1.0.12 / March 24, 2017
(4.5/5) (11)


Hey buddy, at this moment, you have found our perfect free-to-playmobile arcade game!
We optimized it with great care about everyone user and we reallyhope that our dreams will come true.
Now about gameplay:
You have a ultramodern massive warship, and you gonna to destroyeverything around! Wooow, it is hurts!
Evade obstacles or destroy them (for your choice), pick treasurechests, punish your enemies. Take care, you must survive!
Reach your own "HIGHSCORE", prove to everyone that you are thebest! No one can stop you on your way!
Play, earn coins and increase powerups "time" or "ammostockpile".
- perfect graphics
- intuitive touch-screen controls
- exciting sound
- 4 absolutely insane warships in garage
- real-life physics to make realistic ship movement and damagemechanics
- detailed and simple tutorial
- In game achievements
What peoples said about it:
"Oh, my god, it is really awesome! All my family plays in it."Tom
"Funny and good to spend time or help when I waiting my wife whileshopping=)))" Mark
"I like it, very much" Helen
Languages supported:
*** English
*** Russian
*** Spanish( Latin )
*** French
*** German ( Dutch )
*** Korean
*** Japanese
*** Chinese
*** Arabic

P.S. You can enjoy it wherever you are you are!
This game in arcade genre won 1st place in Ukrainian gamedeveloper's conference!

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