person asks you while looking at a drawing, 'did you doit freehand ?', it means that did you draw it without the use ofany tools or mechanical devices.For freehand sketching, one needsto have good sense of proportions, a smooth motion of hand thatallows to draw neat lines, and some shading skills to give moredepth to the drawing. These skills take time, patience, andpractice, and advice from a teacher or an artist will help a personto learn freehand drawing by the right way. Whether you are anabsolute beginner, or you have some experience in drawing, providedbelow are some very useful sketching tips that will help you to getstarted, or get better at this technique.Useful TipsAdobe has afreehand drawing software, on which you can practice drawingfreehand. But, most artists and teachers always recommend topractice the skills first on paper, and then on any software.Hence, before going digital, stick to the basic drawing tools,which are the pencils and papers. Thus, buy a sketchbook that hasA4 sized papers, few 2-3 graded pencils of 6B and 8B, and startdrawing. Avoid using eraser as much as possible; if you are acomplete beginner, then eraser is allowed for first 2-3 weeks. Keepa Blank Mind and Loosen UpOn a paper, draw circles in one smoothmotion, do not rest your palm on the paper. So, hold the pencilwith your fingers, and draw circles all over the paper. In asimilar manner, draw horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines onthe same sheet of paper. This will help to keep a blank mind, andloosen up your drawing motions; you will be more confident, and thelines will come out better by practicing this technique. Do this on2-3 papers everyday, and as your drawing skills get better, you cancontinue this only on one paper everyday.Observe Everything YouSeeNow, the second important factor that helps to draw better isyour observation power. Continuously go on observing everythingclosely, how an old man looks, how a young person looks, how achild looks, etc. You can also observe their clothing, expressions,gestures, Carry Your Sketchbook and PracticeAlways keep asketchbook and pencils with you (don't forget a sharpener or cuttertoo). Watch people at the train station, and sketch them. If youare a total beginner, then forget about how neat your drawingslooks; firstly, just scribble the subjects, and later on, yourskills will improve. Concentrate on ProportionsIf you have beenscribbling for long, and your drawings look weird, concentrate onthe proportions. To understand human anatomy, refer to some booksor online tutorials, which will tell you important guidelines onproportions. For example, the distance between two eyes isequivalent to that of one eye. Add Some Depth to Your DrawingsOnceyou get better at your drawings, learn shading, which is simplyadding lights and shadows to your sketches. Observe where thesource of light is, and where are the shadows of an object fallingon. Seek AdviceIf you get stuck on some subject and need advice, oryour drawing don't seem to improve, then instead of sulking, seekadvice from artists or drawing professionals. However, avoidseeking advice from too many people, as too many suggestions comingfrom different people can confuse you. Thus, remember the abovetips, and most of all, enjoy drawing whatever you have in yourmind.Drawing TutorialDownload Great Ideas On How o Draw Here
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For tattoo enthusiasts, and those who are entering the sanctity ofmarriage, getting a tattoo to immortalize your love is simpleromantic. Almost every culture, across the world has their own setof traditions when it comes to marriages, weddings, andcelebrations. Irish culture holds the Celtic tattoos withsignificant value, which is why they incorporated its meaning intotheir daily lives. As these tattoos have no beginning or end,Celtic loops and knots are the perfect symbol of togetherness andforever.Although, many Irish people choose to wear traditionalrings, the Celtic tattoos have been one way of binding a couple'smarriage, expressing their culture and heritage, and bringing insome kind of creativity to the whole wedding.Celtic TattoosAnytraditional wedding has the couple choosing and exchanging weddingrings for the ceremony. To keep the tradition alive but also addingtheir own unique twist to it, some newlyweds are adding that extracreativity to the whole thing. Getting wedding band tattoos inkedon themselves, to show their love for one another. Plus, an addedadvantage of getting your wedding ring tattooed on yourself is, youwon't ever lose it.Design IdeasWhen you decide to spend the rest ofyour life with your true love, everything else seems unimportantsomehow. You wish to display your love for him/her and make astatement about it. What could be bigger, louder, and permanentthan a wedding tattoo? When the two of you bond on a level where noone can even imagine, it makes your relationship stronger thanever. And as a permanent reminder of that person, relationship,date, and/or place, you can get matching tattoos done.Linked Rings- The linking of two wedding bands, on your ring finger, symbolizesyour eternal and undying love for one another. The design showsunity and infinity all mixed in one. A union of two souls that cannever break by making the design with endless Celticknots.Name/Initials - One of the most popular kind of tattoo is thename or initials tattoo. The names/initials go on each other'sbody, exactly on the same spot, and in the same font, size, style,and shape.Wedding