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World Archery Champions 2017Be an Archer king, put your Bow andArrow, master your target shooting skills, and fell like bowman inthis new addicted and realistic simulation 3d archery game 2017.Welcome to the new bow and arrow games, shoot the targets likeTarget board, Balloons bottles, and Frisbee. An Arrow shootingsimulator in which you are a bow master and just aim and shootarrows at target. Its time for crossbow traditional archery gameschallenge, The Games Studios developed an arcade-sports simulationto master your bow and arrow target shooting skills. You want tohave that feel of a real archer king, arrow shooter or bow master?Do you have the focus that is required to be an archery master? Ifyes, you are at the right place. Download and play one of the bestarchery games on Google play store, World Archery Champions 3D2017! Master your arrow shoot and archer king skills, learn tofocus on the target, feel the wind and shoot the target! In thisgame, you have a chance to become an archery master champion andget ready for the world championship. Be a bowman, mammoth huntersand enjoy 3 seasons of arrow shooter archery simulation and acompetitive season to compete the world for the top spot on theleaderboard.Game Play: In this crossbow free archery game, playchampionships and you will experience 3 seasons and a competitiveseason to compete for top spot on leaderboard and become an archerking or archery master. The sport graphics are amazing, controlsare smooth and easy to use and available in 2 differentenvironments. 2 characters are designed, 1 male and 1 female! Asthe game starts, choose the shooting season, then level to play,select a character and START! Be the best bow master and legendarcher king in this archery tournament!! Open World for ArcheryMaster: An open world environment is designed for archer legend ina picturesque backdrop of beautiful meadow with a lake in themiddle of environment.Indoor Training for Archery King: Withoutproper training and practice Archery is hard, For trainingpurposes, an indoor environment is designed to train and master thearchers and to test your skills, focus and target crossbowshooting.Challenges for Archery Masters:- Fruit Shooting- BottlesShooting- Target ShootingIn all above 3 crossbow archerychallenges, the archer is tested for his/her focus and aimingcapabilities! Enjoy the unique new archery game championship inopen world and indoor environments. Key Features:- Smooth andrealistic controls- In door Environment for training- Open worldenvironment for real challenges- Male/ Female archers- 3D HD SportsGraphics - Addictive game play!Play and download World ArcheryChampionship 2017 to master your skills!We are always trying ourvery best to improve the app, and we need your to help us make iteven better! If you want to get involved, Share your feedback withus and let’s make it a better archery game together.Like us onFacebook at: www.facebook.com/TheGamesStudiosVisit us at Website:www.thegamesstudios.com

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    World Archery Champions 2017
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    September 24, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    The Games Studios
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Do you want to be in fantasy wars? The war of dragons? A hunter anda savior? Dragon hunting is something feels like the dinosaur erato have bravery in your soul. Hunt or be hunted.The day will comewhen you will crush your enemies but 1st you have some work todo.Here it’s all about the clash for thrones. The Wyvernindividuals and dragon lord want to take over your kingdom'sthrone. Cover your kingdom and save the throne of the clan. Huntthe Dragons.Battle the dragon army to defend your kingdom; Coveryour clan of thrones and don’t let that mighty Dragonlord capture.Keep it in mind that dragon’s warfare is a hell. So be an eagle Eyedragon hunter.Shoot down the dragons as quickly as possible asflying fire monsters have the ability to emit fire and can do a lotto destroy you and your clans..!It’s a war for the throne, thewarrior vs flying fire dragon slayer monsters, a battle for yourrealm! It’s all about the courage of a warrior against the flyingfire rage of slayer dragons – the Jurassic beasts. Download andplay Rage of dragons: War of a warrior!It’s the war of kingdoms;the dragon lord has dragon’s army and wyvern want to destroy allthe castles and army of your empire. Rage of Dragons on the castlesof the kingdom is getting worse, so it’s hunting time to defeat theJurassic monsters, the beast’s wyvern with your modern weapons toprotect the realm against the rage of dragons. You are the warriorof furious wars and hunting the fury of dragon monsters. You havemodern weapons like