Bells - As the wedding bells have always beenassociated with the end of the wedding ceremony, the tattoo willpreserve your union. You can get the wedding date inked in themiddle of the bells and enhance it with elegant knot work.HennaTattoosApart from the Celtic tattoos, another popular culture alsoadopts the heritage of applying tattoos for wedding; India. Unlikeother cultures, weddings in India are held on a grand scale as theyhave to follow a number of rituals, customs, and traditions. As onethe important rituals for Hindu weddings, the temporary tattoos,also known as mehndi, are applied on the bride's hands and feet. Itis believed that the henna tattoos signify the strength of abride's marriage and the love she will receive after it. The darkerthe color of the tattoo, the stronger and longer the marriage willbe.Design IdeasThe designs and patterns drawn on the hands and feetare very complicated. Although, the placement of these temporarytattoos are not specified, as mentioned before, they are generallyapplied on the hands and feet. Nowadays, apart from the bride, therest of the family and friends, and the groom (in some cultures)also get the privilege of applying henna on their hands. However,only the bride gets the special attention and the most unique,creative, and beautiful designs when it comes to it.Baraat - Inplain English, baraat means the marriage procession which comesfrom the groom's house, accompanied by his family and friends. Thisentire scenario is drawn on one of her arms with intricate designsto match it. The tattoo actually starts at the top of her arm andruns down to her palm.Beautiful Mehndi Design
New T shirt Design 2.0 APK
A printed t-shirt is a form of personalized expression unlike anyother. Apart from providing maximum comfort to a person, itprovides a platform for speaking out. Ideas to design a T-shirt areso vast and unique, that to list them all is next to impossible.At-shirt is a piece of apparel that almost everyone owns, and itscomfort is unmatched. Most common ones are buttonless, pocketless,collarless, round collared, and short sleeved. In recent culture,these have become more popular due to the freedom of expression onthe body of the clothing. It is easy to spot t-shirts that carrymessages of varied significance. Environmental messages, religioussentiments, political innuendos, literary quotations, historicalreminders, musical references, and comical messages; the list isendless. To get a t-shirt printed with a design of your choice isfairly simple and economical and presents an individual with theopportunity to express emotions that they may hesitate to expressotherwise.Ideas for t-shirt design have generally provoked andcaused many controversial sentiments and reactions from differentsections of the society. Many ideas are often viewed as offensive,immoral, and unethical in nature, and people sporting them arescorned upon. In the opinion of the wearer though, he/she is justutilizing yet another platform to let loose his/her thoughts onsociety and is making either a fashion statement or a socialone.Common Ideas for Designing a T-shirtThere are variouscategories that ideas can generally be classified into. To presentan entire collection that can be found across the globe would be atask of gargantuan proportions, but the most elementary of thesecategories can be named here.Political: The most commonly expressedmessages on t-shirts are of political nature. The politicalscenario in the country will provoke major reactions from themasses and what better way to express your approval or disapproval.Be controversial and include images as well to get your pointacross.Religious: Another way to make your statement is to talkabout a religious issue. Don't be overly critical, as offendingsomeone's religious sentiments is far worse than anything else.Amuse yourself and others but try not to relate religion toobscenity.Literature: You can even choose to quote a famous authorof your choice. A famous line, or a funny anecdote will definitelyhelp you get some attention.Environmental: Another popular ideathat can be commonly seen today is an environmental message.Something about global warming or preservation of different speciesof animals can be a good option.Famous People: Printing the face ofa famous person on your t-shirt is also a good idea. Thepersonality could be anyone ranging from your favorite celebrity,musician, your role model, or even a member of your family. One ofthe most famous personalities found on t-shirts across the world isChe Guevara.Sports: For individuals who are inclined towardssports, it would be appropriate to get a design relevant to yourfavorite sport or maybe refer in some manner to your favoritesports star. You may opt for basketball, soccer, or any other sportthat interests you.Abstract: Instead of opting for a line of textor some combination of text and an image, you can even choose tosimply print some abstract design on your t-shirt. You will be ableto locate them over the Internet that may appeal to you, or you caneven draw one yourself.Miscellaneous: The best part is that thereare no fixed guidelines. The design could be absolutely anythingunder the sun, like family reunion, sorority, class, or evenstudent council. If you put your mind to it, you should be able tocome up with numerous other ideas that you can print on yourcustom-made t-shirt. Be creative, controversial, and courageous,and you will have a truly unique design that will evoke more thanjust a curious glance from passersby.
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According to a recent survey done by the Lakeside Shopping Centre,Essex, more than 90% of mothers spend more on their kids' clothingthan their own.Fashion is no more restricted to teenagers andadults. Star kids such as Suri Cruise and Harper Beckham havealready been declared style icons. With high-end designers enteringthe market of kids' couture, luxury baby clothes are no longer aprivilege for the wealthy and affluent class. Many have alreadystarted following the footsteps of celebrities, and the market ofdesigner babywear has grown in leap and bounds over the lastdecade.You can buy anything from bibs, booties, and body suits tohats and bonnets from a luxury baby clothing store. Accessoriessuch as fine quality monogrammed diaper bags, designer bottleholders, and baby booties lined with fine wool are also easilyavailable, provided you can shell out big bucks. Personalized andhandmade baby apparel are also very much in vogue. Parents, whoalways want the best for their kids, tend to spend their earningsin such high-end baby clothes and accessories, which are veryexpensive, and may not fit into everyone's budget.Kid Clothesgrabthe unique ideas for kid clothes here
Embroidery Patterns Design 1.0 APK
Colorful embroidery patterns look wonderful on linens and tablecloths. Besides the use of colorful threads, beads, sequins, andquills can be incorporated into the pattern to create an intricatedesign. Exquisite embroidery can also be custom-made. This write-upprovides information on custom embroidery designs and patterns.Thecraft of creating stitches with the help of a stitching needle andcolorful threads is known as needlework or needlecraft. Embroideryis a type of needlecraft that is used to create stitcheddecorations on a variety of fabrics including satin, tissue,leather, paper, etc. Its smallest component is a stitch. A singletype of stitch or more than one type of stitches can be used tomake a pattern. A pattern is recreated by following a countingchart, or ironed on the fabric, or even by drawing freehand. Themore elaborate it is, more the number of stitches. Recording ofstitches and patterns using samplers was first done in the 17thcentury.Though the handcraft was practiced much before, the termembroidery came into usage, for the first time, in the medievalera. All the designs were painstakingly created by artisans andcraftsmen who made sure that each piece was an example ofperfection. Over the years, countries developed their styles andthese styles were exported. For example, blackwork (needlepointusing backstitch or outline stitch and double stitch) was firstbrought to England by Catherine of Aragon, the Spanish wife ofHenry VIII. Gradually, the list of this monochromatic styleexpanded to include whitework, bluework, scarlet work, andgoldwork. Nowadays, metal and other colors are added to lend depthto a single pattern.In the 19th century, new designs came to thepicture. Transition from folk to custom embroidery was seen. Withthe fabrication of the embroidery machine, mass production ofembroideries gained momentum. Berlin work added new vigor to thebusiness. Biblical or historical themes, pictures of flowers, andeven exotic Oriental paintings were now sought after. As theillustrations were painted or printed in Berlin and bought byneedlework artisans all over Europe and United States, the stylecame to be known as Berlin work.Grab The Unique Ideas Of EmbroideryDesign here!Embroidery Patterns Design
House Doll Design Ideas 1.0 APK
In the late 1500s, the Duke of Bavaria thought it would be cool tohave designers create a tiny replica of his house and all thefurnishings inside, so he ordered it done and then placed it ondisplay in a place of honor in his house, and proudly showed it offto visitors as his 'baby house'.The elite citizenry were soimpressed that before long, bankers, merchants, and otherbusinessmen began having their own 'baby houses' built, and a hobbywas born. The little houses, by then called 'dollhouses', were usedto show off precious collectors' items their owners had acquiredthrough a period of time. The items were locked up inside cabinets,which gradually led to the dollhouses being called 'cabinethouses'. Many dollhouses were manufactured in England, Germany, andHolland, and they were designed to be mirror images of thelifestyle of their owners. People in England went one step beyondand even the exteriors of the dollhouses looked exactly like theiractual houses―even down to the exterior finishes and interiorfurnishings.Some people went even further and had separate roomsreproduced, such as kitchens, market stalls, and clothing makers.The fittings inside these rooms and shops were carefully designedto reflect the tastes and trends of that particular period of timeand that specific society, such as Tudor, Victorian, or Elizabethanera styles.Dollhouses remained in vogue for the next couple ofcenturies, but the hobby enjoyed a huge resurgence in the 20thcentury. Manufacturers took advantage of the burgeoning hobby byincluding things like electricity and plumbing in the designs.Older dollhouses were repaired or renovated to resemble the newer,more modern times and newer styles of houses and furnishings.Instead of the traditional little houses covered in paper,manufacturers began making Tudor style houses with metal doors andwindows, with housing designs running the gamut from modest flatsto mansions with garages and bathrooms. Houses were made of wood,and then later, plastic.The most famous dollhouse ever built wasmanufactured in 1924, when the architect Sir Edwin Lutyens designeda tiny house for Queen Mary. The house contained delicate littleitems from more than 1500 specialty designers―items such asminiature china, sewing machines, grandfather clocks, and even tinylittle books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The house is an exquisiteartistic display of craftsmanship, and it is currently kept inWindsor Castle.It is extremely costly nowadays to reproduce adollhouse in a specific style, but many dollhouse collectors don'tseem to mind. Tiny little items such as light fixtures, alarmclocks, carpets, drapes, and tea sets are expensive and difficultto find. Sometimes the cost of decorating and furnishing adollhouse is almost equal to the cost of an actual house! But thesetiny houses are collectors' items and will surely gain invalue.There are many types of kits available for buildingdollhouses, but some people prefer to design a blueprint for theirown creation, and build them from scratch. After building the basichouse, it can be decorated and furnished in whatever style or erayou want to reproduce. Chairs, beds, tables, dishes, flower pots,light fixtures, toys, and sofas - anything you might want toinclude in a dollhouse is always an option. There is even a widevariety of tiny dollhouse-sized people from which to choose! Thedesigns and configurations are endless. So, whenever real lifebecomes too boring or unbearable, consider taking a break fromreality and miniaturize your reality by collecting dollhouses.grabthe new idaes from house doll designHouse Doll Design Ideas