MP5, sniper and legendary Ak-47 in yourarsenal, take full advantage of the weapons and be the hero andsavior of the war. Shoot and hunt all the pterodactyl furiousmonsters like dragon lord and wyvern force that are trying toattack the castles of your kingdom and want to destroy your empire.Don’t let them snatch your clans.Game play of Rage of Dragons: Warof Warrior :The gameplay of this dragon hunter fantasy war isimmensely addictive, and you will enjoy the war against humans ofmodern era fighting against the beasts of Jurassic era. It’s ahunting game with a lot of breathtaking dangerous missions. ThePterodactyl Jurassic dragon breath fire which is enough to turn youinto ashes, so hunt the monsters before they burn you with fire. Inlater levels, you will take control of the invincible monsters andwill fight against the other Jurassic beasts as a dragon rider.Play the game and enjoy being a warrior and a dragon rider to savethe throne of your king and the realm! Dragon Hunting Missions:Youare a warrior and defending your realm in this war against thedragons is your duty! Your mission is to protect the realm, thecastles defense and also take care of yourself not to get defeatedon the castle wall. You are the last warrior on the wall, your lossmeans the loss of your kingdom and the destruction of the realm andyour king will be no longer the man with the throne. Stay firmagainst the rage of the dragons and hunt all the monsters. Keyfeatures of Rage of Dragons: War of Warrior:- Realistic Huntingexperience- Multiple models of Jurassic beasts- Smooth huntingcontrols - 3D HD graphics optimized for Mobile- Modern weapons likeLegendary AK-47, MP5 and other riflesRage of Dragons: Clan Warriorsis brought to you by The Games Studios, Proud makers of fantasticfun mobile games. And Cross Platform Game development to EntertainUsers across the Globe!!Other Big Title from The Game Studios are:Dragon Hunter:ARCHERY ShootingNOTE: You can play this game for freeand also WITHOUT Internet!Follow Us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TheGamesStudios/Follow Us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/TGSOfficia1Visit our Site:www.thegamesstudios.com
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Are crazy about driving grand American truck simulator? Do you knowhow to drive and transport 18-wheeler euro cargo clunker truck?Cargo Truck Simulator USA 2017 pro give you real driving, parkingand trucking experience of heavy trailers on the Euro offraods andasphalt cities of USA. Drive a big American truck and Transportcool stuff such as timber, log, cars, home shifting, oil drums andmuch more. Play as a Cargo trucker and drive grand truck on asphaltcity tracks and off-road tracks. In this Cargo Transport TruckSimulator, you are a truck driver and you must perform your duty asassigned by the clients. Become the king of road by playing thissimulador and transportation game. Enjoy the real transportationduty in Cargo Truck Simulator USA 2017. This 18-wheel truckersimulador game is a new brand for those who never drive trucks inoff-road, city, and car town streets. This Trucking and ParkingMania simulation game characterize some other trucker models withnaturalistic engine sounds. This big cargo truck game is set incities of USA including amazing highway environment and differentgrand vehicle models. Game Play of Cargo Truck Simulator USA2017:The game play of Cargo Truck Simulator USA 2017 will carry youto the next level of entertainment and realistic drivingexperience. There are much more addictive and challenging missionsin the game in which you will be asked to deliver the cargo ingiven time in city and dangerous offroad roads in jungles. Alsothere are free roam mode in city with your trailer truck. Deliveroil tanks to the petrol station located in city and hill stations.Drive clunk truck on the offroad to transport log and timber fromjungle to city and lots of other missions in which you will deliverthe cargo and home shifting services. Drive the transport truckcarefully and make sure not to drop a single item from the cargo.Client satisfaction will give you extra points and more jobs toperform. Being a trucker, enjoy the best Trucking Experience in thecity and offroad track. Truck parking is nothing, become a realdriver and play Cargo Truck Simulator USA 2017. Key Features ofthis Clunker Trucking simulation:- Smooth and Realistic handlingand controls- Console quality HD graphics-Realistic Off-road truckdriving simulation- Multiple graphics quality to select fromsetting menu. -Multiple models of trailers attached to the grandvehicle- Grand Truck Driving in Big City and offroad tracks-Realistic American TrucksNOTE: Play the game for FREE and alsoWITHOUT INTERNET!Like Us on Facebook: fb.com/TheGamesStudios/Visitus on web as: www.thegamesstudios.com